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  President Trump Roundtable on Immigration Border Security  CSPAN  April 5, 2019 8:51pm-9:47pm EDT

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threat. he has been there a long time and his record is not good. he would have to run on the obama failed record due to what happened with so many different things. -- north korea, the middle east, the economy never got going. i don't think joe is a threat. i would be happy with any of them, to be honest. held a roundtable discussion in california on border security. this is just under an hour.
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>> thank you very much, this is a great honor. impact on tremendous what we are going to be looking at. under contract and under construction, we have a lot of things happening. we expect to have just the 400 miles done within about two years. -- two years from now, that's a lot. i just want to thank everybody for being here. we have great people from the
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state and of all places, california. we love california. we have to build the wall, including the wall in san diego which is pretty much completed. it is having a tremendous impact. i want to thank the patrol station in calexico. it's been a great group of people. i just met them backstage. the way you work is pretty incredible. the job you do is beyond belief. we have a system that is full. if it is full, there is nothing we can do about it. there are some horrible decisions made over the years. it is very unfair, and that's the way it is. the system is full. when it is full, there's nothing you can do. you have to sam sorry, we can't take you.
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we have been -- i am sorry, we can't take you. we have been taking people. we have been trying to take people, we can't do it. we are to look at that and we are looking at it very strongly. i would like to thank secretary nielsen for being here. the general, the chief of the army corps of engineers for being here, really, thank you very much. it's been fantastic the work you have done. he will be speaking later on a exactly what is happening with the wall. kevin.ioner we have spent a lot of time together. thank you very much for being here, appreciate it. the california assemblywoman, miss melendez. we appreciate her very much.
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the national but you'll council ,resident, -- council president he's been a friend of mine for a long time. this is an absolute emergency. i see that some of our biggest opponents over the last -- they said its really an emergency, they can't believe what is happening. part of that is because of the fact that the country is doing so well. in part, it is just a scam. , they want to come in shouldn't be coming in. people that are causing problems, gang members, many others, we are getting them out and stopping them from the most part -- for the most part. much i'm a you have been fantastic. members of law enforcement, i
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want to also think leader kevin mccarthy -- thank leader kevin mccarthy. he's been an amazing later. -- anst we have ever had amazing leader. the best we have ever had. the nature of what we have been doing has been very special. you are doing a fantastic job, i appreciate it. i think you and your group will be leading the charge and getting rid of these horrible loopholes. pretty bad. ,hether it is catch and release the visa lottery, so many of them, chain migration, it's a total disaster, whether it be asylum laws are totally broken, i inherited this stuff. we are going to get it fixed. we have to. i appreciate you being here and leading the charge. i also want to state that there is indeed an emergency on our
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southern border. it's been loud and clear. -- aref people are not going to bring the suit. pretty hard for them to say it is not an emergency. we have a big emergency at the southern border. the u.s. has more than 70,000 illegal migrants rush our border, and we have military, great military people, people solid andtrong and love our country, but they can't act the way they would under conditions, there's not a lot they can do. but they've been doing it anyway. we're going to bring some more military. i want to also thank mexico, because mexico, i'm totally willing to close the border, but mexico the last four days has done more than they have ever done. people nowprehending
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by the thousands and bringing them back to their countries, back to where they came from. i think you see that at their southern border. it's a big difference. much,l help us, pretty 90%? 80%? that's pretty close. it's a big difference. they've never done that before. when i say never done that, i say 30 years they haven't done it like they are doing it right now. the crisis is a direct result of the obstruction by democrats in congress. we have to do something about it, and we are going to. a lot of the democrats feel it. they see there is much they can do. -- there is not much they can do. they have seen a nearly 400%
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increase in family units arriving in the sector, and you compare that with other years, it's pretty amazing. what we have done and what we are doing, you're going to see some very, very strong results. as soon as the various or the walls, because that is what they are, they will have a tremendous impact where we are going to be in a little while. i have heard from people in that it's been a tremendous impact. this is our new statement, the system missile. can take you anymore. -- the system is full. can't take you anymore. we can't take you. our country is full. our area is full. the sector is full.
