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  President Trump and Cabinet Meets with NATO Secretary General  CSPAN  April 3, 2019 2:06am-2:17am EDT

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series. women other ig report coming up hopefully very soon, and i think you will learn a lot and you should look at the beginnings and were started in the whole situation because this is been a very, very bad thing for our country and the question was asked before about russia, germany, all the different things that you and i discussed so often and there's been a bad thing for the united states. it's been a total waste of time and what has been a waste of time is a very bad people started something that should've never been started and i hope that is going to continue forward. people did things that were very, very bad for our country and very, very illegal and you can even say treasonous. thank you very much everybody.
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>> i'm honored to welcome the secretary-general of nato on a very big birthday and anniversary. congratulations on your extension, something that was very important to us and to me and to everybody. over the past two years, the secretary general and i have developed a strong working relationship. it is as strong as it could be. we are committed to ensuring that nato can address the full range of threats facing the alliance today. there are many threats.
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the disproportionality of what the united states is doing is too great. we are working on that. over $100 billion in new dispense -- defense spending by the end of this year. by 2020, we will have at least another $100 billion spent by the allies in the other countries. the 27 countries outside of ourselves. as we discussed in our meeting just now, we've increased the member contributions and overall health with the pressing security challenges including terrorism which we really increased the scope of nato. we have a new world problem that is not so new anywhere -- anymore. different from when you were founded. it's a horrible problem. people who don't wear uniforms, they are hard to figure out. we've been very successful in syria. ,e have 100% of the caliphate
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much faster than i was told it could be done. our people did a fantastic job. i want to thank you very much for being here, it's been an honor to work with you. i would like to extend my thanks to all the allies. they have put up a lot more money than they have in the past. i was explaining inside that if you look at a chart prior to our getting here, nato spending was going way down. it was just a one-way road down. since i became president, with the help of mike pence and everybody, the difference has been tremendous. it's been a rocketship up. we have to keep it that way. thank you very much. please, say a few words. me andk you for hosting my delegation once again in the white house. it's great to be here. thank you so much for your strong support and your commitment to nato and for your
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leadership, especially on burden sharing. nato was a strong alliance to get to remain a strong alliance, we have to be a fair alliance. you have a very clear message on that. your message is having an impact. are now starting to invest more. alliesears of decline, are investing more in defense. 2016, they have added more than 40 billion already. by 2020, it will be 100 billion. we expected to continue to grow. we need to do more. the best investment is a top priority for me and all of my engagements with different nato allies. we are also stepping up our
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fight against terrorism. all nato allies participate in the coalition to defeat isis. we have made remarkable progress. the job is not done. it's important that isis is not able to come back. we think it is an extremely important to train the forces to prevent them from coming back again. believe that it is important to support the u.s. efforts to find of peaceful solution to the war in afghanistan. we support that. we are also working closely together with you in the way that we respond to russia. we see that russia is violating the inf treaty and nato allies have supported the u.s. position on that strongly. throughout the whole process. it's great to see you again. it's great to meet all of the people around this table. pres. trump: i will say, you
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mentioned afghanistan. we have made a lot of great strides recently in afghanistan. we thought the endless war. 19 years. it's unfortunate. it's ridiculous. it's been a very interesting time. we've made a lot of strides, a lot of things are happening in afghanistan that are very positive. i appreciate your help. mike pence, would you say a few words? >> thank you. i want to extend my congratulations to the secretary-general for the extension of your term. we welcome it. your leadership in nato has been a time of renewed strength. as you responded, the leadership that the president provided from early on. he made it clear to our allies in europe, we couldn't care more about your security.
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it was not a choice between whether we were committed to the alliance or whether we could demand that our allies live up to the commitment. we could do both. haveresident and i witnessed -- i look forward to his remarks before congress tomorrow. you can unpack what american leadership has meant to renew this nato alliance. seeing a number of countries that are on track to live up to their 2% commitment. you've given great voice to that. i wanted to express my congratulations and appreciation for your recognizing the importance of this alliance for us all to be standing with each other, living up to our word. recognizing that the president's leadership ultimately has resulted in a strengthening of
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the nato alliance. pres. trump: that is definitely true. thank you. >> another big shout out. congratulations on your extension. also, your important or -- important leadership. the partnership has been cashficant in taking the and converting it into real readiness plans. we will see that incapacity and capabilities. togetherhe coalition as we take on these violent extremist organizations. welcome to washington. we look forward to your speech tomorrow. pres. trump: we do indeed. john bolton? >> thank you. congratulations. i think the work that you and the president have done to get the burden sharing more equitably spread, to get closer to the 2% target that nato allies themselves agreed in 2014
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is very important. challenge ofmon making sure it is spent in connection to the agreed-upon strategies. a lot of hard work remains. we look forward to working with you. pres. trump: thank you very much, everybody. we appreciate it. thank you. >> [inaudible] ♪ >> c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. morning, wednesday washington state democratic congresswoman kim schrier discusses the trump administration's recent move to invalidate the affordable care act. also, arizona republican congresswoman talks about the trump administration border and immigration policy. former u.s. ambassador to nato
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on the 70th anniversary of nato. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal. live at 7:00 eastern wednesday morning. join the discussion. house speaker nancy pelosi joined politico playbook for discussion on the democratic agenda. speaker pelosi was asked about allegations that former vice president joe biden inappropriately touched to women. she also talked about the president's threat to close the mexican border. and the prospects of the u.s. mexico canada trade deal being approved at a democratic-controlled house. this is 40 minutes. >> thank you so much, speaker pelosi. [laughter] -- [applause] >> thank you. >> we