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tv   Prime Ministers Questions Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  April 28, 2019 9:00pm-9:54pm EDT

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c-span3,, and listen on the free c-span radio app. next, british cabinet officer stands in foron prime minister theresa may and takes questions from members of the house of commons. supremeonversation with court justice stephen breyer. another chance to see "q and a." >> among the topics discussed, the upcoming state visit to the u.k. and the impact for ireland in a u.s. and u.k. trade deal. this is just under an hour.
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government has facts in public debate not to regulate opinions on them. >> questions to the prime minister. jacked fredrickson. >> mister speaker. i have been asked to reply on behalf of my right honorable from the prime minister who is saying belfast attending the funeral of darren mckee. and the murder of a young woman, a brilliant journalist who represented all that is good about northern ireland and those responsible for order have nothing to offer anyone for many community in northern ireland. members across the house will want to join me in - and other family members and friends and family have asked, we'd today
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stand with lire. mister speaker, the attack on three christian churches and three hotels in sri lanka on easter sunday was a horrific and cowardly act and the house will know the number of british citizens also killed. the prime minister spoke to the prime minister of sri lanka to send her condolences and offer his government any assistance they need. i'm sure the house will not only want to join me in sending sympathies and condolences to those caught up in the horrific attack but i hope the house will reflect on the fact that that atrocity committed on easter sunday came a couple weeks after an equally brutal and appalling in christchurch,
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new zealand, upon the muslim community worshiping there. if we stand between easter and next week, the beginning of ramadan i hope this will be a time not just for members but all our fellow citizens of all faiths and of none to come together and stand up for the values of mutual respect, tolerance and religious diversity which and body what is best about our country. >> i would like to echo those thoughts, rejuvenating -- absolutely essential. will my right honorable friend join me in the opening doors policy in my constituency and agree we must all succeed. >> mister speaker. i am well coming the
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constituency and we welcome in places like -- my right honorable from the community secretary studying this carefully, and he and i know that our honorable friend, a doubt a champion of the claim of his constituencies. >> the ministers of the cabinet office and i usually do these sessions. we are standing in solidarity and shared grief of the people of sri lanka and those who loved loved ones, peaceful worshipers and innocents. those that force the 8-year-old cousin of a member of the hempstead, and utter depravity and evil which stand in contrast to the words written by ben nicholson about his wife
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and the children he lost. we also celebrated the results of billy mcneil, the first to lift the european cut and the man who spent his life fighting against secretary and hatred. we mourned the senseless murder of the brilliant young journalist whose funeral the prime minister is right to attend and whose death was a horrific reminder of where sectarian hatred leads. we stand with lire. in her name, i asked the minister for the cabinet to tell us what the government is doing to bring hercules to justice and protect northern ireland from a return to task. >> can i welcome the tone and words of the right honorable lady and also say i would share her tribute to billy mcneil who died on monday.
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790 appearances as a testament to the next ordinary career in which he also won 31 major trophies as a manager and our thoughts and sympathies with his family and friends. as the right honorable lady will understand, the decisions about criminal investigations in northern ireland are matter of the police service for northern ireland and the independent public prosecution service. we very much hope the government, that any member of the public who has information that will lead to lire's murderers be brought to justice comes forward and i am hopeful given the sense of community solidarity that there has been in londonderry and northern ireland generally, that will be forthcoming. >> i think the minister for his answers.
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reading this from the new ira last week was the talk of attacking enemy forces and sincere condolences, a sickening throwback to the days we left behind 20 years ago. from individuals whose only desire is to turn back the clock and destroy the progress that has been made. to the cabinet agree with me this is one of the central reasons we must find an answer to the northern irish border question rather than give these evil terrorists the divisions that they crave. >> i think i would draw a distinction that the right honorable lady raises important but i don't think those murderers in dairy or motivated by any thoughts about the
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border or customs, important though those issues are. what the right honorable lady said i totally agree with, the unacceptability of references to police officers in northern ireland if they would be a legitimate target. one of the great achievements of the peace building process in northern ireland has been a difficult controversial reform of the police service where you have young men and women from unionist and nationalist communities who serve gladly together, upholding law and justice in northern ireland and we should all of us in this house continue to send every officer our full support. >> can i bring back the issue of the border.
