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  President Trump Tours Floridas Lake Okeechobee Herbert Hoover Dike  CSPAN  March 29, 2019 11:12pm-11:27pm EDT

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>> president trump visited lake keechobee and the dam shah surrounds his marcha loguea. and also discussed immigration, mexico and health care. this is about 5 minutes. president trump we had a tremendous success right here. come on over here.
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we had a tremendous construction success in florida. this is lake okeechobee which i have known for a long time. lake owing oak. it is an incredible lake and a lot of problems and wasn't properly funded. the governor desantis. thank you for being here and ron took over from a couple of you know, rick scott who has been bugging me. and rick go to the senate. and we got it done and we dwot the funding. and i think said let's go. we need a wall on the border. looking at all these borders. and we are building a lot of
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wall. i thank senator rubio who has been involved. thank you very much. very is involved and very important. congressman mario diaz-balart, where are you? thank you very much. brian mast. thank you. francis rooney. what a job you do. you know so much about it. ap young new congressman who has done well. where are you? so i just want to thank everybody for being here.
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great project for florida. and florida is a state that is a phenomenal state. a very important project of the if i could ask my governor to start. >> thank you for your support for florida and hurricane and other things we are working on. if you look at what we need to do we have oklahoma and the ever glades and this is a very important part where the
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president is committed, depoffer scott got that online and we will try to the additional funds and our state legislature is to for water resource is. i think it's great that we have our local officials, federal and state depoft that are singing the right tune. mr. president, thanks for helping us out. president trump this project was dying until we got involved. n 1928, over 5,000 people died here. everything broke and the corps was splage, 1928, they had a total catastrophe and we are making it stronger.
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marco. >> the most important issue is water and economically, threatened communities and can captain go in the water because of the algae plooms. p you use the and now that mup gets freed up. and we have a chaps to go down in history as the ever glades ever nt and restore the demrade. the everglades is very important. >> i kept asking the owe baum after straying to physical the dike. if you hook at the risk here. ap irma was going to come across this dying. and we got ols here ap the mayor
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. we started bugging presidents who got legitimated and get the dikes physicaled. we got fixed. were not appened if been for president trump. ap great job we have the money. we have more work to do. president trump: david. >> one thing, mr. president that resonates here, first off, this is appear inkeble partnership between the state and federal government ap have been doing their fair share. if you are a recreationist and critical ct its a
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component. president trump: thank you very much. congressman, would you like to say a couple of words? water it lifeblood ap i thaunching you. president trump: my horp. and om have one of nem mean a great deal to be here to fund the project and meeps a lot to our state. >> i thank you for this and ear things you have done. good things can happen and you are go to go to save the ever glades. so thank you, mr. president. this a lot of locations. thank you very much. >> just to it rate, you have the
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mayor and state first but it doesn't happen without your hepap stepping forward saying us is important and all of are here to thank you because it would have not happened what francis has said, you have done right for lake okeechobee than we have seen in deg aids. president trump i saw the germ ap i said germ tell us how are which of we doing on the southern border. >> i share with the president. 13 years with the funding we had to get the funding ap the leadership, all which take is 0 years, we have a strong
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relationship and thank you. president trump: ok, folk, thank you setch. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] ick nick
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president trump: mexico has to stop it. it's a long, very dangerous journey. they send buses and trucks and they started at one point a little bit, stopping. they don't do anything. so the caravans. i ebbeded pames to guatemala and no more money. we were giving them $500 million and depiffing them trelledous d and we stopped payments to them. we were paying tremendous mounts of money and not paying any morement they set up these car advance and not put their st in and they march up here
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and we are not letting them. the border control, the job they have done is incredible. and we have rup out of smace. we captain hold people any morement. they don't go through a court system. you step on our land, welcome to the united states, it's ridiculous and congress and i know you are going to work with hard we are the laffling stock. we stop them because border control is all incredible. we have no nobel. gaut maul after, earl nothing. and i tell you something, colombia, really good guy, i met him and i said how he is going
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to stop drugs. right now than pf he. he has done nothing for us. nitial swrrks -- ] discerniblev >> thank you very much. thank you very much. right up the hill. thank you. >> how much? >> more than you will ever believe? >> [indiscernible] >> we have a plan so much than other ork. we have a plan that is so much
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better than owing ork. >> thank you. >> take care of pre-existingp. but obamacare is too costly and captain afford it and the deductible unless somebody has really big proper. obamacare is a disaster. it is losing in court. in the texas court patrolly ends up in the supreme court but we are doing something that will be much less expensive for the people. i'm not saying depoft but the pell. we will have much lower deductible and the republic caps e going to be the party of health care. indiscernible]
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caltcalt nick nick >> president trump linda mcmahon was stepping down as the head of e small business administration. this is about 15 minutes. president trump: she has done an incredible job as the head of the small business administration and has been a sturep star. i have known her for a long time, i knew she was good but she was a long time favorites and helped so many people in the world of small business and will be leaving ap going to help us with a very, very important year ap a half we have comup