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Sarah Huckabee Sanders
  Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Speaks to White House Reporters  CSPAN  March 26, 2019 12:54am-1:04am EDT

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sarah sanders. ms. sander: we are colluding. ms. conway: she will answer your questions afterwards. >> white house press secretary sarah sanders also spoke to reporters outside the white house, calling the mueller investigation complete and total exoneration of president trump. ms. sander: i thought for sure kelly would have an answer to all of your questions and no one would be here. reporter: [indiscernible] ms. sanders: well, i frankly disagree with you and so does the attorney general and deputy attorney general. the report said unable to make a decision that went over to the department of justice where they did make a decision. the attorney general followed the legal process, he worked
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with deputy attorney general who has been involved since the very beginning of this two-year absurdity and they made a decision that there was no obstruction, so that makes it a complete and total exoneration. i don't know any other way to look at it when the whole purpose of this investigation was to determine whether or not there was collusion and there wasn't, they were incredibly clear in the report that there was no collusion, not just not by the president but by any american, no one on his team, that's a great thing for our country and great thing for this administration. katherine, go ahead. reporter: [indiscernible] ms. sanders: the president has spoken on this already, he wants full transparency as he does in everything every day. however, the decision is left up to the attorney general and he will make that determination when he's ready. the one thing that we do want to be careful about and be clear is that that we want to do the right thing not just for this president but for all administrations, we want to make sure we are protecting the
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office of the presidency. we have to look at things like executive privilege and protecting sources and methods for the intelligence community. those are the things that you will see the attorney general determine and he will make that decision when he's ready and i will come back. reporter: [indiscernible] ms. sanders: we want good relationships across the board. the president has always said a good relationship is better than a bad one. we know that when you have a good relationship even sometimes with countries you don't always agree with that good things can come from that. we have seen some progress with north korea, whether it's getting hostages homes, stopping of some testing, that's a positive thing and that's based on relationships. we see the same thing taking place in china, the president's relationship with president xi has helped us have progress on trade negotiations. we think those relationships matter and we see them play out and show positive results for country. i will come to you next. reporter: do you think that
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mueller did a good job? ms. sanders: i think he did a good job by finishing. i think it's disgraceful the fact that it took two years and the fact that we had $25 million in taxpayer money to chase a witch hunt that never should have taken place in the first place. i think democrats and the liberal media should be absolutely embarrassed by their behavior in the last two years in breathless reporting and their hope, it's not just a -- just that they reported and spread a slanderous malicious lie but they hoped for the takedown of the president of the united states. i think everybody in america should sit back and process that for just a second and realize the seriousness of the accusation that was put on the president that the media perpetuated, that they celebrated and they loved to report. 8500 articles between four outlets, washington post, new york times, msnbc and cnn since may of 2017 have been put on this. that is outrageous, something that we found out to be complete and utter lie.
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reporter: [indiscernible] ms. sanders: the president has been clear what his feelings are. our feel asking that this never should have needed to take place and democrats should be embarrassed by their behavior. we will see what they do with it. reporter: does the president still think mueller is a disgraced lawyer? er?li ms. sanders: the president has been clear on his feelings. i don't have any sense to change what the president said in the past, i will let him make that determination. reporter: open the door for pardons, for paul manafort? ms. sanders: there's no discussion of that taking place at this point. no discussion that i'm aware, christin, go ahead. reporter: does that include his written responses to the special counsel? ms. sanders: again, the president has been clear about what he thinks should take place but also letting the attorney general make the determination . at the same time we have to protect the office of the presidency and we will see what happens. reporter: can you tell us why
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meeting with the prime and mr. of israel is suddenly closed and [indiscernible] ms. sanders: we will see, that's very possible that opens back up. i know the timeline has shifted, as prime minister is making earlier departure than expected. we have a lot business that we want to discuss. we will see if that changes, i would not be surprised. reporter: why is the prime minister leaving so early? ms. sanders: look, the president is glad that they're going to have a chance to sit down and talk about a number of important issues facing the globe and have those conversations but , certainly understands he needs to return. reporter: what about michael flynn? has the president thought about a pardon for michael flynn? ms. sanders: again, like i said to kristin, we have had no discussions at this point on pardons or anything else. reporter: the president said this was illegal action referring to the investigation. who does he want held accountable as a result? ms. sanders: any of the people
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involved in the process of call people, clapper, brennan and other people in the fbi who perpetuated the absurd lie and the absurd idea that the president of the united states was somehow a foreign agent in colluding with another government. let's not forget that all of this interference in the election took place under the obama administration, they knew about it, they did nothing to stop it. i think that's where they should start. >> just before the report was given to attorney general on friday, the administration announced 180-degree turn as it relates to policies with sanctions against north korea, why isn't that of the case? how did that come about and we we were given? ms. sanders: the sanctions in
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place before are certainly still on, they are very tough tough sanctions. the president doesn't feel it's necessary to add additional sanctions at this time. why? ms. sanders: the president likes them and once to continue to negotiate. to continue to negotiate. announcer: c-span is "washington journal" live everyday with the news and policy issues. coming up to sen. warner:, kentucky republican congressman discuss it the release of the -- discusses the release of the mueller report and investigations into president trump's affairs. congresswoman talks about her legislative priorities as a vice-chairman and the new democrat coalition permit also, former representatives jason aldean meyer and republican davis on what to make government
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more effective, simple and less parson. be sure to watch washington journal tuesday morning and join the discussion. announcer: coming up tuesday on the c-span networks, the house takes up a vote on the president's veto of the hisslation blocking emergency declaration for a wall at the u.s. southern border. the house returns and numeral for legislative work. on c-span two, the senate it's procedural vote on the green new deal. tackleended ways to climate change for former attorney general holder in former california desktop friend governor ornish -- former california governor arnold schwarzenegger talks about efforts to stop gerrymandering. c-span3, remarks from nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell.
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the house armed services looks at the defensive budget was acting secretary patrick shanahan and chairman joseph dunford. announcer: the orissa will -- holding ais conference in washington. vice president michael pence spoke to the group about the trump administration's commitment to israel. his remarks are 30 minutes. ♪ >> our next against has a deep and personal relationship with israel and aipac. throughout his decades of public life, vice prent