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tv   U.S. Senate Sens. Klobuchar and Paul on Presidential Investigation  CSPAN  March 29, 2019 5:12am-5:32am EDT

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c-span's big idea is more relevant today than ever. no government money supports c-span. it's a nonpartisan coverage of washington is a public service a by your cable or satellite provider. online, c-spannd is your unfiltered view of government so you can make up your own mind. klobuchar try to bring a resolution to the senate floor, calling for the public release of the robert mueller report. in response, a senator rand paul wanted to make public obama administration records related to the 2016 election. this is 20 minutes. i want to discuss transparency in our democracy and security for our elections. nearly one week sets
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special counsel robert mueller's report was completed and submitted to the attorney general of the united states. we still have not seen this report. i have urged the department of justice to release the report and the administration should not delay in producing the report to congress. we know the american people want to know what is in the report, nearly 90% of them, according to some public opinion polls said they want to know what is in the report. four hundredthat 20 members of the house of representatives voted that the report should be made public. we cannot get ourselves out of the mode of remembering that a foreign power invaded our election. meddling,e call it that is what i do when i call my daughter on a saturday night and asked her what she is doing. i call it an invasion of our
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democracy. we have learned from the intelligence heads from under barack obama and donald trump, including a former senator, who has told us this has happened and in fact the russians are getting even bolder. that is what he has told us. important,is very putting everything else aside, that we find out the facts in this report. indictments that have come out of this investigation, dozens of indictments. they have made it clear that the unprecedented interference in the 2016 election was designed by the kremlin with the goal of making americans lose faith in our election system, whether you are a democrat or a republican, whether you are independent. we know from the intelligence heads and from some of these indictments that we have been able to see, made public, that
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they did this in many ways. ,e have learned that 21 states the russians tried to hack into the actual election equipment and that in illinois, they got as far as the voter files. what does that mean? if we could get more facts about that, since that was actually the hacking of the campaigns and elections, with reference in william barr's four-page letter. help senatorght langford and i to pass our bill, which we have the support of senator burr and sunder warner, maybe it would help us, as well as senator harris and senator graham, it might help us convince the leader that we should have a vote on the simple concept of having backup paper ballots and audits. maybe it would help us convince the public to put pressure on the white house not to block that bill. it does not matter which
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political party you are in, we all want secure elections. we all do not want a situation where there is one county or one state or elections get screwed up because someone hacked into them. the other thing we learned and that confirmed in the four-page letter was that we know there was hacking into a political campaign. we want to know the facts about that. noticed, people have there are a lot of people running for office, just for president but u.s. senate and house of representatives. the american people and the people who work in the congress have the right to know exactly what happened. that was one of the major reasons that we had this investigation in the first place. something else that was mentioned in the four-page letter that we all want to have more details about and that is another way that russia try to
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influence our election and that was the spread of false propaganda on the internet. right? we have cds ads. we have seen these in sworn hearings. one i will never forget is one that was russian sponsored, which was a picture of an african-american woman and it said, basically, i am paraphrasing, why wait in line? you can text your vote for hillary clinton. that is illegal. that was one of the advertisements that the russians put into our system. we know they put false issue ads out there to divide americans, sometimes from the left, try to make it look like they were looking from the left. sometimes from the right. they were simply trying to sow discord in error great democracy. our democracy is fragile. our democracy is something we
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cherish. our democracy must be protected. that is why if we can get the full report, that would help us greatly to perhaps step back and the honest ad that is a bill that we had and we have a number of republicans that are cosponsoring it in the house of representatives. i think getting more details would help make the case that before the 2020 election, when we know in 2016 alone, one for $4 billion was spent on internet .4 billion was $1 spent on internet advertising. we did not know what the ads were because they just finished on the internet. when we first proposed this bill, people said you are trying
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to regulate. guess what? angst changed and we suddenly got growing support that the same rules that apply to newspapers and tv and radio should simply apply to internet platforms. of thehave a number major platforms that are doing it themselves, though they varied what they do. we also have major ceos of these companies saying they support this bill. the time has come. in fact, we are running out of time to put the rules in place for issue ads and candidate ads. something that a lot of people in this chamber want to get done, and that is making sure our next election is protected from foreign influence, both on the propaganda side and the election security side, and on the hacking side to campaigns. this report, and getting the
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full report, will help us to figure out exactly what happened. as i mentioned, we have many people, 420 in the house of representatives, that said they want to see it. congress should be able to see the full unredacted report without delay. we are a coequal branch of government and have received unredacted grand jury and classified information in the past. more than congress, the public should be able to see this. that is why the house voted 420-0, we don't get that kind of vote on a volleyball resolution. 420-0 in support of publicly releasing the report. members standing in the way of this report, becoming public,
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will have to explain to the american people why. we know we can do two things at once in this chamber, or maybe 20 things at once. we know the importance of making sure we do not repeal the affordable care act. two nights ago i was at this desk late into the night, reading 100 letters from people, proposed to repealing the affordable care act because of the protection it gives them to not get kicked off their health insurance. we know how important it is to finally do something about prescription drugs. toknow how important it is work toward an economic agenda for the people of this country. we also have to attacked the public's right to know. ,e have to protect the security in many ways, the security of our country abroad, our military, and make sure we are protecting the very democracy that is at the core of this country and the way you do this
