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tv   Release of Mueller Report - Viewer Reaction  CSPAN  April 18, 2019 9:20pm-10:01pm EDT

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and duties of the attorney general under the constitution. appointed by the president, is he considered to be the lawyer of the president or the lawyer for the people and congress? if the president is the one under investigation, why was the white house given the mueller report prior to congress? good question. unfortunately our two lawyers have left. otherwise we would give that question to them. i would like to say that i think this is a witchhunt against the president. i think the mueller report will exonerate him. i think he has done more for this country than any president since fdr. he has definitely got my support
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in 2020. host: have you spent any time reading the report today or watching the cable news? caller: i do know enough about it to know it is a sham. just like they went after nixon in watergate, the same thing. i haven't spent any time reading the report. i do intend to read most of it. at least the redacted version. i don't see what the democrats are saying that we should get to see the unredacted version in its full length. host: thank you. just a little bit about this report. it is 448 pages. it is two volumes. footnotes1000 and 92 and more than 1000 reactions in four different categories. that full report is available at you could read it there. fromext caller is jerry tennessee.
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we will get you on the air. jerry is a democrat. caller: let me make this clear. democrat.ed a my family was democrats. this time we are not voting democrat. you have some stupid people running the party. this guy adam schiff you just had on a few minutes ago, he is crazy. democrats.y for the i will not vote democrat this time. have you been watching the news about the mueller report released today? caller: i have seen all of it. they headed on the news all day. most of it has been read on the news.
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i don't blame president trump , which ihe democrats just now cannot vote for, they called him a crook. they called him a traitor, they called treason. i don't blame him. i would try to stop it too. host: thank you for your call. is in iowa. what do you think about today? i'm just wondering if the democratic party will accept responsibility when the redacted report comes out and there is findings of all the shady stuff that went on with the democratic side with the spying on trump by obama and the spying done by hillary. legal ramifications are going to happen or take place to the democratic party when that comes out.
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host: you think that might be in some of the redacted portions? caller: absolutely. , tyler is inht alabama. yes sir, alabama. host: your turn. a questionant to ask that maybe you could clarify for me. i understand that there have been at least four different investigations into the trump-russia collusion. see if you could identify those for me and define , regarding the scope of robert mueller's investigation. of course, the conclusions if any of them -- i know some of them are still ongoing.
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host: wide u.s.-backed question? caller: just for my own knowledge. -- i have seen on the investigations, i think one in the senate had found no collusion and maybe one in the house found something similar. i was just wondering if these investigations found no collusion along with robert mueller's, how the democrats will have much of a leg to stand on to go further with this impeachment process if that is what they elect to do. the robert mueller investigation started made in 20 17, following investigations by congress. they are now culminating in today's release. it sounds like attorney general william barr will be releasing a
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more unredacted version to the leaders of the house and senate in the near future. they will be able to go over to the department of justice and read the more unredacted version. we learned that from the reporter we talked to earlier. that is going to happen. we also learned that the democrats are holding a conference call on monday to discuss the mueller report and what their plan of action could be. william barr will be testifying on capitol hill may 1 and second, he will be at the house judiciary committees. those will be live on the c-span networks. hi, my apologies for the gentleman from iowa who was very confused about what is going on. [laughter] outsorry there are iowans
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there like that. it is very obvious to me that is the smoking gun. it is because the president wasn't brought forth with the subpoena powers to be put in place and answer these direct questions and be put on the record with his answers. instead, he was allowed to sit there and say i don't remember this so i don't recall. that is what was left. in fact, i also don't recall that i have heard that any of the family members were brought in and subpoenaed and asked direct questions and put on the spot. those people that went to the trump tower meeting itself, where they brought forth and put on the hot seat? if you don't have people on being caught in lies, of course there is no smoking gun.
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host: have you read the report? have you looked it over? caller: no. i don't really see with the need is. i will let the congresspeople read the report and proceed in doing what needs to be done to get our democracy back on track. host: if you're interested you can do so at one of the appendices in the report are the written questions submittedueller team to the president. you can see all of those written questions. floyd in louisiana, independent line. caller: hello, hello, hello. 84-year-old military man. i spent 23 years in the military. i am here to tell you that i just don't understand where our
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system is going. if they would've investigated this president before he took office, it would have known that he is a street crook. he is a con man. he and his family, all of them have lived off the country and done nothing for the country. he tells lies, over and over. all the understand why high-powered ministers are supporting this man. what do they tell their children? how did they address the children about our president of the united states? i have to say. god bless this country and lord forgive us for letting this man ruined this country. host: floyd in louisiana. up next is john in salt lake city. he is a democrat. have you spent any time with the report today? caller: i haven't been able to.
