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  Road to the White House 2020 President Trump Holds Rally in Panama City...  CSPAN  May 9, 2019 2:57am-4:25am EDT

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♪ music back ♪
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♪ ♪ thank you very much, everybody. look at that. thank you. [cheering]
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that runway is like an ice skating rink and the first step i said this thing is slippery i think it was put in by the democrats. [laughter] i don't know who got the thing. it's ridiculous. that is crazy, fellas. next time we don't want to have that. could you imagine if i had went down the press would have a field day for weeks and weeks and finally he made a mistake me forgot that isn't terrible.
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[cheering] i just want to say i love panama city beach. [cheering] we had some great times before the great election and now we have 20 coming up, november 3, not november 8 commits november 3 and it's going to be just as special. i can't say that it's more important but it is equally important because we have made strides like no country has made strides. we had a great time and some incredible rally is right here and we are working really hard for you and we will talk about that in a little while. things are going really well. you got hit with a little
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hurricane. i'm thrilled to be here with incredible men and women of the florida panhandle. [applause] your strength and devotion and values are what truly make america great and make america run. you know that. you love our country and are proud of our history and always respect our great american flag. [applause] [cheering] last year in the immediate aftermath you remember that was pretty bad stuff and i pledged to you unwavering support and the support of the nation until you fully recover and rebuild, and we will never leave.
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we've already given billions of dollars and there's a lot more coming as you do it. [cheering] to support the recovery from hurricanes michael and erma at the federal government has committed more than $10 million to the state of florida. rick scott and your new governor, rick was great and ron is great. [applause] so now rick has gone on to the senate along with marco rubio and we are al we're all workingr and things are going good for you and for our country. thank you. i love you too. whoever you are, i love you. tonight i'm pleased to announce my administration will be
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allocated $448 million disaster recovery funds for the great people of florida to help communities get back on their feet. we've already given many millions of these are additional monies coming in to help the families put their lives together. some families are still working very hard. it's been a tough one. more money is needed. i just came from the air force base where i saw the devastating effects of the category five hurricane. never heard about a category five to four. that's big stuff. scheduled by the military it was scheduled to close. i got a call from your great representatives and they said they want to close tyndall air force base because it got beat
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up badly. we have our best planes there. the f-22, an incredible fighter jet the most beautiful plane i think i've ever seen and some of them were damaged but we lost none. seven were very badly damaged. [applause] the military it is schedule is e closed and i heard about it and made a couple of calls. i said general, why are we doing that, those people are incredible. they work, they are just outstanding. they said it's damaged and i said what are we going to do build a new one someplace else at a bad location? we have thousands of people we will have 8,000 people we are building the whole place doing a
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good job and moving in the 35 fighter jets which is the newest and best in the world. and we've got a lot of them. we will have many more people working then were the day before the hurricane. they are doing drawings and architecture fixing buildings that were badly hurt but structurally they are sound and it's going to be something really special and one of the best anywhere in the country. [cheering] and you have something very special. i was with the colonel who runs them, he's a good man and he said we fly right over the oce
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ocean. when you do that you can do a lot more than when you are flying over people's houses. we know that. it's going to be fantastic in the wake of the terrible storm this extraordinary community pulled together and showed the world your spirit. i knew that long before the storms. you've also seen countless tears and visitors, students and faith groups coming to lend a hand and help put almost no place else you could imagine and of course people are still traveling from around the world to enjoy the sun. i happen to be one of them by the way and you said your pristine waters, which is exactly what you have because panama city beach is open for business as beautiful as ever. [cheering]
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today and in the most allowed by law to support the people of florida because of the severity of the storm, category five, we will have the federal government pick up 90% of the cost. [cheering] we can do that because of the incredible devastation and the size of that storm. now we need democrats in congress to work with us to pass an acceptable bill. we are getting close. it's tough dealing with them. they don't want to build the wall that we are building a wall -- [cheering] they don't want to do a lot of things. [cheering]
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we are building a lot of things and doing a lot of things and that includes additional hurricane michael, the money is coming in immediately. no gimmicks or delays we are just doing it. [applause] and fema did a tremendous job here and elsewhere. puerto rico got a $91 million the most money we've ever given to any, anybody. we've never given 91 billion to a state. we gave 91 million i tell you the services you look at the marines, the navy, the job they did their was incredible.
