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  President Trump Speaks to Republican Jewish Coalition  CSPAN  April 6, 2019 2:46pm-3:47pm EDT

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>> we are leaving this event to and noe jewish coalition meeting in las vegas where president trump expected to speak shortly. he is speaking from the venetian hotel, just owned by a republican donor. ♪ there ate no doubt i love this place, god bless the usa
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from the lakes of minnesota to the hills of tennessee across the plains of texas from sea to shining sea from detroit down to houston and new york to l.a. where there's pride in every american heart and it's time we stand and say that i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me and i gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today 'cause there ain't no doubt i love this land god bless the usa and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me
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and i'd gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today 'cause there ain't no doubt i love this land god bless the usa ♪ [applause] trunk, trump, trump, trump. pres. trump: shabbat shalom. thank you. what a great day. thank you, norm for that wonderful introduction and for your leadership of this truly
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tremendous organization. i have a so many friends out in the audience. thank you for being here. [yelling] usa! usa!sa! usa!
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four more years. four more years. four more years. four more years. for more years. trump: thank you very much. going back home to mommy. [applause] pres. trump: and he will be reprimanded. she gets it. i am truly thrilled to be back with so many friends, supporters, patriots, at the annual conference of the republican jewish coalition, which is now setting records -- records. [applause] pres. trump:. someone who has been with us from the beginning, your
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executive, matt brooks. thank you. thank you, matt. also joining us are two great leaders you know very well, my good friends sheldon and miriam adelson. pres. trump: they like you both, sheldon. honor to awardy miriam the presidential medal of freedom. that is a big deal. [applause] pres. trump: i also want to thank senator lindsey graham, where is lindsay? great manndsey is a and great friend and great
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friend of israel. [applause] pres. trump: thank you, lindsay, a man who fights all the time for israel and for everything else. another great senator, david purdue from georgia a. [applause] trump: senator kevin cramer, where is kevin? kevin, thank you, kevin. he fought a battle, you wouldn't believe it. he beat some of the by 11 points that was unbeatable. that is pretty good, kevin. i said, you can do it. he won by a lot, and he is a great gentleman and a big am a big fan and supporter of israel, as well as a really terrific leader.
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he is our leader, kevin mccarthy. [applause] we have representatives that are outstanding. the great billy long. where is billy? [applause] pres. trump: billy long. , thank you. michael walsh. thank you, michael. great job you do. a very good friend of mine, lee zeldin. [applause] specialump: and a thanks to representative omar of minnesota. oos]
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i forgot, sheh, doesn't like israel. i am so sorry. she doesn't like israel, does she? please, i apologize. a great friend of mine, one of the most successful men at the state, amazing guy, tremendous businessman, mr. phil ruffin. where is still? -- phil? [applause] pres. trump: thank you, phil. buildings andreat architecture and was known for design and success, loves israel, george klein. thank you, george. thank you, george. [applause] pres. trump: so many friends in this room.
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we are also grateful to be joined by members of my administration, including jason greenblatt and a young man named jared kushner who is fighting. [applause] pres. trump: thank you very much , great job. peace in the middle east. if they can't do it, nobody can. david friedman, your ambassador to israel, he loves israel and has done a great job. thank you, david. to every member of the republic jewish coalition, thank you for your support and outstanding commitment to our country, safety, and to electing more republicans. we need more republicans. let's go so we can win everything.
