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tv   Washington Journal 04182019  CSPAN  April 18, 2019 9:56am-11:06am EDT

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accurate description, isn't it? >> yes. >> there is a lot of public counsel in the special to join you on the podium. why is he not here today? me asarr: what he did for the attorney general, he is required to provide me with a confidential report. i am here to discuss my response to that report in my decision, entirely discretionary to make it public since these reports are not supposed to be made public. is it proper for you to come out and sort of spin the report before people are able to read it? >> thank you very much.
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host: this press conference started at 9:34 and ended at 9:56. you heard the jenny -- attorney general talk about the basis of the findings when it came to charges of obstruction and conclusion. responsesyou to give to the remarks by the attorney general and the release of the mueller report today, a redacted version heading to congress at 11:00 today and a version to be made public on the department of justice website once it is delivered to congress. you can make comments on what you just heard and your reaction. (202) 748-8001, republicans. (202) 748-8000, democrats. independents., if you want to post on our twitter feed, it is at c-span
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wj. context from the release of the report and the comments from the attorney general, bill scanlon. guest: before that news conference got underway, we were looking at the justice department that aids were passing out papers. this is the printed version of his remarks that just came to us by phone, so reporters were not only listening to the attorney general but following along with his written statement. it took maybe less than 10 minutes, the questions. some basics of what we learned on the process, bloomberg with the tweet -- barr says mueller report will be delivered to congress at 11:00 a.m. and will be on the justice department website shortly after then. some of the takeaways from that statement ahead of those very brief questions by reporters -- this is eric blake from the
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washington post saying -- the attorney general saying russians did not have the cooperation of president trump or the trump campaign, or the knowing assistance of any other american. nbc digital, the reporter saying -- the department of justice will make available the report with all reductions removed to a bipartisan group of lawmakers. we look forward to a press conference from the attorney general. and, another one here -- mueller has reported that there was no coordination between russia and trump for his campaign, and for , saying thatme the special counsel's report did not find in a person associated with the trump campaign illegally participated in the dissemination of the materials via wikileaks. more reaction coming up. we will get some from members of congress as well. back to you, pedro. host: austin from massachusetts
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starts us off. here to talk about the release of the mueller report later today and the attorney general's press conference. go ahead. caller: i think the comments by the attorney general were expectations.h my i look forward to the nation putting this embarrassment behind us so people can move on. host: what were your expectations going into it? caller: that he would say that that heng was kosher, was consistent with his summary before where there was no collusion. there is this element of manufactured crisis, i think, around this, and i think that came through in his comments. host: republican line, joe. good morning from east hampton, connecticut. caller: yes. i am very satisfied with the report from the attorney general. it is just amazing to me as an american that there is such
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distrust on one side of the for people in top positions in our country. a great thing that our president has been vindicated. but here's the thing, do i think it is going to satisfy democrats? no, i don't. and i am hoping the attorney general now goes into an investigation to determine what brought this whole thing on. host: the attorney general's comments, what satisfies you specifically? caller: that the redacted portions of the report are only those that constitutionally must be held by law, must be withheld by law, and that the general consensus is that there was no collusion. i mean, we talking about -- think about this -- we are
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talking about people who were on this so-called hunt and working under mueller that were anti-trump to begin with. host: ok. we will hear from tom in detroit, michigan, democrats line. hello. caller: hello. there are two words out of everything that he said on tv today, and am talking about barr. he said, i think. when he said i think, he is he thinks that those things that were unredacted, and that the lady from the press asked him a question, asked him why did he say no? he said, i think. that is the whole thing, everything that he is telling us is his opinion. host: the attorney general talked about 10 episodes
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involving the president when it talked about the whole issue of obstruction but did not specifically.hat if you'd like to see the attorney general's comments that are on you can go to our website at, it will be featured prominently on our website. you do see the comments and questions he received from members of the press. michael in lansing, michigan, independent line. caller: hi, how are you. there are two specific things about the press conference or kind of odd. one was he made the long lead up to his comment that no members of the trump campaign or americans knowingly assisted the russians in hacking or disseminating the info. but he made sure to mention that the only crime that could have been committed was conspiracy to hack and get the emailed from the dnc and from john podesta,