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can't take you anymore, i'm sorry. can't happen. turn around, that's the way it is. if you look at our southern border, the number of of peoplee drugs, the amount of human trafficking, the human trafficking is something that no one used to talk about, i talk about it, it is a terrible thing. it is ancient and never bigger than it is modern right now today. all over the world, not just here, all of the world, human trafficking, a terrible thing. they come in where you do not have the wall, they come through your point of entry, they come into areas where you do not have the wall and they make a left and right, they come into the country. load it up with people in many cases and it is pretty sad. by the end of next year we will have completed or begun construction and that is what we are here with the army corps of
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engineers four. what i would like to do is well we are on that subject, if you could give a detail of the wall that is under construction, what we have built because the press never likes to talk about it, they do not like to talk about what we have done come it does not fit their narrative but we have done a lot, we have renovated a lot and we are building a lot and maybe you could give some of that. talk concrete and four days ago i was in a combat zone and i saw the dedication they have. unbelievable service. i would put these agencies in front of you today. the customs and border patrol, the same exact team area they protect america from within. i have seen the dedication the have and this is not for a paycheck, this is not for any other kind of reward, this is to step up and take care of this
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country. of this country. before we do anything we have to make sure we acknowledge the great work these guys do. phenom all job. when it comes to the actual construction, the corps of engineers is proud to work for secretary nelson and the commissioner. we have put in the ground over 82 miles that is up to date and right now by the and of this year, we will have another 97 miles that will go in and i am talking the entire depth of the border all the way across into texas and california and with the money that congress has appropriated and other money you have been able to direct, we will put in the ground 270 seven miles in the next year. what that will end up with is by the end of around december of 2020, the total amount of money we will have put in the ground in the last couple of years will be about 450 miles. that is about a billion dollars, on total three different -- 30 different projects, the some of
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that is on private land, seven can be done quickly if -- because you do not need a acquisition and others through due diligence. when it comes to capacity of the contract community to execute the dedication of cbp and dhs to set the conditions to be able to build and for our team on the ground, we are committed happen.this president trump: thank you. the numbers are spectacular. it is tough to get money from the democrats, i am getting it for everything else but we do not get it for the wall. the good news is we are getting it for the ports of entry and machinery, the detection machinery, we are getting a lot of money coming in and that is good. it is like pulling teeth. it is pretty tough. charge ofl agent in dave schock, where are you? thank you for doing a great job, appreciate it very much. we have in addition to kevin
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mccarthy we have some of our great people in congress and it want to thank you all for being here. duncan hunter, where is duncan? hi, duncan. he was right back there. thank you. you.alvert, thank appreciate it. chuck fleischmann. great job you are doing. didmcclintock read what he -- tom mcclintock. and mike rogers. thanks. they have been working hard, working all the time, this is one of the big things they were gone, they feel so strongly about it. with that, i would like to maybe ask you to say a few words. --ppreciate what
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>> thank you, mr. president, very much. and womenof the men of the central sector, we are extremely honored that you took the time to come out here and learn about hellish challenges, our needs. , general, these men and women go above and beyond the call of duty for the work they handle on that border. we are part of several other sectors on the southern border that are overwhelmed. our resources are extremely strange. we are not prepared to deal with the amount of people, family units and children and organized caravans that are coming across this border today. stretched are being in so many different directions, i am truly proud of every single one of them because they do so much to protect this country and even continue with the theessing and injuring callous actions of the smugglers.
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in fiscal year 19, we have identified 193 families, people who are teaming up kids with them to come through the has know that they can get a court released into the community. those are the challenges that the agents are dealing with. they are out there, they are trying to investigate as much as they can to get it done. inare very fortunate here the el centro sector, we have 50 miles of border barrier, most of it is old. it is ineffective, it is over 20 years old. over, it ishat come easy for them to cross. year,our approval, last we were able to construct with ,he help of dod, dod phenomenal, phenomenal support we have been receiving. without their support we will be -- not be as efficient.
