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tv   Release of Mueller Report - Viewer Reaction  CSPAN  April 18, 2019 3:14pm-3:30pm EDT

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providing congress a roadmap as other reports have in the past and attorney general barr seems to be trying to frustrate that intent. >> one more question. >> based on what you have seen from the report, what specifically do you want to hear from mueller? >> there are dozens of things we want to hear. >> just give me a few. for example, he told us that the special prosecutor's determination, he was not going
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to indict on attraction charges and had nothing to do with the department of justice opinion that a sitting president cannot be indicted. there's a lot of material and therefore that seems it is considerably important. we want to get to the bottom of that. >> thank you. thank you everybody. >> a brief news conference there from the house judiciary committee, jerry nadler confirming what the attorney general said earlier, that they would indeed testify before the committee, before the judiciary committee may 2. both of those will be live on c-span and c-span radio. in the next 15 minutes, the house will come in briefly. we should not hear any sort of legislative business and then we expect lines from adam schiff. he is holding a news briefing and we join that in progress and will wait for it to start live. in the meantime, we will take some of your phone calls.
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we are joined by eric rossman. he is than posting all afternoon reading the report. how far have you gotten through so far? >> i have been skimming it, looking for the highlights. you have to read every page, but interestinge reading, especially the firing of james comey and the attempts to get donald mccann as .ounselor of course, the big quote coming twonow, on page 78, volume were present from react to the
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appointment of robert mueller and says this will be the end of my presidency and raises a lot of questions of why he would say that. that even in the incomplete form, jerry nadler saying it outlines obstruction of justice and other misconduct, so what is the path forward for house democrats? what can they do? >> they are saying they need to have the full, unredacted report . they just cannot statement they will go forward with their own investigation. if you look at the conclusion in volume two, he said it does not exonerate truck on a section of justice and they felt confidence
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-- if they felt confidence they could conclude that, they would have stated that. think this means the mueller report will not really go away. there are a dozen statements saying we need to move on and certainly, emma craddick leaders want to do that, but the fact -- we will not see the end of this anytime soon. >> one of the issues that seems to get agreement is the idea that the russians interfered. is there any bipartisan effort to bolster election infrastructure ahead of the 2020 hastion? >> i think that taken a backseat.
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it has become such a partisan issue. i think that may get put on the back burner. if the nadler investigation impeachment, maybe that will open the door. we will be looking at how congress seeds, which is passing the infrastructure bill in dealing with trade in the weight of what is supposed to be continuing turmoil. >> one more thing on the special counsel, in the news conference, jerry nadler seems like he was relying on the special counsel to testify. how likely do you think that is? >> i think barr said he would be ok with it, so i think that clears the way. i think he is more likely. mueller,ou could see
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by the may 23 deadline like nadler said. if it looks like they are conducting a credible review, i think it is more likely than not then mueller will appear -- that mueller will appear. >> congressional reporter from bloomberg news. you can follow him on twitter for the latest updates. thanks so much for your update will stop >> we will keep our phone lines open here. and then is coming in our plan is to take you to a news conference happening with the chair of the house intelligence committee. if you have read some of the report, which we have posted, we will start out here on our democrats line. , thank you for waiting.
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>> i have not had the pleasure , butading the report yet when i hear from the report on different channels is that there is so much that has not been talked about. is there are a lot of things we need to understand some of that we have to respect it or reject it. there are so many people out there that refused to understand what the truth is and reaction from different people. we need a person in our white hate, onceloves, not
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the whole country to love no matter what your background is. in so many different ways, we are so far away from that. is the republicans not hearing that i hear? please, people. listen before you make judgment. >> that is diana in new york. >> first, i would like to say i disagree with the other eric that you had on. i'm having to appeal to some of your listeners to maybe a little older. when the can starr report came back at that time, the findings that he had investigating the whitewater
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, there wasn arkansas fraudulent billing, indictments. the report basically did not thoughbill clinton, even there was an impeachment that took place afterwards. al gore cast the deciding vote. what i'm trying to say is that it finally ended. ken starr came and went and it is in the past. i hear everyone today saying this is just the beginning. now that the report has come out, we are beginning a conversation and it will never end stop that is very important for country. if you're going through all the expense and time to counsel, we need to listen what the special counsel says and abide by the
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attorney general's decision and not say -- and say it is not , so you will not hear the end of this. >> independent line from texas. mueller is being peoplened, the one thing want to know is about uranium one. hang iran billions of dollars, spying on a sitting president is a serious crime. .here's so much going on i believe the russian collusion is to hide what the democrats have done to trump. disgusting.lutely
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all i see is evil. asill never be a democrat long as i live. i would rather not vote. host: one of the republican saying it is time to move on, the american people want to focus on real issues, not pardon issues. we are going to take you live to the u.s. house floor. on an easter break, but a session coming up in about five minutes at 3:30 eastern. we will continue to take your phone calls and expecting a news conference from adam schiff, chair of the house intelligence committee. -- it isif it is here in los angeles my producers telling me.
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caller: i want to disagree with the independent young lady and also the republican fellow that spoke earlier. andcrats can ride a bike chew gum at the same time. need to get to the bottom of what went on with this president. something very fishy going on around here will stop all these betterhave been invited off in close and closely associated with this president. how could we possibly ignore something like this? russia interfering with our mark --s question elections? or republican
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should be appalled by that. everything that i have been corrupt. this corruption has to stop and we have to get to the bottom of it. impeachment needs to start and that is nothing evil, that is the constitution. that is what we need to follow. on constitution, not just sit back and call other parties evil . thank you very much. host: i'll try to remember that next time -- david on the independent line. caller: thank you for having me on. as far as everything goes, republican and democratic side, it is a big finger-pointing game right now as with every. the russian influence in the
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election, should really look at how it is influenced. the finger-pointing should be to one specific person. i think the finger should be on it back to ourselves. it is like a viral post on facebook. you can post a great lie about something and share it and never leaves it as being the truth, but knowledge is power. would all americans research everything they come across as far as finding the truth before they click like on and spreading message. that is the biggest problem we currently have. the united states tries to influence elections across the world to further our agenda. that is a fact.
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it, wesians try to do have known that. as mentioned, there are resources out there. from thequick sweet new york times and it says they will publish a 16 page tomorrow, including summaries and highlights, annotations of the mueller report will stop you can online, all 448 pages are there. you can go through it and we will have more about that a bit we will do analysis tonight beginning live at 8:00 eastern. coming up next on c-span, we will take you live to the house floor, a reef pro forma session. -- a brief pro forma session. we expect an announcement from adam schiff.


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