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tv   Prime Ministers Questions Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  April 15, 2019 12:00am-12:42am EDT

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will talk about ways to improve the u.s. tax system. be sure to watch washington journal at 7:00 eastern monday morning. join the discussion. ahead of a special meeting with european leaders on extending brexit, rajesh questioned prime minister theresa may on several domestic issues including her discussions with labor party leader jeremy corbyn over brexit and the government's plan to regulate technology giants and protect internet users. several members also a knowledge to the 21st anniversary of the 1998 peace agreement between british and irish governments on how northern ireland should be governed. questions for the prime minister.
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and how good it always is. to see women in high office. as the majesty the queen says before visit -- visiting we dip -- deeply brett what is happening. the uk in yet relationship is one of collaboration and partnership insecurity. with the u.s. relationship with india. mister speaker i have meetings. i should have such meetings later today.
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thank you mister speaker and i fully agree with the prime minister. we need to both honor the results of the referendum and our commitments which means leaving the customs union. this my overnight friend. rather than deliver that deal. it is an recognizable. we should grab the opportunity and the ability of the british people to make a success of that. i believe that the conservative government will make success of whatever situation it is. the best brexit in the uk. is to be able to be in an orderly way. i do want to ensure that that does honor the results of the
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referendum. thank you mister speaker. i'm very pleased that the prime minister mentioned what happened. and issues of the massacre hundred years ago. i think the people in memory of those that lost their lives and the in the brutality of what happened. i joined the prime minister in yourself and watching in welcoming sarah davis. i remember the day before we start in the house. the new member for newport west. very worthy success. today mister speaker marks the t anniversary of the good friday agreement. a defining moment in iris history. it was a great achievement.
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as well as those on all sides of ireland. we have to ensure and maintain. as we continue to find discussions that could shape our future with economic relationship. protecting jobs, rights and our economy we should not forget communities across this country that have been abandoned by this government in the here and now. official figures show that nine of the ten most the price cancel larry's have seen cuts that are almost three times the average of any other counsel they decided to cut the worst off areas more than the well off. the right to reference the 20 third anniversary. it was indeed an important
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moment in which has led to the piece that we have seen subsequently. in this house and elsewhere to ensure that that peace was possible and that was possible as well. actually councils you have more money available this year. the real terms increase. they voted against that. they called for a long time. we've done exactly that. the problem is that child poverty is rising.
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in some of the wealthiest days of our country. honda recently announced during three and half thousand job cuts. they would have a less and lost that. government funding cuts it will seek more money from central governments. can the prime minister explain while they get more money. the actual spending power for the local authorities is over 20% higher than others. they are delivering the local counsel.
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today we learn that they do not have the funny it's more than double the rate in siri. does the prime minister think that areas with the highest level of child poverty do deserve to be facing the largest cuts in the budget. >> members across his house. they are helping families. it is this government that is introduced in this way.
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he should be back in these measures by the government. 500 more children had gone into poverty. 4,000 were handed out. proposals on the new funding formula for councils. it will make it even poor. in a phrase that they would've been very proud of. why they want to get less
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funding into the most the five -- deprived parts of our country. >> festival were doing. we are trying to seek the fair funding for the local authorities. where making sure that we have more money for local authorities. they are paying less in council tax. for the clear message. if you want to pay that. mister speaker unfortunately. with those living in those areas. the dwelling and label counselor areas. compared to 1,520 and tour --
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tory council areas. they call the fair funding formula perverse. and even before this new formula kicks in councils are losing out now conservative council said we are really short of money. i mean there is no money for him to run those services. what does the prime minister say to local authorities struggling to make ends meet. while the government continues to underfund the services that they deliver. there are some difficult decisions. why do we have to do that. it has hit the poorest and the
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worst sections. fifty pence of every pound had that by the government. they had abandoned communities across the country. they had left them to fend for themselves after nine years of damaging prosperity. 1,000 fewer centers one of the greatest achievements of the last government. a social character. child poverty is up. homelessness is also up.
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it stands for tax cuts for the richest. will the prime minister now admit that far from tackling the burning injustices she talked about their governments cruel and unfair policy cancels to the brick. not been able to manage it all. more doctors, more jobs. that is conservative. delivering across the country for everyone. and what we will will see with the labor government. fewer opportunities and higher taxes for everyone. that's what the labor future will be and we will never let that happen.