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they are simple -- providing support. we have 37 marines out there monitoring. patrolre 37 border agents that do not have to do that duty. one of the things i wanted to bring up was that border wall was constructed in eight months from february to october. as soon as their -- it was completed we started measuring and started monitoring its effectiveness. for the first quarter of february 19 we had many deficiencies noted. for example, illegal entries in general, they decreased by 75%. central american people that used to get arrested through that area decreased by 86%. indian nationals, this sector was leading the country with indian national at present chains -- apprehensions for two or three years. the wall goes up, and dropped by 56%. these are more important than
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-- they because it is affect our agents doing their jobs in the border, they dropped by 65% in those two miles of 30 foot border wall. the border wall works for us. the border wall system is what works. we need the border barrier, we need to provide the requirements that meet our needs, it is 30 fight -- 30 feet high. .o thank you on behalf of the border patrol for allowing us to have that, thank you. [applause] pres. trump: usually, that 30% is -- they are not going over, they are going around where it ends. they will go around because it is virtually 100% effective in
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terms of going through. if we extend it, you folks know better than anybody, it as we extend it becomes virtually impossible except for amount everest type climber. there are not too many of them, it becomes virtually impossible to go through so that is something. thank you. >> thank you, mr. president. i asked the team of agents, they leave them here, they wanted to present you with a nice memento for the support you have given us. we went ahead and secured a piece of the new border wall that is out here in el centro sector. i would like to present this to you. it reads this way, it says, president, agents and employees of the u.s. border patrol el centro sector are the tip of the spear. probably defending america's borders. in recognition of your commitment and unwavering support for the men and women on and the border
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security mission of the u.s., we would like to present you with this piece of the first 30 foot border wall and along the u.s. border with mexico. sector, april 5, 2019. thank you. [applause] that is a heavy piece of wall. >> yes, it is. thank you. pres. trump: thank you. >> i want to thank you always for coming out to the field to listen to the men and women, we greatly appreciate your support peoplewant to thank our from congress, we appreciate you listening to the men and women who are on the tip of the spear
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as gloria said and helping us to do the mission you have given us. thank you all for being here. thank you, thank you all very much. i appreciate it. >> thank you. the men and women of the border patrol appreciate your time for you and we know that air force one has never seen in your predecessors time, air force one has never been this close to the border. these men and women here greatly appreciate you coming out and the time you have given them. [laughter] [applause] >> i did not think secret service [inaudible] in the room. we trust them, i think. >> on a serious note, i began my career right here in el centro 21 years ago in the el centro sector, i worked with people here, we worked pre-wall,
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post-wall. we have seen what happens when walls are built, we have seen how illegal immigration is driven low. when we build those physical barriers, people say it is archaic, people say they do not what but in reality, and chief shove it is just explained, those walls do in fact work. i appreciate the congressman who are here as i know they support your agenda. for those congressmen that want to be obstructionist, i say if they are not going to be part of the solution, at least get out of your way, let your administration do what needs to be done to get the border secure trade with that i will turn it back over. pres. trump: you have been an incredible representative of your men and women, i can tell you that. he is constantly adding us to do what is right and chris and so many others, you guys are fantastic and i appreciate it. even before i started him a they wanted to see it happen and it
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is happening and i wanted to thank you. when you talk about previous administrations. we have a stretch along the rio grande and you know where i am talking about, it is 38 miles, both previous administrations have done as a combination of one going into the other and it is a wall, not a good-looking wall, it has 36 big doors. it will put the doors on. doors, you can6 drive a truck through. only one problem, they never put the doors up. we're putting big doors or even better not putting any. maybe can do it without the doors. then i would rather give the money to the property and say bye-bye or sell it to someone on the other side. putting the doors on cost more money, i said what is the