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the thing only became available this morning. i have been following the news. the various provisions that seem to be in play. me this thing, number one the members of these congressional committees should've gotten that report at the same time the white house did. the whole handling by william barr shows political favoritism and it shows that he was basically brought on and appointed by donald trump for the purpose of doing everything he could to defeat the investigation. i'm sorry for true republicans. i was born and raised on a ranch in utah. my father was republican.
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i voted republican until i was 25 or 30. law and in the accounting, taxes and so forth. it has basically caused me to shift parties from republican to democrat. the democrats in salt lake city have been gerrymandered out of a super republican mormon legislature. that is the essence of living in utah. john in salt lake city and his comments about the mueller report. -- were call before we want to show you some more tape. we will get to rob in madison mississippi on our republican line. what is your comment? i think the democrats
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should be ashamed of themselves. lie and have ady straight face? lots of different opinions. we have the greatest economy that has ever been. host: when it comes to the molar report, what are some of the lies the democrats are telling? caller: it is white and black. it really is white and black. host: thank you so much. counselor kellyanne conway made it out to the white house lawn to talk to reporters after william barr's press conference. here is her interaction with porters.
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mrs. conway: hey, everyone. really the best day since he got elected. >> how is it a medical exam of when the president was not cleared on obstruction? mrs. conway: i call this a political proctology exam. actually the attorney general and the deputy attorney general said that they found no basis for obstruction. and you know he has been cleared. this is the mueller report, mueller investigation, all of you who have been talking about how wonderful the mueller team and how important it was to protect mueller, how important it was to protect the investigation, how important it was to protect the deputy attorney general. that report makes clear that this white house and president, and none of us got in their way, never interfered, never refused to comply with a request.
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a lot of people testified, and many documents were produced. and the department of justice made very clear that every request that they issued was responded to and fulfilled. that should make people feel good about democracy and feel great that a campaign that i managed to its successful end did not collude with any russians. we are accepting apologies too today from anyone who has the grace to offer them. when i needed to find negative information about hillary clinton and how to beat her, i looked no further than hillary clinton. >> the only reason that the obstruction of justice did not stick was that a lot of people around the president did not do what he asked him. mrs. conway: that is actually not a sophisticated legal analysis. i will tell you if the president asked me to break the law, i would walk out the door. i would not even take pictures of my kids off the wall. all i want to say is that for all of the conversation about what he did and did not ask somebody to do or he is mad about jeff sessions' recusal. jeff sessions was attorney general for 18 months after that. don mcgann was white house counsel for 18 months after that.
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the president has the right to fire any of us. he showed that by firing jim comey. he could have fired mueller. he did not do that. >> the report showed that people around him did not let him do that. mrs. conway: intent matters. intent should matter. intent has never mattered to any of you, respectfully. was there intent to collude or intent to conspire, was there an intent to steal the election from hillary clinton, i am sure for whom most of you voted. intent matters. the president's intention was not to do that. intent matters, and i know you want to cherry pick one line here or one line there, because the big lie that you let fly for two years is over. i guess if people want to investigate in congress and waste their time and not listen to people like nancy pelosi, let's talk about what her word was, kitchen table issues. let's have at it. because i present to you the document that shows that the
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democrat's successes -- this is the success of the democrats in congress. here it is. there is nothing. >> if i could ask you, there were moments mentioned in the mueller report where there were contacts between the trump campaign and trump associates and russian operatives and so on. and what happened following that is we got false information about those contacts from the campaign, from people at the white house, from the press secretary. mrs. conway: is there a question in there? >> is there any regret for passing on false information to explain these contacts in these conversations that went on about what was going on -- mrs. conway: about whom are you speaking in the campaign? i have yet to meet some of these people. i never met carter page. i do not think i met george papadopoulos. maybe i have. >> the trump tower meeting involving the president's son and son-in-law. mrs. conway: total exoneration.
