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  President Trump Meets With Prime Minister of Ireland  CSPAN  March 14, 2019 9:20pm-9:37pm EDT

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do. thank you. president trump met with the irish prime minister today. they discussed the relationship between the u.s. and are one -- and ireland and the effects of britain leaving the european union. president trump: thank you very much. it's a great honor of the prime minister of ireland. we've become fast friends, had some good transactions on trade and other things. he's in a very complicated position right now because of brexit, you'll have to tell me what's happening. have to perhaps tell the world what's happening because i'm not
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sure anybody knows. but very, very special country, so many friends and you're doing a great job. very popular man, doing a wonderful job, the people love him and that's very important. and thank you very much for being with us. thank you, leo. >> thanks for meeting us again. it's an enormous privilege for ireland, as a small country, to have this meeting on account of st. patrick's day, a chance to make even closer and tighter the bonds between the u.s. and ireland. i particularly want to help you with -- thank you for your help with the plans in west ireland where hundreds of jobs were threatened as a result of russian sanctions and with the help of the administration we were able to save those jobs. thank you very much for that. president trump: they don't know about that. look forward to talking to you later about brexit, giving you our perspective and the importance of protecting the good friday agreement and the really hard one in northern ireland.
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looking forward to talk to you a little bit about immigration as well. also about trade and how much i would like to see a trade deal done between the u.s. and e.u. we've done one with japan, with china. president trump: we'll see. the e.u. has been tough to deal with and frankly they have been very one-sided for many, many years. and so we're changing that around. we're starting to maybe get somewhere. if we don't we'll win anyway. but i do appreciate you saying that. and again it's a great honor to have you, fantastic country. i'm not going to comment on brexit. it's a complex thing that's going on right now. it's tearing the country apart, tearing a lot of countries apart and it's a shame that it has to be that way.
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i think we will stay right in our lane, we're doing fantastically as a country. our economy is booming. we're the envy of the world. other economies are not doing well and we're doing record business. so we're very happy about that. and it's really great to have the prime minister of ireland with us. >> what's your reaction to the announcement president trump: i think he's got a lot of hand movement. i said is he crazy? or is that just the way he acts? i watched him a little while this morning doing, i assume a news conference. i actually have never seen anything quite like it. study it. i'm sure you'll agree. reporter: who is the bigger threat, beto o'rourke or joe biden? president trump: whoever it is, i'll take him or her on. and i think with the economy doing so well, with all of the things we've done work the tax cuts the biggest in the history
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of our country, tax cuts with people having a lot more money in their pocket, with their 401k's hitting record numbers, they've never had -- they've never been considered great investors by their wives or husbands, whatever it may be, now they're considered great investments but the markets hitting almost new highs, i have all the records, every single record, i have sever single record for the stock market. so i think it's going to be very tough to beat. if you look at african-american, if you look at hispanic or asian unemployment, we have the best records in history. in the history of unemployment. we have the best records. so i think it's going to be tough for somebody but you know what, whoever it is, it makes no difference to me whatsoever. [inaudible] president trump: i'll be coming at some point in the year, it's a special place, i have a warm spot, it's a great place. great place. reporter: boeing planes, how
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long do you think they'll be grounded? president trump: i hope it's a short period of time. they have to find out what it is. the biggest thing is they have to find out what it is. i'm not sure they know. we had to do it, had to take a cautionary route, the grounding of the planes yesterday was a big thing as you know. you're involving with boeing also. the grounding was a big thing and it's a great company, it's a truly great company and hopefully they'll figure it out quickly. it's a big decision. it's also one of our largest exporters. one of our, you know, one of the truly great companies in the world. they have to figure it out fast, they know that, they're under great pressure. reporter: are you still -- president trump: it wasn't that i was a supporter, i predicted it was going to happen, i was right. people laughed when i predicted it, but they won by about two points. i was standing on turnbury, we had as preconference, that was the day before, i think you were there, people were screaming and i said no, i think it's going to happen. and people were surprised i made
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an the prediction. because president obama made the opposite prediction. i was right. and i will tell you, i'm surprised at how badly it's all gone from the standpoint of the negotiation. but i believe the prime min -- i gave my prime minister my ideas on how to negotiate it, i think you would have been successful, she didn't listen to that that's fine, she has to do what she had to do. i think it could have been negotiated in a different manner.
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i hate to see everything being ripped apart right now. i don't think another vote would be possible because it would be very unfair to the people who won who say, what do you mean you're going to take another vote? but i thought it would happen, it did happen. both sides are very, very, you know, they're cemented in. it's a tough situation. it's a shame. frankly, it's a shame. there was no reason for that to happen. they could have had the vote. and it should have gone smoothly. unfortunately, it didn't. very complicated issue. actually the issue on the border of ireland is one of the most complex points. i think they're going to probably have to do something because right now they're in the midst of a very short period of time. the end of the month. and they're not going to be able
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to do that. i would like to see -- excuse me. i'd like to see the whole situation with brexit work out. i'd like to see so, you know, we're talking to them about trade. we can do a very big trade deal with the u.k. we're also renegotiating our trade deal with the european groups and you know, literally individual nations and also with all, but it's very sad to see what's happening there. and there was no reason, i'm sure leo, i'm sure you agree with that. would you like to express your feelings on brexit? maybe i should not let you do it. >> we have a different opinion. i regret that brexit is happening. u.k. was an important part of the european union, they're
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going now. the most important thing for us in ireland is, that's their decision to leave. it shouldn't cause any problems in northern ireland where we voted to stay. we shouldn't have a hard border or anything to disrupt the peace process. also we want to make sure we still have trade between ireland and great britain. i believe in free trade. it'll be a few years until the united kingdom sorts itself out. president trump: the european union, they were unwilling to negotiate with the obama administration, and unwilling before that i'm not just blaming president obama. they're willing to talk to us and if they don't talk to us, we're going to do something severe economically. we'll tariff a lot of their products. the european union treats us unfairly. they treat the united states and have been for many years, for decades, they've treated us very unfairly. it'll probably work out. they want to see -- otherwise we're going to do something that's going to be good for the united states.
