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tv   Lindsey Mc Pherson  CSPAN  May 10, 2019 7:00pm-7:14pm EDT

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bringing the literary scene and historic sites to our viewers. you can watch more of our visits at [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national guide to congressrp. 2019]the e is now available. it has details about the house and senate for the current session. information about every senator and representative and information about congressional committees, state governors and the cabinet. the 20 19th congressional directory is a handy spiral-bound guide. order your copy for $18.95. c-span is live this evening from 2020s, new hampshire where candidate john delaney is hosting a meet and greet with voters in the first primary state. he is a former u.s. congressman from maryland. he talked about his criticism of
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fellow democratic candidate and vice president joe biden and has been critical of some plans for medicare for all. he has not yet met the threshold to join the democratic candidates in the debates. expecting the candidate to be here shortly. [background chatter]
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announcer 1: c-span live from hollis, new hampshire. john delaney will be hosting a meeting greet here with voters in the first primary states. he is a former u.s. congressman from maryland and has criticized fellow candidate and former vice president joe biden. as the pbs newshour reports, he hadn't met the threshold of support needed to join a national democratic debate. while we are waiting for the congressman here in hollis, we will look at the week ahead in washington. >> a senior house reporter for roll call. she joins us for a look ahead at congress and when the house returns next week, hoyer plans
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on taking up one of the legislativeop 10 priorities, equal rights. tell us about this bill and why it is a priority. five, quality act is hr yes in the top 10, a bill that would amend the civil rights act to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and things like housing, education, employment, federal financing, even jury duty. this is a big deal. lgbt writes have been a big deal for a long time and they want to -- like other forms of discrimination that are already banned. >> on another topic we have been hearing from the speaker of the house nancy pelosi talking about the timing of a vote that got a lot of attention, the contempt of congress resolution against william barr. you write that the house floor
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vote is not imminent. what are you hearing about the strategy and timing? citations. his committee has said former white house counsel tom mcgann will be held in contempt if he doesn't appear on may 21. they want to get it all done in one fell swoop versus distracting from the legislative agenda. they are holding off for now until they figure out whether they have other ones coming down the line. >> how would that work bundling these contempt citations?
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>> i don't know if it has been decided if it would be bundled or spend a day doing one vote after another. they are looking at that how they would have -- how many they would have. >> the house passed its own disaster aid package, $19.1 billion that passed on friday, goes to the senate, 34 republicans joined the democrats to support. it was opposed by the white house. what issues remain especially with the senate working on its own version as this goes back and forth between the house and white house involvement? >> the big issue is puerto rico funding. republicans and donald trump feel they have provided enough money for puerto rico and the u.s. territory has poorly spent the money. they don't want to provide more. they have given leeway in that -- in theations negotiations on the senate side.
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the reason the house held this vote today on disaster aid, they had one in january but since and there were floods tornadoes and other disasters that they wanted to add funding for. the complaints. as we mentioned 34 republicans voting against it, it is a significant showing given trump tweeted not to vote for it. >> what about the senate's version? are they trying to come up with their own? not familiar because i cover the house but they are working on the puerto rico issue as i understand it. >> it included border security. is that a sticking point? >> there are republicans that would like -- the white house does want -- they had sent a
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supplemental for border security spending, $4.3 billion to help with humanitarian needs with the ongoing influx of asylum-seekers coming in and democrats are concerned about providing that money based on how the administration has handled the migrant crisis. is in talksk -- it but democrats don't intend to add. >> appreciate your insights. we will follow you for more on the house and what is going on behind the scenes on twitter @li ndsemcpherson. announcer 1: back to the meeting in hollis, new hampshire where we are waiting for the 2020 presidential candidate john delaney. he is hosting a meet and greet with voters in the first primary state.
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