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tv   White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway on Mueller Report  CSPAN  April 18, 2019 7:18pm-7:34pm EDT

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come out and what appears to be spinning the report before the public has a chance read it? >> ok, thank you very much. >> i am a having a good day. no collusion, no obstruction. [applause] >> there never was and there never will be. and we do have to get to the bottom of these things, i will say. this should never happen. i say this in front of my friends, wounded warriors. i just call them warriors because we just shook hands and they look great. they look so good and so beautiful. i said in front of my friends,
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this should never happen to another president again. this hoax. it should never happen to another president again. thank you. mrs. conway: hey, everyone. really the best day since he got elected. >> how is it a medical exam of when the president was not cleared on obstruction? mrs. conway: i call this a political proctology exam. actually the attorney general and the deputy attorney general said that they found no basis for obstruction. and you know he has been cleared. this is the mueller report, mueller investigation, all of you who have been talking about how wonderful the mueller team and how important it was to protect mueller, how important it was to protect the investigation, how important it was to protect the deputy attorney general. that report makes clear that this white house and president, and none of us got in their way,
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never interfered, never refused to comply with a request. a lot of people testified, and many documents were produced. and the department of justice made very clear that every request that they issued was responded to and fulfilled. that should make people feel good about democracy and feel great that a campaign that i managed to its successful end did not collude with any russians. we are accepting apologies too today from anyone who has the grace to offer them. when i needed to find negative information about hillary clinton and how to beat her, i looked no further than hillary clinton. >> the only reason that the obstruction of justice did not stick was that a lot of people around the president did not do what he asked him. mrs. conway: that is actually not a sophisticated legal analysis. i will tell you if the president asked me to break the law, i would walk out the door.
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i would not even take pictures of my kids off the wall. all i want to say is that for all of the conversation about what he did and did not ask somebody to do or he is mad about jeff sessions' recusal. jeff sessions was attorney general for 18 months after that. don mcgann was white house counsel for 18 months after that. the president has the right to fire any of us. he showed that by firing jim comey. he could have fired mueller. he did not do that. >> the report showed that people around him did not let him do that. mrs. conway: intent matters. intent should matter. intent has never mattered to any of you, respectfully. was there intent to collude or intent to conspire, was there an intent to steal the election from hillary clinton, i am sure for whom most of you voted. intent matters. the president's intention was not to do that. intent matters, and i know you want to cherry pick one line here or one line there, because the big lie that you let fly for two years is over.
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i guess if people want to investigate in congress and waste their time and not listen to people like nancy pelosi, let's talk about what her word was, kitchen table issues. let's have at it. because i present to you the document that shows that the democrat's successes -- this is the success of the democrats in congress. here it is. there is nothing. >> if i could ask you, there were moments mentioned in the mueller report where there were contacts between the trump campaign and trump associates and russian operatives and so on. and what happened following that is we got false information about those contacts from the campaign, from people at the white house, from the press secretary. mrs. conway: is there a question in there? >> is there any regret for
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passing on false information to explain these contacts in these conversations that went on about what was going on -- mrs. conway: about whom are you speaking in the campaign? i have yet to meet some of these people. i never met carter page. i do not think i met george papadopoulos. maybe i have. >> the trump tower meeting involving the president's son and son-in-law. mrs. conway: total exoneration. nobody in the media is under oath. all these people who sit on tv all day. you are here working hard, you have people on your network sitting on tv saying things. because they are not under oath. adam schiff, where's the quote ample evidence of collusion? where is it? tell him to bring it over right now. i want to see it. >> why were we originally told a bogus story about that about russian adoptions? mrs. conway: no, i read the quote in the new york times article. it is in the mueller report. i just read all that.
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i am using my very expensive law degree today. i have read all of that, and i read the entire section where there is an exchange between don jr. and hope hixson. he says primarily we discussed. he said that there are some bs stuff in the beginning about hillary but it was not important and he went right by it. it is not true. the truth is what is in the report. and don jr. is exonerated. don sr. is exonerated. you just have to move on and start covering issues that americans are saying is important to them. health care, education, foreign policy, the economy, denuclearizing north korea. we have a lot to solve in this country. i said to you 2.5 years ago, when the president was elected, i said that we will have joint custody of this country for four to eight years. we have six to go. 5.5 to go. we have got to find a way to manage joint custody. we have to be honest with the american people. there is no collusion. >> getting back to being honest.