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[applause] in fact i brought a charge. would you like to see the chart. a very haphazard way i just happen to have it with me. [laughter] i didn't want to get a big board would cost the government too much money. [laughter] there's puerto rico. they don't like me. texas, florida, the biggest bigt hurricane coming and what the democrats want to do is give more and more and i say i have a great relationship with the people in puerto rico but it isn't fair the way they've
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treated us from the standpoint of their leaders because they complained they want more money. they got 91 billion, the largest amount of money ever given for a hurricane to a state for any element and that's the way it is, but you are getting your money one way or another and we are not going to let anybody hold it up and i think the people of puerto rico are grateful for donald trump for what they've done for them. that was a bad storm and with florida you drive on. with puerto rico it's a little bit tougher. they did a couple to job including bringing the biggest hospital ship in the world right off the island. i want to thank the military and fema for what they did there and
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in florida, texas. you look at louisiana, south carolina they got hit hard. north carolina got a piece of it, georgia, alabama, these are great places and they are all getting aid, but the democrats are trying to stop it. but you're gettinyou're getting. [cheering] and you've already gotten a lot of it. instead of wasting time and, en, tax payer dollars on the stones and witchhunts, democrats should be focused on building up our country. it you see what just happened by the way? no collusion, no obstruction. know anything. two years on a witchhunt. two years and almost
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$40 million, gingrey democrats after two years, nothing and now we have a great attorney general and the democrats are saying we want more. now they say we want to start all over again. it's a disgrace. we've got to focus on infrastructure and delivering medical prices and medicine. always focusing on military and our best, which we've done. the democrats really should be focused now on restoring and helping the coast of florida. it's time to come to gather for the people of panama city, for the people of florida, for the people of our country it's time to stop this nonsense.
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he said it's the only way we are going to be ten. that's a compliment i guess but think of what he said. it's the only way they are going to beat me and it's working the other way because now we have the best numbers that we have ever had. [cheering] we want to work with them and do infrastructure and all the things. nobody's done so much as all of us because it's not just me. i've done a good job as the messenger speaks [cheering] but you've done a great job because you came from all over. they didn't know that you folks existed in many cases. you are the smartest hard
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working, you pay your taxes and do all this stuff, great job, the best looking people, that's for sure. [cheering] i joke about this but it's really not joking. they call themselves the easy. did you ever see the elite? they are not, you are. i say you have better houses, so do i., you have better everything. i say no, let's let them be the elite but we are the super elite. there's not even a contest. i always laugh. in my book he's not that we are delighted to be joined tonight by many terrific for the
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republican leaders. they really have been fantastic. you got a little sample of that and because as your governor has been doing a fantastic job. where is he? [cheering] thank you. great job, great governor. you know the first lady. [cheering] and your first lady is a big fan. [cheering] [applause] a man and a senator working with the very hard on venezuela, cuba and lots of other things it has become a good friend we have minor squabbles that he's come together and a terrific person, senator marco rubio. thank you.
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good man. how are we doing in cuba? how are we doing in venezuela, step-by-step. what's happening in venezuela is disgraceful. people are dying, they have no food, no water. this was one of the wealthiest countries in the world and now they are living so bad, so dangerous. we are working hard on the problem. welfare was happening to those people. i got to know them very well. they are great people. another friend of mine who was just up and he was a solid person for the people of florida when he was governor he loves
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the people of florida and now he's in washington, senator rick scott. [applause] [cheering] doing a fantastic job. we have a lot of members of congress. [cheering] you have your florida lieutenant governor [cheering] florida attorney general ashley. [cheering] by the way just that your great u.s. attorney. thank you. you are doing a fantastic job.
