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  President and First Lady Participate in National Day of Prayer Service  CSPAN  May 2, 2019 3:21pm-4:26pm EDT

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for the advanced placement united states government and politics exam? well, don't miss your chance to be part of "washington journal's" annual "cram for the exam" program on saturday at 9:00 a.m. eastern for a live discussion with high school government teachers andrew and niel from a high school in illinois. >> our question is about log growing -- log rolling and its significance? >> it's something our students struggle, too. the idea is if you are trying to get a big bill passed, a lot of times it is a quid pro quo, this for that. pork projects, earmarks. if you add that earmark it will get more support of votes. that's log rolling. >> watch "washington journal's" annual "cram for the exam" on saturday at 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> today in the white house
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rose garden, president trump and first lady melania trump hosted an event recognizing national prayer day. >> ladies and gentlemen, the vice president of the united states and mrs. pence. [applause] vice president pence: good morning. please be seated. to members of our cabinet,
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leaders in faith and public life, to all our distinguished guests, it is an honor for karen and me to be with president trump, our first lady, and all of you here in the rose garden as we mark this national day of prayer for the third year in a row here at the white house. the bible tells us to be faithful in prayer and that the effective and fervent prayers of righteous people avail us much. and since the founding of this nation, the american people have believed in prayer. it is the thread that runs through every era of american history. in 1775, the second continental congress established a day of fasting and prayer. in 1863, president abraham lincoln, from these very
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grounds, urged americans to pray so that, in his words, the united cry of the nation would be heard on high and answered with blessing. in 1952, president harry truman and the congress formally established this national day of prayer, and set aside each year for the american people to turn to god in prayer and meditation. ever since then, every president has issued a proclamation in honor of this great tradition and president donald trump continues that tradition today. [applause] as president trump said just two years ago in this rose garden, in his words, we are a nation of faith, and i can assure you at a time when religious belief is often
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marginalized and often ridiculed, in this white house, under this president, we believe in prayer. [applause] in fact, the president has made a practice of opening every cabinet meeting in prayer. in fact, he is at this moment in time one of only four presidents in american history who've issued multiple proclamations, calling the american people to prayer in a single year. we believe we always do well, to go to the lord in prayer. but it seems especially important these days. no one should ever fear for their safety in a house of worship in america or anywhere n the world. and yet we live in a time when we have witnessed unspeakable
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ttacks on people of faith. at a synagogue in california just a few short days ago. at mosques in new zealand. at historically black churches in louisiana that we'll be visiting tomorrow. as americans, we mourn with those who mourn and grieve with those who grieve. and we condemn these attacks in he strongest possible terms. but on this national day of prayer, the american people and people of every faith in this country can be confident they have a champion and a defender of faith and religious liberty in president donald trump. [applause] that's true. from early in this administration, president trump has taken steps to ensure that the federal government will
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never, ever penalize anyone for their religious beliefs ever again. [applause] today, the president will announce even more steps to acknowledge the vital role that people of faith and faith-based organizations play in our national life. so on behalf of our family, as you will soon hear from the first family, thank you for your prayers, for our president, for all those who serve in authority at every level. thank you for your prayers for our armed forces and those who serve in law enforcement and our first responders. thank you for our teachers and religious leaders and all who lead in business and private sector across this country. and thank you for your prayers for all of the american people. today, we pray for america, and as we pray, let's pray with
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confidence. as was endescribed in those ancient words millennia ago, that if his people who are called by his name will humble themselves and pray, that he'll do like he's always done, with a long and storied history of this nation, he'll hear from heaven and he'll heal this land, this one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. thank you for joining us for this national day of prayer. god bless you all, and god bless america. [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the with t church choir
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jonathan cain. >> it's really an honor to be with you all here today. this national day of prayer. we ask you all to join in with us in worship. i'm sure you all know this ong. give lord all praise". you bring life to the darkness ou give hope through a storm very heart that's broken ♪
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♪ pray o lord it's your breath in our love for we pour out our love pour out our prayer e pour out our praise to you ♪ ♪ you give live you are love you bring light to the darkness you give hope you restore every heart that is broken ♪eat are you, lord
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♪ it's your breath in our lungs so we pour out our praise we pour out our praise it's your breath in our lungs so we pour out our praise to you only ♪ ♪ it's your breath in our lungs so we pour out our praise we pour out our praise it's your breath in our lungs to pour out our praise you only ♪ ♪ all the earth will shout your praise our hearts will cry these bones will sing ♪eat are you, lord
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♪ all the earth will shout your praise our hearts will cry these bones will sing ♪eat are you, lord ♪ it's your breath in our lungs so we pour out our praise we pour out our praise t's your breath in our lungs so we pour out our praise we pour out our praise it's your breath in our lungs so we pour out our praise we pour out our praise it's your breath in our lungs
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so we pour out our praise to you only ♪ great are you, lord ♪eat are you, lord [applause] >> hallelujah.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states and mrs. trump.