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nobody in the media is under oath. all these people who sit on tv all day. you are here working hard, you have people on your network sitting on tv saying things. because they are not under oath. adam schiff, where's the quote ample evidence of collusion? where is it? tell him to bring it over right now. i want to see it. >> why were we originally told a bogus story about that about russian adoptions? mrs. conway: no, i read the quote in the new york times article. it is in the mueller report. i just read all that. i am using my very expensive law degree today. i have read all of that, and i read the entire section where there is an exchange between don jr. and hope hixson. he says primarily we discussed. he said that there are some bs stuff in the beginning about hillary but it was not important and he went right by it. it is not true. the truth is what is in the report. and don jr. is exonerated.
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don sr. is exonerated. you just have to move on and start covering issues that americans are saying is important to them. health care, education, foreign policy, the economy, denuclearizing north korea. we have a lot to solve in this country. i said to you 2.5 years ago, when the president was elected, i said that we will have joint custody of this country for four to eight years. we have six to go. 5.5 to go. we have got to find a way to manage joint custody. we have to be honest with the american people. there is no collusion. >> getting back to being honest. >> has president trump expressed concerns that he thought his presidency was going to come to an end? mrs. conway: i was very surprised to see that by somebody who was here sparingly. i was surprised to see that because that was not the reaction of the president that day when i was there. there were words that the president is quoted where he does not use those words.
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so, i am not sure, you can ask the people about that. i will tell you that he has never once on the campaign said i think we should resign or not run anymore. i can go back to my happy life and make billions of dollars. he has never said that during the campaign and he is certainly never said it since i have been on his side on the campaign and here. he has never expressed that his presidency is over. i know that was the promise and wish of many people, but for some reason you give a lot of airtime and ink to. they have zero credibility now. they promised collusion, who swore there would be criminal conspiracy and whisper in the ears of people like me that my colleagues and members of the trump family would be headed to jail and would be indicted by the grand jury and would be taken to prison. that is a disgrace, people whispering in our ears about that. honestly, it is time to move on. total exoneration. the president is in a great mood. and i think what is incredibly
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important is that democracy in the world's greatest country flourishes. you do not need to collude with a foreign government or get information from wikileaks. you win elections fairly and squarely. >> do you think the president would like robert mueller to testify? democrats are calling for him to do that. mrs. conway: why are they asking for mr. mueller to testify? this is the mueller investigation, the report, and read actions in concert with the attorney general, deputy attorney general, and legal counsel. if they think it is, they can call him to testify. but the country has the right to ask when are you going to legislate and not investigate. is it oversight, or overreach. the eternal -- attorney general said today, you want to call mr. mueller to testify, call him to testify. i think the burden is going to increasingly be on those who will not let go of this big lie to prove why they are continuing it just in a different form. we had the mueller investigation.
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that was going to be the goal here appeared -- here. do you know how many times i was asked, will he fire rosenstein, will he fire mueller? will he shut down the special counsel's investigation? none of that happened. if you read the report, total compliance. total compliance and total exoneration. >> where's the president's point by point rebuttal that rudy giuliani said was coming out? mrs. conway: he does not need a point by point rebuttal. his greatest rebuttal will be that he is in office and he will remain in office and get reelected. because the democrats have nothing. they banked everything on this. you have 15, 18 people running for president and not a message that does not involve trump trump trump trump. some of them have promised collusion and some of them chaired powerful committees on capitol hill or are ranking members on capitol hill have promised collusion and said they have proof of criminal conspiracy. just because they are on tv shows vomiting their own nonsense and talking points every night and not under oath does not mean that they should face full exoneration.