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florida cfo. [cheering] florida gop chair and state senator. [cheering] the chairwoman won a great state i said was that nobody has won michigan for decades. when it came to choosing who the head would be i said who is that woman was so great in the state of michigan because we won that state and we were not expected to. that was the last speech i made and we had 32,000 people show up at 1:00 in the morning. [cheering] when i left i said i don't know why we are going to lose we had
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32,000. our opponents were there at primetime like 6:00 and she had 500 people. i said why are we going to lose michigan. but we didn't. [applause] another one is chairman tommy had. thank you. great job. we have so many people we could go all night but let's get back to business. this is an incredible time for the country. america is thriving again and winning again and we are respected. [cheering] one of the democrats today said he heard from a lot of foreign
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leaders they want him to be president. of course they do so they can continue to rebuff the united states. and then you have bernie. crazy bernie. the choice between sleepy joe and crazy bernie. let's just pick somebody, please. [applause] he has a great chance. he will be great representing us against the president of china i want to be in the room and watch that one. [laughter] by the way you see the
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terroristtariffthey broke the d. they will be paying. nothing wrong with taking in over $100 billion a year. we never did that before and we have that happening, a lot of good things happening, we have a deal with mexico. how bout was nafta. we have a great deal with mexico and canada and we have to get the democrats in the house to approve it and if they don't that will be okay also. we always have alternatives. when they want to hold you up for political reasons you have to have alternatives. our economy is now the hottest
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anywhere on earth and the envy of the world. [cheering] every time a foreign leader, president, prime minister mccain, clean the dictator every time they come into the office they say congratulations on what you've done for the economy. every single time that saw the start of the conversation and you know it because the people of florida are truly benefiting by what we've done internationally and nationally so thank you. jobs, jobs, jobs. [cheering] the united states economy created another 260,000 jobs
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last month, way above what people thought. they were making predictions much lower. then the big one they were thinking about 1%, 1.2%, maybe 1.5 and the growth number came in which is almost always the lowest quarter of the year historically 3.2%, crushing expectations. [cheering] a lot of surprised people. i wasn't surprised. we have created nearly 6 million new jobs including more than half a million manufacturing jobs and nearly 700,000 new construction jobs, numbers that they would have said this during the campaign, those people back there, the fake news media they would have said he exaggerated. they are a bunch of fakers
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there's no question about it but in six years they will all be out of business. [cheering] if we want to drive them crazy i will say in ten years. ten or 14, whatever. watch, it will be headlines tomorrow. donald trump wants to break the constitution. [laughter] unemployment just reached the lowest rate in more than 50 years. [cheering] women's unemployment rate has the lowest in more than 65 years and assume that a record number. [cheering] though he's going to do so bad. but i did great. [cheering]
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we did great with women, hispanic american unemployment hit an all-time historic low. african-american unemployment recently achieved the lowest rate in the history of the country. likewise hispanic american unemployment o is the lowest in the history of the country. [cheering] i will say the lowest rates ever in history, highest income at her and history for the different groups highest income more people working today in the united states almost 160 million then have ever worked in the united states before.
