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tv   President Trump Meets with Japanese Prime Minister Abe  CSPAN  April 27, 2019 5:43pm-6:16pm EDT

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ataboutism, it is mean-spirited and terrible. what is even worse i think in some ways is the other problem is people don't engage with the other side at all. >> much this weekend on book tv on c-span2. japanese minister shinzo abe is in washington for two days to discuss a range of security and economic issues. on his arrival at the white house, the prime minister and and president trump spoke to reporters. in theinister abe is u.s. as part of a tour ahead of june.0 summit in late
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pres. trump: thank you very much. it is my honor to have my friend prime minister abe. we have many things to discuss, including trade, including some of the numbers that came out this morning. had a very big number -- 3.2 gdp for the first quarter, usually the worst quarter. that also included a little bit of a dispute we had during the quarter. so, 3.2 is far above expectations. i guess many think it would be in the ones. 3.2 is great. knowing that the first-quarter seems to always be the lowest, we're off to a good start for the year. if we had the previous administration's low interest rates and quantitative easing, pouring money into the system, 3.2 could've been 5. it could have been a lot higher. so, it's really quite, i would
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not say surprise, but for a lot of people it was a big surprise very big number. the prime minister just two moments ago said to me that congratulations on your numbers. the 3.2 number was even a surprise to japan. >> [speaking japanese]
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pres. trump: i just returned from indiana. the big nra conference which was really terrific. and the weather was very rough. they said we might have to circle for an hour and i said, i hope you do not have to do that because we can't keep this great gentleman waiting. we have the greatest pilots in the world and we have awfully good equipment on air force one. so, he landed it beautifully, no problem. >> [translating into japanese]
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pres. trump: and tonight, the prime minister and the great first lady of japan will be having dinner with us. we're celebrating our first lady's birthday. it is her birthday. so, i said to melania, would you like to have mr. and mrs., prime minister and mrs. abe join us for your birthday? she said, i can't think of anybody i would rather have. >> [translating into japanese] pres. trump: so, we'll be having dinner tonight at the white house. and we'll be, right after this
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meeting, having our representatives with us at the oval and in the cabinet room. i think a lot will be accomplished. we are talking about a lot on trade. it hasvery calm -- gotten very complex with what has happened with brexit and with prices and trade deals throughout the world. with our negotiations with we are doing very well china. some of our people are leaving for china on monday. and we're getting there. it could be very interesting. we'll see. i don't like to talk about things and i will not talk about things, because who knows what will happen? strange things could happen for better or worse, but we are doing very well in those trade negotiations. and actually, we have a very trade negotiation going right big now with japan, which is the primary reason the prime minister is here. >> [translating into japanese]
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pres. trump: the other thing we will be discussing is trade as it relates to our two countries. japan is buying a tremendous
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amount of military equipment and other equipment from the united states. we make the greatest jet fighters in the world, missiles and rockets, we make the best by far. we will be discussing that and strongly agriculture. tariffs onmassive agriculture, and were agriculture for many years going into japan, and we want to get rid of those tariffs. we do not tariff their cars. this should have been done by previous administrations, many previous administrations. it has been a long time but i am sure we can work it out. ultimately, we have a chance to make a very good and long-term trade deal with japan. into japanese]
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pres. trump: tomorrow, we will be up very early, leaving for a quick round of golf for a beautiful place on the potomac, i will not name the place but it is beautiful. we will play a quick round of golf, and then i going to wisconsin tomorrow and we have a tremendous crowd tomorrow night for a speech and rally, whatever you want to call it, it is very big. a lot of people, 69,000 people
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sign up. i think the arena holds about tennis -- about 10,000. it is always that way, there is a lot of great spirit in our country. we had great numbers released this morning and our country is doing very well economically, doing very well with the military. the military is being rebuilt, being rebuilt from within, all jobs within the united states. our country, we are very proud right now what is happening. [translating into japanese]
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pres. trump: thank you very much for being here. pm abe: [speaking japanese] translator: i would like to express my deep appreciation for the u.s. having me at the white house, and as you mentioned, we are going to celebrate madam first lady's birthday today, and i support celebrating this
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wonderful day with you. japanese]peaking translator: on the first of may, the crown prince succeeds to the throne, and it will usher in a new era under the new emperor. [speaking japanese] translator: under the new era, president trump and madam first lady will be the very first that we will invite. honora great pleasure and
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for us to welcome you and madam first lady. will show statement inside and outside, under the new era, the bonds between japan and the united states. we will demonstrate our strong commitment to addressing various challenging -- challenges we see in the international community. [speaking japanese] as you touched on earlier, i would like to congratulate you for your great performance, namely the 3.2% gdp growth in the first quarter of this year, as well as the quite excellent condition we see in the job's status in the united states. japanese]peaking
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translator: since president trump took office, japanese business communities have additionally announced a total of 23 billion u.s. dollars united states,he which will great 43,000 jobs in the united states. japan is ranked number one for its investment in the united states, as well as a number of jobs it creates in the united states. [speaking japanese] translator: in order for us to
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see further development of the economies of japan and the united states and to realize those economies would become mutually beneficial for both nations, we look forward to having a discussion with you on the trade deal we are negotiating with each other. [speaking japanese] translator: regarding the tariffs on autos, japan has put no tariffs on american autos, but in contrast, united states has put a 2.5% tariff on a japanese autos, but in any case, we would like to proceed with further negotiations for a
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mutually beneficial outcome for both of our countries. japanese]peaking also i'm going to host the g20 osaka summit in june of this year. in order for us to bring the summit to a successful conclusion, i would like to reaffirm our close cooperation and partnership at today's meeting. japanese]peaking translator: and i cannot wait to play another round of golf with you tomorrow and i hope it will be a sunny day. pres. trump: it will be beautiful, it is always beautiful. i want to thank you. carfact is that japanese companies are coming in at a level we have not seen in many decades.