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they should produce that evidence. if they love this country and they have evidence that a 22 month investigation, by the special counsel, independent, with taxpayer dollars could not find it, adam schiff somehow has it or jerry nadler has it, let us see it. where is it? >> does the president think that this is a criminal matter? mrs. conway: the president said that it was a hoax. i just called it a political proctology exam and we emerged with a clean bill of health. investigating the investigators is something that the investigators think would be a good idea. look, if you are going to scream about transparency and accountability and you need investigations for two years, i have 22 more months to wait and see how we got here in the first place. this fisa application. why the fbi was making payments to christopher steele, and also paid by hillary clinton and the dnc. glen simpson has taken the
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fifth. fusion gps, i would like to know more about that. you've seen some of the texting between struck and page. i think america has been told by all of you, so thank you for that, that we have a right to know and we want transparency and accountability and we want to make sure democracy is honest. let us investigate the investigators. how did we get here? because the president said that should not happen to another president again. let us see how we got here. how did it start? >> it started when he went on stage and encouraged russians to hack the elections. >> the report suggests that donald trump did get rid of robert mueller, and there was an attempt at obstruction of justice but his team would not allow that. mrs. conway: i just answered that question. they found no obstruction. you have to read the report completely. not just take it out and listen
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to people on tv. i sure have. i have read the whole report, and i got it very recently. no. let me just make the point. let me just make the point. let me just make the point. that the president, if you look at the entire report, the president had the complete right to fire mueller. if he wanted to get rid of mueller, he could fire him. he doesn't need to do anything else. he could've just fired him the way that he fired comey. he has the right to do that. this report made clear that there was no evidence that he fired jim comey to try and impede the investigation into russians and the campaign. did not do that. whatsoever. he fired comey because he could. he could have fired mueller. he could have fired rosenstein. he certainly has fired a lot of people, including people quoted to the report. polishing apples if you ask me. he could fire me when i walk into the building. he has a right to do that. if he wanted to get rid of mueller, he could have gotten rid of mueller. >> does attorney general barr plan to go after the illegal leakers?
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mrs. conway: you have to ask the attorney general that. we have been talking about investigations and transparency built on very little, if anything. i say there is ample evidence. look, people were obviously leaking information. comey said that he put things out there hoping it would trigger an investigation. trigger a special counsel. careful what you wish for. andrew mccabe is a confirmed leaker and liar. so, we know that there have been leaks. and again, in the interest of our thriving democracy, before the president gets reelected, which is a sure thing at this point, let us have, and let us see who was leaking, let's put them under oath. let us investigate the investigators. why not? anybody who objects to that is being partisan and having amnesia about how much we love transparency. >> you said that the president was in a good mood. mrs. conway: a great mood.
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>> talk about that his morning. what has he said? mrs. conway: i will not go through any private meetings. many of us have with him throughout the day. you saw him at the wounded warriors project. he was down there taking pictures. why was he half an hour late? talking to the lawyers and watching the press conference. a number of us were going to the report, and he is in there right now and asked me to come outside and have a little talk with you. he of course has the last word on all of this. he is the one who was democratically elected fairly and squarely, and he is the one who will address you at 4:00 when he leaves for a well-deserved easter break with his family. >> how does he know about the former administrative officials quoted throughout the report? that was white house counselor kellyanne conway from
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rather today in a spirited discussion with white house reporters. she mentioned the president may speak to reporters when he left for mar-a-lago for the holiday weekend. he did not. he and missus trump walked straight out, they did the same thing when they landed in west palm beach. they walked straight to the car and are at mar-a-lago for the holiday weekend. we are taking your calls this evening as we have done all day washe mueller report which released this morning. next up is daniel in the dallas, texas. what is your view? caller: thank you for taking my question. i haven't read the whole report. only part of it. there were a lot of
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reductions. i think what the special ,ounsel's report comes down to whether or not he should be removed from office. roger stone, paul manafort, i think it will be up to congress should impeach the president. if not the decisions will ultimately be made in the 2020 we will see if any foreign interference comes about
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in the 2020 election. if it does i think the president should be impeached. host: do you think there is some more information we have out there that we haven't heard yet? not entirely. i recognized some of these investigations are private with paul manafort and roger stone. i think it will uncover some more clues as to what the communication was with the russian operatives and their administration. host: thank you for calling in. tj is in minnesota. are you with us? caller: yes sir. host: tj is a republican. caller: i want to thank you for taking my call. i have yet to read the report myself. following this witchhunt for the last two years.
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i do believe it is a witchhunt becausethey are mad they got beat fair and square by a famous person who is not a career politician in my opinion. with the white house counselor who said that for us to understand what happened in the investigation, you have to read the full report. youout that knowledge, cannot say one thing or another in my opinion. i normally don't make calls like this. i just wanted to call in because i heard a few people state that you don't need the report. you can let congress interpret it for us. i disagree highly with that. host: will you be reading the report? which by the way you can read at caller: my wife actually just downloaded it and we will be reading it tonight before we go to bed. host: thanks for calling in.
