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tv   Washington Journal On the Phone with Anita Kumar  CSPAN  March 24, 2019 3:07pm-3:18pm EDT

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announcer: road to the white house coverage continues thursday as president trump holds a campaign rally in grand -- grand rapids, michigan. live coverage beginning on 7:00 eastern on c-span, and you can listen live on the free c-span radio app. this is the headline at
3:08 pm is the president's aid is gearing up for the mueller report. joining us on the phone this sunday is anita kumar, white house correspondent for politico. explain that headline. what is happening next within the administration and who will lead the effort? who will lead the effort? guest: good morning. we are hearing that the white house and the trump reelection campaign and republican national committee have been getting ready for this day. the day where we actually find out some of what is in that report. they are thinking it is going to exonerate the president, but they have come up with language for a lot of contingency plans. it is not just going to be black or white. we might see something that says other people close to the president did something wrong even though they are not being indicted. they have all sorts of talking points ready to go when we find
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out what is in the mullah report. host: we know the president yesterday at mar-a-lago. he golfed with kid rock. he seemed to be pretty comfortable. guest: one of my colleagues is in florida with him and heard the same thing. in,as not supposed to stop there was a republican fundraiser. we were not sure if he was going to go. he did go and talk to little bit. lindsey graham was giving a speech. the president seemed to be in good spirits. he introduced lindsey graham. mar-a-lago,own at it is a place where he is surrounded by people he has known for a long time. he is surrounded by friends. he took an extra large group of , probably because
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he knew this was coming out. he likes being there. he is scheduled to return to washington later today. tweet a just got a moment ago wishing everyone to have a nice day, but we have not heard him react to the mullah report. -- mueller report. i was talking to people close to him on thursday and friday. they were saying they were really hoping he would not say much. they were not going to say much at the white house. until they knew something. what you saw on friday evening was a brief statement by white house press secretary sarah sanders, where she does not say much. she ate knowledge is the report -- she acknowledges the report has gone to the justice department. we have not heard a lot from the president.
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that is because they are waiting to see what it says. when we know what it says, expect a lot of spin, a lot of talk about what they think this means. they are trying to get the president to not say much until then. know that is not easy. he often doesn't go this long without saying something. it is possible he might say something today. it is possible we may know a little about what is in that report. two: let me share with you tweets just a moment ago, the president saying good morning, have a great day. then he said, make america great again. what is going on in the president's mind right now? there was a lot of
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chatter last night that he had not tweeted. people were marking how many hours it had been. i saw interesting comments about what is the longest he has gone without tweeting. he did not break the record. tends to read what people are saying about him. he might have been seeing that. he might have been tweeting ?ecause why not he is not tweeting about this. a lot of people are hopeful they will get some indication of what is in that report. host: if you have been watching cable tv, it has been almost fever pitch speculation of what is in the mullah report. muellero ask you -- report. youre to ask you what is speculation? guest: it is hard to tell.
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i keep hearing the announcement that was made on friday that there will not be more indictments. meple are taking that to that is great. we have seen a lot of indictments, but a lot of them were russian nationals. we knew they tried to interfere with the election. people close to the president but on unrelated charges. i think people in his orbit feel pretty good about the fact that there are not going to be more indictments. fromne thing i heard people that are well versed in how the department of justice and prosecutions work say is that there are possible that there are other indictments, but they are sealed. case, it might not mean everything is great for president trump and his circle. i would say the white house is
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feeling pretty good about it, but there are a lot of things we don't know. host: what about congressional democrats demanding this report be made public and some speculating this could defuse any threat of impeachment by the house judiciary committee. yesterday fort about 30 minutes. they want the full report made public, not a summary, as the attorney general said he would or tomorrow.ay probably today or tomorrow. they want the full report, and they want the public to have the full report. ,f you are watching cable news you will that they are pretty united behind that, saying everything needs to be made public. i don't think that is good to happen. it is not going to happen right away. we're hearing is the report
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is very lengthy. the department of justice has to go through it and determine what can be released and what cannot be released. that is why bill barr is going to release a summary. it is going to be a showdown. if they don't get everything they want, it is possible they could take this to court, and there could be a legal fight. that could take a very long time. it is interesting. , the housetime democrats will continue what they are doing. dozens ofnvestigating things in the trump administration, both at the white house and in the agencies and departments. they are pushing for documents, pushing for people to testify. they could issue subpoenas. there are a lot of avenues where they could get information. host: we talked to sarah lynch in the first hour. what is your day going to be like on the white house beat?
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my colleague is with the president in mar-a-lago. he is our main person with president trump today. i am standing by. i expect to write a bigger picture story about the president, but i don't know because i am also waiting to find out what is in the mueller report. we have a lot of folks on capitol hill dealing with that. i don't know what it is going to be like if we have another day where we don't know. the attorney general had indicated it would be today or tomorrow. i think he is mindful that a lot of people in washington and around the country are waiting. i think he is trying to be as fast as possible. covers the kumar white house beat. attorney general
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william barr and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein are at the justice department this afternoon revealing the contents of the mueller report and working on a summary for congress. to the hill newspaper, the justice department has notified the house judiciary committee to expect a briefing with a retinal, for we are not sure, a briefing somehow of those conclusions of special counsel robert mueller by 5:00 this afternoon. that is what a lawmaker on the panel has told the hill. the white house said friday that president trump am and who has been traveling, has not been briefed on the report's findings. earlier this month, the house debated a nonbinding resolution calling for the report to be made available to the public and congress. is recognized. mr. nadler: thank you, mr. speaker. h.con.res 24 expresses the sense of congress that any report special counsel robert mueller delivers to the attorney general should be released to the public and to congress. this concurrent resolution is


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