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some argue for completely free markets and self-regulation that this can lead to harmful content and extreme views being promoted. it will show that they won't act without regulation. while the prime minister joined me in welcoming the publication of the online information. between print and broadcast media. >> can i say to my honorable friend she is raising a very important point that i think matters to the people up and down this country. not just nationally but across the world. that is not good enough.
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to put the legal duty there. i would like to congratulate my right honorable friend in the home secretary for the work that they've done on this issue. online companies will start taking responsibility for their platform and help restore public trust in their technology. today as we know. it only ends in violence in northern ireland. mister speaker. brexit threatens to undermine that. to drag us out of the most successful peace project in history. what a tragedy. mister speaker. one week since it became at any point in these talks has the second referendum been
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offered on the government site of the sight of the negotiating table. yes or no. my position. is not changed. the house has rejected a second referendum two times. when we come to a deal well had to ensure that the legislation goes through this house. they wish to press the issue in the legislation goes through. it was very simple question. and they don't possess the ingredients to hold their pockets together. and what they are preparing.
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the prime minister must recognize the difference between what she believes is duty what the rest of us see as delusion. in her final days of prime minister. will she accept the offer of the long extension. and except the only choice now. can i do say to the right honorable gentlemen i think it is a little difficult for many of us in this house to hear week after week and stand up and say. when the scottish independence would have meant taking scotland out of the european union they have the capacity
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that is taking pressure off of efforts to reuse, recycle and reduce waste. when they have their bid to host the 2020 climate change conference. >> can i and i think him for raising this issue. the issue with the consideration is a crucial one. we do want to maximize the amount of waste. on the part that they play a continued role in reducing the rubbish sense. if wider policy don't delivers deliver those including that. we will consider the instruction of the tax.
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and this would operate in conjunction with the tax rate. with their young constituents. they have cystic fibrosis. it's like drinking from a straw. i'm in a child when i get back. with the new constituency. these are suffering very badly. because of a drug called is all combined. it has a 42% increase in lung capacity for these kids so try to get this through. across the lane. get these kids the quality of
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life. >> can i say to the honorable gentlemen. and we recognize the significant concern in relation to this access to the start. they have a meeting with the company and they discussed how to best reach a deal. so that people can benefit as soon as possible. they met again later on in march. and their continuing those discussions. i will ensure that the case that the honorable gentlemen has raised and the importance of this issue is once again brought to the attention. they produce that report. with the doubling of the outrageous charges. without even contacting the
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holders. this market is broken. we cannot rely on codes to set this right. we need legislation in this house i also think my honorable friend around housing they are ready head this on homelessness reduction. we had been working with the industry to get existing leases change to a better deal. we made our commitment to a range of changes.
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including permission fees and they're just justified. to share with the working group. with that professionalizing property agents. they will be aware of the channels. they carry out 95% of the bombing rate. in the british complicity.
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into the expert of arms. we are very clear that that cannot go on. we are working with and backing with the work that has been done . the parties have made significant progress. we are urging all parties to honor the agreement. by the lateral commitment to yemen. the coalition is there and it's been acknowledged by the united nations. we had been back in the united nations. and we will continue to do so.
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they receive on average 4,350 pounds for their education. over 50% more at 6,590. these huge regional differences in funding for our school. and in the fabric of our school buildings. when will they finally tackle the huge differences in regional funding for our schools. >> we are obviously working for that. depending on what the background is. we recently announced an extra 250 million for over the budget. my honorable friend references
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the funding formula and the distribution of funds. it's about distributing funds more fairly. and the underfunded schools. we recognize the need to have that funding for that. mister speaker in 2010 when the party was there. as been falling continuously. 38 percent of children nearly 8,000 kids are living in poverty. and what is accelerating this demand. mister speaker, can i ask the
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prime minister when is she can scrap the universal credit. >> the way to ensure the sustainable solution. that's what universal credit does. as a result of introducing you to that. because it is the best. and policy. with a child growing up in a home where all of the adults of work work is five times less likely. a constituent contact there. the frustration.
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and they never seem to be there any longer. and others in the london suburb. what can i say to my right honorable friend. the decisions are a matter for the mayor of london. in the metropolitan police. and 2.7 billion pounds for funding. it was an increase on last year. we will always ensure that they have the power that they need. in the decision that they make. this week.