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and the fundamental problem remains the means. his own party and the dep will not accept the current -- the only way the government plans to avoid the backstop is to deliver a so-called individual order. last week we saw a presentation stating, quote, no government worldwide has a system in place, current realization for a technological solution in the uk is 2030 and there is no budget for a pilot or the program itself. can administer tell us, is the home office wrong? >> i am not going to comment on alleged leaks from government departments. the government has allocated 20 million pounds to invest in work on alternative measures. we have benefits in terms of
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seamless strayed in northern ireland and ireland and which if successful, to give smart borders on all of the united kingdom's external orders and offer some export opportunities for that technology as well. >> interesting with the ministers says that the home office says there are 6 problems with deploying these solutions. it is expensive and there is no budget and it has to operate for 28 different uk government agencies, and it needs to operate on both sides of the border and deliverable until 2030, and there is a fool track record to say the least, and no one in the world has done anything similar. the answer to the northern ireland border question is very the government in the face.
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28 months ago and two brexit sections ago, i tell the minister the only way was staying in a customs union and the alignment of all rules and regulations, he said 3 years ago, flies in the face of reality. that was the truth then and it remains the truth today so why will the government does not wake up to it? >> mister speaker, i did say to the right honorable lady in our previous exchange that there is a 20 million pounds budget that has been earmarked for this work. it is also the case whatever the right honorable lady may be reading newspapers, not just the united kingdom but the european union has committed itself to get these alternative measures agreed by 2020.
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and entered into lightly, without thought and analysis about achieving that. what i say to the right honorable lady, the solution she identifies, needing to have a frictionless part of ireland, and the withdrawal agreement. and an honorable friend to vote for what the government is proposing, and rejecting it and blocking the brexit which her party's manifesto commits her to. >> we heard it all before. the only point the minister didn't make this time was britain must be able to establish her own international trade agreement. listening to nancy pelosi last week, made it clear if the uk government, we could forget all
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about a free-trade deal with the us. they will spend millions giving donald trump the golden carriage treatment in june and might even be worth it so long as he is forced to sit next to greta sundberg or on one side, david attenborough on the other, that would be 3 hours well spent. the truth is it would all be a giant waste of taxpayers money because if the u.s. congress will never agree to a trade deal unless we have a solution for the irish border that will actually work and this government simply doesn't have one. >> mister speaker, in two short years ago the right honorable lady set of donald trump, we should welcome the american president. we have to work with him.
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i just wonder whether something has changed about the us administration or whether something has changed about her own leadership. the government. the government and the labour party, i thought, both wanted to see no tariffs, no quotas, no rules of origin checks, a seamless border on the island of ireland. yet three times the right honorable lady and her colleague have voted against a deal that would deliver those things they claim to be committed. it is about time she put principal at the national interest ahead of party advantage.
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>> only one side of the house, very active as we speak. in a week like this when we have all been shocked and saddened by the horrific acts of terrorism at home and abroad. we remember, to keep the country and citizens safe. even concerns about the economy, the main reason to keep an open border in ireland, and millions of british and irish citizens have come to depend upon the week like this hangs like a thread. and the country being put first, the whole of our country, and that means finally getting serious about cross party negotiations, the customs union is on the table.
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>> mister speaker, she is being described as the outer inner circle. i could say the substance and the tone of those conversations with the opposition team have been constructive. i am not going to hide the fact this is very difficult. if it is going to work, both parties needing to make compromises and ending up with a solution that unlike any other proposed, would get a majority in the house. so far this house has rejected the opposition proposal. it has rejected a referendum.
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it has referred -- rejected revocation, rejected customs union, market 2.0. it is not just a matter for the opposition front. every member of this house, to take our responsibilities to the country seriously and find a way to agree on an outcome to deliver the referendum result to take this country forward. >> i associate myself with sentiments on both sides of the house. far from what some would have you believe, those of us who voted to leave new exactly what we were voting for. we were voting to control our own borders, spend our own money, make our laws and have those laws judged by our own judges. it seems to be to hold a second referendum.