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toyota is investing $40 billion over a short time, and others too. they are going to north carolina, south carolina, kentucky. we really getting a lot of business from japan. i appreciate that. we're trying to bring some balance to the surplus i have with the u.s. for many years. it is all working out. but they are making the biggest investments they have ever made in the united states, in particular car companies. they are coming in. a lot of that has to do with new agreements we have been making, and some of it has to do with the trade agreement. that should even increase that number. i very much look forward to discussing that today. as far as your very big event, that's a very big event. and when we were in japan together, we were talking about it, and the invitation was made, and i said, i don't know if i can make it.
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let me ask you a question. how big is that event compared to the super bowl for the japanese? and the prime minister said, it's about 100 times bigger. i said i will be there. if that's the case, i'll be there. it has been 130 some odd years it has happened. it is a very unusual thing. you are talking about reigning through blood for over 3000 years, the longest in the world. it is a very big event. it is very exciting, actually. maybe you could explain the events. translator: [speaking japanese]
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translator: [speaking japanese] p.m. abe: [speaking japanese] translator: [speaking japanese]
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p.m. abe: [speaking japanese] translator: for japan and the entire japanese people, having the u.s. enter means a lot. this will be an historic event and a tremendous event for everyone in japan. hereld like to underscore
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that we will have the abdication of the living emperor to the crown prince. and this will happen for the first time in approximately 200 years. p.m. abe: [speaking japanese] translator: and under such an historic situation and under the new emperor, president trump and madam first lady will be the very first state guests. that's why i look forward to welcoming you two in japan. pres. trump: that's really nice and an honor on behalf of our country, not just the first lady and myself. we really look forward to that. and i think on a lighter note, we will also be going, perhaps, to a sumo wrestling match. i've always found that fascinating. in fact, we are having a trophy made in this country and we will
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-- we will give the trophy to the winner of the championship. that will be good, and i'm sure the media will like that, but it's something i will enjoy very much. we may be doing that. again, mr. prime minister, you are my friend, and i appreciate the visit, and i think we will accomplish a lot. we will also talk about north korea, where we are working together closely with others. and i think it is going well. thank you all very much. thank you. >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: i think it can go fairly quickly. maybe with the time we go over there, we can sign it over there. but it is moving along very nicely. reporter: is there a situation you can see where don mcgahn is charged with perjury? you seem to be contradicting what he has said. pres. trump: i don't want to talk about that now. we have other things we are talking about, but i will respond to that question at a later date. thank you.