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property worth on the other side? much less than that doors -- then the doors. they need hydraulic because they are so heavy which is ridiculous in itself. that is the kind of thinking that went into this and we are , gapingup those big wounds in this wall and it will have a big effect and we are having to [inaudible] substantially and you know exactly the area i am talking about. you have never seen this one before. a wall and big holes in it. a lot of good things are happening. would you like to say a word -- a few words? >> welcome. thank you for your personal attention to the very important issue of border security. i talked to local law enforcement across our nation and always the number one issue is border security when we talk about our issues. an uncontrolled unsecured
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border directly affects our communities and without a secure border, transnational gangs and drug cartels will take it vantage of any opportunity to exploit our current border crisis that furthers criminal behavior in our local communities. we have experienced this first hand. increased fentanyl traffickers and deaths in the central valley in california as a result of fentanyl overdoses. we have seen ms 13 gang members from el salvador commit her rent this, vicious murders. our investigations into this game resulted in connecting 18 homicides committed in three western states. i want to commend all of our federal law enforcement partners from homeland security, especially the border patrol today, because what you do here makes a difference in our local communities. and the job you do under difficult circumstance pit --
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circumstances. therickles in stretching resources of local agencies. we must do everything we can to protect our communities from this threat. border security is more important now than ever. president trump: a goes into iowa and idaho and new hampshire , it is not the border, it is the border and then they come in and you end up in places you the kind ofthink of crime that we see and it comes through this border and starts right here. that is why when we stop them at the southern border which right now, that would be a fantastic thing and it is happening. seen anythingr like it. all of a sudden, mexico is doing terrifically. they have to. it would be a profitable situation. you don't have to tear up your
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cars coming in and if that does not work, which it will, it will close the border. it will take a day. of fakes been a lot news, i said any year. the tariffs will work number one but what will really work is the closing of the border, we hope we do not have to do that but i will do it. the security of our nation is the most important thing. we are not talking about the drugs, a massive amount of drugs here. it would have a tremendous impact. we have been working on that, we have done a tremendous job on drugs coming into the country. if you look at some of the the impact that we have had between opioid and all the other problems we have with drugs, different drugs we had 10, 15, 20 years ago, much different but the drugs coming in through border, we have had great impact. joseph, have you -- would you
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like to say a few words? he looks like he is in good shape, this guy. i would like to talk to about the border wall and the activity will -- levels. and the illegal apprehensions or entries. [inaudible] manpower deployments. and also family units. incredible we saw 75% decrease in the first quarter and fiscal year 19 and illegal entrants. prior to that, prior to construction we were number one in the nation in uses of force and number two in assaults. that is huge for us.
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--or to construction, we had excuse me, after, we had an 86% decrease in illegal aliens from the northern triangle countries, guatemala, honduras, and el salvador. we were able to redeploy, decreased 38% of our manpower in those areas and deploy them to other parts of the border so they can be more effective. aliens fromehended 40 different countries across the globe. wall,port of the border when you move to other parts of the border where it is less effective, we will talk about downtown calexico, we have a picket style fence, much shorter, 15 feet. we were able to bolster that infrastructure with concertina wire in early december.
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very effective. a 50% decrease in illegal entries. also some unintended consequences, we saw a 220% increase due to the inferiority of the fence. cost us $317,000 to repair. and they keep going. wallcontrast with the new and we have seen three breaches post-construction. compare that, we have 228% increase, a total of 538. since december. these breaches, they do not just represent the ease in which aliens enter the u.s., they represent a significant security and -- and and safety. the assaults against
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agents with the breaches. a couple of months ago an agent was responding to a breach where several had pushed through the border. he was struck in the back of a neck with a rock and required hospitalization. a female agent was moderating cross-border traffic when an illegal alien, a self admitted gang member with the rest of law -- lawnmower blade [indiscernible] through the agent's window. she was able to put off her -- put up her left hand and block the blade from hitting her in the face but she said -- sustained injuries to her arm. and family the otm units, the stretch of border, where we see, it happens to be where we have the oldest, mo -- most outdated infrastructure.