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but then said there was no crime, no illegal activity. so that means, according to barr, members or affiliates of the trump campaign could have helped disseminate those stolen documents, but therefore, it would not have been a legal. that was kind of odd. i hope the report actually clarifies what he was talking about their. then come second on the obstruction, the idea that it is ok for president trump to obstruct justice cause he is feeling frustrated by the news media is crazy as an american citizen, the idea that because he is upset, therefore he can try and fire the fbi director or the attorney general, the special counsel, whoever he wants to because he feels the media is attacking him. i don't know if folks remember fox news you are my administration, but i don't think they would have given him a pass for doing illegal things. host: that is michael in
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michigan. again, william barr just speaking moments ago about the ending release of the report. here are some of those comments. one ofrr: as you know, the primary purposes of the investigation was to determine whether president trump's campaign or any individual associated with it conspired or coordinated with the russian government to interfere in the 2016 election. volume one of the special counsel's report describes the results of that investigation. as you will see, the special counsel's report states that -- "investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government in its election interference activities." americansthat all share my concern about the efforts of the russian government to interfere in our presidential election.
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as the special counsel report makes clear, the russian government sought to interfere in our election process. but thanks to the special counsel's thorough investigation, we now know that the russian operatives who perpetrated these schemes did not have the cooperation of president trump or the trump campaign, or the knowing assistance of any other american for that matter. that is something that all americans can and should be grateful to have confirmed. host: again, that was the justice department. talk about and take your calls on it. here is bill scanlon. the newseminder, all conferences in our website on the homepage, as well as all the coverage and additional coverage later today just. type "new the report" on c-span a quorum -- just type "
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mueller report." we will look to post it on our website as soon as possible. reaction ahead of that from presidential candidate congressman eric swalwell. his street -- russia did influence our election, we need to read the full unredacted report and take action to guarantee this doesn't happen in 2020. senator cory booker -- yet again, attorney general barr is trying to spin the report or the evidence underlying it. this is undermining the independence of this entire process. congressman from georgia, ranking member on the justice committee -- no collusion, no no executive privilege asserted, no reductions proposed or made by anyone else outside the d.o.j., no one outside d.o.j..
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no cover upeport, when there has been nothing to cover up. congressman from illinois on the intelligence committee saying -- this is an obvious attempt to control the media cycle before the public has had an opportunity to review the report and from the president playing on the game of thrones theme just a few minutes ago -- no collusion, no obstruction, for the haters and the radical left democrats, game over. host: this is a few were on our twitter feed saying -- the press conference ended abruptly when the question began getting too difficult or pointed. another viewer says -- how did justice, heruct never tried to stop the investigation or any indictments. he did fire comey, but the investigation continued without him. next caller on the viewer line -- on the republican line. caller: and listen to the history channel, and to talked
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about this reduction and how much they would literally be allowed to reveal to congress or to anyone else. it is my understanding that several sessions ago, congress passed a law that they could not reveal 100% of the special investigation, but only certain parts of it. i haven't heard that said. so i would like to find out number one if that is true. barr did a i thought fine job. #3, i don't think the matter what the president does -- it is anesult of him not being agreement with opposition. they will not be happy, they will fight and scream goes that is their history ever since the president took office. they forgot he is the president of the united states. host: ok, let us hear from joel in ann arbor, michigan on the democrats line. morning. caller: good morning. the attorney general in his most
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recent testimony before congress refused to comment on the contents of the report until everybody had a chance to read it. on the other hand, that is exactly what he did this morning. nobody has had a chance to read it, not even the redacted had no problem making statements about the insident, about culpability, fact, he did nothing but act as a public relations representative for the president and the administration. host: the statements by william barr talked about the process, putting the report together. again, you can see that on our website at brodie in georgia, independent line. caller: good morning. spainn't seen that much on a podium in a long time -- so much spin.