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will my right honorable friend concerned with his watch, hoping the second referendum gets -- yes or no? >> very clear indeed that we do not agree with a second referendum and we voted against a second referendum. all of us in 2016 recall telling our electors that their decision was going to be final and would be affected whatever the outcome of that referendum would be and i think it would do harm for our political institutions, were that commitment to be set aside. >> ian blackburn. >> the s&p, horrified by the
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enshrine offices, that we should all of us from all religions or none be considering religious tolerance and ensuring we champion that. our thoughts are with the family, we want to make clear we stand with selena and in addition to that, a manager for aberdeen. climate change is the biggest crisis facing the world today. even the environmental secretary admitted the government failed to do enough. yesterday he promised the uk government would take action. this government spend millions on nuclear power, and continue to pursue fracking. this taking action include reversing these damaging
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policies? >> mister speaker the environment secretary said yesterday there is clearly more that needs to be done and on an age to be here, our generations have not done sufficient to meet this challenge. the lady underestimates how much work has been done by the united kingdom. since 2010 we reduce co2 emissions faster than any other nation. we reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a quarter overall. renewable energy capacity has quadrupled since 2010 and the proportion of electricity from low carbon resources has increased from 19% to more than half, a record year for renewables. a lot more to do but a good record on which to base that future action. >> i don't think that
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recognizes the scale of the challenge. there is already a climate change bill, with ambitious statutory targets of any country in the world. and if you need to go further, commissioning new advice for climate change due next week on what the target should be. can he confirm with the advice next week, the uk government recommended targets immediately and soon? >> i want to see what the advice is and i want the house to see what the advice is and learn from the government directly what its decisions are going to be but can i say to the honorable lady, passing legislation can get you so far but what you need is
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legislation, but a change in attitude right across society and right across industry and what i'm encouraged by, the uk has cut its emissions by 40%. the economy has grown by two thirds. greater prosperity and green polities are not incompatible. they should and -- should be made to work together. >> can i associate myself with the words of the front bench? to assure that this is fulfilled with my right honorable friend encourage the home office to extend the worker scheme from 2500 this year and open it up to 30, 40,000 next year to make sure
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appetites are fulfilled. >> i would have expected my honorable friend spoke the produce of his constituency and the need for businesses there. obviously we have established a 2-year pilot that provides a 6-month scheme for migrants to work on that sector. it is designed to be the labor needs of the horticultural sector and need to evaluate what happens with that practice. the secretary of skate of scotland and agriculture will be looking closely at the impact on the northeastern province. >> the prime minister when she was home secretary said the police federation were crying
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wolf over the impact of police cuts. now teachers, specialists, children and youth workers and others are warning government cuts making it harder to protect young people from that crime. my concern constituency crime survey, many constituents are saying cuts to services that support young people, need to be reversed. >> kaboom minister for the cabinet office tell us if he thinks children and youth workers and my constituents too? >> the facts are the government increased police funding by 970 million pounds for next year. the labour party voted against that increase when the order came before the house of commons but the honorable lady is right to say this is not
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only about policing new laws but early intervention. that is why my honorable friend the home secretary has secured 220 million pounds for early intervention project to try to steer young people at risk of knife crime and other violent crime away from the gangs that can seduce them into that point. >> mister speaker, passions are running high about the devastating effects of climate change. i believe this government has made great strides faster than any country in the g 20. we must do more, faster and sooner for sustainable future. what my right honorable friend asked the prime minister to join me in across party call for net 0 emissions ahead of 2020, greater than the current targets.
