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tv   Kellyanne Conway Speaks to White House Reporters  CSPAN  March 25, 2019 11:30am-11:48am EDT

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judicial nominations in this week taking a procedural vote on a resolution on the green new deal. live senate coverage on c-span two. also this afternoon on c-span2, closer look at the president's border security emergency declaration live in about an hour. also have live coverage of the american israel public affairs committee annual conference with remarks by mike pompeo, chuck schumer, and kevin mccarthy. you can watch live coverage this afternoon at 4:30 eastern on .span three -- c-span3 kellyanne conway spoke to reporters this morning about the release of the mueller report. this is about 15 minutes.
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>> it is my personal opinion and let me express it again in case it was not clear. many of you, but certainly many of others who are not represented here, have allowed this person as ranking member and now chairman of the intelligence committee to live a life for two years, literally going out, not under oath, and same day after day full of vim and vinegar that there is a mountain of evidence of collusion against the president and may be bigger than watergate. people involved in watergate were claiming it would be bigger than watergate ace on nothing other than their ability to get on to the next tv show. and gold get off the tv and do his job, but he is not been doing that. he has been able to have unfettered access to all review, some of whom lived a life for two years. what he has done to people's lives, the presidency, the
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institution -- not you, i'm not pointing in the media so do not feel sorry for yourself. you have made a great victim of donald trump. the obsession with the 2016 election and inability to accept their results has placed as per leslie close to the 2020 election. don't care if to democrats or 50 democrats were 100 democrats run, anything times zero still equals zero. problem,omebody else's but the idea this president has been under this cloud, not it is making, but people who could not accept how wrong they were about 2016 and that this man have in our great democracy and this beautiful country that we all are privileged to live in, that he would not have been elected by anything other than squarely and fairly the electoral votes in this country the way we elect our president -- you let learned clinton and jim, say whatever
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they want. -- you let hillary clinton and jim comey say whatever they want. iu really have to reflect -- don't know how else to say of. we make ourselves available. the president makes him available. i was asked 10 times a day on tv in the 2016 elections after the final debate where hillary clinton basically admitted -- i was asked six times a day, will he accept the election results? will you? will people who are there for the destruction of donald trump except the results in 2016 finally? will these democrats, people in the media who are not under oath in their anchor chairs, who have wasted all of this time and money -- you know what gets me? goat, take what gets my you owe the country an apology. and i'm not talking to all of you here, i'm talking generally.
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let me make clear to you. it gets my goat we're doing great things and you refuse to cover it because you had to cover collusion, conspiracy, the russians, treason, impeachment, indictment, nonsense. there are people out there who are relying on you to help us tell them what we are doing for this, the veterans, the drug addicts, the people languishing and christen -- in prison who of long past pay their dues to society. we have joint custody for the next six years. let's do a better job, shall we? if i see interview writing, because i don't read ed, ranting, fuming, put me down as not ranting or fuming. put me down as somebody who is asking you to really reflect, as i did after the elections, but nobody did. nobody lost their jobs after being so wrong.
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>> this morning, one of the presidents leaders said it would be inappropriate for the doj to release the president answers. what the white house observed -- [inaudible]e and will let the president his attorneys address that directly. i will tell you i did note something not getting much coverage, which is apparently, mr. mueller mr. rosenstein failed to subpoena the president. there is no obstructive conduct. they failed to subpoena president for life testimony. how many times have we all been , sean spicer, donald trump, everybody been asked, will you fire mueller? will we protect mueller? mueller's protector. -- mueller is protective.
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>> the president talked about how mueller did not have much credibility and even called him a liar. >> he left the mueller investigation continue. he never fired mueller or rosenstein. he let it go. rosen's team stayed on -- rosenstein stayed on board. >> the report has credibility? last told you yesterday -- week on the south lawn, let the people see the report. he agreed to the 420-zero boat. how the report comes out is not up to him. it is up to the attorney general. >> have you spoken to the attorney general? >> we're not going to make up government. >> does the president owe mueller an apology. >> great to see you. i am sure you are full of questions today. i've got answers. >> [inaudible] thisok into how
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investigation was launched and whether there was any conduct suspicious or untoward in the way this was launched? he implied that yesterday before he got on board air force one. >> as the president would say, many people are saying that. and to know how he got to this point where there is no obstruction, no obstructive activity, no collusion, no wordiracy -- which is a that americans understand, not the made up word collusion. that we should all know how this started. why not? let's see the fisa warned. fisa warrant.he i will always be protective of the forgotten men and women. on thet putting a thumb
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scale of justice, but sitting on the scale. sure, let's see it. what is everybody afraid of? we no longer want the truth? we no longer of trying to protect the institution? nobody has flinched or felt reluctant for a second in two --rs, 500 witnesses, and 13 does anybody feel embarrassed about that, that we are spending our time speaking to other foreign governments about this and not about the many issues? i have to say, the president's record over the last years, i will put it next to the record of any president because what he is been able to accomplish on behalf of the american people under this cloud is pretty remarkable. without this cloud, i say he is just getting started. >> [inaudible] that is really up to the attorney general. you know the protocol. he said last week, let the people see the report. but what if the report is
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issued? it is not up to the president. that is up to the attorney general. you cannot just africa deborah your way into what is it to the a- you cannot just abra cadabr your way into the report. fishing expeditions and unverified, as the president would say, hoax and witchhunt. you never really know what is going to happen next. i am surprised everybody once all of the information to come out, though, because there are people who have cooperated with the investigation who could not stop texting and talking to the media. >> the attorney general, mueller planted on the obstruction of justice. do you guys wish he had waited more fully on that? how do you reach that conclusion there was no obstruction when there still an open question? >> i read the quotes "no instructive conduct." clearly, they have concluded note obstructive conduct versus