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this was calculated, intended to give the white house cover, intended to mature the president would have a good day -- intended to make sure the president would have a good day afterwards. when those in the media started asking hard questions, the attorney general suddenly and of the press conference abruptly and walked away. thing. not a good the report should have been released to congress and then, the attorney general should of had a press conference. host: one of the aspects of this press conference about the idea of collusion, here is once again, the attorney general. a.g. barr: that is the bottom line. after nearly two years of investigation, thousands of subpoenas, hundreds of warrants and witness interviews, the special cancel confirmed that the russian government sponsored efforts to illegally interfere with the 2016 presidential election. but did not find that the trump campaign or other americans colluded in those efforts.
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after finding no underlying collusion with russia, the special counsel's report goes on to consider whether certain actions of the president could amount to obstruction of the special counsel's investigation. as i addressed in my march 24 letter, the special counsel did not make additional prosecutorial judgment regarding this allegation. instead, the report recounts 10 episodes involving the president and discusses potential legal theories for connecting those activities to the elements on obstruction offense. after carefully reviewing the facts and legal theories outlined and in consultation with the office of legal counsel and other department lawyers, the deputy attorney general and i concluded that the evidence developed by the special counsel is not sufficient to establish that the president committed an obstruction of justice offense.
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although the deputy attorney general and i disagreed with some of the special counsel's legal theories, and felt that some of the episodes examined did not amount to obstruction as a matter of law, we did not rely solely on that in making your decision. instead, we accepted the special counsel's legal framework for purposes of our analysis and evaluated the evidence as presented by the special counsel in reaching or conclusions. host: again, the attorney general of the united states william barr. here is bill scanlon. bill: just a few reporters questions. from the pbs newshour with this brief synopsis, what we just learned -- there are 10 episodes examined for obstruction. he, rosenstein, disagreed with some of mueller's legal theories. did not base everything on the issue of whether the president can be indicted. the report is released to the public shortly after 11:00. reaction from congress -- mark
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green, republican freshman class -- for those concerned about the reduction process, special counsel mueller himself helped the attorney general the legal restrictions. pertaining for a moment that barr had fall play in mind, mueller would then be complicit. not a chance. another democrat from the judiciary committee -- it is clear that this attorney general does not work for us, he works trump.sident this press conference was a desperate cry to keep the truth away from the american people, we are not falling for it. chairman of the committee, jerry nadler -- it is clear that congress and the american people must hear from special counsel robert mueller in person to better understand his feelings. we are now requesting he appear house judiciary committee as soon as possible. another to eat -- another tweet -- republican saying
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the attorney general or presented a detailed, convincing explanation of the special counsel findings, no collusion, no obstruction and process for release a report. the president has demonstrated remarkable cooperation and transparency and made a partisan investigation. host: tomorrow the president will head to mar-a-lago for the weekend. some of the events include a 10:30 event in which you may or may not address the report in some fashion. we expect to take you to that when it starts at 10:30. your phone calls until then. brodie from georgia on the independent line, hi. apologies, the go-to paula from alabama on the democrats line. caller: good morning, pedro. host: good morning. caller: my problem is, i want to know where is robert mueller? we haven't seen or heard from him in months. two weeks before this report was , they showed ar
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picture of him in a car with a baseball cap, to prove to people that robert mueller was still alive. then on sunday, two weeks later, we get this report, on a sunday. they said robert mueller was working with barr on the report over the weekend from friday to sunday. wen on sunday afternoon, learn that robert mueller had not even been to the justice department. so i haven't worked for the treasury and i haven't had top security. i don't really believe in conspiracies. but now, i believe more that this is something like a movie. host: ok. the republican line in augusta, georgia, kathy. caller: good morning. there's a lot of scary people calling in. a just want to say that it is evident whether you hate trump
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orlov trump, there is no collusion, there is no obstruction -- whether you hate trump or love trump, there is no collusion or instruction. attorney general barr, what a fantastically intelligent man. i mean, what more do people want to hear? i mean, this is a process, this is a republic. we have three branches of government. there is no collusion, there is no obstruction. if there were, it would be out right now. it would have been out. it just is disheartening that $25 million later, we're back to square one. no obstruction, no collusion, be.r was, never will host: the results of that redacted report expected to be delivered to congress around 11:00. it will take place as reported this morning in a cd format, and you heard the attorney general