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[applause] mrs. trump: good morning. welcome to the white house. please bow your heads for a prayer. the lord bless you and keep you. the lord makes his face to shine upon you. and be gracious to you. the lord lifts up his contents upon you and give you peace. men. mr. president. president trump: thank you very much, honey. thank you.
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[applause] please, thank you very much. and thank you, melania, for the great job you do as first lady. people love you. no matter where i go, people love you. [applause] on this national day of prayer, the first lady and i are absolutely delighted to welcome all of you to the white house, a very special occasion for us. i know it is for you, too. the white house is a very, very special place. i'd like to begin by sending our prayers to the people of venezuela in their righteous struggle for freedom. [applause] the brutal repression of the venezuelan people must end, and it must end soon. people are starving. they have no food. they have no water. and this was once one of the
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wealthiest countries in the world. so we wish them well. we'll be there to help, and we are there to help. thank you. very importantly, this morning, we're grateful to be joined by so many of our representatives and great representatives they are, and i want to start with somebody who's very special to the success of our administration. we're doing things that haven't been done in a long time, including an economy that may be the best ever, and he's been a big, big help. [applause] you'll never guess who that is. mike pence, vice president. [applause] and also a wonderful lady and a real friend of the trump family and a tremendous wife, i can say that, karen pence. thank you, karen. we're also glad to have with us
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secretary is ony perdue. where sonny perdue. here is sonny? ben carson. great job. deputy secretary eric harden and ambassador sam brownback. thank you very much. oh, i'm looking at that beautiful red head. would you please stand up? what a -- what a voice. what a voice. huh. so great. you better come up here. [laughter] great to have you. thanks, also, to the many faith leaders from across the country with us today. special, special people. and one of the things i'm most proud of is the johnson amendment. you can now speak your mind and speak it freely. i said i was going to do that. i told paula white, who i want
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to thank so much for everything that she's done -- paula. that was one of the things i said. they took away your voice politically, and these are the people i want to listen to politically, but you weren't allowed to speak. they would lose their tax-exempt status. that's not happening anymore. so we got rid of the johnson amendment. that's a big thing. [applause] and also i want to very much thank somebody that's done a fantastic job, president of the national day of prayer, dr. ronnie floyd, and along with reverend rivera. thank you, ronnie. great job. i saw you this morning. thank you very much. father trulis. stand up, father. thank you very much, father. mrs. bachu, thank you very much. thank you very much. chaplain agbera.