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[applause] pres. trump: over the next 19 months, i know that the republican jewish coalition will help lead our party to another historic victory. inthe way, we did very well 2018. you can ask david and lindsay. and took onenate three or four that were very close that weren't supposed to be. all of the sudden, that didn't happen. we will talk about that when we get back to washington. we picked up two senate seats and now it is 53-47, and we have 53 great senators. when it comes to appointments and the united states supreme court and approving all of the judges, way over 100 federal judges, you need the senate. we did well. they don't like to talk about that. i don't have enough time with so
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many people in the house. but the people i went for like in kentucky, matt barr, he won. we won in georgia, a great governor. they had president obama, opera, michelle obama -- oprah, shall obama, and they were going -- michelle obama, and they were going for the neustar, and brian new star,- for their and brian only had president trump. he won. the great state of ohio has a great governor who was not expected to win. he campaigned brilliantly and we did incredible rallies and he won by almost seven points. mike is great. and the governor of florida. [applause] trump: that was supposed to be a close race, and it was a
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tough race, but we won that one. oklahoma and many other places we did well. we get no credit -- fake news -- we get no credit. let's just keep winning. i would rather have it that way but get too much credit and not win and that happens to people too because it happened to me. when i spoke to you as a candidate three years ago, america's economy was stagnant, our military was depleted, and the relationship between the united states and israel was at probably the lowest point in history. supporthell did you president obama? how did you do it? how did you support the democrats? you guys didn't. that's it. probably most of the people in this room didn't.
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, but you look at the iran deal and so much done so negatively. later, ithree years stand before you as the president of the united states to report -- [applause] differentp: on a very situation. under republican leadership, america's economy is the hottest anywhere in the world, and it is not even close. [applause] pres. trump: our military wilson be more powerful than ever billion, $716 billion this year. david and lindsay, i think in the $750 billion to $725 billion range. you have to do it. if you don't have the military, all this stuff doesn't matter. you don't have to worry about inflation.
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you have to have a strong, strong military. [applause] pres. trump: we will have the strongest we have ever had before. and the incredible bond between united states and israel has never been stronger than it is right now. [applause] america is thriving. america is booming. and america is winning, winning, winning like never before. we're respected again. we are respected again. it's been a long time. [applause] since the election, we've created more than 5.5 million new jobs, including 600,000
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manufacturing jobs, things that nobody would have allowed me to say on the campaign trail. they would have said oh, he exaggerates. after years of stagnation, wages are rising fast. think of it. people had one job 21 years ago. they made more money in real dollars than they did two years ago with three jobs and two jobs and now for the first time, they have a choice. our economy is so strong, they can have a choice of jobs and wages are going up. first time in many, many years. [applause] and own of the things that makes he -- me happiest, frankly is that they're going up most quickly for the lowest income americans. great, right? great. our unemployment has reached the lowest level in more than 50
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years. and we will be breaking that record, i believe, pretty soon. slashed 30,000 pages of job-killing regulations from the federal register, an all-time record. it doesn't matter if they were there for four years or eight years or 10 years in one instance. we really did something. we had -- take a look at f.d.r. all of those years, all of those years nobody slashed them like us. you had a four-termer. you had a lot of two-termers and in less than two years and i happen to believe that was as important or maybe even more important than the largest tax cut in the history of our country. thank you all. [applause]
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we're fixing broken trade deals. we're working on a trade deal now with china. we're doing very well. very well. [applause] because of tariffs we're making a deal that's very good. you'll be happy, if it happens. might not happen but we have tremendous power. we have to tell our people that represent us in washington that when countries -- i'm not talking about china. i'm talking about many countries -- when they're charging us 100% tax or tariff, when they're charging us 200 and 250 and 300% and we charge them nothing, it's ok to charge them something. maybe you could explain that to some of your people that say oh, we don't like tariffs. we have a case where a certain country -- india -- [laughter]
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-- is charging us. we're a great country, a great friend. prime minister modey charging us over 100% for many things. we're charging them nothing for similar or the same product and i have senators who say you can't do that. it's not free trade. where do they come from? where do they come from? it's not free trade. i don't know. where is david? you have to work on these people, david. lindsay, please work on them. it's the craziest thing. it's stupid trade. we have some stupid trade. we lost, for many years now, $800 billion a year in trade. who the hell makes these deals? you're probably saying to yourself those are knot good negotiators. actually democrats made a lot of
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them. republicans did to. but not a lot. we're getting 800 of it back. if they let me really do my thing we'd get it back but i have to be a little bit politically correct but -- by saying it's ok if we lose $20 billion with a country because we want to be nice to everybody. we're cracking down with countries that cheat. we're replacing nafta with a brand-new u.s.-mexico-canada agreement. and afterwards the worst trade deal ever made. many of you have tact fabries and plaments, they're still empty the they signed nafta and it was that great big sucking sound. remember that? ross perot? that's what happened. they left, they went to mexico, they went to canada.
