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Charles Schumer
  Senate Minority Leader Schumer  CSPAN  March 26, 2019 6:32am-7:00am EDT

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and i am proud to stand with the jewish people and champion the inse of religious liberty israel and america. these are special times, amazing times. i want to thank each of you and may god less each of you, israel and the united states america. >> senate minority leader charles schumer spoke before aipac attendees and talked about
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calling out anti-semitism in all forms. his remarks are 25 minutes. now to start like to talk little bit about my family.
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i've known so many of you for so long you are like family to me. this year has been filled with several -- for the union -- schumer family. my daughter allison and her partner have set a wedding date. just a few weeks later my older daughter jessica told us she was pregnant with our first grandchild. the due date november 18. we pray that the baby would be early or late. prayerslistened to our because a very pregnant jessica joined our family for a beautiful wedding in brooklyn and a few days later no one melvyn schumer schapiro was born. he turned for yesterday. he smiles.
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he turned over. he's already a genius is an einstein. and now a little bit about my dad. god willing on flag day, june 14 my father will turn 96. god willing. on d-day my mom will turn 91. and into weeks god willing we will celebrate with your new great-grandchild their 70th university together. my family, it's just a great part of the american dream. my father was an exterminator. he struggled his whole life. my sister once sent him a father's day card that said we are the only family that associates the smell of ddt with
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love. it didn't do him too bad. he's going to be 96. now seriously, only in america could and exterminators son growth to be the first jewish later in the senate of the united states of america. so as i reflect on my growing family i can't help think what kind of society we are going to leave to the next generation in the generation after that tonight i wish to speak personally about my support for israel. the need to maintain a strong bipartisan relationship and the very real threats that jewish communities across the globe are facing. israel in andf has always been in america's
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national interest. but i fear too many of our younger generation don't have the same understanding of the threats facing israel as my generation did. they don't know that as long as israel has exist to she has had to defend herself from enemies seek to wipe her off the map. that's a fundamental problem we must confront head-on. that is certainly not true here at aipac. our young people know the importance and the story of israel and i know there are several thousand students here tonight. stand up. let us applaud you for being here and helping the cause of israel. we need you and love you.
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but we know that this problem of ignorance about israel's difficult history still persist at two large a scale. particularly among young. so it's incumbent on us to explain that history to every single member of the younger generation jew and non-jew alike. we must remind them and teach them the threats to israel are not just in the past but very much in the present and the future. noahi think of my grandson who was born at a time when israel is stronger than ever i think about what i will tell him when he's old enough to understand. noah that as a young man at james madison high school i remember walking to class with a transistor radio to my ear. course i will have to explain to him what a transistor radio is. listening to the news reports that june about the six-day war.
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hem that israel wouldn't be washed into the sea. there is a great u.s. ambassador to israel who bravely came to lecture at my college well the sdf dlp was waging a campaign against zionist imperialist, saying israel had no right to exist. when they tried to shout him down, he said, you certainly cheer when anyone else gets a state but you do not cheer when the jewish people achieve their dream of the homeland. anti-zionist slinks out in shame. i will tell noah that as an adult i watched my grandfather, noah's great-grandfather, one of
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the few in his larger family to survive the holocaust because he was lucky enough to come to america become overwhelmed by emotion and break down in tears when he saw eric israel -- israel for the first time. noah just like many of you will tell your children and grandchildren over pesach that this is the bread of affliction our fathers ate in egypt. in every nation they have tried to afflict us. being jews we have found that major -- levity in that history with three sentences. us. tried to kill we survived. let's eat. god my friends we live in america where our people have
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had every opportunity to survive and thrive and thank god that after two millennia of wondering the desert the jewish people were finally able to return to the land of milk and honey. freedomey can live in and raise families in relative peace. there's no question the jewish people have come a long way in but i stillyears feel a great deal of anxiety as i know all of you do in this room looking at a world today were threats to the jewish people and the land of israel are growing and have been for some time. so we must remind all young people that hezbollah still can intoants to send rockets israel from the death and destruction to civilians. hamas still bills tunnels -- builds totals on the southern
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border and the iranian regime still plots to undermine israel in every way. young or old who thinks these threats to israel aren't real should just read today's newspaper. just this morning a rocket from hamas controlled gaza struck and destroyed a home north of tel aviv injuring several people including two infants. our prayers are with them. hamas said the rocket this morning was sent by mistake. he made the same claim two weeks ago when rockets were fired at tel aviv. the barrage of rockets hamas fired just a few hours ago? were those a mistake, to? israel has every right to respond just as any other nation including our own way. will condemn israel
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for responding with no government can allow civilians to rocketected attacks time and again and i stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of israel condemning those attacks and doing what they must to defend their homeland. targetingese enemies israel's door believe that a jewish state in any form should exist. we must never forget that. thisy friends, to do all we must keep the u.s. israel relationship with partisan. we can only hope to defend partiesboth side-by-side. so long as we maintain a united front. democrats and republicans together. this has been a mission for me.