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>> has president trump expressed concerns that he thought his presidency was going to come to an end? mrs. conway: i was very surprised to see that by somebody who was here sparingly. i was surprised to see that because that was not the reaction of the president that day when i was there. there were words that the president is quoted where he does not use those words. so, i am not sure, you can ask the people about that. i will tell you that he has never once on the campaign said i think we should resign or not run anymore. i can go back to my happy life and make billions of dollars. he has never said that during the campaign and he is certainly never said it since i have been on his side on the campaign and here. he has never expressed that his presidency is over. i know that was the promise and wish of many people, but for some reason you give a lot of airtime and ink to. they have zero credibility now. they promised collusion, who swore there would be criminal conspiracy and whisper in the ears of people like me that my
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colleagues and members of the trump family would be headed to jail and would be indicted by the grand jury and would be taken to prison. that is a disgrace, people whispering in our ears about that. honestly, it is time to move on. total exoneration. the president is in a great mood. and i think what is incredibly important is that democracy in the world's greatest country flourishes. you do not need to collude with a foreign government or get information from wikileaks. you win elections fairly and squarely. >> do you think the president would like robert mueller to testify? democrats are calling for him to do that. mrs. conway: why are they asking for mr. mueller to testify? this is the mueller investigation, the report, and read actions in concert with the attorney general, deputy attorney general, and legal counsel. if they think it is, they can call him to testify. but the country has the right to
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ask when are you going to legislate and not investigate. is it oversight, or overreach. the eternal -- attorney general said today, you want to call mr. mueller to testify, call him to testify. i think the burden is going to increasingly be on those who will not let go of this big lie to prove why they are continuing it just in a different form. we had the mueller investigation. that was going to be the goal here appeared -- here. do you know how many times i was asked, will he fire rosenstein, will he fire mueller? will he shut down the special counsel's investigation? none of that happened. if you read the report, total compliance. total compliance and total exoneration. >> where's the president's point by point rebuttal that rudy giuliani said was coming out? mrs. conway: he does not need a point by point rebuttal. his greatest rebuttal will be that he is in office and he will remain in office and get reelected. because the democrats have nothing. they banked everything on this. you have 15, 18 people running for president and not a message
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that does not involve trump trump trump trump. some of them have promised collusion and some of them chaired powerful committees on capitol hill or are ranking members on capitol hill have promised collusion and said they have proof of criminal conspiracy. just because they are on tv shows vomiting their own nonsense and talking points every night and not under oath does not mean that they should face full exoneration. they should produce that evidence. if they love this country and they have evidence that a 22 month investigation, by the special counsel, independent, with taxpayer dollars could not find it, adam schiff somehow has it or jerry nadler has it, let us see it. where is it? >> does the president think that this is a criminal matter? mrs. conway: the president said that it was a hoax. i just called it a political proctology exam and we emerged with a clean bill of health. investigating the investigators is something that the
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investigators think would be a good idea. look, if you are going to scream about transparency and accountability and you need investigations for two years, i have 22 more months to wait and see how we got here in the first place. this fisa application. why the fbi was making payments to christopher steele, and also paid by hillary clinton and the dnc. glen simpson has taken the fifth. fusion gps, i would like to know more about that. you've seen some of the texting between struck and page. i think america has been told by all of you, so thank you for that, that we have a right to know and we want transparency and accountability and we want to make sure democracy is honest. let us investigate the investigators. how did we get here? because the president said that should not happen to another president again. let us see how we got here. how did it start?
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>> it started when he went on stage and encouraged russians to hack the elections. >> the report suggests that donald trump did get rid of robert mueller, and there was an attempt at obstruction of justice but his team would not allow that. mrs. conway: i just answered that question. they found no obstruction. you have to read the report completely. not just take it out and listen to people on tv. i sure have. i have read the whole report, and i got it very recently. no. let me just make the point. let me just make the point. let me just make the point. that the president, if you look at the entire report, the president had the complete right to fire mueller. if he wanted to get rid of mueller, he could fire him. he doesn't need to do anything else. he could've just fired him the way that he fired comey. he has the right to do that. this report made clear that there was no evidence that he fired jim comey to try and impede the investigation into russians and the campaign. did not do that. whatsoever. he fired comey because he could. he could have fired mueller.
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he could have fired rosenstein. he certainly has fired a lot of people, including people quoted to the report. polishing apples if you ask me. he could fire me when i walk into the building. he has a right to do that. if he wanted to get rid of mueller, he could have gotten rid of mueller. >> does attorney general barr plan to go after the illegal leakers? mrs. conway: you have to ask the attorney general that. we have been talking about investigations and transparency built on very little, if anything. i say there is ample evidence. look, people were obviously leaking information. comey said that he put things out there hoping it would trigger an investigation. trigger a special counsel. careful what you wish for. andrew mccabe is a confirmed leaker and liar. so, we know that there have been leaks. and again, in the interest of our thriving democracy, before the president gets reelected, which is a sure thing at this point, let us have, and let us see who was leaking, let's put them under oath.
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let us investigate the investigators. why not? anybody who objects to that is being partisan and having amnesia about how much we love transparency. >> you said that the president was in a good mood. mrs. conway: a great mood. >> talk about that his morning. what has he said? mrs. conway: i will not go through any private meetings. many of us have with him throughout the day. you saw him at the wounded warriors project. he was down there taking pictures. why was he half an hour late? talking to the lawyers and watching the press conference. a number of us were going to the report, and he is in there right now and asked me to come outside and have a little talk with you. he of course has the last word on all of this. he is the one who was democratically elected fairly and squarely, and he is the one who will address you at 4:00 when he leaves for a well-deserved easter break with his family.
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>> how does he know about the former administrative officials quoted throughout the report? rep. nadler: i was going to ask if we are ready, but i think that's it. good afternoon. first, to observe, attorney general barr appears to have shown an unsettling willingness to undermine his own department in order to protect president trump. barr's words and actions suggest he has been disingenuous and misleading in saying the president is clear of wrongdoing. attorney general barr's letter summarizing the report fro


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