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nearly 1 million more african-americans are employed today than when i took office. [applause] screening out 15 more years. after many years of stagnation wages are rising very fast, hasn't happened in 20 years and they are rising fastest which makes me feel very good for the blue-collar workers. [cheering] and driving our whole agenda is a jobs boom that is historic because it hasn't happened like this in many years if at all
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certainly during record-keeping and it has a lot to do with the fact week that more federal regulations than any president in the history of the countries that these companies can hire people [cheering] we just passed tax cuts and reforms and got rid of the individual mandate of obamacare. we would have repealed and replaced it but it didn't work
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out after campaigning for eight years they decided at the last moment to say no. we will get it anyway it doesn't matter. sometimes things like that happen and you get angry. you get a little angry about it but then it is up being better than it would have been in the first place. [applause] and to keep your family farms and ranches and small businesses in the family we eliminated the
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unfair state tax or death tax. [cheering] so now you love your child or children and have a beautiful farm ranch, small business doing great the old days meaning like three years ago they had to go out and borrow money from a bank and lose their business in many cases now you don't have a tax so if you love them, if you don't, don't leave it to them and it isn't going to matter it won't help you much. but a fe if you love your familt is what is going to happen we are reducing burdens of the businesses that expect american companies to invest in america to raise wages which is what is happening and to hire american workers. [applause]
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[cheering] [cheering] as i stand here floating around on a piece of ice -- this is crazy little concerned about leaving the podium -- [laughter] the worst damn stage ever. [laughter] stupid people did this one. for and if they are the enemy that ibut if they are a one thel out of here. we are reversing decades of state policies although everyone is doing well right now the
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companies are doing great when wall street is good it's a good thing for us. a lot of you have a four o. one k. where they are doubled. [cheering] [applause] it happens a lot but for some reason you've heard this big strong guy comes to me, i was in new york and he says thank you, and this was a year ago this happens all the time he said it's up 47%. he said my wife used to think i was horrible at investing and now she thinks i'm the greatest investor in the world. now the numbers are better since then but everybody is through the roof if you're going to keep it that way and make it bigger and stronger and take a lot of money in from the countries from other folks that have been ripping us off for a long time. [applause] [cheering] we pay for those that are so
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rich and i said to him you've got to give me a favor, you've got to pay but nobody's ever asked for money. you've got to pay we lose billions and billions of individual countries and he said we are helping people that are being treated horribly and they don't have any money that's one thing but it's another thing if we are dealing with countries loaded with cash that make a fortune and we are defending them for a tiny fraction. so that's all changing. [applause] one country, i won't say who but one country we spend a lot of money on defending, very dangerous territory if it costs $5 billion as i said give me a favor to the general told me how much does it cost for us to
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defend this country. he comes in a $5 billion. i said that's okay how much do they pay us, 500 million. i said we lose four and a half million dollars to defend a country rich as hell and probably doesn't like us and we've been defending it for many years. so i called the leader of the country as i said it's not fair we are spending all this money we have our men and women the best in the world and we are sending them over to your country, not fair. you've got to pay and he said nobody's ever asked us that before. i said that's because you had stupid people running things. [applause]
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[cheering] i could give you 100 stories like this. he said we can't do anything now because it tests our so-called parliament so we can't. i said how much will you pay? we can't pay more than 500 million. i said make it 750. that's short of 4.5 million but i said make it 750. anyway, we agreed to a number around 500 million. one protocol that lasted for ten minutes and once they got off the shock now for two months is up and i told my people call them and ask for the rest of it.
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we have many countries like th that. [applause] countries like saudi arabia, very rich, nothing but cash i think they could afford to pay us, and they will if they are buying a tremendous amount of equipment for the 450 billion they will be spending in our country. we have a lot of countries that are rich and they are defending and they don't even respect us. when i ask them they are almost looking at me saying it's amazing nobody is asked us. they don't say that but you feel it'it so a lot of countries they are defending its author was happening they are paying a tiny fraction in some cases, we defend europe. it's not fair they are not
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paying what they should be. they've got to pay their bills. in the end they will like us more and in the end they will respect us. under the previous administration the united states lost nearly a quarter of a million manufacturing jobs. they let other countries steal our jobs if rob us blind. they allowed china to plunder our intellectual property and to target our industries for destruction. that's what was happening. he is for china and i am for the usa. they come in tomorrow and
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whatever happens to worry about it it will all work out because it always does. there's no pressure. they are the piggy bank everybody wants to rob. we have the thing everybody wants and now the biggest market in the world by far china was catching us. another person that happened to be in this position right now there would be about ten people. i wish the cameras could spin around and show this massive field. [cheering] they won't do it. they never do. i try to explain to the ones that are somewhat friendly it's good for your production to do this. your production values are much better.
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[cheering] look at this field they won't show the people behind me. [applause] they may have a lousy seats but they will be famous tomorrow. ..