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great having dinner with you last night. great, chaplain. thank you very much. rabbi cohen. [applause] thank you, rabbi. great being with you. and the prestonwood baptist church choir. wow. great job. [applause] on this special day, we joined communities and congregations across our country in continuing a great tradition that helped build our nation and we have built it now stronger than ever before. they're starting to find out. in march of 1776, as the founders prepared to draft the deck laation of independence, the continental congress asked everyone to join -- declaration of independence, the continental congress asked everyone to join in a day of fasting and prayer. they go hand in hand. it's a beautiful thing to watch. today we give thanks to this
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magnificent country and we proudly come together as one nation under god. [applause] and one of the things that mike and pri discussing just a little while ago, people are so oud to be using that beautiful word "god" and they're using the word god again and they're not hiding from it and they're not being told to take it down and they're not saying we can't honor god. in god we trust. so important. a little thing on the campaign but it wasn't such a little thing to me when i first started, four years ago, i've been doing this so long, we did a good job, but when i first were d campaigning people not allowed or in some cases foolishly ashamed to be using
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in stores merry christmas, happy christmas. they would say happy holidays. they would have red walls and you'd never see christmas. that was four years ago. take a look at your stores nowadays. it's all merry christmas again. merry christmas again. they're proud of it. [applause] i always said you're going to be saying merry christmas again and that's what's happened. as we unite on this day of prayer, we renew our resolve to protect communities of faith and to ensure that all people and all of our people can live and pray and worship in peace. [applause] in recent months, it's been pretty tough. we've seen evil and hate-filled attacks on religious communities in the united states and all around the world. one month ago, three historically black churches were burned tragically in louisiana. in sri lanka and new zealand
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hundreds of christians and muslims were brutally murdered in their places of worship. in october, an anti-semitic killer attacked the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh. that was a horrible event. the first lady and i went to see that. it was not even believable. and last week, a gunman opened fire at a synagogue in poway, california, while jewish families celebrated the last day of passover. we mourn for the loss of one extraordinary member of that congregation, lori gilbert kaye, who stood in front of the shooter and gave her life to protect her rabbi. an incredible man. an incredible person. this morning, we are privileged to be in the presence of heroes who raced after the murderer
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and helped disrupt the attack at the poway synagogue. army veteran oscar stewart, and border patrol agent jonathan morales. please stand. please stand. come. [applause] say a few words, please. >> this is incredible. i just want to say everything that the president has said, i echo. we need to be strong as a group of people that love god, -- her you call him mow mohammed, we need to be strong
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because that's the only way to defeat evil. do not be afraid to be who you are. be proud and lift yourself up. that's all. president trump: that's all. >> thank you, mr. president. i appreciate it. [applause] >> good morning, all. i'm a border patrol assigned in ell sent row, california. as the president said, we were celebrating our last day of passover. it was supposed to be a joyous, festive event. we were attacked with our backs turned. you know, brave people stood up and confronted this person and we ended the situation the best we could with the resources we had. like i said, i'd like to use a quote from -- he said, in order to fight these random acts of
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violence, we must continue to random acts of kindness and all of us keep doing good deeds and we'll overcome this vilness. [applause] president trump: thank you. >> it's a great honor. president trump: incredible job, both of you have done. your bravery is an inspiration to us all. we're also profoundly honored to be joined by somebody that i've gotten to know a little bit by telephone. i had a what was going to be about a one-minute conversation just to express my sorrow and gratitude and everything else you could express and it ended up being about 25 minutes and it was a very warm -- he's a very warm, incredible man. yisroel goldstein, rabbi, and i'll tell you, it wasn't in the
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schedule but rabbi, i'd love to bring you up, because there was nobody that expressed the horror and the beauty of what you represent better than you did. and i very much appreciate it, rabbi. i know you're here with your son and your brother. i appreciate it. please come up and say a few words. [applause] just five days faced urday morning, i evil and the worst darkness of all-time right in our own house worship, right at chabad
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poway. i faced him and i had to make a decision. do i run and hide or do i stand tall and fight and protect all those that are there? we cannot control what others do, but we can control how we react. my dear rabbi taught me, the way we react to darkness is with light. it was that moment that i made a decision, no matter what happens to me, i'm going to save as many people as possible . should have been dead by now based on the rule of statistics. i was in the line of fire, bullets firing all the way. my fingers got blown off, but i did not stop. the rabbi taught me, as a jew, you are a soldier of god. you need to stand tall and
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stand fast and do whatever it takes to change the world. my life has changed forever but it changed so i could make change, and i could help others learn how to be strong, how to be mighty and tall. many have asked me, rabbi, where do we go from here? how do we prevent this? and my response is, what my rabbi told me, when president ronald reagan was shot, he said, we need to go back to the basics and introduce a moment of silence in all public schools so that -- [applause] so that children from early childhood on could recognize that there's more good to the world, that they are valuable, that there is accountability, and every human being is
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created in god's image. if something good that can come out of this terrible, terrible, horrific event, let us bring back a moment of silence back to our school system. i also want to thank the united states of america. i'd like to thank our dear, honorable, mr. president, being as they said in yiddish -- [applause] mr. president, when you called me, i was at home weeping. you were the first person who began my healing. you heal people in their worst of times, and i'm so grateful for that. president trump: that's so beautiful. that's so beautiful. thank you. [applause] rabbi goldstein: you have helped me bring great honor to mrs. lori kaye, a 60-year-old dear friend of our congregation. i've known her for 25 years.
