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tv   President Trump Delivers Remarks at Wounded Warrior Project Event  CSPAN  April 18, 2019 1:20pm-1:33pm EDT

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as well. we will have you -- we will have that life are you at 2:30 eastern. next, the coming up comments of president trump in in the event that he held earlier. we will hear the president talk about the mother report and more.
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the wounded warrior project. it has been a long relationship that i have had. the soldier ride is very special. few people could do it, including me. i hate to admit it. i hate to admit that, but it is true. we are deeply honored to be in the presence of true american heroes. i would like to thank a great vice president, mike and karen pence, for being here today. thank you. mike. [applause] and thiers is a fierce devotion. i deal with mike and karen, and they have a fierce devotion to america's veterans, and we all do. we are also grateful to be joined by acting defense
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secretary, patrick shanahan. thank you very much. great job you do. [applause] 100% of the caliphate. that is -- that was great. that was one of our early assignments. you did a great job. general counsel of veteran affairs, jim byrne, thank you very much. the job. good job. [applause] and, army vice chief of staff, general james conville, thank you. [applause] i also want to thank two great congressmen for being here. if we had room we would have had a lot more. phil roe, and james beard. thank you very much. [applause]
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and they are having a good day. i am having a good day too. no collusion, no obstruction. [applause] there never was, by their way, and there never will be. we have to get to the bottom of these things, i will say. this should never happen. i say this in front of my friends, wounded warriors, and i called them warriors because they -- i shook hands and they look great. they look so good and beautiful. they should never happen to another president again. this hoax, should never happen to another president again. thank you. with us onstage today are the wounded warriors from the air force, army, navy, coast guard, national guard, and the marine corps. each of you is a testament to the outstanding determination,
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and patriotism that made this the graded nation ever to exist on the face of the earth -- greatest nation to exist on the face of the earth. we are spending the biggest number of dollars we have ever spent, not even close, you know that very well general. 700 billion my first year. i will not tell you how much higher than before we got here. and then $716 billion. in this year we are trying to up it. we are rebuilding our military like never before. brand new fighter jets, brand-new ships, every soldier has the best equipment. in the army we are even getting new uniforms, and those beautiful new uniforms with a belt. it was a big deal, the belt. if you thought those uniforms are inexpensive, they are very expensive. but they wanted it, and we got
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it. we have equipment now like we have never had before. research for the new and greatest equipment in the world. nobody is even close and can do what we do. we are a level that we have never been. a lot of progress has been made. when i came in with mike, we were a depleted armed forces. we were depleted. we had planes that were 50 or 60 years old, and we had things going on that you would not believe that the general new. i think we all knew and we were not all happy with it. i am a big budget person, that there is one thing more in part -- important than the budget, one thing in particular, and that is our military and defense of our nation. without defense of our nation, the budget does not matter. we have done a real job, and i think, when i go to the bases with the soldiers, and sailors,
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the marines, we spend a lot of time with marines the other day, and coast guard doing the most advanced icebreaker in the world. they were trying to get in for -- get it for 20 years and they were not getting it. it is very expensive and built in the usa. in particular, the air force in -- with the planes, we are ordering vast numbers of fighter jets. i got involved personally. i do not know if i am supposed to do it. i will probably get in trouble because i cut the price, but we cut it substantially. the f-18's, and every kind of plane you can think of, bombers, tankers, we have the greatest equipment in the world. we only give it to those who are working with us. and they pay for it, by the way. it is always nice.
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in the old days they did not pay us as much and they respect us again. today america salutes you, and all of your fellow warriors. you are incredible. and when i took actors a little while ago, some of the guys walked in, where are they? they walked in, said hello, could you stand, please? where are they? what happened? everybody stand, please. [applause] there is great admiration in this room and all over the country for all of you, and for all of you. we really appreciate it very much. great job.
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--awe of your courage, and we are forever grateful for your noble sacrifice. i also extend my deep gratitude to the amazing military spouses, and families that are here. a lot of families are here. [applause] stand up. stand up, please. [applause] without the families, the spouses, it does not work, and is not the same. your love sustains the warriors and we want to thank you so much. you are incredible people. we are delighted to have a distinguished world war ii veteran in attendance. corporal james blaine, who was wounded in action at the famous battle of iwo jima, and that was
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a battle. where is james? hello. [applause]-- [applause] thank you, james, a real hero. we are honored by your presence. tomorrow, the wounded warriors on stage with me will complete the final miles of their more than 30 mile soldier ride through maryland and virginia. over battle group -- on battlegrounds, they risk their
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lives and shed their blood to defend our nation, people, and great american flag. nobody defends our country like those people representing all others, but those people in the room today. a very special group. here at home they have beaten back injury, illness, and in some cases beyond anybody's wildest imagination. and persevered through pain, adversity, and hardship. the word comeback, but it is a word beyond, it is clear -- courage pure and said will -- and simple. through their example, we witness the daily triumph of the human spirit, and the unmatched valor of the american patriot. among our wounded warriors here today is 23-year-old justin day.
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while clearing towns in afghanistan of terrorists fighters, in july he stepped on an ied. not good. since then, he has endured more than a dozen surgeries including the amputation of his right leg. today he continues his recovery at walter reed, where, by the way, they do an incredible job. i am there a lot to say hello to the folks. they do unbelievable work. there is nothing that i have ever seen like they do. they have cutting edge technology, they have the best doctors. and, that is why i think i will have to be president for many years, because i never want to use a regular doctor again. one of the benefits i get, walter reed. they have great doctors. they are just incredible people. aubrey is here.
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justin's wife. where is, stand up, please. [applause] wow. [applause] i have a little bad news, he looks like justin. too bad. >> president trump at the white house earlier today. we want to take you live to the white house. conway is speaking to reporters. kellyanne: i read the quotes in "


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