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Charles Schumer
  Senate Minority Leader Schumer Holds News Conference  CSPAN  March 14, 2019 3:39pm-3:50pm EDT

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mr. pascrell: well, it's happening and it's coming so be prepared. september, 2017, you promised not only will this tax plan pay for itself, it will pay down debt. you said that. i didn't say that. you also claimed that for the highest earners their taxes won't go down. which they obviously did in the final bill. so do you agree that those statements have been proved false? secretary mnuchin: no, i don't. on the first part, i would say -- r. pascrell: let me ask it this way. secretary mnuchin: can i answer? mr. pascrell: i'll give you two seconds. secretary mnuchin: so as i said before, on whether it will pay down debt -- >> we are going to step away from this hearing briefly to hear from senate minority leader chuck schumer following the senate vote this afternoon on president trump's emergency declaration. live coverage here on c-span.
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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] senator schumer: sorry to hold you up on a beautiful thursday afternoon. ok. well, thank you for being here. now, today's vote -- today's votes cap a week of something the american people haven't seen enough of in the past two years. both parties in the united states congress standing up to donald trump. in two days, congress has delivered three, three major rebukes to the president and stood up for transparency, accountability, and the constitutional powers of our
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branch of government. yesterday, the senate took a crucial vote to forbid the president from continuing any military involvement with the conflict in yemen. that vote was about the limits of executive power. and as we just saw today, 12 senate republicans, far more than the bare minimum, joined democrats to terminate the president's emergency declaration. that vote was also about the limits of executive power, and i thank my friend, joaquin castro, who was in the senate gallery, for shepherding that resolution through the house. and while earlier today, the house amazingly passed a resolution demanding the department of justice release to congress and the public the full findings of the special counsel's investigation into russia's interference in the 2016 elections.
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unfortunately, it was blocked in the senate by a single republican. but mark my words, that resolution will be back and we will try to pass it again. now, it shouldn't be so unusual for members of the president's own party to stand with us and hold him to account when he does wrong, especially a president who so overreaches, but i'm thankful that republican senators did the right thing. i applaud them for it. let's hope that these votes this week are green chutes. republicans out of courage, out of principle, and maybe out of exasperation are beginning to constrain the president when he goes too far. that republicans are learning that total embrace of president trump is counterproductive and unsustainable. my hope is that this past week
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isn't an aberration but a turning point. my hope is that republicans now see how this president is trampling on the constitution and understand that it is possible, in fact courageous, to stand up to him and say that there will be consequences for his actions. the president seems to regard the government, not just the justice department, as a tool to serve his personal and political interests. we've had a lot of presidents with plenty of footballs, but none of them seems -- foibles, but none of them seems to equate it to the entire government of the united states except this one. today, the senate sends a strong message to president trump that under our constitution, the executive branch and the legislative branch are co-equal. thanks to the framers of the constitution, the united states of america has no king, and we never will. we can't succumb to the president's monarchial
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leanings. it's our job in congress to limit executive overreach, to defend our core powers, to prevent the president, any president, from -- that is what separations of powers means. that's what checks and balances are for. all too often in the past two years these principles have been disregarded. too many of my republican colleagues in blind obedience to this president has denied him his worst compullses but today's vote gives me hope. today perhaps my republican colleagues are beginning to rise to the occasion like they did in previous decades and centuries. i'll be closing by saying that i applaud every member of the senate democratic caucus for sticking together. i've always said our unity is our biggest strength and despite being in the minority, by sticking together, we are able to hold the president accountable.
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ready for your questions. reporter: senate republicans have tried to play down saying these rind votes. what issues were you perceived to know -- senator schumer: well, we have to see what's comes up in the future. first thing they can do is follow their house colleagues and let the resolution that says mueller report should be made public through. i mean, when devin nunes, jim jordan, and so many others vote yes for the senate republicans to block it is just confounding. where are they coming from? do they really believe the report shouldn't be made public? are they really going to participate in a cover-up? come on. reporter: now that the bill is not being used to -- mother-in-law declaration, is that something the democrats will consider supporting when it comes out of committee? senator schumer: well, look, you know, i'd have to look at the careful wording of the lee
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bill. but for any republican who says, well, it's ok for him to do it this time, now let's look next time, is -- it's crosses purposes. if it's wrong it's wrong. for this president and for any other. reporter: since this is a privileged resolution -- it sounds like a revolution. senator schumer: you said it right the first time. reporter: if it's going to come up again, how soon? senator schumer: well, you know, the president will first veto it. it goes to the house. he won't have the 2/3. but i believe the law allows us to bring it up every six months. and certainly we would intend to do that. reporter: what's the point? if the president will move forward anyway? senator schumer: the point of defending the checks and balances that the founding fathers put so exquisitely in
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our government? we hope of winning the 11th. reporter: green new deal, are you confident your caucus is going to be unified? senator schumer: yeah. we are totally unified. everyone knows this bill is a sham. and we are going to ask our republican colleagues to answer three simple questions. thus far they refused to answer them. one, is climate change real? two, is it caused by human activity? and three, should congress do something about it? the fact that they're afraid to answer those three simple questions with no prescription as to what to do puts them on dave and that's where we have them and that's where we're going to keep them. reporter: senator, on the unobligated funds that are being used to build the wall, what are democrats' plans for, first, identifying the project that will be impacted senator schumer: well, i'm not sure the president can do it. and i think there will be court challenges. first, you have to find out who has standing to oppose the
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removal of those funds. and, second, yeah, we intend to use every means we can to not allow the president to shift money around when he's not allowed to. now, he's shown so little respect for the fences and laws and rules that we've had in this country that we got to be real careful and whether it's legislatively or in court fight him every step of the way. ok. thank you, everybody. have a nice day. yes, have a nice week and a half. >> and now back to coverage of house ways and means committee hearing with treasury secretary steve mnuchin. >> growth in the economy and we have not seen that yet. mr. secretary, i want to move on. the 1998 i.r.s. restructuring act created 10 violations that result in the termination of an i.r.s. employee. the seventh violation is willful misuse of section 6103 for the purpose of concealing data from a congressional inquiry. this is defined by the treasury
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inspector general of tax administration, and i'm quoting here, as, quote, actual knowledge that section 6103 did not preclude access to information by congress or reckless disregard of the statutory provisions for disclosing information in response to a congressional inquiry, end quote. thus, an i.r.s. employee that misuses 6103 to obstruct a congressional inquiry can be fired. mr. secretary, should this apply to treasury employees as well? secretary mnuchin: there is an awful lot of interest in 6103 here today. ms. sanchez: an i.r.s. can be fired for not providing information under congressional inquiry. don't you think a treasury employee should as well? secretary mnuchin: you are asking me a hypothetical question which we will review with our lawyers. mr. neal: the president did note 6% growth. i wiec