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. >> his crowd was not massive. he had 502 people. we get a bum press because we are here and they are not. right? [cheers and applause] very dishonest people. what is wrong with having a strong economy? i don't get it burger the hatred it is incredible but let's just keep it going because that's the way it is. [applause] that the great betrayal of the american middle class ended the day i took the oath of office because i am with you. [cheers and applause]
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and there are those that say even the fake news media that the greatest day of the political history the greatest election and it continues because they keep trying to take it away. that's not working too well. hillary clinton is saying that she thinks that they still won the election. that they stole the election. [laughter] . >> lock her up. lock her up. the next time she has to go to wisconsin to campaign you have to go there to campaign you will be okay the republicans have not one the great state
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of wisconsin in decades you have to go there. i went there a lot and in all fairness to her husband bill she did not listen to him he said you better go to wisconsin or michigan of seeing things out there i see a lot of signs trump and mike pence. you are in a doing one - - you are doing a good job by the way and his wife karen. mike but i see a lot of child and pen signs. you better go there. they said what the hell does he know? they knew a lot better than the panelists. you have to go and you have to work in officially i got to the white house two and a half years ago in the first night i stood in the residence. i said to milania this will be
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so long and now we are a year to half away. it is incredible how time flies especially when despite the obstacles in the artificial things especially if you love what you're doing and more importantly i love the results. [applause] we won't backed out until china stops cheating our workers and stealing our jobs otherwise we don't have to do business with them. we can make the product right here if we have to like we used to. like we used to. [applause] the era of economic surrender is over. the last administration signed
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a disastrous trade deal with south korea that cost our country nearly 100,000 jobs but was doing 250,000 and if you remember our secretary of state and our president at the time said this will give 250,000 jobs and they were right except it was to south korea. not for us. we totally renegotiated the korea trade deal to restore these jobs and rescue the american auto industry. and that deal is done. [applause] south korea. right before i came to office the nation was signed up for one single sellout like you have never seen of the american worker and i said it will not happen the tpp will
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destroy the automobile industry like we have never seen before and our automobile industry is roaring back into our country. [cheers and applause] today, the people of the great state of ohio, remember you have to when the great state of ohio? we won it by like nine points. it is a great state. everyone comes back many car companies and general motors just announced three big plants 700 million but the big announcement is in ohio to make electric trucks with all the companies pouring into michigan all the companies
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pouring into florida, north carolina, south carolina, ohio , everywhere with all of these companies because general motors sold to a company that will do a great job with a beautiful plant that happened just a little while ago. [applause] they will be spending a lot of money to fix it up. it is subject to the uaw they have to make it. come on. make a deal for company that is the only thing they couldn't hit me with anything because they say what about lordstown? i said will you make a deal or open it please? so anyway she called it will be opening a great company is going there. [cheers and applause] so now we finalized an agreement to replace the horrible nafta trade deal with
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the usmca. it will have more jobs for ranchers and growers and manufacturers but while we unleash the unprecedented wave of prosperity, the democratic party is trying to return us even yesterday they want things rejected because they are all waiting for 2020. they think i think they make us look better personally. i really do. [cheers and applause] they want to do investigations instead of investments. what they are doing look so foolish. but i think it drives us to victory in 2020. [cheers and applause]
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but the great usa is not being pushed around anymore. nothing is more dangerous than the democrats crazy agenda. democrats believe everyone in the world has the right to violate they want open borders. to disrespect our borders and come into our country to get the benefits courtesy of the united states taxpayer. thank you very much. t4 and you can see the hell we are going through to get the wall. we will give him drones, technology, without the wall nothing works.
3:48 am
we will have over 400 miles of wall that much of that is already started by the end of next year and will conclude pretty shortly thereafter it will be a lot easier when you have the worst laws of on immigration catch and release you catch them and then you have to release them that's a wonderful plan. chain migration though whole damn family we have people all over the place. this is chain migration the other is the visa lottery. who is coming to the united states? who is at? that's beautiful.