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they went to a lot of places. it was a bad thing for us but we'll be ending nafta, hopefully very soon, very soon. [applause] and one of the things in the new deal that is very difficult financially for a company to leave the united states, fire all of its employees, move, let's say to mexico or canada, open up a new plant, make a product. sell it in for no tax so we end up with unemployment and nothing but loss. and empty factories. that's not happening anymore, folks. not happening around here. [applause] we've ended the war on american energy and the united states is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world. bigger than russia and bigger than saudi arabia. can you believe that? can you believe that? two years. [applause]
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"]hanting "four more years pres.trump: on and off. and we're work now on getting pipelines approved in texas that would normally take 10, 12, 14,15 years to get approved and we're trying to get them approved very rapidly and if we do that we're going to pick up another 20% to 25%. we're going to be leading by so much. we already are leading bay lot this all happened over a very short period of time. 100 new inducted over udges to interpret the constitution has written.
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we have confirmed two incredible supreme court justices, neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh. [applause] don't let the democrats take it away us from. they'll take it all away, they'll take it all away, including the judges. with the help of republicans in congress, we've secured record funding for our military. our military is now going to be stronger than ever before. ever, not even close. we're developing new weapon systems. we're developing things that nobody even thought of. levels of technology that nobody else has. with all of that being said, if we can be smart and if china and russia and maybe one or two others if necessary can be smart, we'd all be saving a tremendous amount of money and that's ok with medical. but we will be so far in the
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lead. we always have to be in the lead. and thanks to our focus on billion ring, $100 more will be coming this year to nato. think of that. other countries -- in certain man? s, were getting an almost free ride. e protect them and they're delinquent. i use a real estate term for george kline. he understands. they're delinquent. i said you got to payment president obama made a nice speech but he forgot to mention you have to pay. president bush was wonderful. they didn't mention you have to pay. and you have to mean it, not just pay -- mention it. you have to mean it. i said we have to pay. because we're in a position, everybody wants us but how do you do that when people aren't
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paying? we feel foolish, we feel like fools. we're not going to be fools anymore. we've been a fool as a nation for so long. we're not going to be fools anymore. last year, i withdrew the united states from one of the most dangerous, one-sided deals ever negotiated, the disastrous iran nuclear deal. they wanted to kill israel. they wanted to destroy israel. [applause] and maybe you could explain to the young man that just got taken out what it means when a country shouts as they're signing the deal "death to israel." maybe you could explain that to him. we've now imposed the touchest
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ever sanctions on the iranian dictatorship, and it is not the same country it was when i took power. when i took over the presidency, i will tell you one of the first meetings i had was at the pentagon. great generals, great people. i wanted a briefing on iran. with 14 different sites. they were all very, very dangerous. blow-ups all over. they were either behind it, they has mercenaries, they had money or their own soldiers there, all over the middle east. it's a whole different story today, folks. them riots in the streets. they have very little money coming in. a lot of things have changed. we're getting along with north korea. let's see how it works out but we'll see how it works out. don't forget, i have a very good relationship with kim jong un.
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when i first came in, they were setting off rockets and threatening and a lot of things were happening. we have a great relationship. we'll see what happens. i hope we're going to be able to do something. relationship is very important. you know that very well. we're confronting the deadly menace of radical islamic terrorism. [applause] when i took office, justice over two years ago, isis controlled more than 20,000 square miles in iraq and syria. i held up a map. it was so much red. red meaning them. allred showing the different sites. today the isis caliphate has been 100% obliterated. 100%. [applause]
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and my previous general said that it was going to take -- sir, it will take two years. i flew to iraq. i met a different group of generals. sir, we can do it in one week. i said you can take a little longer than that. they did it in a few weeks. they're great, right? aising cane. what's your first name, raise season what's your last name, cane? wait a minute, your name is raisin cane? general's name. even she woulder likes that. i also took another historic action that had been decades in waiting. the united states recognized the true capital of israel and ened the american embassy in
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gentleman rues lem. [applause] -- jerusalem. [applause] because unlike other presidents, keep my promises. every president for many decades said they were going to do that. and i understand really why, because when it was determined that maybe i do it, maybe there was a chance, the calls i got from leaders of other countries were unbelievable. presidents, dictators, prime minister, kings, queens. everybody. my phone was ringing off the hook. so i knew i was going to do it so i left a message.