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90% of all the otm's and family that enter through the calexico station enter through that area. 77% increase over the same time last year. president, infrastructure works, we need more wall. we need more manpower. we need more technology and the mix of those incredibly important, i cannot stress that enough. pres. trump: thank you. the people of calexico have been incredible, they really rolled out the red carpet, we appreciate it. what do you do when we have military and the great border patrol and everybody here but you have big open sections for miles, before we built a wall, we are building it now. how do you stop these large numbers of people coming in? other countries, what they do is very tough, we cannot do what they do. understand that. we do not want to do what they
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do. these large, stop sometimes massive groups of people from pouring through, what do you do? prior to the wall. once the wall is up, it is easy. >> arrest as many as you can. there is nothing that you can do to physically keep them out of the country. that is what barriers or for, the physically keep people out. >> it used to be that we would see one group year, we have seen over 100 groups of over 100 people which is 100 people reaching our border at one time. that the border patrol picks up and they are being humble, they saved thousands of people every year, many assume have been left for dead by smugglers and traffickers. of their all parts mission seriously. we need to resource them so they can do it all. pres. trump: i spoke to the folks in the first, second, and third row and some in the fourth
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row. my cannot take anymore, sorry, folks. asylum, i look at some of these asylum people, they are gang members, they are not afraid of anything. they have learners, they read with their lawyers tell them to read, they are gang members and they say i fear for my life. they are the ones who are causing fear for life. it is a scam, ok? it is a hoax. i know about hoaxes, i just went through a hoax. strong, where not taking them anymore. can do it. you can do it. you can go up to a point and we cannot do it anymore. please. thank you very much. facingica is unprecedented crisis at the border. the sheer volume of family units has overwhelmed limited resources.
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more than 126,000 people have been released since the end of last year. the crisis is amplified by the lack of space in detention facilities. which is inadequate to handle the volume. families are being released with nothing more than a notice to appear. knowing full that none of them will. i has exhausted its limited resources trying to find bed space. we need more bed space and more agents, we need the funding and facilities to detain aliens during immigration proceedings. [inaudible] incentivize illegal migrants to cross the border. a must amend the outdated laws effectivent the operation from our lawful immigration system. america is facing a public safety crisis. ice has reassigned agents to the border.
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fiscal year 2018, ice has [inaudible] including 2000 who were members of a gang. effortsction in these creates an unacceptable risk. i appreciate your time. thank you. pres. trump: you mentioned fentanyl, we are working on a trade deal with china, they have agreed that they will not send it, they will criminalize it which it is not criminalized right now. they are going to classify it in such a way that it is hard to send and make an a lot of things. we have some good things because most of it comes in from china. president xi has told me they will do that, we will have an agreement. throughit is coming
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mexico and across. i think we will take care of a lot of it. thank you very much. >> good afternoon. welcome to calexico. what we are encountering along truly a border humanitarian issue. the influx of people especially from central america is overwhelming our agents and our agency. the apprehension demographic has changed from what it was in the past. majorityus years, the were people from mexico. now those arrest -- arrests are from central america. especially with the threat we have now of organized caravans coming to the border being thousands of people. mr. president, now the majority are [indiscernible] and hospital watch. here, that is the work force
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that is 300 agents below the allowed amount. perspective, into 60 agents are assigned. if you look over here, that goes to preparation of food, they caring of unaccompanied children and helping of families. those are 68 that can and should be patrolling our borders. that affect our national security. centro sector has seen an increase of 400 percent of family unit apprehensions, 400%. we have seen an increase of 24% and apprehensions of unaccompanied children. what we're seeing is miners being exploited. transnational criminal organizations are approaching these families and providing
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them fraudulent documents to assist them with their claims. toently in el centro sector mature in operation, we were thatto rescue six miners have been implanted into these families. what is more concerning is these children range from a nine-month-old infants to a 14-year-old. we seeng that is -- mexican nationals claiming they an from central america in attempt to exploit these the polls and these outdated immigration laws. in president, we are communication [indiscernible] to attempt to verify. this task is nearly impossible. ordo not have the resources just the logistics of what it takes to help them. this is complete crisis. we need your assistance. we need additional agents. we need resources. we are completely overwhelmed