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i'm proud that the overwhelming majority of democrats are pro-israel and have always in good let me give you some examples. just from this past congress because democrats in the senate strongly support israel. overwhelmingly supported the memorandum of enshriningng american military and security yearsance to israel for to come. we are reminded of the importance of that report whenever rockets are indiscriminately fired at civilians. the iron dome system that helps shoot those missiles out of the sky exist in part due to the long-standing bipartisan support of congress. democrats overwhelmingly supported the admission of mine which prevents american dollars from benefiting the palestinian authority until they stop payments to those who commit
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brutal acts of terror. every single one of the caucus signed a letter to the secretary-general of the united nations expressing concern about their vicious anti-israel bias. and democrats united unanimously supported the united states israel security assistance authorization act. to be blocked by a republican senator but it would be wrong to say he represents the entire republican party and i never will. not only is it demonstrably false to say democrats are anti-israel it also hurts the israel u.s. relationship. plain and simple the democratic party supports israel and we will continue to do so and we will mean -- maintain that
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bipartisan relationship through thick and thin. israel depends on it. so whenever i lead a piece of even when legislation democrats at the vast majority. those were the days. i always included a republican lead sponsor because the foundation of our relationship must remain bipartisan as it has for decades. those who seek to use israel as a means to scoring political to botho a disservice israel and the united states. our politics may be more polarized than ever but it is incumbent on all of us who care about u.s. israel relationship keep it bipartisan. we must pledge to one another that we will keep the awayization of washington
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from poisoning the bipartisan support that israel has always enjoyed. my friends, we also must continue to stand firm against the bds movement. i have long opposed the bds movement publicly, privately and continuously. toouse its founders and many of its supporters do not believe the jewish people have a right to any state in their homeland. whatever its size and boundaries. we must be clear eyed about the history of this bds movement. i ask anybody who supports bds or is considering supporting it particularly young who may be of good will to remember the following and we must make sure they know it.
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even before israel came into existence boycotts were used as a weapon of those who oppose the very existence of the jewish state. during the 20's and 30's arab leaders organized boycotts of jewish community in palestine: for the picketing of jewish owned businesses and general strikes the devolved into violence. as soon as israel came into existence the arab league instituted an official boycott of the fledgling relation and soon thereafter a boycott of anyone who did business with israel and then anyone who did business with anyone who did this with israel. some of you my age will remember in those days we were so proud of air france. every other airline boycotted israel and wouldn't fly there. only air france would fly to israel. all the others were participating in the arab backtt to we must never go
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to the days when major companies boycott israel as they did in the 50's and 60's. and more than 30 years would pass because the arab league boycott is broken by egypt and still today there are nations that actively enforce a primary boycott of israel. bds must be understood first and foremost is the next chapter of this troubled past. make no mistake about it. founders did not believe in any state of israel and too many of its leading proponents want nothing more than for israel to disappear. further than the words of the movement's founder who statee opposed the jewish in any part of palestine.