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i said i'm going to call you next week. they said couldn't we speak to him? no, no no, he's not available. the fake news will say that's a horrible line. i want to be nice. no, no, i'll call you next week. i look forward to it. i had so many calls, it took me like three weeks to make all the calls but i knew what they were calling about. so i did it. i did it. plus plus then i started calling people back. king, how are you? how have you been? i called you last week. so what's up? well, i wanted to talk to you bout israel and the embassy in jerusalem. i said look, i'm sorry, i wish i would have known. i did it yesterday. but i now know why other
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presidents -- i don't really hold it against them other than they didn't keep their promise, right? they didn't keep their promise, david. so that's the way it is and we got you something that you wanted. can tell you, shelden and miriam, that is the most important thing i think that's ever happened in their life. they love israel. [applause] -- but i can now understand. i always said why wouldn't they just do it? they campaigned we will this and that, israel, israel, israel. then you folks go out and vote for them and then they don't do it, right? four years, eight years, doesn't matter, they won't do it. but you know what, we did it. we did a great job and we feel
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thrilled about it. [applause] israel's st week, security, really so important. it's all about security when you get right down to it. it's always number one for me. we can talk health care and a 100 different things. without security, what does it cincinnati i stood with prime minister netanyahu. benjamin netanyahu. how's the race going, by way? who's going to win the race? tell me, i don't know. i think it's going to be close. two good people. two good people. but i stood with your prime minister at the white house to recognize israeli sovereignty over the golan heights. [applause] the golan heights is something i've been hearing abouter for a long time.
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the golan heights. so i was talking to ambassador friedman and -- not about this. they've been trying to get that approved, as you know, for 5 years. they wanted quiet recognition from the united states on the golan knights heights. they had 32 summits, meetings, big meetings over many, many decade about the golan night. i'm talking to your ambassador. jared was there. jason was there. favor.fellows, do me a give mae little history, quick. i want to go fast. i got a lot of things i'm working on. china, north korea. give me a quickie. norm, i said give me a quick little -- so i know it as well
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as norm but i don't want to spend as much as time as he has on it, which has been his entire life. so the 32 different summits, he goes we need that, that's the high point. we need it for protection, we need it -- they weren't even calling about this. how do you like the idea of me recognizing exactly what we're discussing? because i agree, we need it. you need the hype. a great general awls said always fight downhill. never night uphill. you need the height so i said david, what do you think about me recognizing israel and the golan heights. he said would you actually -- this is a great deal maker. one of the most successful, was. gave it all up in order to be your whatever ambassador. what do you think of it, david?
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and he goes -- this is a very strong, ambitious guy. he was like a wonderful, beautiful baby. he said do you really -- you would do, that sir? i said yeah, i think i'm doing it right now. et's write something up. [cheers] we make fast decisions and we make good decisions. look, i've made a lot of good decisions. make good decisions. and we have something beautiful, talking about security. talking about the greatness of israel and i went bing. it was done. then i watched -- look at all those cameras. then i watched the fake news and they said we have breaking news,
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president trump has just committed to the golan heights and it was a big, big story for two days. every's happy. no repercussions and there won't be. we're there to protect israel so there won't be. we did the right thing. [applause] we did right thing and i want to congratulate jared and jason friedman and david all of the people they work with. and a big thing for me and some of you won't like this maybe but i would love to see peace in the middle east. if those three can't do it, you'll never have it done. with me as president, with them doing the deal, you'll never have it done so let's see if we can do it, who knows. under my administration the
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united states will always upport israel's right to self-definition. [applause] at the united nations, we no longer tolerate any form of anti-american, anti-israel and anti-semitic bias. we don't do it. [applause] for example, the united nations uman rights -- as repeatedly denigrating -- denigrated america and israel -- and you know this, you've heard this -- while ignoring the world's worst human rights abusers. that's why i withdrew the united states from the u.n. human right council and thank you so nickey. terrific job. nikki haley. with your help, we are making incredible strides on behalf of
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the american people, and we are just getting started. [chanting four more years four more years ♪ pres.trump: thank you. thank you very much. thank you very much. [applause] and that guy that just said that, he used to hate me, can you believe? used to hate me. thank you very much, i appreciate it. but while republicans fight to protect the jobs and safety of all americans, democrats are advancing the most extreme partisan agenda by far in america history. you see what's happening. you see what's happening. people aren't fighting for israel in congress. large numbers of people. you saw what too many place three weeks ago. it was shockling. that couldn't have had.
