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tv   American Israel Public Affairs Committee AIPAC Conference - Nikki Haley  CSPAN  March 25, 2019 10:24pm-10:41pm EDT

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announcer: former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley, spoke to attendees about her commitment to israel's security. our remarks are just over 15 minutes. [applause] ms >> our next guest hardly needs an introduction. during her two years as of the united states of america to the united nations -- during her two years as ambassador of the united states of america to the united nations, nikki haley -- [applause] haley group herself a true friend of israel and a champion of the american israeli
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relationship. she walked tirelessly to ensure at thee anti-israel bias u.n. was put on his heels, and she showed that tenacity time and time again. it is in gentlemen please join me in welcoming to the stage, the former united states of america ambassador to the united nations, miss nikki haley. [cheers and applause] ms. haley: thank you. thank you so much. ♪ [cheers and applause]
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ms. haley: you guys are so amazing, thank you. [applause] ms. haley: if i am ever having a bad day, i just need to come here. [laughter] it is amazing ever so a time. eboni: than amazing. ms. haley: i love you too. thank you. eboni: we are to say the ambassador has some fans here. to start withwant the devastating breaking news from this morning. last night, hamas launched rockets from gaza that smashed into a home right outside of tel aviv, injuring a family of seven, including a timer and an infant.
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if a terrorist group had launched a rocket five miles outside of any major city from any country in this world, the exit asian would be an outpouring of sympathy. it seems as if accepted that -- that countries israel. my question to you is this. you were uniquely position inside the u.n.. please help us understand what those conversations are like after a tragic event like this. how it is contemplated, and how in this exact type of instance, you were able time and time again to make sure that it was clear that the u.s. stood with type of event. ms. haley: i can guarantee you the u.n. this morning is in radio silence. they are not saying anything about hamas, anything about the lives lost, anything. but if it was anyone of those countries, and they would be calling an emergency security council meeting. this is wrong what you to have
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hope. because all these years, lest year for the first time, the majority of the general forership of the u.n. voted a resolution that acknowledged thes, and acknowledged terror they were spreading and how bad they were. that was an amazing thing. theywe have to make sure know is hamas is a terrorist group that needs to be stopped and we can't ever be quiet about it. ebony eboni: ambassador, why does it seem that you have focused on the israeli response to an attack like this as opposed to the attack itself? ms. haley: what i learned was that at the u.n., it has been this way for long. the story behind one of my meetings was i was meeting with a couple of arab countries, and
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we were talking about yemen. said, i justem don't understand, why is it anyone calling out hezbollah, why is anyone saying anything about what is being done? thatse they were upset that terrorist group was doing something they shouldn't be doing. and i turned around and said, if you are upset about that, what is the difference between that and hamas, and israel? [applause] >> they were stunned. but when our meeting was over, they pulled me to the side and they said, you know, you are right. know you are right. but we have to do this for our constituents. they are doing this for soundbites for their constituents. they don't honestly think that way. it is just that they have done it for so long.
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they do what they think they have always had to do. eboni: fascinating. ,ooking back at your tenure please share what you feel were some of your brightest accomplishments particularly those of concern to aipac today. ms. haley: still being alive today. [laughter] ms. haley: surviving the u.n., and i still have my heels on, by the way. eboni: absolutely. fabulous. ms. haley: i think, and i hope everybody in this audience is what weroud of accomplished at the u.n.. [applause] because if we just go down the , we -- we got out of unesco got out of the iran deal and pointed the finger where it
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needed to be planted, which was on iran. [applause] ms. haley: we got out of the human rights council. [applause] which for once, no other countries are holding the burden and realizing they need to do something about their anti-israel bias. we got them to acknowledge hamas for the first time. and, by the way, we won't the embassy to jerusalem! [applause] we got the israeli bashing session that have and every month to not sit there and just bash israel, we actually started a conversation about what really are the issues in the middle east, like what was happening in yemen, like what was happening with terrorists, like what we were trying to do in all these other countries that mattered, as opposed to it being about israel.