3:49 am
if united states is accepting people with a lottery system compliments of chuck schumer if they are accepting people do you actually think the country is giving their finest? know. they are giving us some rough people if you remember the speech at the base of trump tower talking about what is happening guess what that speech was so mild compared to what is actually happening if you read it today it is unbelievable. the democrats say they care about the poor but the open border policy drives down wages drains social services that hurt the poorest americans more than anybody else.
3:50 am
and the crime is unbelievable. they don't want to talk about it. sanctuary cities is a total disaster. what they believe the american citizen has the absolute right to have your wall levels and borders and forced. it is your country. [cheers and applause] we believe that our welfare program should be protected for truly needy americans not illegal aliens coming into our country illegally. [cheers and applause] we believe our immigration system should put the jobs and safety of american families first. we want to help people and be gracious we need people because we have so many countries moving into our country they want to move our plants they have to come in through merit. merit. [applause] last month alone 100,000 illegal aliens were
3:51 am
apprehended at our borders they capture them they take their name and bring them to the court than they have to release them because we have tens of thousands of people. we did when a great court case last week i told mexico you can let people walk 2000 miles up your border. 's and now mexico for the first time is taking people back to honduras and guatemala and el salvador and other countries. not big enough numbers but they are getting bigger.
3:52 am
this is crazy and what we need more than anything else is the loopholes closed by congress. it would take 15 minutes. asylum. they walk in and read a statement by a lawyer at the border written by somebody is probably not friendly to this crowd i am very fearful of my life. my country is a frightening place to be. please help me in the meantime he has tattoos all over his face and they say no heat causes the fights and he comes in to talk about his country then they have a picture of him five days sooner walking up flying the national flag of their country. if he is so afraid of his country why is he flying the flag of his country?
3:53 am
they want to fly the flag of guatemala and honduras we love our country. but coming into the united states we are afraid? we cannot let this happen the democrats need the votes otherwise you have to vote them out of office in congress and the senate. vote them out of office novembed next year. vote them out of office otherwise you cannot make a change. we need the votes. we have to go through congress how we ever ended up with this is incredible. they don't like it because they don't mind crime. no nation can tell a massive violation of the immigration laws and no one should run for office without an ironclad plan how to protect america's
3:54 am
border borders. [applause] and to confront this crisis you saw that it was a big deal a couple months ago it is a national emergency it is an invasion when you see the caravan starting off with 20000 people that is an invasion i was badly criticized for using the word invasion it is an invasion it is also an invasion of drugs coming in from mexico. okay? and invasion of drugs they all better be careful because they are destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of people per year with the drugs coming across the southern border. they better be careful because people are wise to it now they have drug dens and factories they make the crap right there sending it over the border where we don't have walls because we have 2000 miles
3:55 am
between the gulf and the pacific. some parts you don't need rivers or mountains or snake country there is some rough country. but what we need we will have done but we are being very tough with them i will be honest mexico made $100 billion on average over the last ten years. 100billion taking 30 percent almost of the automobile industry and then they send the cars through the united states that will not happen anymore through the usmca. that is economically prohibitive. [applause] the immigration crisis is a result of democratic bad policies they didn't say sorry
3:56 am
were taking your home. i want to do that. that we are the only one that has judges. think of that. nobody else has judges. we give them a trial. we need perry mason. [laughter] it is crazy. and then they say the wall would help know it would not help that would stop it. when you have 15000 people marching with hundreds of people and two or three border security people who are brave and don't forget we cannot let them use weapons we can but how do you stop them? you can't. [laughter] only in japan you can get away
3:57 am
with that. [laughter] - - only in the panhandle. that's a tough situation when the wall is finished it will be great democrats even supported deadly sanctuary cities onto the streets that protect them republicans believe ever country should be a sanctuary for law-abiding americans not criminal aliens. [cheers and applause] congress must act to fix our immigration laws and and catch and release and human smugglers. have you seen what is happening? human smugglers, human traffickers, have you seen what they are doing? this is an ancient crime. because of the computer and
3:58 am
