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  President Trump Speaks to Reporters  CSPAN  April 5, 2019 11:19am-11:28am EDT

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[indistinct conversations] >> it should get underway in
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about 10 minutes. we'll have jill biden's comments live when they get underway on c-span print president trump departing this morning for the u.s. mexican border. he spoke with reporters and made some comments about jill biden. here's what he had to say. pres. trump: hello, everybody. the economic numbers just came out. they are very good. our country is doing unbelievably well economically most of you don't report that because it doesn't sound good from your perspective. the country is doing really well. we had a lot of very exciting things. a lot of companies will be announcing shortly they are moving back into the u.s.
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they are all coming back. they want to be where the action is. i am heading to the border. we are building a wall. we will show you a section. a lot of things are happening. positive things are happening. think the fed should drop rates. i think they really slowed us down with no inflation. in terms of quantitative tightening, it should now be quantitative easing. very little if any inflation. i think they should drop rates and get rid of quantitative tightening. you would see a rocket ship. despite that, we are doing very well. we are doing it a little different direction. ron is a good man. we are going in a tougher direction.
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i think i am a very good messenger. people got a kick out of it. he is going through a situation. let's see what happens. people got a kick. we have to smile a little bit, right? i don't see joe biden as a threat. i don't see him as a threat. i think he is only a threat to himself. i just see him as a threat. he has been there a long time. his record is not good. he would have to run on the obama failed record. you look what happened with so many different things, north korea, the middle east, the economy never got going. i don't think he was a threat. i would be happy with any of them, to be honest. i never changed my mind at all.
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i may shut it down at some point. i'd rather do tariffs. mexico has been very good. over the last four days. that,y continue everything will be fine. if they don't, we're going to tariff their cars at 25% coming into the u.s. every time they make a car, it is a 25% tariff. that means we make money as opposed to lose money. we probably bring those car companies back into the u.s. on the other hand, if it doesn't like which it will, just they did with steel. our steel industry is so hot right now because of tariffs. same with aluminum. if they don't work, i will close the border. i am looking at an economic penalty for all the drugs that are coming in through the southern border and killing our people.
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the china meeting was a big success. --hink we're going to have we have a very good relationship. i don't want to predict a deal or not a deal. we are very well along. we have negotiated probably the two hardest points very successfully for our country. china understands. china is taking advantage of our country for 30 years. we cannot do that anymore. not with me. because mexico has been absolutely terrific over the last four days. they are apprehending everybody. yesterday, they apprehended 1400 people. the day before was 1000. if they apprehend people at their southern border, that is a
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home run. we can handle it from there. congress has to act. they have to get rid of chain migration, visa lottery, the whole asylum system because it does not work. we should get rid of judges. you cannot have a court case every time somebody steps there put on our ground. it is very important that congress acts. ,exico for the last four days it has never happened like that for the last 35 years. this will supersede usmca. usmca is a great deal. it is very good for mexico. this will supersede usmca. i am going to hold a rally. anddinner is so boring
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negative, we are going to hold a very positive rally. we have not determined. everybody wants it. it will be a big one. the correspondents dinner is too negative. i like positive things. they have already got it. he lied numerous times during his last testimony. they have had that for many months. i don't know. that is up to whoever handles it. i'm under on it. understand, the law is on my side. venezuela is a mess. this is what socialism brings. you elect a socialist here, you will have the same country as
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you do in venezuela. >> president trump heading to calexico on the u.s.-mexico border in california. a fundraiser later in beverly hills, california. likely to see more video later today from president trump. we're hoping to see video shortly from former vice president joe biden, set to come up at 11:30 eastern. we will take you there once joe biden's comments at the ibew conference get underway. >> all this month on c-span will feature the winners of our studentcam documentary competition. middle school and high school students answered the question would is a need to be american? prize winners are it graders in germantown, maryland,