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sean is in new york city. he is a democrat. my view on it is this, i come from where donald trump is from. in my opinion, and the opinion of a lot of people, my family and friends. we think he is a con. the molar report did not exonerate him from obstruction of justice. page 114icitly said on that it does not exonerate him. they couldn't find enough to prove it. they couldn't find enough to exonerate him. i watched coverage on it, i read a little bit. i really think that congress has to up the oversight. keep investigating him and hold him accountable. at the end of the day, if we let
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him keep going, we will just make ourselves on the international stage look like fools. we are letting russia take advantage of our elections. that is what the molar report was mainly about. my fear and this goes for both sides, if they don't come together and work on a compromise to prevent russia's interference in our elections, we will be in serious danger in 2020 and possibly 2022 and 2024 rollaround. host: that is sean in new york city. he mentioned one of the conclusions the mueller report came to. this is in volume two of the two volumes. here is a portion of the mueller report's conclusion. while we did not draw ultimate conclusions about the president's conduct, while this report does not conclude the
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president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him. page 114, it it is is in the mueller report. michelle in dallas. caller: hi, how are you. , whyt have one question does robert mueller not come out and discuss this report? everybody wants to blame william barr. the democrat safety has not come out and stated enough. they want to say william barr , whyedacted and alternate does robert mueller not come out in self -- himself and state how he feels and how it was presented? host: i can only say that jerry nadler today said he would be toling for robert mueller testify in front of his
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committee. also attorney general barr will be testifying may 1 and may 2 on capitol hill in front of the senate judiciary committee led by lindsey graham and the house judiciary by jerrold nadler. randy is in north carolina, how are you? we are listening. caller: i have not read the report with this is a witchhunt. this president cares about this country. he has done nothing but fight for this country. they have been trying to bury since poor hilary didn't win the election. cannot handle the truth that he did not have collusion with russia.
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they just keep wanting to investigate and hinder. the democratic party has done nothing in the first 100 days of office except want to investigate. all they should do is use their tax returns and they don't want to do that. the attorney general has proved they was no collusion should get over it and move on. host: that is randy in north carolina. next we have lucinda from wisconsin. caller: hello. -- i wantedd to say to make some points.
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the people saying there was showsce that the report no collusion are totally off base. if you read the report, it states that they could not exonerate him. that is an admission of guilt. .ll the pieces fit everyone of his staff are sitting in prison or awaiting trial. when are people going to wake up and see what is going on? this is a front to our democracy. we need to take care of business at hand make sure we get him out of office once and for all. he has done nothing but divide this country and put us in a bad economic state. people saying that are delusional.
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host: if democrats in the house decide to pursue impeachment, would you support that? caller: i would. that in theve done beginning. there were too many avenues of collusion just from what he stated. his family still hasn't testified. that should have been. they should have been subpoenaed and question. thank you for calling in. in new york we have dan. i have been listening to a lot of these calls and it really does sound like these people are delusional. when you read the report, the only reason i think he wasn't charged with anything was inause his aides denied him
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everything else. i don't understand how they could be so delusional. it is almost like they are just listening to whatever he says on twitter. if they read the report, there is plenty in there. it is not redacted, you can make some opinions. host: hopefully our first hour tonight will be re-aired. a lot of the comments you all are making in the second hour, we addressed with the two legal experts. the assistant attorney general and vice dean of the cornell law school. we addressed a lot of that and they talked about it from a legal standpoint. i think he might find it very interesting. rick is down on the border in texas. caller: hi, good evening.
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is in my estimation, he has done nothing to go to trial or jail for. it is just that the democrats are led by evil spirits because it is not political, this is strictly spiritual. a lot of people don't realize it or don't want to accept that truth. it is spiritual. it is a spiritual battle between good and evil. the democrats to send the evil side. for calling in rick. thank you for calling in. report,ant to read the you can go to the full report is right there smack in the center of our website. just click on that and you will get all 448 pages, which includes the redacted portions as well. glossary, the whole thing is
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there to read online. a reminder that this conversation will continue tomorrow morning on the washington several events happened today. we will re-show you several of them and we will begin with the 9:30 press conference by attorney general william barr. good morning, everybody had thanks for being here this morning. as you know, on march 22,


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