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it could not have happened just a few years ago. would not have happened. if i have policemened the democrat' radical agenda would destroy our economy, cripple our country and very well could leave israel out there all by yourselves. can't do that. more than 100 democrats in congress are promoting the big etc. government power grab in u.s. history. e $100 trm green new deal -- audience: boo! pres.trump: proposed by a wonderful young bartender 29 years old. 29. no, i like her. she's 29 years old. we take trains to europe, hawaii
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-- that's a problem. it were fall -- the farming business is in big trouble, right? the all the business, you got one car. somehow detroit, etc. -- i'm bringing so many car companies in i don't think they're going to be thrilled to hear that. when you look at what's happening with the car companies, they are opening up in michigan and ohio and pennsylvania. [applause] and north carolina and south carolina. it's amazing what's happening. we want to keep it going. they could destroy what we built very quickly. that's why having all of the people they mentioned and so many more back in washington want to stop it. and we're going to win the election. we're going to win it and win it big. [applause] it will never be as easy as it looks. over 120 congressional democrats are also supporting a socialist
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takeover of our health care system that would take away private insurance. if you take a look at this. 180 impact people will lose their private insurance. and you're finally happy. you're happy. we've done a lot of work on that. the radical democrats are also pushing for a thing called -- if you can believe this -- open borders. they want open borders. audience: boo! ! pres.trump: they want people to pour in our country. last month, more than 100,000 illegal migrants were apprehended at our border. think of this, hundreds of thousands of people, and we're on pates to am renled more than -- apprehend more tan a million
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legal migrants this year. they're coming you have because of the economy. catch and release. you catch 'em and you release 'em the oh, that's wonderful. if they put one foot on our territory -- if they start climbing a fence on the mexico side, welcome to the united states. think of it. it's the craziest thing. they have a visa lottery, mocrats, a visa lottery, countries, a lot rift you pick out a name. do you they they're pulingt their finest, their great people out there? no. and then people come in and you see what happens with the crime and murders. 4,000 murder last year. 4,000. how stupid can we be to put up with this and -- how stupid can
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we with? [applause] and the asylum program is a scam. some of the roughest people you've ever seen, people that look like they should be fighting for the ufc. they read a little page given by lawyers all over the place. they tell them away pa -- what about to say. you look at the sky here say wow, that's a tough cookie. i am very fearful for my life. i am very worried that i will be accosted. is -- no, no, he'll do the acosting. asylum, oh, give him asylum. he's afraid. he's afraid. we don't love the fact that he's got tattoos on his face. that's not a good sign.