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jews are not ad people. my personal experience has borne this out. whenever i speak and argue with those who most actively push bds i asked him a very simple question. do you support a jewish state? all too often, too many, not all that many to many will waffle or they will say no, they do not support a jewish state. that's not a disagreement over policy. that's not a disagreement over borders. it's a disagreement over israel's very right to exist and we must never accept that kind of disagreement. from the moment israel through our first breath until this very moment israel has long been threatened by boycott movements and i will always stand with
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israel against those who seek to do her harm by boycott or any other means. educate theust world about the true origins of called movement we are upon to confront a greater and more ancient threat to the jewish people. anti-semitism. poison. the same poison the chaste countless jewish people from .urope the same poison that scattered the jewish people to the winds in oure us foreigners own countries. that same poison cannot be allowed to fester here. in the last decade there has been a resurgence of anti-semitism in europe where it always seems to live and grow deep in the soil. now in the past few years there has been a resurgence of america in just last october we watched in horror as the single greatest
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massacre of jews on american soil was perpetrated by an anti-semitic white supremacist terrorist in pittsburgh. sadly between 2016 and 2017 the u.s. saw the largest increase in harassment, vandalism and assault of jews and jewish institutions. same dread,eel the the same alarm that past generations of jews have felt. when anti-semitism rears its ugly head and begins to walk hand-in-hand with violence against jews. when we read about jewish cemeteries defaced by swastikas. watch white supremacists the streets of an
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american city of saying jews will not destroy us. we have a solemn obligation not to hold their tongues were arson are language but call it out with courage and clarity. onlysomeone names prominent jews is trying to buy or steal our elections we must call it out and when someone says that being jewish and supporting israel means you are not loyal to america we must call it out. when someone looks at a neo-nazi rally and some very fine people among its company we must call it out. when someone suggests that money drives support for israel we must call it out. we are here because we support the only jewish state in the world and because it's in america's interest to support israel.
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contrarystion to the weather made out of malice or ignorance is hurtful. it's wrong. we cannot be afraid to say that it's wrong and hurt. that thesehan age-old anti-semitic tropes are false and must renounce them. you can be a jew and care about israel and it doesn't make you any less of an american. jew and lobby for israel and it doesn't make us any less of an american. it makes you a better american. you can be all at once, my friend. , completelyewish pro-israel and completely american. and we are. that is what makes this country so exceptional. otherwise isng
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completely false. has no place in our public discourse. we must call out anti-semitism whenever we hear it from wherever it arises. prevalent inme too our politics to identify anti-semitism only when it comes from politics. be wrong to use anti-semitism as a political weapon. if you only care about anti-semitism coming from your political opponents you are not fully committed to fighting anti-semitism. so my friends in conclusion this matters a great deal. the fact that today we must once again faced down the poison of anti-semitism as a reminder of what israel has meant to the
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jewish people. it reminds me of what israel meant to me long before my name ever appeared on the ballot. long before i ever thought of the elected officials as a boy. i grew up hearing stories of my great grandmother the matriarch of our family in 1941 when the nazis invaded ukraine and part of alicia they asked my grandmother to gather her children and their children on the porch of her home. they said, you come with us. .he said we will not leave and they gunned down all 17 of them from age one to age 81. now as a proud grandfather myself of noah i carry with me the stories of five generations of schumer's. escape andho did not those who did include my grandparents feeling persecution
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found sanctuary on these wonderful shores where because of the tolerance and openness and opportunity that courses through all american life their grandson could stand before you as the highest elected jewish official ever in america. and i know you join me. we all cannot help but think we are the lucky ones. i know i'm not alone in bearing the weight of these generations in the painful history of our people. stories of us has the and it is because we carry with us the history. we feel so deeply about the cause of israel and the friendship between the united states and israel. is because of this history that i want israel to be always there, always prosperous, always strong, always free.
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my friends, we must never forget what israel and her freedom means to the jewish people and what the friendship of the united states means to securing that freedom. i will not forget. i know you will not forget and we fight to protect jewish people here in america and in the state of israel. in america and in israel. the people israel lives. thank you. god bless you. aipac, keep up the great work. >> coming up to stay on the c-span networks, the house takes up a vote on overriding the of thent veto legislation blocking his emergency declaration for a wall at the u.s. southern border.
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the house returns at noon eastern for legislative work. on c-span2 the senate takes a procedural vote on a resolution on the green new deal. legislation recommending ways to tackle climate change and economic and policy. former attorney general eric holder and former california governor arnold schwarzenegger talk about their efforts to stop gerrymandering. on c-span3 the aipac conference continues with remarks from house speaker nancy pelosi and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. at 10:00 the house armed services committee looks at the defense budget with acting secretary patrick shanahan and general joseph dunford. coming up in 30 minutes, kentucky covers been james comer on the release of mueller report and future congressional investigations into president trump's business and political affairs. at 8:00, washington