internet more than ever worldwide. and most come through at the southern border where we don't have a wall. you have people looking inside so you cannot do that. if you have women tied up with tape over their mouths. you cannot take them to a port of entry but they don't come through the port but the areas where you don't have the wall. 15 miles up and make a left. shut down sanctuary cities and replace the visa lottery for chain migration we have to do it. issue after issue the democratic party has never been further outside the mainstream want to run so
3:59 am
badly i want this race to start immediately. [cheers and applause] now democrats are pushing a 100 trillion-dollar takeover of the us economy known as the green new deal. that was written up by a real genius. [laughter] the new democrat party believes in socialism. take a look at venezuela. republicans believe in freedom. we need to get senators elected. we need congress to get women elected you have to get out there and you have to win otherwise it will be too long. democrats are aggressively pushing late term abortion. as they are ripped from their mothers womb right up until
4:00 am
the moment of birth. then the governor in virginia says the baby is born and you wrap the baby beautifully and you talk to the mother about the possible execution of the baby. so who heard of that? they don't even want to discuss it. and to protect innocent life i called on congress to immediately pass legislation prohibiting extreme late-term abortions. [cheers and applause] democrats are now the party of high crime open border, late-term abortio abortion, witchhunts and illusions. the republican party is the party for all americans.
4:01 am
we want to make america great again. that is what we are doing. [cheers and applause] [chanting] usa. [chanting] cameras we please show these people you can hear it. you can hear how many people but they never show it. like a florida state football game. the party of the american worker and of the american dream every day we are making
4:02 am
good on our motto in fact, much better than we promised it is promises made, promises kept. actually giving you more promises then we said we would do. that is very unusual for politicians that could be a first earlier this year citing an executive order to defend free speech on college campuses. [cheers and applause] we are carefully monitoring the absence of social media of those voices. we are also taking steps to address judicial overreach.
4:03 am
because you know, who started this in reverse was bill clinton as president with the nationwide injunctions to undermine democracy with the rule of law and for criminal justice reform. we passed it. [applause] but it is also fair. that's why we are appointing judges and we just confirmed, listen to this 100 federal judges. [cheers and applause] and soon we will be in record territory not to mention the great supreme court judges. [cheers and applause] we have two great supreme
4:04 am
court justices and having them up there makes you feel good about our country. doesn't it? we launched a historic initiative for prescription drugs. last year prescription drug prices went down for the first time in nearly 51 years. just today we announce the drug companies will now be required by law to include prices in television advertisements. [applause] and we are expanding affordable alternatives to obama care before we terminate that and replace it once we take over the house and the senate and the presidency together. [applause] and we will always protect patients with pre-existing
4:05 am
conditions. the republican party will always protect nations with pre-existing conditions and people with those pre-existing conditions. as far as the veterans we passed the veterans administration's choice so now if they wait in line ten days or four days or two months , people that were not even very sick or one - - are terminally ill before they see a doctor they immediately find a good local doctor get themselves fixed up and we pay the bill it's great for our veterans park we have been trying to get that passed 44 years. we got that passed. [cheers and applause] we also passed 46 years to pass teeten accountability. because they were terrible to the vets.
4:06 am
they could be sadistic and steel and rob. we had to know way to fire these people. now teeten accountability. boom. you are fired. [cheers and applause] forty-six years they tried that case was against the unions and civil servants not too easy we are unlocking american energy united states is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world. [applause] we are slashing permit delays from infrastructure projects and highways that were taking 22 years to be approved. we brought that way down we are trying to make it one year and we are close to getting
4:07 am
that. we are down at two or three at the most. there was a certain road in a certain state working on it 21 years costing hundreds of times more money. used to be a straight line now it is a line like this. like a very bad shot to make it home if you had a couple of drinks. [laughter] it cost a fortune. now we are trying to get it down at one year. maybe it is rejected. that's okay but people work on projects almost their entire life then they go somewhere and they lose. the mostly you or not rejected it will be dead in a really good way. we are trying to get that permit process down for roads and highways, bridges and tunnels. there is no reason it should take 20 years. as promised we have directed more than half a billion dollars to fix lake okeechobee.
