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tv   Interview Kellie Mejdrich  CSPAN  May 10, 2019 12:03am-12:15am EDT

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secretary? >> biggest challenge is balancing it all. about practicing neglect so we can stay focused on the future. ignoring emerging issues that pop up day-to-day you don't plan for. >> what does the president tell you? when were you nominated? >> at the white house. . kelliey metric -- mejdrich joined us for details on the disaster relief will. why is it being brought up? version $3e passed a billion less. because of ongoing disagreements between members of the senate. once the house passed the
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original bill in january, the senate ran into disagreements over funding for puerto rico. the house is taking another crack at the measure. there has been extra storm damage that has happened that they are dressing with $3 billion additional. goesillion dollars of that to flood control projects. $1 billion goes to housing and urban development. grantsly really flexible to local governments to repair anything from a broken water system to helping with local community facilities. million to the department of agriculture for farm rehabilitation. farm country has gotten hit hard, especially with the influx of midwest flooding.
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they have kicked up the price tag to $17.4 billion. house, onlyeven the six house republicans voted for the package. what are you hearing about support for this? indicated he was likely to support this earlier this week. time, a limitation has been a key congressn in kangas -- passing the legislation. it blocks funding for the border wall. it does not contain immigration provisions. just as was seen in the house
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floor with the motion to recommend where republicans want 4.5o add the president's billion dollars supplemental request related to border security, he wants more money, refugee resettlement due to having to house more migrants and other provisions. they tried to enter that into the bill using a procedural maneuver. they failed. it is going to become a broader problem of how lawmakers can read this needle. i am expecting wide democratic support for it. some republicans as well. republicans from florida, for example, who are suffering and a lot of their constituents are trying to repair from hurricane damage. hard to vote against $17 billion in disaster funding,
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even if it does not contain provisions related to the border. i don't know how strongly bipartisan it will be. given their are disagreements on some of the core issues. >> the bill was introduced by the appropriations chair. there are several amendments including one from her. you described it as a self-executing amendment. what does that mean? explain the procedural magic in the house floor. adopts the rule, , as you said, it is self-executing.
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there are technical corrections to the bills. floodedn of national insurance which would expire at may. some of the more substantial things the amendment does, providing $91 million for repairing federal buildings and other infrastructure. open disaster eligibility when it comes to how local governments decide whether do repair or replace damage infrastructure. then they get into amendment baits. 10 amendments were made in order. they are pretty noncontroversial. housing improvement those kinds of things. to the senate,k
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the house working this week on the disaster bill. the senate continuing talks on their end. you write with your colleague the $4.5 billion border demand was slowing the talks. of the key players involved and the main issues? leahy of vermont, the chairman, they have been talking for weeks now on how to thread this needle between the border issue, the puerto rico issue, and some other issues popping up today. my colleague reported on senator shelby finding issue with white house resistance to basically a budgetary carveout for harbor maintenance. thingsnstrates how many
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are remaining in this disaster debate. shelby directly pointed at the white house and said, their opposition to this provision is holding things up. that is mainly white house chief of staff mick mulvaney. are discussing and debating this as well. then again, it is not just the border. not just puerto rico. a harbor trust fund issue. democrats kind of don't like that because they want to roll that into a transportation bill. of pain and prodding going on. it seems congress has not had sufficient time so they are debating these provisions. experienceds have every day the reason why the
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package not coming together changes. puerto rico, the border. scuttled bute is in the harbor maintenance trust fund. >> we appreciate all the information. continue to follow you on twitter. thank you so much. president tweeted a message about the disaster bill, saying house republicans should not vote for the bad democrat supplemental bill. for vote tomorrow. we want to do much better than this. all sides keep working and send a good bill for immediate signing. friday, theive house gambles and at 9:00 a.m. eastern and will discuss the disaster relief bill on c-span. p.m., john delaney
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campaigning in new hampshire. on c-span two, a discussion on the news of the day with skeet then, jim police and baker talks about the mueller report. kirsten gillibrand campaigning in new hampshire. in c-span3, the house select modernization of congress committee provides on legislation to provide greater transparency. that is at 9:00 a.m.. all of by a former faa commissioner. >> here's a look at some of the feature programs in book tv. saturday night, joseph stiglitz looks at the contributions to inequality and growth slowdown
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dominating sectors of the economy. >> trade agreements were dictated by the u.s.. the u.s. wasasn't orokered by south africa some other developing country. the problem was what the u.s. wanted. tradeenda was a corporate agenda. on sunday at 7:00 p.m. eastern, melinda gates discusses her life and work with women around the world. her latest book is the moment a lift. >> she said, the truth is, i have no hope. no hope for feeding this son or this one when i am finished breast-feeding. all she knew was i was a western woman in a pair of khaki pants. she said, will you take them
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home with you? that is their only hope. eastern, mike lee offers his thought on the overreach of government in colonial times and today. in his latest book, he is interviewed by a georgetown law professor. >> when you have a segment of people who will stand in power for decades, never standing accountable, that is a problem. that is a deep state. that is a form of tyranny. c-span two.on , the vice mark warner chair of the intelligence committee. he talked to reporters at a breakfast hosted by the christian science monitor.


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