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is making sure that no foreign power messes with our election. there are 100 pages of this report. there were hundreds of people interviewed. all of us are a little in the dark, especially the people who are not on the committees that received classified information. there are many people who would like to know exactly what went down. if i was a secretary of state in one of our states, whether in the state of arkansas or the state of arizona, i would want to know what happened. ,f i am the secretary of state i am responsible for my states election security. we urge the attorney general to do everything he can to make this report public. now that the special counsel has completed his investigation, we must see the report. i ask unanimous consent that the senate proceed to the immediate
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expressing thef consent of congress that the report of special counsel robert mueller should be made available to the public and congress, which is at the desk, further the concurrent resolution be agreed to end the motions to reconsider be considered, made and laid upon the table with no intervening action or debate. >> is their objection? >> matter president. >> senator from kentucky. >> i think we all want transparency. i think we all want reports to be revealed. we think the american people deserve to know what happened with the russians hacking into democratic emails with the russian involvement trying to affect the outcome of our elections. i think we all want that. what do we know so far? million tospent $30
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investigate this and they have concluded after doing hundreds of interviews and thousands of subpoenas, they having -- they have concluded president trump to docking blue with the russians, did not conspire with the russians and as the president has said repeatedly, he never talked to the russians. that is what we know safar. now that we know that, in addition to the robert mueller know,, we also need to was there malfeasance? was their misuse of government power? did president obama's administration get involved in an election to actually try to manipulate and infiltrate the trump campaign, to entrap them or try to spread information that was incorrect? we need to know that. , by asking that the senator unanimous consent, except my amendment, that would say not only will we see the robert
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mueller report, we will also see the communications between john brennan, known to have already lied to the senate about spying on senate computers, and james clapper, also known to have lied to the senate in testimony over phone records, that their communications with james comey, who has known to have leaked illegally information about this investigation to the press, that their communications bp, known to all of us. we need to know why a fake russian dossier was considered real. the country concluded it was not. no media outlet would produce the russian dossier because it was unverifiable. head, the cia head cap sending the dossier head -- dossier out to people and said look at what the senator gave us. it was what they already had. nobody was believing it. the robert mueller report said
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it was fake. it was made up. the dossier was not true. why should we know about this? because we don't want this to happen every two to four years. adon't care whether it is democratic president or a republican president. we should not waste the time of the entire country sending spies into campaign, making false accusations and tying the country into knots for two years. tying us into knots has put people at other's throats, they can't talk to each other because we spread this false narrative that president trump had something to do with the russians. it was not true. we spent $30 million and now we know it is not true. i asked for unanimous consent that my amendment to be added to the current resolution. we agreed to see the robert mueller report as long as the other side will agree to show us the communications that took place in deciding to promote
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this fake allegation against the president and we want to know whether there was misuse of their office. if that is allowed, i will agree to consent. i would ask for unanimous consent that might have been it the added to the senator's resolution. >> is their objection? >> i would simply point out that this entire investigation was started by the justice department under republican administration. guided i the deputy attorney general, who is appointed by the president. i would note this is a simple resolution, just trying to get the report. with thenot agree foundation of this investigation, but we are simply trying to get the fruits of the investigation, which i believe to be helpful to this chamber to figure out what we should do to protect our national security. we are simply trying to adopt
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and consider the house again, 420-0,ich including all republicans votedt, the house had 420-0 that they want to see the report. that is why i was simply hoping we could do this on a bipartisan basis and try to see the report ourselves. therefore, i object. >> the objection is heard. >> reserving the right to object. >> senator from kentucky. point senator made one that the investigation was begun under republicans of this dossier. the robert mueller report and the robert mueller aspect of this was begun under republicans. the actual investigation, the promoting, the passing around of the fake russian dossier
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occurred under president obama's administration. what we need to discover, what we do not yet know, was president obama involved? was this done for partisan purposes? was this done to try to elect taylor tilton? was this done with -- try to elect hillary clinton? we need every ounce of information about the people at the very top of our intelligence community that were promoting the inclusion of this fake mediar that most american outlets had discounted as unverifiable during it turned out to be unverifiable. we based this investigation on a lie. we should investigate who the liars were. i object. >> objection is heard. colleaguespublican do not want to read the report and they want to rely on the summary, that is their right.
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they can make requests in the all i am asking right now, whether you agreed with his investigation or not, that the public has a right to see the hundreds of pages which may well help us understand what russia did. i -- i believe our constitutional duties require us to have the report and the american people do not deserve to be left in the dark about what the report says. i hope it will be made public very soon. i hope the attorney general of the united states understands there are a number of us that would like to see the full report and there are a lot of people in america that would like to see it as well. i yield the floor. c-span's "washington journal"
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live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up this morning, family research council president tony perkins discusses the trump administration effort to limit u.s. funding for abortion overseas. and we will talk about the future of the green new deal and other climate legislation. be sure to watch "washington journal" live at 7:00 this morning. sunday night on q&a, a supreme court reporter talks chiefher latest book "the -- a biography of john roberts." however -- >> however john roberts votes, he will determine the law of the land. the liberals won him to come over, but the conservatives are trying to hold him back where he always was.
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meanwhile you have this chief justice declaring there is no such thing as an obama judge or a trump judge. he wants to project a bench that is not political when they all have their agendas. easterny night at 8:00 on c-span's "q&a." trumpt night president spoke to supporters in grand rapids michigan and talk about the mullah report, the economy, and his disagreements with democrats and journalists. this is an hour and a half. landi love this god bless the usa


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