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we don't love the fact that he's carry caing the flag of honor el or guatemala or er thedr only to say he's of this country. to con front the criticize, i declared a national emergency. and lind cy tried to help us. when they tried terminate vital border security [applause] and they were not able to turn over the veto. now we have billions of dollars. we started building walls, actually a while ago from the
3:30 pm
first 1.6 billion dollars, and renovation of a lot of walls. we can do that a lot cheaper. we had a lot of walls that were potentially very good but they were in bad shape and they were all renovated rate we have a tremendous amount we are going to put out. but we will have hundreds of miles before the end of next year. hundreds of miles. [laughter] and yesterday -- [applause] and yesterday i traveled to the border in calexico, california. and i saw section of brand-new, 30-foot high steel wall. you want to be able to see through. you have got to see through it. you got to see who is on the other side. beautiful wall. looks great, looks great. walls built, good neighbors, right? [applause] now we have to take care of ourselves. and i have to say, i said it was going to close the border. i said, we are closing the
3:31 pm
border. and as soon as i said that, and i really thank the president of mexico, because they stepped up and now they are apprehending people on their southern border, coming in from honduras [applause] and el salvador and various and iplaces, guatemala, stopped paying almost $600 billion to those three countries. now, i got a lot of heat. the democrats say, how dare you do that? that money is used for good. it is not. it is largely stolen. million to three countries, and they form caravans. now if the government wanted to, i have a feeling that would be able to stop caravans from forming in those three countries. i have a feeling.
3:32 pm
they are pretty tough. they're pretty tough down there. but they didn't. so i stop the payments. do you mind, are you ok with it? [applause] frome taken a lot of heat the stupid people that say, gee, we should keep. we have people that work with them that they woul3 -- that say we should be spending more money, we should be building things there, we should be helping them. how about helping our own country for a change, wouldn't that be nice? [applause] havetunately, democrats refused to close immigration loopholes. that's what it's all about. mexico apprehended 1400 people yesterday, 1000 people the day before. they have never done this. never to this extent. and i appreciate it. i appreciate it. but if they don't do it i'm going to close the border or i am going to do tariffs on the cars made in mexico. they took 30% of our car business by the way, i wasn't here when that happened.
3:33 pm
i used to complain about it as a civilian. i complained. i said, what the hell is going on? they are taking our business. 30% of our cars. they make 30% of our cars. they send them into our country, no tax, no nothing essentially. and we lost a lot of jobs, but we are getting them all back now, getting them all back. [applause] but i said, we are either going to tariff those cars coming in at 25%, which is a tremendous month of money, it is all about the cars, cars are a big deal. or, we are going to close the border. and i will say this. mexico has been great, the last four or five days they have been great. first time. first time. [applause] at the heart of, and i don't mind closing the border, i will tell you, a lot of these fakers back there, they say, he will never close the border, it's too much. well, close the border, we stop about 500 billion dollars worth of drugs from pouring into our country. there are a lot of advantages.
3:34 pm
a lot of advantages. i'm ok with it. i don't want to do with it, but i am ok with it. i will do it. i will do whatever is necessary to stop an invasion of our country. that is what it is. [applause] crisis aret of the the ninth circuit rulings in the case, and the trafficking victims protection reauthorization act, driving a staggering surge of illegal into theand minors hands of our incredible border patrol people. they have done an incredible job. what they do is incredible. congress must and catch and release so that a legal border crossers can be quickly and safely returned to their home. get out, sorry. get out. sorry. can't handle it.
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and i told my people yesterday, our country is full. we are fall. our system is full, our country is full, can't come income our country's full. what can you do? we can't handle anymore. our country is full. can't come in. i'm sorry. it's very simple. [applause] never before has a major political party been more outside the american mainstream than the democrats of today. they have become the party of high taxes, open borders, late-term abortion, crime, witchhunts and delusions. and now the democrats have even ofowed the terrible scourge anti-semitism to take root in their party and in their country. they have allowed that. they have allowed that. house democrats recently blocked
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legislation to confront the anti-semitic movement to boycott and sanction israel. nobody could believe it, right? nobody. you couldn't believe it. republicans believe that we must never ignore the vile poison of anti-semitism. we do, all of us. [applause] earlier this year i appointed a envoy to monitor and combat anti-semitism. we are grateful that he has car --us today, elong elon carr. thank you. great job, elon. i hear,is as good as he's going to do a great job to rethink you. thank you very much. congratulations. at my state of union address i was honored to have as our guest a pittsburgh swat officer, brave