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say on the department of justice website, after congress gets a hold of it. henry in boca raton, florida on the independent line. caller: yes. i think now that we know for sure that the collusion delusion report, that mueller's is what it is, that attorney general barr is commenting on it himself, and mueller would have to be complicit if there was anything in there that would have hurt the president, that could have brought a charge against the president -- obviously, there wasn't. now we need to go to investigate what the real collusion is, which is the dnc and hillary clinton, and the people there that actually bought the dossier for millions of dollars. that was connected to the russians, it was connected to christopher steele, and we need
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to investigate the investigators now. christi,ie in corpus texas on the democrats line. good morning. julie, hello. caller:, it is haley, sorry. i meant to call on the independent line. this is my concern. is definite proof that russia was involved. then what are we going to do about that? i am very concerned. feeling of not being able to trust either side because it is so obvious. host: what you mean by that? how do you think he handled? caller: it is the same bias. i think he handled it the way trump wanted him to.
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,nd then all these republicans there it is, there is your proof, trump had no collusion, how do we know that? you know? how is -- i don't know. host: lowell in terre haute, indiana on the republican line. hi. caller: how are you doing? host: fine, thanks. caller: the exhausted investigation cleared president trump. there is no doubt about that. the one word i found interesting was "theory." they went through all kinds of different theories, i don't know how many, i will read the report , but that word is interesting, that they investigated different theories so they could try and get ahead of the nonsense that has been reported. in the american left wants to know what is going on in that
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report, all they have to do is get on that website and the report, and all they have to do is investigate and listen to what was on your program, what understand that all the politicians are not our voice. the people that want to have trump's head, they will never be satisfied. they are not the democratic voice. host: that was lowell in terre haute, indiana. here is bill. bill: as you mentioned, we might hear from president trump at 10:30 eastern on the report, that is when we are expected to go live at the white house. he has participated in an event with the veterans, in particular the wonder worry a -- wounded warriors project. couldn't be more excited to visit the annual tradition of visiting the white house this morning. we will hear reaction from the
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senate,ic leader in the chuck schumer, saying -- not that the press conference is over, it is time for congress and the american public to see report.the from governor jay inslee of washington, presidential candidate -- the attorney general should be the nations top law enforcement officer not a voice for the president. this press conference was a disgrace. echoed by elizabeth warren -- it is a disgrace to see the attorney general acting as if he is the personal attorney and publicist of the president of states.ed host: if the time schedule holds, about seven minutes until we hear from president trump at the white house, he is expected to speak from the east room at that event but bill scanlon told you about. this is amy in persephone, new jersey on the independent line. caller: i am a little tired of the money that was wasted on this. we will find out that this was a
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big hoax and a big waste of time come and we need to have them stop investigating our president. this is very dangerous that no one is taking -- why this whole thing started in the first place. and a lot of people from the democrat line are calling it very gullible fake news followers, they have been guest lighted against this president. if they only knew what he has done from this country, saved us from socialism and starvation and egging us for food like the people in venezuela, they would stop it. they have tried to bring this president down. the democrat people are very desperate to bring him down because they have an agenda. they want to have full control. this is the only president that is trying to fight for this country. they need to stop it. host: let us hear from the democrat come marlene in wilmington, north carolina. caller: thank you for taking my call. i just want to remind everyone that the house voted unanimously
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-0 to make the report public, mitch mcconnell left that from coming to a vote in the senate as he has many towns before. this is completely, in my view, unconstitutional this. branch of the government is supposed to be a separate and equal branch as is the judicial branch, not an extension of the executive branch. so in my view, we need to vote the president and mitch mcconnell out of office next year, they have hijacked our constitution and our democratic processes. thank you for taking my call. the report completed and turned over to the justice department, the justice department redacted it and now the redacted report is supposed to be released today around 11:00 to the respective committees in congress and made public later on from there. cliff in maryland, republican line.