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a staunch volunteer. she works for the friendship circle, an organization that helps children of special needs. this year on june 2, we're doing a march in her memory to show that nothing is going to stop us. we're going to march with victory and you helped us bring lori kaye great honor and god bless you and god bless america. president trump: thank you, rabbi. [applause] such beautiful words. a great man. he said, this is my greatest moment in life, to go from darkness to the white house, right? that's great. beautiful. thank you very much, rabbi. appreciate it. anything we can do, you know
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that. [applause] and truly, your courage and your grace and devotion touches every heart and soul in america. we're blessed by having you and your family here with us today. thank you, rabbi. please give our regards to everybody. that was a tough, tough period of time. we will fight with all our strength and everything that we have in our bodies to defeat anti-semitism, toned the attacks on the jew -- to end the attacks on the jewish people and to concur all forms of persecution, intolerance, and hate. [applause] you know that. you know that, rabbi. every citizen has the absolute right to live, according to the teachings of their faith, and the convictions of their heart. his is the bedrock of american life. to protect this heritage, my administration has strongly defended religious liberty. two words you haven't heard too much about for a long period of
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time, but now you're hearing it all the time, religious liberty. [applause] earlier this week, i took action to ensure that federal employees can take paid time off to observe religious holy days, and just today, we finalized new protections of conscience rights for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, teachers, students, and faith-based charities. they've been wanting to do that for a long time, right, mike? they've been wanting to do that for a long time. it happened today. together, we're building a culture that cherishes the dignity and worth of human life. every child born and unborn is a sacred gift from god. [applause]
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thank you. thank you very much. in addition, i am committing to you today that my administration will preserve the central role of faith-based adoption and foster care agencies to care for vulnerable children while following their deeply held beliefs. [applause] and those are words you probably never thought you'd ever hear. to give former inmates a second chance at life, we passed criminal justice reform. ivanka, stand up. ivanka trump, and jared. ivanka and jared worked so
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hard. now for the first time, faith-based organizations can serve federal prisoners. they can take care of the people in and they can take care of prisoners as they get out, and we had the greatest success because of the economy being so strong. where people leaving prison, now on a much more fairer basis, but people leaving prison can get jobs and they've done incredibly well. employers who would never have done that before, because there was a stigma, obviously, there was a pretty tough stigma, so they wouldn't go that route, and people would end up back in prison. but now employers that would not have done that before are doing it and they're so happy. i know somebody who's put on seven prisoners, former prisoners, and he told me, you
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have no idea how really great they are, how good they are. he actually said, they are better than most of the people there. that's probably the first time in -- since the beginning of this great nation where they're doing so well. so we hope they keep it up. the economy is helping. the economy is helping. but now they're helping themselves, and they're doing a fantastic job. and we're also supporting faith-based addiction recovery programs, because we understand the power of prayer. [applause] and i will say, our first lady has taken to this. it's incredible what she's done. and we're down 16% with opioid. 16% is a lot. and melania, please stand up. that's a fantastic job you've done. please. incredible. [cheers and applause] incredible. i heard that number the first time the other day and i said,
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that's a lot. that really is. it's not there, but we hope to get there, and we're also trying very hard through the tremendous amounts of billions and billions of dollars that we give out to hospitals and pharmaceutical companies and everybody to come up with painkillers that are nonaddictive. so you don't go into the hospital with a broken arm and come out a drug addict, which is what happens in many cases. so we are trying to come up, and we're getting very close to come up with a powerful painkiller which at the same time is nonaddictive. wouldn't that be nice? wouldn't that be nice? hello, ralph. here with us today is ashley evans from dayton, ohio, who was melania's guest at the state of the union. two years ago, ashley was suffering from the grip of heroin addiction, when she found out she was pregnant.