3:37 pm
guy. i was with him in the hospital. he raced into gunfire during the horrific, anti-semitic attack on the tree of life synagogue. he was shot seven times, badly injured, he endured 12 surgeries, and he is going to have to endure quite a few more. we are proud to have him here with us right now. -- if he wasn't there, as bad as it was, as horrible as it was, it would have been much worse. he is a brave man. timothy mattson, please stand, timothy. timothy. [applause]
3:38 pm
[crowd cheering] i saw him right after this horrible event, this horrible happening, and he was laying in the hospital, he had bullet wounds all over. he is a massive guy. i looked at the chest, i mean, he has got like, this muscle. thank god you are massive and thank god you have a lot of muscle, because very few people could have taken what you took, timothy. and your friends, they have such respect for him, his fellow officers, they have such respect. thank you. glad to see you better. that's great. [applause] glad to see you better. amazing. what he went through. today we also honor to more american heroes, mordechai tader, and simke
3:39 pm
simp. both from brooklyn, i know brooklyn very well, i love my father. you learn a lot in brooklyn. to get through brooklyn, you have got to be smart. two years ago, mordechai and nke traveled to jerusalem, where they prayed at the western wall. soon after they saw terrorists stabbing, and innocent israeli police officer. scene, mordechai pulled the attacker off the soldier and was about to be stabbed himself. it was happening, when the badly-wounded officer summoned the little strength he had left veryhot and killed this violent terrorist. [applause]
3:40 pm
simke immediately took his prayer shawl and wrapped around the officer's wounds to stop the bleeding, which was profuse. after the attack the officer said of the two jewish-americans, they were sent for me,o save my life, uze peopleand the dre of israel, i think them from the bottom of my heart. that is from the officer. e, stand up.imk great job, thank you. great job. [applause] great job. thank you, very much. recently mordechai and simke
3:41 pm
became the first non-israeli citizens to receive the civil example he xamplyation -- civil e decoration. you are an example to everyone in this room. thank you very much. the three american heroes we recognize today are a powerful reminder of the timeless values that bind us together as one nation, and that forge a deep and lasting friendship with the people of israel. we honor our history, we treasure our traditions, we cherish life, we love our families, we defend our sovereignty, we fight for our freedom, and we place our trust .n the hands of almighty god
3:42 pm
[applause] these are values that unite us all as republicans, as citizens, as patriots, and as proud americans. every day of my presidency we fight on behalf of hard-working citizens who pay their taxes, follow our laws, raise their children, protect their communities and make this the greatest nation ever to exist on the face of the earth. [applause] this government is their government, and this land is home. these american patriots have always been loyal to our
3:43 pm
country, and we will forever be loyal, we swear, to them. [applause] the choice for our country's future has never been clearer than it is today. the republican party is the party for all americans. it will be the party for great health care. you watch. we are the party of the american worker. we are the party of the american family. and we are the party of the american dream. alongside our friends at the republican jewish coalition, we will keep on working, we will keep on fighting, and we will be winning, winning, winning for the american people. [applause]
3:44 pm
[crowd cheering] with your help on november 3, 2020 -- can you believe it is right around the corner? right around the corner. chanting "four more years "]'s thank you very much. we are going to win. by the way, one of the people that was confirmed by somebody else today on the other side, democrats were saying that they would reinstitute, just reinstate the iran nuclear deal. well, this is what you have. they want to reinstate the deal. it was a disaster for our country. pointe $150 billion, one
3:45 pm
$8 billion in cash, what does that look like? airplanes loaded up with cash. how stupid was that deal? they want to reinstate it. republicans are going to win the white house, we are going to retake the house. we are going to keep the senate and we are once again going to opinion,osition, in my like never, ever before, stronger than we have ever been before. thee is more spirit for republican party right now than i have ever seen. they keep talking about the spirit of the democrat party. there is more spirit for republicans, in my opinion, by far. we may express it somewhat differently, and that's ok, more spirit than i have ever seen. and i have now been doing this for a little while. not too long.
3:46 pm
i am 141. 14 one. i want to be 242, and then relax. -- for one. one.or two, ando be two for then relax. we will make america great again for all americans, greater than ever before. thank you, and god bless you all, god bless america. thank you. [applause] ♪ "you can't always get what played]" being
3:47 pm
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