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hi. caller: good morning, c-span. that lady from north carolina is completely wrong about the vote taken in congress. it was unanimous, but it was -- [laughter] people voted on it for different reasons, ok? thats unanimous, she got part right, but what they were voting for was the reductions. if you read the actual bill. host: what do think of mr. barr 's treatment of the reductions? caller: he is doing a job and he is following the rule of law, which the democrats have totally abandoned. they have totally abandon the rule of law. it means nothing to them anymore. and inndependent line, ventura, california. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you. i see this as we have finally fall into what he has called -- r -- presidents
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host: larry, in women and palms, california on the democrats line. caller: yes. i agree with the color from north carolina, she was right. we have got to vote east people out because there is no way they will be what to impeach him. but there are five things i want to read about on the report, the platform change metaphor working for free and then, giving information, the trump tower meeting. they had a russian interpreter. podesta'sts in emails, and then of course, russia, if you are listening. to me, the attorney general and the republicans sold of the country out to russia. served person like me, i 30 years for this country, 20 years in the united states marine corps. i do not see trump is a valid president. caller: that was larry in california.
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again, just a few minutes before that event featuring donald trump at the white house, expected to take race at 10:30 -- take place at 10:30. iowa on the republican line, this is larry. caller: first, would like to say that there was no obstruction and no collusion. ourother thing is that when people in the democratic party going to quit being angry over hillary losing the election? that is what this is all about, that is what this election was all about, that is why they weaponize's the people they weaponized in the department of ustice and the f.b.i. they were their friends, they were offered things in return for it i'm sure, we will never know, but when it all comes out, i agree with the lady a few calls ago who said that if they ever unload them on the public, the public will see the reality of what just happened to america . it is wrong. it is wrong. people in those positions think that they are the only ones in charge of this country.
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when they are working for us. host: mark from iowa on the independent line. go ahead. -- er: are on.rk, your caller: yeah. there was a -- how can i say ago that bad man years was said -- accuse the other side from which you are guilty and that man was" joseph goebbels, hitler's nazi propaganda minister. and i believe the same thing is going on today. host: we will hear from bill scanlon. bill: the report would not be delivered to capitol hill until morning.s the reaction we are getting is
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to the attorney general's news conference and venues we hearing out of that particular conference ahead of the release. a statement from kiersten the democratic presidential candidate saying it -- the attorney general barr's press conference today was an embarrassing display of propaganda on behalf of president trump. independent senator angus king of maine -- i will withhold my judgment on the report until i have been able to view the document. josh holly, freshman senator, republican from missouri and from attorney general of the are telling out the material they are legally required to withhold and then they will give the rest of it to congress and the public. i think that is exactly that approach. back to you, pedro. host: this is griffin from taz will, virginia. democrat line. caller: hello. i wanted to cut in here and say, you know, there is very
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different partisan opinions about this report. this report is not a partisan thing. there is reasonable suspicion that russia was connected to the president in some way and i think it is important that we to investigating that confirm whether or not that is the case. the republicans should want this theyt to happen so that can finally prove what they believe, that there was no it is it is important we are
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you can look at that on
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was talking about the budget of the justice department and talked about his philosophy. at the topation is of the c-span website. catherine in jacksonville florida, independent line. caller: good morning. i have one question. how do you explain the involvement of cambridge analytical funded by robert mueller.
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the policies are extremely socialist.