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that is more than the current target. and instigated from my colleagues from south and east and the prime minister, to meet colleagues and i to discuss enshrining this in law as proposed by my honorable friend from shetland in his 10 minute rule. >> like i say tonight, i pay tribute to my honorable friend, the way she has championed this and other environmental issues in the house. i would like to certainly -- i don't know if it is prime minister or another colleague, will be happy to see other parliamentary colleagues. i hope she understands the we want to look at the advice of
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the independent climate change to committee to understand what is needed for that 0 emissions target and the practical steps that would involve but i can assure her we are investing into a half billion dollars to support low carbon innovation in the uk in the next 6 years alone, clean growth is a priority for the government and will remain so. >> we managed to get through only 13 questions in 25 minutes. we need to speed up to accommodate members patiently waiting to put their inquiries. >> thank you. the closure of the tax office, gutting hundreds of jobs lost to the town and many under threat of spending disappearing from the local economy and that is one over 150 being overseen by the treasury. if the government genuinely wants for that concern, surely
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to damaging tax is clear. >> yes. mister speaker, i completely understand the concerns on hard-working civil servants who were expecting to be reassigned. there is a difference happening in the way in which citizens curious to interact with fewer people wanting or needing to access, more people being willing and choosing to work with the taxman online and this is going to have implications, the priority has to be that we maintain a high quality service to businesses and individual taxpayers. >> the minister is burning across the country including one that started on monday and continues despite efforts of 50
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firefighters will my right honorable friend join me, all the seniors involved on multi agency and also the fire service keeping away and dedicated and committed firefighters keeping this blaze under control. >> i'm happy to endorse my honorable friend yesterday to the fire and rescue service in his constituency and also support his words to cooperate with those services. >> the government's intention to bring forward the withdrawal agreement implementation bill and if parliament loses its second reading, wouldn't it be far safer for the government to link this to the people's vote and bring that forward to parliament? >> the problem is so far whenever the idea of a second
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referendum has been brought before the house there has been a majority against that so i don't think the right honorable gentlemen's proposal delivers the outcome he seeks. >> can i say about sri lanka, my honorable friend tells us if you think it is likely to leave by may 22nd and those he agreed that both political parties are likely to suffer? what does it say to my constituents about the democratic process that this withdrawal agreement to leave the european union? >> i completely understand and share the sense of exasperation my honorable friend has expressed. it is clear from this dispatch box on several occasions that the consequences of the house voting to reject the withdrawal agreement and vote in favor of
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an extension is the government would need to make preparations for those european elections. the way we solve this problem is for parliament to assemble the majority for a deal, vote for it and get legislation through and get it through within a year. >> having experienced the average salary of 2000 pounds a year since 2010 and expecting a rise this year, civil servants in the pcs union are seeing this reaction. will the minister tell the house when civil service will be free of austerity measures and receive a substantial pay raise which is long overdue? >> there has been because of the scale of the deficit which was inherited in 2010.
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the need for severe restraint over public expenditure including public sector pay. where we are today, mister speaker is there is flexibility within the overall pay ceiling department by department or departments to negotiate with their workforces arrangements that do permit higher figures to increase wages than the ones to which the honorable lady has referred. >> over 40,000 people take part in the london marathon, many of them supporting the revolution on behalf of the climbers society and some are sitting on these benches. the uk is a world leader in dementia research. i visited with members of science and technology. will government support
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dementia research, encourage more people to take part in such trials and the best of luck to everyone. >> i wish success and strength to everybody taking part in the marathon on sunday particularly to members on all sides of the house and in the press gallery as well. my honorable friend makes an important point about dementia. one of the welcome changes we are seeing is as a society we are more open about the fact that many of us will live with dementia at some stage in our lives, that government commitment, dementia research and trying to remove the stigma will be maintained. >> i was aware of 16 honorable and right honorable members of
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the house taking part in the marathon including the secretary of state for wales and the honorable lady from who we heard earlier but was too modest to mention a prospect of involvement. >> i don't think i could run the london marathon. >> under key family in northern ireland burying their daughter today murdered by ira terrorists. hundreds of people in sri lanka are burying their loved ones brutally murdered because of their faith. christians across the world are the most religious and persecuted but 300 million living in fear of discrimination and persecution, 4000 being killed every year because of their faith. the government has said that britain is on their side and
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can the minister tell us how is the government using the uk soft power, economic power, contact with other governments and the budget to help those who are persecuted daily simply because they believe in jesus christ? >> the aid budget and foreign office diplomatic expenditure budget do -- will give and continue to give priority to human rights including the right of christians and people of other faiths. the honorable gentlemen is correct in saying in many countries christians do face persecution and discrimination. we work to improve standards of justice and civil rights in those countries. we work with christian and other religious communities who