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[applause] pres. trump: we will take care of it. your turn. >> thank you mr. president. first i want to thank you for your leadership on border security. the impact of definitely felt in california. the second you want to do, is be on behalf of my constituents in california, i want to thank all the men and women here whose job it is to make sure the border is secured. it is made more difficult everything all day by the majority party in california. as you recall, governor brown, when he was in office, he reluctantly allowed national guard troops to go down to the border to assist. governor newsom got into office and he quickly said, no more national guard troops sent to the border. we don't want to assist. that comes from the fact that
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the democrats in california decided that california would be a situation state. that if you are an illegal immigrant and you want to come in to the united states, california is a place you want to come. we will roll out the red carpet. strained not only on our taxpayers, law enforcement, our schools, it is across the board. pres. trump: it makes it much tougher for everybody. into these areas that sanctuary cities, they are disaster. places ininto california that don't want to be sanctuary cities. they're asking not to be a sanctuary city. >> we had a lot of cities across california--a lot of people go to their city councils and demand that their city council state for the record they would not like to become a sanctuary city. theidn't work because legislator said, no, we're going to become a century state. we have the issues which everyone here has spoken about.
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i think we are clear on the problems with drugs. we are clear on the financial burden this places on the country. when everyone else in the world was to say this is not a crisis, what i would do it -- say to them is obama's secretary last imagine how cannot these agents are managing the border and that it is a crisis. i he can acknowledge it, would hope that democrats across this country could acknowledge it as well. what is happening is democrats are saying they want to take our border and change it from a border into a crosswalk. we cannot have that. pres. trump: jeh johnson was great. a very strong statement. mr. morgan, for president obama, said this is a problem. has been, not just now. it has been going on probably the economy and other things have brought them up more. we've had some bad court decisions.
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the florence decision is a disaster. judge florence, where you may be, that decision is a disaster for our country. we are working on that. i want to thank you. what a good job you're doing. i appreciate what your doing. it will all come together. thank you. >> mr. president, i want to i thank you for coming down to see us and listing to our men and women and talk about the progress we're making. you will see that with the resources you have supported for the border. the wall is formidable. it's making an impact on the security of the sector, but we need to continue working with congress to improve the laws. when he partnership with mexico on these and attacking the chemicals that are exporting these individuals and the ones that are private -- profiting from this. i want to think by men and women who do i commend his job here every day. their commitment even though they face extreme challenges. pres. trump: central casting, i
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haven't a group of people like this. you are proud of what you do? you wouldn't trade places with me for anything, right? you're smart, don't do it. dave, you are mentioning before about people coming in. you don't have to take them in. when your system is packed and you can get another person in, when every one of your detention your to blooming and let people to go into a country that can't take them, we don't have room. we don't have room. that means you can't take them. i don't think anyone has expressed it like that. i'm expressing it like that. when it is full, it is full. you can't take them. they go back to mexico and mexico will bring them back to their country. if they're mexican, it is a step easier. over the last four days, mexico has been very nice. you made a point that was very interesting.
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you can't take them, you can't take them. there's nothing you can do. ok? like to end by having a man that is been a help, kevin mccarthy, you can race -- speak on behalf of your great representatives. you have been at the forefront of this fight. you love the state by much. >> thank you, mr. president. on behalf of all the members of congress, we know you're on the front lines. [applause] >> we don't intend for you to do the job you're doing today. we don't the that's right. we don't think that the current law, the way asylum is applied is not allowing you to do your job. i don't believe it was the intent of what americans [indiscernible] we want to walk -- work
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bipartisan, and anyway possible, but we have to solve this problem. it's a crisis. we are being overloaded. is a top priority and we will work with the president, anybody who wants to solve this problem. thank you very much. pres. trump: thank you very much. i really appreciate that. [applause] pres. trump: kevin mentioned catch and release. you catch them, and you release them. this for them, because you people get it. it's the dumbest thing anyone has ever heard. i'm trying to figure out which is the dumbest. is it chain migration or is it the visa lottery? you think they're giving us their finest, i don't think so. it's crazy. we have to work with the democrats and get it--we need common sense in our country. it's about common sense. it's not about anything other than common sense. that's what we need.