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she returned to a recovery center and was welcomed by her mentor, angie dennis, who was waiting at the door. ashley and angie developed a great relationship, and angie said to her, i'm so glad you made it back, i've been praying for you. . today angie is sitting right next to ashley. ashley says prayer is what got me clean. beautiful words. next week, ashley will celebrate 16 month frease from addiction. and she's earned back -- [applause] the custody of her beautiful daughter olivia who is here also right now with mom. and ashley or livia, is that olivia? i had a feeling that was olivia. i've been listening to olivia
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the entire time. olivia has dominated the service and that's ok. ashley, come on up, say a few words, please. [applause] >> i would just like to say that finding god smaved life. it's been incredible. it's been a journey but without him i could not do this. and i'd like to say thank you, angie, for helping me find him. a crazy -- it's been experience. it's been incredible. god has been with me every step of the way and everything has worked out perfectly. i have reunited with olivia. i have an amazing support system back home and in columbus, ohio. and i've got ton do some amazing
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things. and that's by the grace of god. so thank you. [applause] president trump: thank you. come on up, how is she doing, tell me? doing great? >> she is. she is so awesome. the biggest honor that i could have was to pass along to ashley, it's a relationship with jesus. it's a relationship, it's not a religion, it's not a bunch of rules, it's just that personal relationship. you know. if you'll trust him and you do your part, you do your part, and then trust him and ask for help for the rest. he'll make doors open that no man can close. you know. so i'm just honored to be part of this. [applause] president trump: i'm glad i asked you to do that. thank you. thank you.
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thank you very much for those beautiful words. ashley or livia, and angie, thank you for being with us and reminding us that prayer works miracles and prayer saves lives. [applause] as god promises in the bible, those who hope in the lord will renew their strength, they will soar on the wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary. and they will walk and not be faint. and that's something that mike and i think about all the time, right, mike? on this prayer day, what do you think, mike? i think. so we deserve it. [applause] people say how do you get through that stuff in how do you go through those witch hunts and everything else? and you know what, we just do
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it, right in and we think about god. that's true. so thank you all very much. on this day of prayer we once again place our hopes in the hands of our creator and we give thanks for those wondrous lands of liberty and this is truly the greatest of all lands of liberty, our country. our country is special. it will always be special. it will be greater than ever before. we're doing things that will make it better than ever before. and especially for churches and synagogues and mosques. and everyone else. people of faith. we pray that this nation, our home, these united states, will forever be strengthened by the goodness and the grace and the eternal glory of god. thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. [applause]
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so it's an honor to once again host so many believers in the rose garden. now i'd like to ask those who are leading us in prayer to please come up. please come up. some of the great leaders, please come up. you know who i'm talking about. don't be shy. come up, ralph. i see ralph in the audience. franklin was here. we have some great, great people. thank you. lease. >> please bow your heads for the rayer. our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. on this special national day of
4:06 pm
prayer we come to you, united as a nation, to give you glory. you created the universe and endowed the human person from conception with such dignity that made the psalmist exclaim what is man that you should be mindful of him. you crown him with glory and honor. you have given him rule over the works of your hands, putting all things under his feet. dear lord, help our country prosm tect our people. the born and the unborn. the young and the old. the healthy and the sick. those who serve or who have served -- served our country and all of us and our families. from those who want to dismiss and undermine the values and the laws you have established in the court of our nature for our own happiness. and help us to hear your voice
4:07 pm
so we can fulfill your will on earth as it is in heaven. lord jesus christ, born of the virgin mary, you said that there is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends. through your death on the christ for our redemption you showed your infinite love for us. as st. john said, he loved us to the end. move our hearts so we come to love one another, to care for one another, especially for those most in need as you did. forgiveness is the highest expression of your mercy and we beg your grace so we can imitate you. god the holy spirit, enlighten with your wisdom the heart of all our leaders. of all the leaders of our country, of all positions of
4:08 pm
responsibility, of all of us. so that we may find the right path and choose it when we make our decisions in life, no matter how narrow the gate may be. god our father, accept the prayers we offer for our nation as we celebrate the resurrection of your son so that people everywhere may enjoy the protection of their lives, true freedom, and find your happiness. through christ our lord, amen. going to recite a simple but powerful prayer. [ [speaking foreign language] ]