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reporter: mr. president [inaudible] president trump: i don't know what the vote will be, it doesn't matter. i'll probably have to veto. it's not going to be overturned. we'll have our whole thing. legal scholars all say it's totally constitutional. it's very important, it's a border security vote. it's pure and simple, it's a vote for border security. it's a vote for no crime. we have a border situation also but it's slightly different than yours. ours is not actually complex. we have very, very bad laws that are archaic, that were put in by democrats. the republicans department fight hard enough at the time, that was a long time before me. we have catch and release. we have chain migration, we have all sorts of things that are horrible. and the world is laughing at the laws that were passed with respect to us. and we are going to have a very strong border very soon. we're building a lot of wall. there's a lot of wall going up. i don't know if you see it, i don't know if you want to see it. we're building a lot of wall, there's a lot of contracts being let out, actually tomorrow and over the next week, for additional many, many miles of wall. and we're going to have hundreds of miles of wall up fairly soon.
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and it's going to make a very big difference. we also have to change the laws because whether it's visa lottery, whether it's chine migration, whether it's catch and release or anything else, they are horrible, horrible laws. i want to just commend our border patrol and i.c.e., what they've been doing, border patrol, and our military, by the way, has been fantastic. we're building a lot of the barbwire areas where people were pouring through, they're not going through. they have done a fantastic job. we have built some temporary fencing and some permanent fencing with the military. they have done a fantastic job. but the border patrol, they are capturing, catching, grabbing, they're doing whatever they have to do, thousands of people, thousands of illegal aliens a month. 75,000 last month. the job they are doing, they're apprehending, call it whatever -- whatever you'd like to use, but they're apprehending thousands and thousands of people a month and we're catching them and we're keeping them. we're not doing the release. at a certain point we have to do
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some release because we don't have the bed space. we don't have the room and we don't have the funds to build new space. because we have ridiculous laws. in other countries, leo, when you have somebody comes in illegally you say, sorry, you have to leave. in our country because the laws are so ridiculous, i mean, so stupid, we have to give them a trial. we send them into the country, they're supposed to come back but they never come back. very rarely do they come back they have most ridiculous set of laws, the democrats' fault, we want to change them. unfortunately, we need their votes too. and i think it's going to be a great election this year. ok, anything else? reporter: are your immigration policies cruel? president trump: i don't think they're cruel. i think they're the opposite of cruel. they've become cruel because they're so ridiculous and hurts people. it does the reverse of what they're supposed to be doing. they're meant to be the opposite and they're hurting people. they're really hurting people. a lot of people. i think we have done an incredible job. we're apprehending record numbers of people. if we had border security, if we had the wall if we had a proper wall which we're building now as we speak and we're getting a lot more funding for it as you know in what we're talking about in the vote today whether it's positive or not, i'm vetoing it unless i don't have to veto, i'll do a veto, it's not going to be overturned. we have den a great job at the border through apprehension. but we shouldn't have to be put
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in a position of apprehending 75,000 people a month. we shouldn't be in that position. thank you all very much. thank you very much. [inaudible] president trump: we're doing very well with china talks. china talks doing very well. we will see what happens. if it's not a deal, it's a great going tous, we are not make it but i would say we're , moving along at a very high level. we're getting what we have to get and i think we're getting it relatively quickly, so the china talks are moving along as to whether or not we'll strike a final deal, that i would never want to say. they're moving along very well. reporter: mr. president, what
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about jared kushner's security .learance and a ivanka trump [inaudible] president trump: thank you very much. [inaudible] president trump: well, i told her what i would do and how i would do it. [inaudible] president trump: got her own way of doing it, that's ok. thank you, everybody. thank you, everybody. >> coming up friday on this is the network, at noon eastern from the hudson institute, a discussion about policy with a -- with former national security advisor -- biden.
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noon, a report on russia's use of social media to influence u.s. politics and on c-span three, and look at the ballistic missile that's posed by iran and north korea. 12:05, education analysts at their way talked about proposals to make college education free. >> the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. >> ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. >> and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon. >> c-span's newest book, the presidents. noted historians rank the best
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and worst. true stories gathered by interviews. shapesd the event that our leaders, challenges they faced and the legacies they have left behind. public affairs, c-span's the presidents will be on shelves april 23, but you can atorder your copy today or wherever books are sold. commerce secretary wilbur ross testified in a house hearing today on the 2020 census. they question 10 about adding a citizen -- citizenship question to the form. hear areme court will challenge and oral arguments on the case next month.