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are on threat. my honorable from the foreign secretary has commissioned a review in particular of work to help prosecuted christians overseas to make sure we are focusing the right resource and effort in delivering those improvements in outcomes that the right honorable gentlemen seeks. >> mister graham. >> current immigration requirements of large commonwealth service men and women to pay 2389 pounds after four years service for almost 10,000 pounds for a family of 4. this considerable cost does not reflect the nation's respect for those extremists to give their lives to our country. i have therefore written across, 130 members to seek his support to abolish these visas. at a time when the uk is chair of the commonwealth would my right honorable friend as prime
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minister give support to the great nonparty political cause supported by the british legion. >> i want mister speaker to pay tribute to men and women from commonwealth countries who serve in our armed services. that service is something they have valued, the particular point my honorable friend makes about immigration requirements, i am sure my honorable from the home secretary will take seriously and carefully the representation he was making. >> they have to flee again. there was a response from a 6-month ban and a 50 pound fine. considering what is happening, the growth of racism at every
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level in football and call for a national forum. is and to clear the football authorities are not capable without our help and government help to get on top of this problem of racism in football. and help convene using there are spaces and others have requested this summer and you might offer this location as an appropriate venue for such a forum. >> i think every member of this house will condemn without reservation the behavior to which the honorable member referred. it is something that should be regarded as completely beyond the bounds of acceptability in our society. i can undertake that my honorable friend will want to
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sit down with him and other colleagues to make this a priority to discuss what more might be done. >> thank you, mister speaker. june balding who represents one.3 billion british nationals in the eu 27 reminds me that the letter is almost 1-month-old in terms of responding to the requirement of this house to carveout citizens rights in the withdrawal agreement. given what is past in his house, my right honorable friend informed the house what actions the government has taken since receiving that letter? >> as i recall what my honorable friends thought was the government should make representations to the commission, carving citizens rights elements out of the withdrawal agreement overall.
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there are legal problems in the withdrawal agreement stands together and as a package has been submitted to the european parliament having been formally illegally approved by the european council and separate element of that might need to go through the european procedures assuming the political willingness to do so. i will ask the brexit secretary to speak urgently to my honorable friend to give them an update where we are. >> it is complacent to claim we are on target to meet our climate change obligations when emissions from air, freight, and shipping and imports and exports are excluded from the figures. will this government be honest about the scale of the challenge of climate change? we need to fully invest in renewable energy, drop the
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fascination with fracking and declare a climate change emergency because that is the reality of what we face. >> mister speaker, the rules on emissions from shipping are not unique to the united kingdom. these are global standards. as i said in earlier exchanges, the government is first to say there is more that needs to be done. the honorable gentlemen is not acknowledging we have a better track record in this than any other member of the g7. he talks about the investment is our support for renewables will be 10 billion pounds by 2021. we opened the world's largest offshore wind farm capable of powering 600,000 homes, the world's first ever windfarm, 99% of solar power that we have
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in the uk has been deployed since 2010. that is a good track record. >> doctor julia lewis. >> the government success that the telecommunications from a faraway is linked with the chinese communist government and deeply hostile intelligence services. >> legally speaking, it is a private firm, not a government-owned company. my right honorable friend takes us to the question about the proposed rollout of 5g networks. the department has commissioned a very wide-ranging thorough review of this. we are giving priority to stronger cyber security practice across the communication sector, resilient until it medications networks and critically, diverse city in
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the entire supply chain because this goes beyond any single company. when we make decisions about that review we will announce them to the house in the proper way. >> i think the minister will recognize he will hear from his right honorable friend on this matter a few hundred more times in the coming weeks. >> the government continues to underfund the race that as well as a away running at 6% despite having a network. and investing in infrastructure, the investment they deserved. >> we are investing record amounts in railway infrastructure. in control. go 6 taking us to 2024, will be more than 11/2 billion pounds delivering
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improved journeys for passengers in wales on the more advanced new trains and in south wales passengers and commuters are experiencing improvement thank 2 new express trains, each having 130 extra seats. i really would have wished the honorable gentlemen could have paid tribute to that achievement. >> if i could add a few words of tribute of my own, a childhood hero of mine, the question that was asked earlier by the honorable chancellor, his brave struggle with dementia. my own mother passed away earlier this year due to the effects of dementia. scottish universities are doing world leading research into the prevention of dementia and
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currently receive 100 million pounds of funding each year from the european union. will my right honorable friend confirm this funding will be maintained and this research will be protected as we leave the european union? >> if we get the implantation period envisaged by the withdrawal agreement those funding arrangements will continue until the end of the implementation period. at that point there will need to be decisions by government as a whole about spending priorities including medical research but as i said, the government commitment to dementia research is something that will continue. >> wages stagnating for a decade, poverty rising faster than employment and a climate disaster.