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the collusion, collusion, watergate, watergate of two years. , the failure to find obstruction means no obstruction was written into the report for reason. let's not forget where that came from. that came from leaks and accusations. i believe it started with jim comey. lots of folks saying he specifically leaked information hoping it would draw an investigation. so he is doing something aggrandizing himself, but maybe should go get a lawyer. maybe he should be brought in. maybe he should not get the hero's welcome on the phone about your. -- book tour. theysterday people said
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were unfairly treated in this investigation. >> he's right. >> you to consider hard for people at michael flynn, paul manafort? >> i haven't discussed that with him. >> justification after these conclusions? >> i haven't discussed it with him? >> do you believe these charges -- >> when i am president, i will let you know who i am pardoning. how about that? >> why shouldn't the country be elicited the president's written responses? because he is responding to questions it returned out were not particularly relevant or important anything. there no collusion, no obstructive conduct, no indictments. nobody named trump indicted. i know you want to keep -- i know a lot of folks want to keep this alive, but let me say clearly, the country will see the mueller investigation were mr. mueller said nothing for two
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years. they will see that as a fair and full investigation using their tax dollars. wasting their time. all of the stories that were never said. thousands and thousands of stories about this to the detriment of all of the other news that americans could have used. anything now come any other investigations in congress that can be seen as hyper partisan, motivated. to coin a phrase from the democrats in the late 1990's, move on. >> let me ask you something else that came out on friday, the sanctions -- the president tweeted that we're now finding out they're not going to move forward with any large-scale sanctions against north korea. this happens to be 180 degree -- >> that has been answered. kevin? >> regards to that issue moving
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on, after the midterm election, the president said he would be willing to work with democrats but there could not be a dynamic where they talk impeachment or the continuing investigation. at what point in terms of whether or not to investigate the investigation with the president be willing to move on entirely near house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler -- >> kevin, thank you for the question. i am going to walk to that building now and we are going to have a number of different meetings from health-care -- you name it, it is done here. trade is ongoing. keeping this unbelievable economy booming. so we are ready. the president tweeted out after speaker pelosi within the last offto eight weeks, just got the phone with speaker pelosi and we're going to work together on infrastructure, drug pricing. where are they? they can come here today. they can call today.
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i have seen a number of democrats getting the religion of bipartisanship just overnight. together onork infrastructure, drug pricing. a lot of moderate members, particularly those who won trump districts in 2018, they are very upset. you are starting to see the articles that we have known for a while. they are upset with all of the ink and airtime you get the extremist freshman in the very safe, liberal districts talking about green new deals that cost trillions of dollars and socialism. do we still have the governor virginia today? the lieutenant governor, the alleged racist? undersea interview covering that. you might get back to that. let's focus on issues. i am out here constantly. sarah is at the podium. we have been many places. always try to talk about his issues. you know what you said? we would love to talk about
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those issues, but russia, but tweets. what do you want to know? what would you like to know? are you willing to know it? mnuchin,, secretary back in china to negotiate trade. usmca, congress should come up with a vote on that, kevin. let's get the best trade to we can for the american worker, the american industry. this president's leadership means manufacturing and mining and warehouse and construction are back. let's get a vote on this. let's get this to the american people. people who were lying about evidence of collusion worse than watergate for two years -- >> [inaudible] you in the president seemed to be on the same page. you are adopting the conclusions of attorney general barr based
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on his reading -- >> you're not? >> can i finish my question? >> i did not hear one. >> i'm getting to it. >> who, what, where, how is how they start. >> adopting mueller's finding that russia did interfere in the 2016 -- >> we have talked about that so many times. you never had the decency to finish the sentence. what is the causation? i remember the first a law school they taught as, what is the causation? you allowed hillary clinton to run around, if it was not call mey's.- co it was russia's fault. she was a lousy candidate. >> a foreign power interfere -- >> our intelligence community -- we have addressed that. if you want to do something for this country, work together to make sure foreign interference does not happen. the president spoken with
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the attorney general in the last 24 hours and does he have plans to? >> i know the attorney general is very busy. the president conferred with his own attorney. i am not going to comment on that. >> [inaudible] >> is the president expected to make a declaration today on golan heights? said it is time to recognize that. he made it clear on friday how he feels. >> how is this not different from crimea? >> what do you mean? >> russia's invasion of crimea? >> house it not different from the russian invasion in crimea? >> is this any different? >> it is. read the tweet. by the way, why not you run a store since you can do collusion and conspiracy today. let's run a story about the president's record in israel. this is why mr. netanyahu has
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said he is the best friend israel has. why? because he kept a promise of not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, but six presidents to move our embassy to jerusalem and recognize it as the capital. he is brokering peace in the middle east. he got us out of the awful video. his john kerry running for president this time? i'm not sure, but that was a really bad deal. now with golan heights, the president said it is long overdue to do that. i don't see the analogy. any new questions? >> the prime minister. >> you would have to ask his team why that is. welcome, capitals. >> [inaudible] >> on what? >> are we going to see the president -- >> sarah sanders. what else present kateri. we are colluding.


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