4:08 am
everybody wanted that done. both of your governors. the last and current governor one that does so the army corps of engineers are getting that probably completed within three years, years ahead of schedule. [applause] . . . . for the gulf coast test.
4:09 am
anybody there -- it's a good thing 133 million. to help our wonderful warriors who are doing an incredible job at the air force base. [applause] [cheering] great people. we have made a decisive break from the failed foreign-policy establishment to sacrifice the sovereignty is surrendered our jobs tied us down to endless foreign wars. i didn't know if yo don't know t about eight weeks ago it took 100% of the caliphate that was supposed to take two years.
4:10 am
it doesn't mean that they are not going to go around blowing up a storm we took 100% and when i took over this great country -- within a short period of time there was 100% but still. these people are sick and crazy. always keep your eyes open and be careful and let law enforcement know. because we have the greatest ball enforcement on earth.
4:11 am
[cheering] everything we do we are now putting america first. we lost in so many different ways. the folks they don't pay their fair share that were supposed to pay. we were taking over and spending almost 100% of our money to protect the country's in nato [inaudible] or they would say if you get the chance maybe you can pay.
4:12 am
they are paying up $100 billion. it's great for the second amendment. [cheering] on the horrible iran nuclear deal. i felt compelled to authorize the steel aluminum and copper
4:13 am
industries. i hope to be able at some point maybe it won't happen, to sit down and work out a fair deal. i recognize and open to the embassy in jerusalem. [applause] [cheering]
4:14 am
we also recognize that government of venezuela and forcefully condemn the socialist brutality of the regime. the people of cuba and the people of nicaragua in their struggle to be free each of us in this great arena they could never hold this many people.
4:15 am
[cheering] the are all united by the same values and belief in the constitution and in the rule of law we believe in strong voters, strong families and strong national defense. [inaudible] and the sanctity of life [cheering] we believe mothers and fathers know how to raise our children integrate country and we believe
4:16 am
in the words of national motto, in god we trust. [applause] [cheering] these are the principles that bind us together in the panhandle. we love the panhandle. you are incredible people, i tell you. you are smart, loyal, unbelievable people. old cross magnificent estate you've joined the movement because you rejected the values and betrayals of past positions. standing down the corrupt system
4:17 am
that enriched itself at your expense. it's still rigged but a lot less. we are getting rid of this folks. you defended your dignity and took back your country. [cheering] every day between now and november 3, 2020 every day we
4:18 am
are going to keep on working and fighting and winning. [cheering] remember i used to tell the story you would be winning so much in the state of florida the governor with tape leaves. the -- please we are not used to this, mr. president we are not used to this. for years and years we are winning so much the people can't and i said i can't run, i'm sorry. he said i thought you would say that. we are going to keep winning.
4:19 am
you've never had i think more loyalty. you look at what is happening to the state and the country and we are proud again. with every last ounce we are going to take our stand, stand for liberty can't stand for justice, to stand for faith, family and freedom. [applause] [cheering] and stand for the sacred rites by the hand of the almighty god. we are one united united states of america.
4:20 am
together with the proud people of the panhandle, the proud people of florida we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again and we will make america safe again and we will make america great again. [applause] ♪
4:21 am
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♪ >> c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. and donp, jimmy panetta bacon both military veterans on the work of the poor country caucus. they talk about the trade talks between the u.s. and china and what it means for future tariffs. be sure to watch washington journal live at 7:00 eastern this morning. join the discussion.
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>> coming up live thursday, the house meets at 10:00 a.m. for general speeches. existenceecondition -- pre-existing conditions. to work onreturns judicial and executive nominations. at 7 p.m. we are in toronto, canada on a debate on china's role in the world. 2:00 p.m. the house homeland security subcommittee talks to officials about the budget request for customs and border protection, ice and immigration and customs enforcement. >> the house continues work on a health care legislation in support of the 2010 federal health care law. usl