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gloria has asked me to recognize three people that she thinks are outstanding. please. >> thank you mr. president for the opportunity. there are three individuals and his audience that i did not want to miss the opportunity to recognize. or ave an agent, agent arroyo. could you stand? he was off-duty one night with his family. it was his birthday. he was headed to a restaurant to celebrate. he witnessed an accident. in vehicle that was involved the accident was airborne and fell into an irrigation canal. in the vehicle was a mother and three children. he immediately jumped out of his vehicle, ran across the street and into the canal and started working to save those individuals. all four people on that vehicle were pulled to safety. others got there and help them an assistant. that trulyactions
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reflect the character of what a border patrol agent is. i want to recognize them here today. [applause] pres. trump: great job. >> there's another border patrol agent, carlos. he was on duty and witnessed an individual jump across the border illegally and jump into an irrigation canal. he took action to jump in and rescued that individual and pull him to safety. actions as well, i wanted to recognize that because it happens on a regular basis here. he went through an extreme hardship because a lot of the things he had to do to
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get to that person. eventually he was able to get him to safety. thank you, carlos. [applause] >> last but not least, we have extraordinary mission support personnel. our civilian workforce that works tirelessly behind the scenes to get the job done so that these border patrol agent's are able to get to the front lines and get the work done. admin support secretaries, clerks, timekeepers, to logistics directors and was desperate to now, our mechanics logisticsuld not -- directors, to mechanics that we could not get in the field. we have a young lady today, and she is out on -- unsung hero behind the scenes, constantly
9:40 pm
delivering excellence in every task we assign. this young lady is the one in charge of your next 11 miles of 30 foot border wall that are going to start in june 2019. [applause] pres. trump: she will get it done. on-time, on budget, maybe under budget? that time, under budget, is 72. thank you very much. i want to thank everybody. we're going over to look at the new section of wall. we have a lot of it going up. i want to thank you for the job. you have got it together. we have a lot of work under construction, but a lot more is coming very soon. money has been transferred. money has been approved.
9:41 pm
that was an easy when you have people -- wasn't easy when you have people who wanted that didn't want to give you the money. thank you all so much. thank you very much. wanted to seeu essilor reform. what specifically do you want to do about it? governor said today about your ideas regarding asylum showed disregard- pres. trump: governor newsom is living in a different world. it's a dangerous world's leading end, but if he keeps living there, lots of problems for the people of california. they don't want that. they want to be secure and safe. not only a silent but other things. loopholes. -- asylum, but other things. loopholes. when tough people with criminal records are asking for asylum, it doesn't work that way. we have a full system. nothing we can do. thank you, very much everybody. -- thank you very much, everybody. [applause]
9:42 pm
[inaudible] [applause] [inaudible]
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>> c-span's "washington journal," live every day with new and put -- news and policy issue that impacts you. coming up saturday morning, capon of the washington center for equitable rose, and genevieve wood of the heritage foundation discussed the gender pay gap. also the doctor of the children's national helps -- raise --stem on the the rise of measles cases this year. we will talk about the influence of tax preparers like into it and h&r block on the irs. be sure to watch "c-span's washington journal," every saturday morning at 7:00. join the discussion. jim ryan will launch his presidential campaign at a rally in youngstown, ohio.
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be on shelves april 23. you can preorder your copy as a hardcover or eco--- people today. -- or e-book at presidents, or whatever c-span's are sold. -- order books are sold. >> progress in doug collins's ranking member of the judiciary committee. he talked about what is wrong with washington and why lawmakers did get back to legislating. theade the remarks at republican national lawyers association policy conference. this is about 15 minutes. [applause] >> good morning everybody. there we go. let's do it will more time. good morning. if you do follow senator graham, you to do some and get things going. doing agraham is phenom j