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  President Trump Meets With Hungary Prime Minister  CSPAN  May 13, 2019 6:45pm-7:01pm EDT

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meet and greet with fellow democrats. >> c-span's "washington journal," live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up tuesday morning, a discussion of u.s. foreign policy challenges with iran, venezuela, and north korea. joining us for that, florida republican congressman why call -- michael walz followed by democratic california congressman john garamendi. and we'll talk with karen mills about her new book about technology's impact on small businesses. watch "washington journal" live at k a.m. eastern. join the discussion. >> also tomorrow, delaware senator chris coons discusses u.s. relations with china. he recently traveled to east asia and he'll talk about that tomorrow at the down soinl foreign relations live at 8:30 eastern on c-span2. also tomorrow, the senate judiciary committee holds a hearing on the national security
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, intellectual property and other issue related to the rollout of 5g technology throughout the united states. that's live at 10:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span. at the white house, earlier today, president trump met with hungarian prime minister or bmbing an and praised his immigration policies. the president took questions from reporters on china, tariffs, relations with russia and the mueller report. pres. trump: thank you very much, it is a great honor to have with us the prime minister of hungary. and viktor orbán has done a tremendous job in so many different ways, highly respected and respect at all over europe. probably like me, a little bit controversial, but that is
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ok. you have kept your country safe. we will be discussing nato. hungary is a proud member of nato. and we are, we really have gotten to know each other a little bit. and we will be discussing trade, very much so, and lots of other subjects. we will meet with representatives of hungary later on with the prime minister. and we will spend good time together. so, thank you very much for being at the white house. it is a great honor. thanks. p.m. orban: may i have a word? pres. trump: yes, please. p.m. orban: thank you very much for the invitation. may i say here that we are proud so many hunger areas conjugated to the tremendous progress of the united states. i'm very happy to be here again. to be young again. 20 years ago is my first time here. i have some expectations for the meeting this afternoon. first of all, to strengthen our alliance. and to discuss global political issues, because so many changes are going on and we have similar approaches.
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and i would like to express that we have a powerful stance together in fighting against illegal migration, on terrorism, and protecting the christian communities all around the world. so they give much for the invitation. pres. trump: you have been great with respect to christian communities. you have really put a block up and we appreciate that very much. so we will have some meetings now, a lot of subjects are under discussion. and the relationship is very good with hungary. thank you all very much. >> what about the market reaction to tariffs? pres. trump: the reaction is very simple, china has been taking advantage of the u.s. for many years, i'm not just talking about during the obama dministration. you can go back before that. it has been taken -- taking out billions of dollars a year from the united states and we cannot let that happen.
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we are in a strong position and our economy has been very powerful, there's has not been. we have gone up a lot since our great election in 2016. and if you look at the numbers, they have gone down quite a bit. we are dealing with them and we have a very good relationship. maybe something will happen. we will be meeting of the g20 in japan and that will be probably a very fruitful meeting. but we are taking in hundreds of billions of dollars right now, billions in tariffs, and those will be tremendously, if you look at what we have done thus ar with china, we have never taken in $.10, now we are taking in billions. it went up since friday come up to $200 billion. he total is 25% on too much of -- 25% on $250 billion. we have another $325 billion
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that we can do if we decide to do it. so we are taking in tens of billions of dollars, we have never that before with china, never done that with anybody because we've been taken advantage of all our trade eals, practically. this is a very positive step. i love the position we are in. there can be retaliation, but it cannot be very substantial by comparison. and out of the billions of dollars that was -- we are taking in, a portion will go to our farmers because china will retaliate to a certain extent against our farmers. we will take the highest year, he biggest purchase that china has ever made with our farmers, which is about $15 billion, and do something reciprocal to our farmers so that they can do well. they will be planting, they will be able to sell for less and they will make the same kind of money until such time this is traightened out.
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so the farmers will be very happy. our manufacturers will be very happy. and our government is very happy because we are taking in tens of billions of dollars. i think it is working out very ell. again, we do much less business with china than they do with us. if you take a look at $100 billion versus $600 billion, and just so you understand we do not have to pay tariffs if you are a manufacturer in this country. open your division or open up your product and have it made in this country as opposed to made n china. or if you do not want to do that, that would be the ideal, that is what used to be a long time ago when we were smart and we had an economy that was really something very special, now we are having a period of tremendous growth and tremendous success like we have not seen for a long time. but in the old days we made our product and we took that product and that is what it was.
