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tv   Washington Journal Daniel Lippman  CSPAN  April 27, 2019 8:43am-8:52am EDT

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book, the second mountain. >> some of the most amazing people are not motivated by money or status. they are motivated by their desire to do good. life was truly hard for them. they take on heavy burdens. they lead very inspiring lives. night onbrooks sunday c-span's q&a. >> "washington journal" continues. host: coming up tonight will be the white house correspondents association dinner in washington, d.c. at the same time, president trump will be holding a rally in green bay. let's talk about the white house correspondents dinner with the white house reporter from politico. good morning. guest: good morning. host: as background for our viewers, tell us what the white
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house correspondents dinner is, how long it has been around, and why it is important. house the white correspondents association has been around for about 100 years. they have an annual dinner. promote goodly to journalism and to give scholarships to needy student journalists and to promote the cause of good reporting. it has become this huge weekend of parties and political intrigue with lots of different shindigs around it. it has ballooned into a four-day affair. normally, if i'm not mistaken, the president attends this dinner. president trump is not attending and has not attended since winning the white house. why is president trump not going to this dinner? it is a verys
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boring dinner that was mean to him. last year and in previous years. he does not want to reward the press with attending their premier function every year. it has become a real point of has warnedwhere he his entire staff not to attend the dinner. they might relax that a little bit. president trump he has such bad relations with the media, but he creates our approval -- craves our approval some much, he cannot decide whether he loves us or hates us. did donald trump attend the dinner at all before he became president? as he heather graham to this -- has he ever been to this dinner
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before? he was happy to attend the dinner multiple times before he was president. he got roasted multiple times. i remember meeting his kids at the dinner before he was president. this is a recent thing. donald trump was roasted by president obama, i think it was him to, that encouraged run for office because he did not want to be seen as this joke that she used to be viewed as. host: in your story, you say president trump's decision not to go to this dinner has taken the shine off of what was once the nerd prom. has the dinner changed since president trump has decided not to attend? no more are is comedian anymore, at least for this year.
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they are instead having ron turn up, a major historian who wrote the hamilton book that became that musical everyone saw. he is going to give a talk about american history. i don't know how many jokes he is going to pull off. him, aind of a way for way for the association to reform the dinner. the hill hass -- to pull out of the dinner after the show will gave some insulting jokes on sarah sanders. for thatidely panned performance. is back. some of the top parties like arety fair, bloomberg, they
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no longer having those parties anymore like they did in the obama administration. become a more subdued affair. it has gone back to its roots, and the celebrities do not want to have anything to do with president trump or controversial topics in washington. you jumped into my next question. normally we see hollywood celebrities come in big-name people showing up at this dinner who are not connected to journalism at all. do we expect any prominent guests at the dinner this year? like: there are people jordan klepper, who is a comedian. night.iver was seen last driver was seen last night. s.ese are b-list star
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they are scraping the bottom of the barrel. seeing the major celebrities like ben affleck or george clooney or people like juliana morgales. i talked to her for my story. she said it should be happy to go back in a democratic administration. if trump came to the dinner, she would not be very happy. that is the sense i get from hollywood, news organizations are not even inviting hollywood celebrities because they know it is not worth it. i know that some news organizations with the new york times stopped going to this dinner because they said it about -- it stopped being journalism.
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are we seeing more journalistic organizations come back to the dinner now that it has moved away from hollywood? do you see it reverting back to what it used to be before president trump came to washington? guest: i think it will revert back to its normal state of bash a celebrity filled and weekend full of these types of parties. that will require a democrat to a republican who likes hollywood and hollywood likes them. they are not going to come back in the trump administration. proceeds. i think it is good to have a more slimmed down approach. i talked to people in the local economy in washington, and they are reporting lost business, not
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as many highrollers using hotels. that is not a horrible thing. this buffoonish affair where ever and was trying to get into as many parties as possible. that is still the case, but they go about it less transparently. host: we would like to thank daniel lipman for coming to talk to us about the white house correspondents association's dinner tonight. will you be at the dinner tonight? guest: i will be at the dinner in my black tie. host: thank you, daniel. we appreciate you helping us out this morning. guest: thank you. host: you can see the white house correspondents association's dinner on c-span tonight, live at 9:30 p.m. eastern time. instead of being at the white house correspondents association's dinner,


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