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and i think everybody in this audience should be so proud because you pushed, and you hoped, and we won by doing all those things. [applause] eboni: just mentioned it there, the focus, the extreme focus, i will call it, on israel in the u.n. i know that when you were first named ambassador, you were first taken aback by how narrow the focus was on israel within the u.n. whether any moments of scrutiny ?n israel that stood out to you ms. haley: you guys have heard me say this before, it was like everybody was bullying this kid in a corner. and it was abusive, and it was wrong. and it was just unwarranted. that was the biggest thing, it was unwarranted. here was such a strong democracy , sitting in a neighborhood that is so dangerous. and in any other situation come
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that you would be lifting that country up and having their back. and instead, they were taking them. see something like that, whether it is israel or anything else, you have to stand up and fight. fight for those that don't think they can stand up for themselves. you look at israel now, israel is alive and kicking, and they are going to continue to do that. [applause] eboni: ambassador, what do you think the motivation is? why is there such reluctance he to have a sense of fairness and balance when it comes to israel and the u.n.? ms. haley: i think this goes 1957 war.ter the everyone realized that israel could be defeated. what that meant was that had to go after them diplomatically. so all the arab countries led the charge in going after them automatically.
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and because of their influence, because of the oil and so many other reasons, other countries them.he need to follow that is why towards the end, we absolutely called out the arab countries on what they were doing. and we need to keep doing that. at the end of the day, i don't know they believe this anymore. i think they have done it because they always have. but you could see the embarrassment, the fact that none of the countries wanted to be called out, the fact that they were actually looking in the mirror. and i think we can't let up on that. ♪ eboni: i want to talk about iran. it is crystal clear to everybody in this room that they have been ratcheting up the aggression every day. what do you think that america, that our allies, europe and beyond, really need to be doing in response to this hyper aggression from iran? ms. haley: i think we have to isolate iran liquid isolated north korea. they are one and the same.
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-- like we isolated north korea. they are one and the same. they are beefing up their military weapons. we have to isolate them, and i think we did that by cutting out of the iran deal. i think our allies are starting to realize that that will not be sustainable. i think we need to stop with the waivers. if you are doing business with iran -- you want to talk about eds -- if -- you want to talk doingbds, if you are business with iran, that is what we should be talking about. [applause] eboni: finally, i want to know what you are up to right now. i know you started an amazing organization called "stand for america." i want to thank you for having me even after the fact that i am not an ambassador anymore. i love you so much, thank you. [applause]
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ms. haley: thank you. thank you. one, thank you for having me back at your party, i love being here. the second thing is, i am learning how to uber. and it has been interesting. my kids are so embarrassed because when i finally get to my destination, i am just sitting there and the driver is like, do you need anything? and i am like, no, i am waiting for someone to open the door. how embarrassing is that? it is so embarrassing. [laughter] ms. haley: i am learning to do other things. i am doing some speaking, i am doing some writing, a book is coming. something i am looking forward to. and i launched a platform. i would so love is every single one of you would go on to
10:37 pm and join. because i am too young to stop fighting. i am not going to stop fighting. it is in my blood. this allows me to continue fighting for all the things i care about. to continue having a voice on the things i think matter. i am not going anywhere. just because i left the u.n. -- my husband will tell you, i'm still loud and proud. and i will continue to fight every single day. [applause] ms. haley: but i do want to end on one note. ,fter coming out of the u.n. there is something that i think is very important to everybody. the way the political atmosphere is right now, it is so toxic. it is so toxic. you know how you know it is
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toxic, because if you put a good legislation, on the table everybody wants to know whose it is first come up before they decide whether or not to support it. that's wrong. [applause] ms. haley: political parties now see each other as evil. and are not evil. because i have seen evil. i have seen in the democratic republic of congo where the military comes in and i have heard women who have said they have taken their babies and thrown them in fires. i have been in sudan or other use of rape as a weapon of war. hasve watched as assad killed women with chemical weapons and children. i have seen it where the average adult has lost 24 pounds in venezuela, trying to cross over that bridge in the hot sun just to get one meal they are going to have that day. that is evil.
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what we have our issues. but those aren't evil, they are just our opponents. it is just policy. , americar worst day has so much to be blessed for. everyone of us should feel blessed every single day. [applause] ms. haley: so, stop the finger-pointing and stop the fighting, and let's get some things done. and remind everyone that we are blessed government be grateful about it, and never stopped using the power of your voice, because it matters. it really does matter. [applause] amen to am going to say that. and from one carolyn a woman to
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another, i want to say thank you -- from one carolina woman to another, thank you for your relationship the between the united states of america and israel, and for your commitment to our leadership. thank you to ambassador nikki haley. [applause] ♪ announcer: secretary of state mike pompeo talked about the president's proclamation reprising israel's sovereignty over the role height in his remarks. he also talked about the rise of anti-semitism. his remarks are about 20 minutes. ♪ [cheers and applause]


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