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  President Trump Announces SBA Administrator Resignation  CSPAN  March 29, 2019 11:26pm-11:41pm EDT

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caltcalt nick nick >> president trump linda mcmahon was stepping down as the head of e small business administration. this is about 15 minutes. president trump: she has done an incredible job as the head of the small business administration and has been a sturep star. i have known her for a long time, i knew she was good but she was a long time favorites and helped so many people in the world of small business and will be leaving ap going to help us with a very, very important year ap a half we have coming up and
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the reelection and we will be working strongly. e will be heeskap making the new nomination and apointment in consultation with behinda. this is appear outstammeding women ap linda, i thank you very much. >> i appreciate that. president trump what has been your highlight and so they can all know? >> the high height is the fagget thaw asked my to take on this position and honor to serve this cupet try in your cabinet and the people of the united states and small businesses, 30 million all bies, 99% of the small physicianes and we have great
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team we have out there and it has been awesome. great outreach to the community of small businesses. i have trafflet all off the country ap 68 district offes and i towered businesses ap i have got ken a feel. it is palpable. businesses are happy ap taking heir tax cut money and hireing more people and it is you powerful when you talk to the gistes and more outreach to women. and we took your salary that you donated ap we have been working with sonny period ue to the
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order that you put in place. and not many people is mao we move from a natural disaster and town ouston and my home what it's hike when the commander of chief is on the ground thaw are attending to them. it has been an honor and privilege because they are saw some. . . we will be announcing the next
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administrator in the near future. we will be putting it out there soon. somebody that is really good. somebody we know well and that will fit in dutifully. i think somebody you will be happy with. the attorney general intends to release the mueller report, do you agree with that decision? pres. trump: i have great confidence in the attorney general, and if that is what he would like to do, i have nothing to hide. this was a hoax, a witch hunt, i have nothing to hide.
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a of things are coming out with respect to the other side. i have a of confidence in the attorney general. we will probably talk at some point, we are looking at venezuela, it is a mess. the electricity is gone. the power is gone. gasoline for cars is gone. they have a lot of electric cars, that is all gone. they have nothing. we talk about socialism, look at venezuela. , will talk to a lot of people perhaps president putin, perhaps president xi. my people are negotiating the trade deal. i think it is going well. we will see what happens. it is going well.
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they are at the highest level meeting with their people. they will come back here for another round. , to use a word some people like and some people do not like, it is comprehensive. a listing of problems we have had with china over the years, and it has to be a great deal or we will not do it. i am happy with pat shanahan to my he has done a great job. we knocked out the caliphate. you look at syria, what happened in a short time, we are working very well on the border. i am upset with mexico. i think mexico is doing a lot of talking, they have the strongest immigration laws anywhere in the
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world, they probably have the strongest, and we have the weakest most pathetic most left , themmigration laws democrats laws that i got stuck with. i hope congress will change them. they have a lot opposition from democrats, not because they do not think it would be right, it is because they do not want no victories, they do not care if the country suffers. we have new caravans coming up, big ones, and mexico could stop it easily. mexico has a trade surplus with the united states, a hundred billion a year at least for many years they have taken a portion of our car business. mexico is doing well because of the united states and they have to stop the illegal immigration. we have run out of room.
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catch andridiculous release program where you catch them and you are supposed to release them. you release them into our country. the border patrol has been a credible, the job they do is unbelievable. ice, the same thing, and law enforcement. mexico have to do something or i will close the border. with the deficit we have with mexico, closing the border will operation, when you close the border you stop drugs. we take in tremendous drugs from mexico. and thee the border drugs go way down. i will close the border. if mexico does not stop, they come in from guatemala and el salvador and honduras, they come
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in from all over. we are working hard to stop it. completed, it is is moving along well, we will have a news conference in a couple weeks at the wall as it , it isleted, sections moving along rapidly, we have a current crisis. can go back 30 or 40 years, but i cannot imagine it being worse than it is now. do you believe giving the numbers of migrant children that your administration can handle that to ensure children are not dying. pres. trump: it has been well stated we have done a fantastic job. -- theher gave a child
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other was brought to the hospital in an emergency. it is a tough situation. , and youong hard trek see what is happening to women and children. it is horrible. mexico could stop it at their southern border. they have a border that could be structured, it is easy to stop people from coming up but they do not choose to do it. we will not give them hundreds of billions of dollars and tell them they will not use their strong immigration laws to help the united states. there is a likelihood i will close the border next week, and that is fine with me. >> [indiscernible] i have a good relationship with kim jong-un, he is somebody i get along with well. we understand each other.
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they are suffering greatly in north korea. they are having a hard time. i did not think additional sanctions were necessary. i did not think sanctions at this time were necessary. they are suffering greatly and having a hard time. because of the relationship being a good thing, it is important you maintain that relationship as long as you can. we get along very well and have a good understanding. i did not think those sanctions were necessary. >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: not at all, they were intended, people thought they would go, they had the right to do that, i decided i would not let it happen.
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it is like the special olympics, for many years it has not been approved and then it gets negotiated in congress. we will have funding for the special olympics. with a similar situation different parties. i want to thank the job you have done. linda has been great, and when somebody does that good, i would better do it this way. i am doing it this way. linda mcmahon is a special person, and she will be working with me so we keep this miracle we have built, you saw what happened in michigan, if they would report it, we had many thousands of people. the arena was packed. it was tremendous love.
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you look at what is happening in ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina, south carolina, many different places, new hampshire, i have tremendous reports. our country is doing really well , we are the hottest country economically and it will stay that way for a long time. thank you so much. shouting questions] >> c-span's "washington journal," live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up saturday morning, education week allison klein discusses the trump administration's proposed education cuts or 2020 and overall education policy. e.r.a. coalition carol jenkins
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on efforts to ratify the equal rights amendment and what implications might have. nick gillespie talks about americans trusting government. watch washington journal live at 7:00 eastern saturday morning. join the discussion. tomorrow, former congressman that it will roar kicks off his presidential bid in el paso, texas. average begins at 12:30 eastern live on c-span, on, and on the free c-span radio app. >> the national review had been this is over 30 minutes. [applause] welcome you, please