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what are mass, mister speaker but interest rising firms are doing sector leading work, good jobs but they are not getting enough support from the government. the minister boasted about renewables but that is not enough. with a governments are going to do to support my constituents. >> what we are seeing in this country is not only 10 billion pounds i spoke about in the earlier exchange but enterprising innovative companies, large and small, seizing the opportunities of developing green technology and renewable energy technology in a way that will take a vantage not just of the domestic market but growing export market globally as well. the government will continue
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its industrial strategy to work for green growth and i hope businesses that will benefit from businesses elsewhere. >> the opposition did move one of its key red line supporting a proposal that did not specify the customer's union and supported customs arrangements and temporary customs union followed by a tentative arrangements. and on the same page is this the time to put party politics to one side and agree on a deal in the national interest? >> my honorable friend makes an important point. as we look to the future relationship with the european union we are looking at the customs arrangement that will be in place as part of the future relationship and we indicated, this is reflected in the existing text of the
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political the correction we want to maintain the benefits of the customs union, no quotas and no rules of origin checks and we remain focused on agreeing on an approach that delivers on the result of the referendum which is the uk to leave and i hope it will be possible to bring members from all sides of the house together in support of a customs arrangement as part of a wider approach to future relationship with the european union that enables us to get on with this task in the way the people expect. >> patience rewarded. nigel dobbs. >> thank you, mister speaker, to go back to what the minister started with in this session. in a few moments the funeral of larry mcgee will begin in belfast in the prime ministry leader of the opposition are present and we extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends in this
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terrible time is the message across northern ireland is violence is not acceptable and will never be succeed, and never will and will the minister agree the repulsive statement from those who carried out this terrible atrocity and the murder of police officers is legitimate and an accident that lira was killed. in standing with lire today, journalists, police officers, all serve the community and northern ireland, and attack on any woman is an attack on us all. >> i agree with every word the right honorable member has said. i thought the finest repost to those sickening claims by the
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terrorists was there state, the leaders of both democratic unionist party and others came together putting aside the real differences between them to reject the path towards violence and terror. the joint statement by all party leaders in northern ireland rejecting terrorism and the visible expressions of both grief and anger towards the terrorists by communities in londonderry has been a visible but also the most compelling, moving a pot to the evil claims of those behind that terrorist act. those political leaders, those communities in dairy spoke for the reality in the heart of
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>> you been watching prime minister's questions. watch live on c-span2 or watch sunday night on c-span. you can go to to find video of past "prime minister's questions" and other british public affairs programs. what is livek at on the c-span networks monday. the carnegie endowment for international peace holds a discussion on the trump administration's policy towards iran. at 2:00 p.m. the house begins their week with legislative business. mike pompeo discusses u.s. foreign policy at an event hosted by the hill newspaper. at noon, a discussion on economic inequality. 3:00 p.m. comes in at to continue work on executive
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nominations. on c-span3, a discussion on syria and the middle east hosted by the center for a new american security. at three: 30 p.m. former vice president joe biden kicks off his campaign with a valley in pittsburgh. house veterans affairs committee hearing on how to prevent suicide by military veterans. monday night on "the communicators" a conversation on privacy and internet developments with california consumer privacy act co-author mary stone ross. and a representative from the m.i.t. internet research policy initiative. >> the stakes are higher now because we are talking about deploying automatic decision-making capabilities. the ability for a machine to assist with decisions about people or in some cases unilaterally make those decisions about people. >> i am a lawyer and i have read so many different privacy policies and they are not meant to inform the consumer about
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what information is collected and how it will be used. we need to have meaningful consent for the consumer to make a decision about using a product or not. >> monday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span 2. even -- stephen breyer talks about the supreme court and its innerworkings at an event hosted by the hill center. this is one hour and five minutes. [applause]


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