4:09 pm
of god, thou art the giver life, the giver of happiness. o creator of the universe, may thy supreme sin-destroying light. may you guide us in the right direction. speaking foreign language] >> o god, our eternal father we approach thee today in humble prayer. at our nation's founding, its leaders sought thee. during war and peace, in prosperity and poverty, we pled for thy prove den rble care and thou has continuously answered
4:10 pm
our supplications and godly wisdom. on this national day of prayer we express our gratitude for thy goodness and mercy. we thank thee for the freedoms we enjoy. we acknowledge our account to believe the tee and each other for how we exercise those freedoms. at this time, father, we pray for our public servant we prayner leaders of this nation. bless them, protect them, and grant them wisdom. magnify their efforts as they seek to live up to the holy charge of their vocation. we ask for thy watch care over those in uniform. please bless their spouses, their children, and their loved ones. bless them for the sacrifices they make on our behalf. father, we pray for the religious leaders of this land, grant them the strength to shepherd their flocks in thy word. inspire our citizenry. strengthen the families and communities of the united states of america. please help us to unite as one
4:11 pm
nation under god. we give thanks for the infinite grace of thy son jesus christ. may we draw on his example and strength as we seek to lift thy children, to care for the widows and the wounded, and to serve the poor of both purse and spirit. father, in these times of heightened complexities and opportunities, we plead for thy continued guidance and fore bearance. we commit to love with more righteousness and to live with greater moral rectitude. thou hast always inclined thine ear to our nation's petitions and we are forever grateful. we offer this prayer in that same spirit of gratitude and rev are rens and do so in the sacred name of thy holy son, jesus christ, amen. >> good morning.
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in the name of god, the lord of mercy and the giver of mercy. almighty god, as we gather this morning to celebrate the annual national day of prayer, we pray for our nation. we claim your presence, we honor your unique and weighty name and we thank you for a bountiful, beautiful, free land. almighty god, bless us with a sense of divine presence that we may stay true to your purpose for our country. we do truly need you in so many ways. we thank you especially for freedom and liberty. god we pray at this time for our president and his leadership team. bless our national and military leaders. and all who are in authority throughout our great country. specially now, god, we lift up
4:13 pm
those throughout the world for your protection. we pray for our first responders serving in harm's way. finally, god almighty, grant us the defplgs to individually and collectively live out our country's creed, one nation under god, with liberty and justice for all. bless and be with this great land the united states of america, for the glory of your ame we pray, amen. >> heavenly father, thank you for this day. we thank you for our country, for our freedom and that this country still offers us the opportunity to be part of a national day of prayer. thank you for our president, the vice president, their families and their staff. we pray that your hand of protection, health, and prosperity should always cover them. as we come before you, we humbly acknowledge that our nation needs you.
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help us love one another just like you have loved us. we are reminded that love is an action and requires effort on our part. with epray that we as a nation will can't to make the necessary efforts to love our neighbor, that we would work toward the betterment of our brothers and sisters. let us never forget that the founding fathers designed our nation with the belief that god is active in the affairs of men and that prayer, morality, and integrity are the essential ingredients that keep our nation on the path to prosperity. finally, we pray that in god we trust should not become just a strong motto but a guard and this trust in our hearts which should always proclaim god bless the united states of america. his i pray in jesus' name. >> let us pray. father, we gather together this
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morning, grate to feel you that we live in a nation where you have given us the right to worship you and to honor you. without fear and without favor. we give you all the glory and honor for the greatness to which this nation has risen from its humble beginnings. we intercede right now for our president and the first lady, for the vice president and mrs. pence. we intercede for all those who advise them, for the cabinet, and for congress. god i pray that you give them supernatural wisdom, insight, and understanding as from the throne of heaven i pray that our president would come to understand and discern things beyond his own ability. god, i pray for a spirit of boldness and moral courage to do the right thing even in the presence of criticism and
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attacks. god we pray for unity for our nation today. we pray where there has been incivility that there would be civility and comity. god, we pray far moral renewal in our nation. we repent of those times where we have put other things and other pursuits and self-ing a ran diesment ahead of you. god we pray for the people of venezuela today. god, we pray for peace and for freedom and prosperity to come to that troubled nation. we pray that you would release them from the shackles of oppression under which they have suffered. bless this land, we pray, god, that it would be pleasing to you. we ask it all in the name above very name, jesus christ.
