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tv   Student Cam - Second Prize High School West  CSPAN  April 6, 2019 3:47pm-3:57pm EDT

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played] ♪ i saw her today at the reception a glass of wine in her handknewr connection at f man ♪ no, you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want but if you try sometime, you find you get what you need ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ all this month on c-span we feature the win -- the winners of our studentcam competition. the videos ask the question, what it means to be an american.
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our winters are 10th and 11th graders at jp academy in irvine, california, where c-span is available through cox california. the winning entry is entitled, american food, the culinary diversity. people toof the first popularize the term, nation of immigrants, john f. kennedy describes america as a place founded and shaped by immigrants. -- thisnowledge and acknowledgment of americans long -- of america's long immigrant history. known as the global melting pot, america is a place where differences are celebrated. this diversity is reflected in its everyday yet often overlooked culture of food. ♪ a search for american cuisine rings up burgers,
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hotdogs and similar foods. however, in their daily lives, americans eat a range of foods from a variety of different korean, mediterranean, mexican and more. here we will explore how america's diverse food culture express its broader diversity by specifically looking at how korean food has changed and evolved over time in at the united states. near the end of the great depression the immigrant population skyrocketed. koreans were one of the later groups to arrive. refugees traveled to the states for education and work. in the 20th century the united states created many policies were more welcoming for immigrants, allowing a greater expression of cultural identity. immigrants began to set up strong communities for themselves. was six, here when i
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and i was old enough to understand the cultural understand what i was getting into. at the same time, the language barrier was there. you are a new face, i don't know if you want to call it racism or whatever it is, all the kids in the school, being young, they look down on you because you kevin -- because you can't speak the language. whether this new culture is fitting in you or whether you want to stick with your own culture, that is the dilemma you have to solve yourself. you want to act and behave based on your culture and at the same time learn something new. >> i think my first real
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exposure to korean culture was their food. i would go to my grandmother's she would make me traditional korean food. and i realized that by eating something that she was making, that really connected me to her korean history that i didn't really experience as a korean american. from then on, i started learning more about the korean culture, after i realized i really enjoyed the food. >> as a nation of immigrants we should take pride in our individual cultural heritage. but as america enters the 21st century, a new millennium, do we as a people, do we as a nation, share a common vision of what it means to be an american? narrator: some claim immigrants must assimilate into america by abandoning their culture. however, food that is associated with cultural heritage instills
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deep, personal experiences that connect people to their roots, and with others. >> when it comes to food, the guard is down. it, and if it is good food, i think it is something that can bring the culture together and people together. >> people in america bond because food is sort of the catalyst for a bunch of different social situations, and how people share their stories on how they feel comfortable opening up with one another. sort of the unity of the american experiences kind of tied to food. >> i think that is what it means to be living here and becoming an american. this is the melting pot. all the cultures melt into each instead of just keeping one style of culture. to find the foods
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of other countries because their cuisine is indigenous to the region and the culture. yet for america, culture that is a meeting ground for many cultures, it can be challenging to define american cuisine. what really is american food? because of the melting pot of cultures that is america, immigrants come to this country and bring the food traditions with them. this makes american cuisine a melting pot and itself. like a tree with many roots, american food comes together like a single, strong trunk, embracing culinary tradition and national acceptance of diversity in all its forms. and at the end of that trunk gross branches of people, united by one country while still celebrating their differences. ♪ to be an american is to be like american food, too, from a variety of different cultures and nations to form one shared tradition of inclusion and
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unity. you can watch every winning studentcam documentary online at -- .org. >> tonight u.s. supreme court justice clarence thomas speaks at the university of pepperdine law school 2019 annual dinner. he talks about clerks and his views on faith and the judiciary, and any possible retirement plans per what the event tonight at 9:00 eastern on c-span come online on or on the free c-span radio app. this weekend on c-span, congressman jim jordan of the oversight committee joins us on newsmakers to discuss committee investigations into the trump administration, and how much the public should know about the mueller report. newsmakers is sunday at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern on
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c-span. at 10:30 a.m. eastern on c-span, nato's secretary-general speaks before a joint meeting of congress about the future of the nato alliance. this -- this week -- , john f. kennedy and the american space race. fdr, and whatk to fdr did well goes beyond social security, fdr built the tva and the grand coulee dam. eisenhower had the highway system. kennedy's thinking, what is my administrations big public works think -- what is my ministry in's big public works thing? modern aviation starts kicking jack kennedye
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renzi 1960. there are no computer science classes at universities. by the time there -- by the time he is killed in dallas there are computer classes everywhere. air travel is replacing automobile and train travel in many ways. people are flying more and more, hub airports are being developed across the country, so it was the jet age, the space-age. kennedy grabbed onto it and made that the cornerstone of the new frontier. 8:00 easternht at on c-span's q and a. house economic advisor larry kudlow. he sat down with her reporters to discuss china, brexit, and humanitarian aid for venezuela. he also talked about president trump's threat to close the u.s. southern border and steps the u.s. government might take to ease any economic strain. the christian science monitor hosted this event. let me guess, we are on the record?


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