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as we wait for the president to make is apparent, here is -- contributorews tweeting, although the trump campaign do not normally coordinate with russia to create discord, they willingly used stolen materials to sow confusion and disdain toward the dnc. dnc party officials and donors. look at this camera shot. we are awaiting for the arrival of the report. what you are saying is unprecedented desperation from the left. they went all in and now they are throwing manufactured
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controversies that the wall to see if anything sticks. -- this time he is going to get caught. how sad, a man with a wealthy has, what a good life he could have had. instead, he is just a corrupt human being. thank you very much. >> from minnesota, lee, good morning, independent line. hello? we will go to rick in council bluffs, iowa, republican line. >> good morning.
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>> go ahead. >> i'm just happy this is getting over with. saidd of think that obama two years ago that there is no way the russian -- they are making a liar out of the man. >> you think this will be concluded with the report? >> they will keep whining. they better start looking in their own backyards. democrats line. diane. >> hi. michael flynn, who was he calling at the inauguration? he hasn't even been sentenced, has he? >> from illinois, bob is next.
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bob in hometown, illinois. >> good morning, pedro. i want to congratulate the president on the mueller report. i hope the democrats can put all of this behind us and work together with the president and work on the southern border and on infrastructure. i hope they can put it behind them and go on and make america great. >> do you think those things will happen? do you think washington will go back to trying to get things done between democrats and republicans on capitol hill? >> i don't have too much faith in the democrats. i used to be a democrat, but i'm voting for trump in 2020. >> pennsylvania is next, democrats line. this is that -- zack. >> good morning. thank you for providing us this forum. attorney general barr today mentioned there were no links between russian collusion and the trump campaign. i'm reading the question.
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what about the donald trump, jr., meeting at the trump tower? you know, why wasn't he indicted? why did he lie about it? that's my major question i would like to raise today. and about the obstruction, you saw president trump fired james komi. -- comey. all of it raises some suspicious questions, yet the attorney general is saying no collusion, no obstruction. we have to wait for this report. let the report speak for itself. >> when the report comes out, under the category of obstruction, the attorney general saying that it was l ooked at. those expected to be highlighted when that report reaches capitol hill -- once it does, it will be distributed to the relevant committees. reporters are waiting for that report to make its appearance.
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he'll address the report itself. you can see all these things on our website, at you can see it later on or listen to it on our c-span radio app, if you have that. all of those available to you. you can consume that and take a look at that content. we'll hear from isaac in tampa, florida, independent line. >> hello. first of all, we are hearing republicans and democrats go back at each other. i think that continues to make the divide even more in this country. i think we should look at this. way --pendent it did seem like he was favoring the president. there -- the russian government
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did have involvement i nour -- in our political atmosphere, using social media. and i think that the treu -- trump campaign used that to their advantage. they did take advantage of what the russian government did, and i think that is something that american people should definitely be aware of. >> ok, isaac. >> in his news conference, the attorney general was asked if he would be ok with the special counsel testifying before congress. he indicated he would be. he also said he himself will testify both before the house and senate judiciary committees. we expect that early may. look for live coverage on the c-span networks. jamie raskin of maryland tweeting, "congress will be eager to analyze the 10
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georgiaongressman from said, let the liberal spin begin. they will refuse to accept the truth. georgia said, let the liberal spin begin. they will refuse to accept the truth. when is it enough? how much more taxpayer dollars will it take. the senator fromthe senator fro, attorney general william barr made it clear that the russians did not collude in the election. freshman congressman from north dakota, bar state he has no .roblem with himfreshman testifg
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tom udall from new mexico said the american people have heard enough andtom administration ant is time for them to release the full mueller report. the attorney general set to testify before the two committees in early may and will those live. those live. no word if the special counsel.
