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tv   Washington Journal On the Phone with Anita Kumar  CSPAN  March 24, 2019 10:47am-10:57am EDT

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colleague, andy sullivan was there with me yesterday, we have a lot of reporters going there today. today becausepens the attorney general said it could happen as soon this we can. we are on pins and needles like we were on friday. , all of the reporters were chained to our desk, waiting to see if the report had been completed. now, we are doing the same thing but only waiting for the summary findings. , who coverslynch the justice department for writers -- reuters. explaining how much of the molar report -- mueller report must be disclosed. thank you. guest: thank you for having me. host: this is the headline at
10:48 am as the president is gearing up for the report. joining us on the phone is anita kumar, a white house correspondent for politico. what is happening next with the administration and who will lead the effort? guest: we are hearing that the white house and the trump reelection campaign and the republican national committee have been getting ready for this day. not the day where they do not know what is in the report but the day where we find out some of what is in that report. they are hoping and thinking it will exonerate the president. they have come up with language for a lot of contingency plans. it is not just going to be a black or white thing. we might see something that says other people close to the president did something wrong even though they are not being indicted. they have all sorts of talking points ready to go, when we find out what is in the robert
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mueller report. host: we know the president spent yesterday at mar-a-lago. rock.ped with kid -- he golfed with kid rock. guest: one of my colleagues was in florida with him and heard the same thing. ,e was not supposed to stop there was a republican fundraiser in florida and the president did go and talk a limit. lindsey graham was giving the speech. the president seems to be in good spirits. i think he introduced senator graham and got to talk to some people. for himgo is a place where he is surrounded by people that he has known for a long time. he is surrounded by friends. he took an extra large group of aids down there -- aides down ther.
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e. and he likes being there and he is expected to return to washington later today. host: we got a tweet from him that basically says he wants everyone to have a nice day. we have not heard him act -- react to the mueller report. guest: i was talking to people close to him on thursday and friday and they were saying they were hoping that he would not say much. that they were not going to say much at the white house or other aides would not say much until they knew something. what you heard was a brief statement by sarah sanders where she acknowledges that the report has gone to the department of justice and that they are waiting. they did not get a heads up. they don't have a copy. that was about it. theave not heard a lot from president's white house aides or political aides.
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for what itting says. when we know what it says, expect a lot of spin and talk about what they think this means. they are trying to get the president not to say much until then. you and i both know that it is hard for him to do that. he does not go this long often but he has gone this long before. it is possible he may say something today. it is also possible that we are going to know a little bit about what is in that report. one of those two things may happen a little bit later. host: let me share with you two treats. a moment ago at 8:01, the president saying good morning, have a great day. and then he said make america great again. read the tea leaves, what is going on in the president's mind right now? were -- was ahere lot of chatter that he had not tweeted. people were marking how many
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hours it had been. tweetsome interesting and comments about how long -- what is the longest he has gone without tweeting? he did not break the record. he might have been saying that. he tends to read and see what people are saying about him. he might have been seeing that. he might have been just tweeting because why not? commenting about this. at least right -- not right now. been watchingave cable tv over the last two days, it has been almost a fever pitch with speculation and trying to figure out what exactly is in the mueller report. i have to ask you what your assessment is based on what you know right now, realizing that the official findings have not been released in any form. tell,is very hard to obviously. the thing that i keep hearing is the announcement that was made
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on friday when this came out that there will not be more indictments. i think that people are taking that to mean that is great. we have seen a lot of indictments but a lot of them were russian nationals. we know they tried to interfere with the election. we knew that was out there. and people that were close to the president but on unrelated charges. i think that people in trump orbit feel good about -- donald trump's orbit feel good about that. the thing i hear from people who are well diversed and how prosecutions work say that it is possible there are other indictments that are sealed and we do not know about them. if that is the case and there are other indictments out there, it might not mean everything is great for preston trump and his circle. i would say that the white house
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is feeling good about it but there are a lot of things we do not know. host: what about congressional democrats demanding this report be made public? some speculating this could defuse any threat of an impeachment by the house judiciary committee. yesterday oret talked for 30 minutes and they vary much want the full report made public. not a summary as the attorney general said he would give them today or tomorrow. probably today or tomorrow. they want the full report and they want the public to have the full report. were watching cable news or seeing quotes from them in newspapers, you will see that they are behind that, saying everything needs to be made public. i don't think that is going to happen. it's not going to happen right away. we are hearing the report is lengthy. the department of justice has to go through it and determine what
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can be released and what cannot be released, which is why bill barr is owing to release his summary. it is going to be kind of a showdown. if they do not get everything they want, it is possible they could take this to court and it could end up being a legal fight. it could take a very long time. it is very interesting. democratsntime, house will continue what they are doing. they are investigating dozens of things in the trump administration. both at the white house level but also in the agencies and departments. they are pushing for documents. they are pushing for people to come testify. they could issue subpoenas. there is a lot of other avenues where they could get information about a variety of other things. host: we talked to sarah lynch in the first hour, i will ask you the same thing. what is your day going to be like, covering one of the most consequential reports of the administration?
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guest: my colleague is with the president in mar-a-lago. he is our main person with president trump today. i am here, standing by. i expect to write some sort of bigger picture story about the president. i am also waiting to find out what is in the mueller report. we have a lot of our folks on capitol hill dilettante -- dealing with that part of it. i'm not sure what it will be like if they day goes by and we don't know what is in there. the attorney general indicated it would be today or tomorrow. i think he is very mindful that a lot of people both in washington and around the country are waiting. i think he is trying to be as fast as possible. host: anita kumar, her byline can be read at thank you very much for being with us on what may be a busy sunday. guest: sure. thanks for having me. >> senator kyrsten sinema holds
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a campaign kickoff rally in front of -- kiersten gillibrand holt a campaign kickoff rally. live coverage begins at 12:30. >> food and drug administration commissioner scott gottlieb talks about his tenure in the future of the fda. he is stepping down from the position in less than two weeks. the brookings institution hosted the event. david: good afternoon, i am david wessel. director of the center here at i am thedirector of the center here at brookings. this is for health policy. i want to welcome everybody here, i want to welcome scott gottlieb. his biography is so long that i had to write it down.


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