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reporter: to follow-up on your comments last night, saying there was an attempted coup to topple your presidency, what do you mean by a coup? pres. trump: if you look at what has been happening and all the things you have been seeing with the insurance policy statement from two agents that are now gone, if you look at many of the elements of intrigue - and frankly, we are going to be seeing a lot over the next couple of weeks, things a lot of people have not seen. what took place here was a very terrible situation, how this whole ridiculous, $35 million, unlimited personnel, how this all started, i think you will find it of great interest. most of you know the answer to it, anyway. the fair press, the people who know what they are doing, or the people that are indeed fair. they know the answer to it. we are going to see. it is going to be very
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interesting. but what took place over the last period of almost two years, and really before that, much before that, in all fairness to robert mueller, things happened long before he even started. and what took place is a disgrace to our country, and it hurt our country, and a lot of people have been let go. and i don't mean by me -- they have been dismissed, fired, they have left in disgrace. and it really is a sad moment for the country, but ultimately it will be a healing factor. thank you all very much. thank you very much. >> "washington journal" >> coming up tonight will be the white house correspondents
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association dinner in washington, d.c. at the same time, president trump will be holding a rally in green bay. let's talk about the white house correspondents dinner first with daniel lippman from politico. good morning. politico. good morning. guest: good morning. host: as background for our viewers, tell us what the white house correspondents dinner is, how long it has been around, and why it is important. house the white correspondents association has been around for about 100 years. they have an annual dinner. promote goodly to journalism and to give scholarships to needy student journalists and to promote the cause of good reporting. it has become this huge weekend of parties and political intrigue with lots of different
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shindigs around it. it has ballooned into a four-day affair. normally, if i'm not mistaken, the president attends this dinner. president trump is not attending and has not attended since winning the white house. why is president trump not going to this dinner? it is a verys boring dinner that was mean to him. last year and in previous years. he does not want to reward the press with attending their premier function every year. it has become a real point of has warnedwhere he his entire staff not to attend the dinner. they might relax that a little bit.
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president trump he has such bad relations with the media, but he creates our approval -- craves our approval some much, he cannot decide whether he loves us or hates us. did donald trump attend the dinner at all before he became president? as he heather graham to this -- has he ever been to this dinner before? he was happy to attend the dinner multiple times before he was president. he got roasted multiple times. i remember meeting his kids at the dinner before he was president. this is a recent thing. donald trump was roasted by president obama, i think it was him to, that encouraged run for office because he did not want to be seen as this joke that she used to be viewed as. host: in your story, you say
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president trump's decision not to go to this dinner has taken the shine off of what was once the nerd prom. has the dinner changed since president trump has decided not to attend? no more are is comedian anymore, at least for this year. they are instead having ron turn up, a major historian who wrote the hamilton book that became that musical everyone saw. he is going to give a talk about american history. i don't know how many jokes he is going to pull off. him, aind of a way for way for the association to reform the dinner. the hill hass --
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to pull out of the dinner after the show will gave some insulting jokes on sarah sanders. for thatidely panned performance. is back. some of the top parties like arety fair, bloomberg, they no longer having those parties anymore like they did in the obama administration. become a more subdued affair. it has gone back to its roots, and the celebrities do not want to have anything to do with president trump or controversial topics in washington. you jumped into my next question. normally we see hollywood celebrities come in big-name people showing up at this dinner who are not connected to journalism at all. do we expect any prominent guests at the dinner this year?
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like: there are people jordan klepper, who is a comedian. night.iver was seen last driver was seen last night. s.ese are b-list star they are scraping the bottom of the barrel. seeing the major celebrities like ben affleck or george clooney or people like juliana morgales. i talked to her for my story. she said it should be happy to go back in a democratic administration. if trump came to the dinner, she would not be very happy.
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that is the sense i get from hollywood, news organizations are not even inviting hollywood celebrities because they know it is not worth it. i know that some news organizations with the new york times stopped going to this dinner because they said it about -- it stopped being journalism. are we seeing more journalistic organizations come back to the dinner now that it has moved away from hollywood? do you see it reverting back to what it used to be before president trump came to washington? guest: i think it will revert back to its normal state of bash a celebrity filled and weekend full of these types of parties. that will require a democrat to a republican who
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likes hollywood and hollywood likes them. they are not going to come back in the trump administration. proceeds. i think it is good to have a more slimmed down approach. i talked to people in the local economy in washington, and they are reporting lost business, not as many highrollers using hotels. that is not a horrible thing. this buffoonish affair where ever and was trying to get into as many parties as possible. that is still the case, but they go about it less transparently. host: we would like to thank daniel lipman for coming to talk to us about the white house correspondents association's dinner tonight. will you be at the dinner tonight? guest: i will be at the dinner
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in my black tie. host: thank you, daniel. we appreciate you helping us out this morning. guest: thank you. host: you can see the white house correspondents association's dinner on c-span tonight, live at 9:30 p.m. eastern time. instead of being at the white house correspondents association's dinner, donald trump will be going to green bay, wisconsin, to hold a rally. on the phone, we have craig bureau, the washington chief for the milwaukee journal sentinel about what he expects for tonight's dinner. good morning. caller: good morning. host: instead of being at the washington correspondents dinner, president trump is coming to milwaukee, i mean green bay, wisconsin, to hold a rally. what to expect president trump to say? guest: i think it will be a typical trump campaign rally.


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