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respective committee. after that, a version to be released to the public. a copy of that report at
10:54 am donn is nexta in frederick, maryland independent, line. >> what we learned today is this whole collusion, obstruction matter is nothing but a giant nothing burger. they owe us the money back as the american people for all of the expenditure and all the relentless assault on all the people who were unfairly targeted with respect to this. and i'll bring up something else. a lot of this happened with the previous administration. so, i'm going to end with this question. what did osama know, and when did he know it -- what did obama know, and when did he know it? i see this as an independent voter. >> chris in new hampshire. >> hello. so, anyway, i just want to address two things. one is that this is pretty
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much the whitewashed version of the mueller report. i think republicans really until hold their judgment the full report comes out. and -- >> because why? it -- it willse express a lot more detail to exactly the entire thing. and they're hung up on the collusion thing. i'm glad. we don't have a president that's colluding with russia, good. but he did obstruct justice. and i think the report that comes out afterwards -- if they or get aholdh it
10:56 am
of it and stuff -- >> but if the report hasn't come out, what leads you to believe that he obstructed justice? years.last two i mean, like, every little thing he did with comey and so on and so on. my point is this is -- they -- of getting the whitewashed version that was presented to them today, they should wait and -- >> let's hear from republican line, north carolina, good morning. >> yes. i have two questions. >> go ahead. you're on. >> yes. i have two questions. number one is, where did this
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investigation originate from? and my second question, the second part of this question, if they were so concerned with fair, why just to be was the hillary campaign not? >> ok. as you see, pictures from the east room. vice president mike pence walking in, shaking hands with members of the wounded warrior project, all members, some standing, getting ready for the event. it looks like the event is just about to start. when the president comes in, we will take you to it to hear his comments not only to this group,, but what he might say about the release of the report today. matt in maryland. independent line. we have to remember what the purpose of the russian government was in showing misinformation on the internet.
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they are trying to divide us, because a weak country is in their best interest. politics is not a football game where we just mindlessly sit our team -- support our team. it takes recent and discourse, something we have to work on in america. >> that event at the east room, that's what you are watching on the screen right now. that's set to begin any time. we will take you to that event when it starts. on capitol hill, reporters still waiting for the report to be delivered. i apologize. we have some movement.
10:59 am
we have to show you this from the east room. that is going on. the lead up, i believe, to the president, about to make his comments. this is to the wounded warriors project. that is set to start momentarily. go ahead. illinois, >> hi. i just think that farr -- barr is protecting the president. he is not releasing the full report. there is no explanation. no collusion theme over and over again. the corruption maybe our own. california,ard, independent line. hello. >> yes, there was no collusion, so why don't the democrats start cleaning up the corruption in california, in their court systems? the abuse of authority.
11:00 am
i'm a victim of that. i have final complaints for the last five years. i've even called the fbi. their excuse is, well, it's not against the law for me to refuse to do my job. they refuse to even look into it. >> the start of activity at the wounded warriors project in the east room of the white house, now taking place. we will take you to that as we expect president trump to address the group in just a few moments. >> united states marine corps. [applause] gunnery sergeant, united states marine corps. [applause] staff sergeant jeremy velez, united states army.
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staff sergeant trevor brunell, united states army. [applause] sergeant first class jorge aval os, united states army. [applause] staff sergeant casey grella, united states marine corps. [applause] sergeant first class anthony valentino, jr., united states army. [applause] staff sergeant jody kemper,
11:02 am
united states air force. [applause] sergeant joseph burke, united states army. [applause] petty officer first class carol bailey, united states coast guard. [applause] petty officer first class ned nelson, united states navy. corporal oscar de la rosa, united states marine corps. petty officer second class fernandez, united states navy.
11:03 am
first lieutenant john fernandez, united states army. petty officer first class, united states navy. staff sergeant jeremiah, united states army. [applause] commander thomas olivera, united states navy. [applause]
11:04 am
lieutenant junior grade jordan lowe, united states navy. [applause] william --, united states army. [applause] sergeant samantha monodun, united states army. senior airman justin day, united states air force. [applause] staff sergeant john bennett, united states army. [applause]
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sergeant rory cooper, united states army. [applause]


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