4:17 pm
>> almighty god, your servant, king david, wrote, this is the day that the lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. you, dear god, in the light of your countenance, bless each person, each new day, with untold possibilities, with hope and opportunity, and today at the white house with the president, we especially rejoice as we celebrate our national heritage of belief in you, the creator, and in the reality that god hears our prayers and that is -- and that it is in you in whom we trust. this day falls out during the week that the president has proclaimed the days of national holocaust remembrance. and it is fitting. for to eradicate unspeakable
4:18 pm
horror, humanity must indeed act to do its part. but we must also turn to you, merciful god, and flair blessings of peace, love, and brotherhood among our fellow men and women who are all created in your image. we need you desperately to heal us and to help us overcome our divisions and instill within ourselves your will to love thy neighbor. as we are devastated by and continue to reel from the wanton poway and ayhem at as we are also inspired by the profound faith, heroism and open miracles that occurred there, we plead with you, dear god, to remove the hatred from the
4:19 pm
hearts of those who would commit such heinous acts in synagogues in poway and pittsburgh, in mosques in new zealand and in churches in sri lanka. we will trust in you and we shall outlive them. this week, when we remember incomprehensible cruelty and the evil of genocide, we find joy in the fact that we live in a nation that is a beacon of freedom and benevolence. a nation that extends its hand to the vulnerable and disadvantaged. and puts within the reach of its citizens the promise of prosperity and the pursuit of happiness. a nation that seeks peace and security for its people and the end of terror and violence
4:20 pm
against innocents. a nation that is rooted in the guiding principles of equal justice under law, including protecting religious liberty and combating anti-semitism at home nd abroad. this week, when we remember goosestepping jackboots that instilled fear and terror in good and innocent people, we find joy in the fact that we have a military, law enforcement, and other first esponders who inspire pride, confidence, and comfort. we plead with you, merciful god, who never slumbers nor sleeps, to provide them and their families your constant protection as they risk their lives and to console those whose loved ones have made the
4:21 pm
ultimate sacrifice. almighty god, we thank you for this nation of loving kindness and for the great privilege and joy of living here. may you continue to protect it and to shower your blessings upon it and may we merit your love now and always, amen. >> i'm going to ask you to grab one another's hands right now. the bible says it's good to dwell together in unity, i know they're a little sweaty but this is the last prayer. father, i am glad to come to you, we lift your name up you said you would draw all men unto you. we thank you for the white house, the president, the first lady, the administration.
4:22 pm
we ke claire it will be holy ground. his praise shall continually be in my mouth. as we thank you for the goodness arks we thank you for the prosper i have to the nation, for your blessing, for your hand, now we lift up our president, you declared in yeremiah, chapter 1, 5 that before he was formles in his mother's wound you had set him apart and ordained him. according to psalms you declared in 139, verse 16 you ordained all of his days before one of them ever came into being. so not one day takes you be surprise. we thank you that you have already given him the victory through christ jesus and we understand ephesians chapter 6, ver 12, that we are not wrestling against flesh and planned parenthood but against principalities, powers, wickedness and darkness. we declare every demonic network to be scattered right now. ewe declare there's a hedge of protection over our president, first lady, every assignment, the purpose they carry in the mantle and like the apostle
4:23 pm
said, i was set apart from my mother's wound and marked off by boundaries. let him fulfill the will of the lord for your great name, for your great nation and for all your people in the world, i decree this and declare this in the mighty, matchless game of jesus christ and according to to b, what i decree and declare is matchless and everybody declares amen.
4:24 pm
president trump: this is a great day. i just want to say that you are the greatest leaders of them all. you are the leaders of faith. so important. thank you very much. god bless you. thank you. [applause] em
4:25 pm
[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] >> the c-span bus is stopping at middle and high schools across the country to meet and award winners of our studentcam winners. we were recently in providence, rhode island and met with our second place winners from trinity academy for the performing arts. >> very exciting because this is our first time entering and we put in a lot of hours editing, a lot of contact, it was a long journey. we were very excited, very happy and look forward to participating against next year. >> with all honesty it was something we couldn't believe. next year we're coming in for the win, for sure. >> cri sy to think it's our first year entering something and we just didn't really think -- let's enter and see how far we can go and to think that we