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my constituency. it is second to none. it's vital that we deploy the maximum benefit. the government will work very closely with the local trade units. it actually happens with the benefit of the uk. this must be a time of concern. it is important that we recognize the skills. in making and making sure we taken every opportunity not just of local people. but of the united kingdom. with a statement of support. with the transition to other employment. if we have the individuals in the strongest possible position to put to move in.
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or in renewable energy. we remain absolutely committed. we will continue to work with the nuclear decommissioning authority. during this time. with the conservative government is helping more disabled people. with the hillside station. they do more in this area they do access for all. can i congratulate him on that
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successful campaign. the changes that will take a place for hillside as is an example of that. at the program continues to be delivered successfully. but it is clear that we are providing those extra opportunities for disabled people. it is to get access to that. and wishing the honorable gentlemen i happy birthday. as you may know there are 53 mondays this year.
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they have acknowledged that this is a problem. they are awaiting government action on. could they recognize this problem and will they ensure that people he raised the point of course. if someone doesn't pay that will cover that. that they only had four payment dates. and they will be overpaid for their housing. it is about the way in which the days fall. of the prime minister is seeking a year like an extension does she not
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recognize that of course would cost over a billion pounds that money would be better spent for my constituents. this was endorsed by parliament last night. can i also say to my honorable friend. i think we could actually be outside the european union by now. continuing to work to ensure that we can deliver brexit and can do that in a way that results across the country.
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with the greatest achievement. the record numbers used in food banks. with the honorable gentlemen. i will tell you what i have seen there. we have seen more people at work with the raises -- wages rising. will the prime minister join me in congratulating them it has been the share. and hopefully she will en route the companies fortune.
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i'm very happy to see that. the government has been working. we've done a lot i think it's very important that the great diversity that we head on that. with the prime minister's visit to brussels. it is a grasp of funding from the government. it's going down not up. when they give what is really happening. we had been protecting people.
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in relation to dealing with that. the prime minister earlier made reference to the dice for a. can i say to my right honorable friend. many are running the business is. businesses. and successfully doing that.
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many of them are successfully exporting in supporting our economy but they also play a very important role in our society. i'm very happy to walk him and that. i congratulate them on that. >> think you very much mister speaker. people across the uk will be calling for more urgent action. every party leader except the prime minister. they stop the global upper rising. they visit them on the 23rd of april. will the prime minister agree to meet when they're there. about the issues that they are concerned about. i do that. but this has given me an opportunity to congratulate my own constituencies.
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five green awards in the last year. the green heart hero award. with the importance of climate change. one day the honorable lady. this governments firm commitment to leave the policy. no later than december 2020. he has been considered with this campaign issue. and i i know it's a great support to his constituents. they deal with the agreed. providing the uk with full
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control of its borders. mister speaker. the work and pensions reply. with the universal credit. should not leave it out of pocket. they are providing evidence with two and half million pounds. with additional administration costs. we still have no offer from our government. it is dealing with the cost of universal credit. isn't it time the government paid their bill. however for him. refer him. into the universal credit. it's actually encouraging people into work. 700,000 people getting money
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that they were entitled to. it is helping people into work. mister speaker. my constituents he desperately need the life changing drugs. i know they're working on this urgently. so that my constituents can get a life-saving drug that they need. i think that's what he will appreciate. it's important that we make sure that the patients are getting access to cost effective applications. it reviews the evidence. they have a submission tonight. it took place earlier in march
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to consider those recommendations. i think it's clear that everybody recognize the significance of this drug. and that is what we will be doing. they promised ministers that they would back them and that they would not reduce that without the commission of the government. last week they announced that they intend to close the plant which makes the wind screen so will the prime minister tell them that they expect the company to abide by both of those with the undertaking that they gave last year.
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i was not aware of the particular issue that they had raised. there is order. prime minister may wanted a shorter delay. she tweeted, the choices we make are stark. we must press on to reach a concesus. sessions or leave --june lt. col. cushman:
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june 1st without a >> thank you for the statements from the prime minister. prime minister may: i would like to make a statement, but before i do, i am sure they will welcome the news this morning that metropolitan police have arrested julian assange, who has been hiding the last seven years, also in the extradition request from the united states. this is now a legal matter before the courts. the secretary will make a statement on this later, but i would like to thank the team for carrying out their duties with great professionalism.


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