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now we go to china. but not anymore. if they do not want to pay tariffs, make it here or buy it from another country that is a nontariff country. so whether you go to vietnam or so many others coming can do hat. the bottom line is we are taking in a tremendous amounts of money ended already started as a last friday, but the really started seven months before that. it is in the form of tariffs or and it had a two minutes impact. look at the first quarter come almost -- always -- first quarter, we were at 3.2%. people were surprised. a lot of it was the tariffs. we are in a good position and i think it is only going to get etter. >> can you guarantee a trade deal by june 1? pres. trump: companies are
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already announcing they are leaving china because they cannot compete, if they are in china with tax. so what a lot of companies are oing to be doing quite naturally is leaving china and going to other countries said they do not have to pay the tariffs. that is something that is a problem for china, they do not want that and we do not want that to happen to china necessarily, but we had a deal with china and it was 95% of their and than my representatives, as a know, secretary steven mnuchin and robert lighthizer, they went to china and they were told the things that were fully agreed to we're not going to get anymore, they're going to unagree to them, that's not acceptable. i said good, that's fine, put on the tariffs. so we have millions of dollars pouring into our coffers. the coffers of the u.s. treasury. we will see what happens with iran. if they do anything, it would be a very bad mistake. i'm hearing little stories about
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iran. if they do anything, they will uffer greatly. we we'll see what happens with iran. >> will you meet with him directly at the g20? pres. trump: i will be meeting directly with president xi of china. >> what about president putin? pres. trump: i will meet with him also. >> what message do you have for mike pompeo? pres. trump: i think the message is there has never been anybody who is so tough on russia, but we will end up getting along with russia. it make sense to get along with russia. nobody sanctioned russia like i have and nobody has talked about the pipeline going to germany and various other places like i have. i said it is very unfair, having to deal with the u.s. and nato, there has never been anybody who has done that. if you want to look at something big, our energy business -- we
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are not the biggest in the world, bigger than russia, bigger than saudi arabia, we are bigger than anybody. and it has all happened since i became president, because i have made it so that you can do that. and we are taking in a lot of money and our country is doing really well. we probably have never done this well before. and it is going to continue. as far as dealing with china, believe it or not it is very important but it is a small part of the kind of numbers that we are doing right now since my lection. >> $225 billion in additional tariffs-- pres. trump: i have not made that decision yet, we have the right to do another 305 $5 billion in additional tariffs, that is a tremendous amount of money that would come into our country. i've not made that decision you. >> what about congress? pres. trump: i do not know what is going on. i can tell you there has never been someone as transparent as the trump administration and it was no collusion, and no obstruction, and we are wasting a lot of time with that stuff. but the report came out and it
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was a very good report for us. >> what about backsliding in hungary? pres. trump: people have a lot of respect nor prime minister. he's a respected man. he's a tough man but he's a respected man. and he's done the right thing, according to many people, on immigration. you look at the problems they have in europe that are tremendous because they have done in a different way than the prime minister. but i will him speak to that question. mr. prime minister? p.m. orban: for the people by the people, that is the basis of the hungarian government. it was elected by the eople. we are happy to serve our nation. >> what about democratic reforms? p.m. orban: we have a new constitution from 2011 and it is functioning well. pres. trump: do not forget they are a member of nato and a very good member of nato. and i do not think we can really go into too much of a iscussion.
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>> talk a body -- talking about your transparency, why block people from going to the committees? pres. trump: they are asking for things they are not entitled o. i can ask them for the same kind of thing. all they are doing is trying to win the election in 2020 and i hink we are in good shape. we have the strong as to economy we have ever had, this in the best employment numbers we have ever had, and unemployment numbers. it is very interesting. as of today, we have the most a number of people working in the united states and we have ever had at any time in the history of our country, almost 160 million people working, th is a big numberat -- that is a big number. i just saw the number. close to 160 million people. if you look at african-americans, asians, hispanic unemployment, the lowest it has ever been. we are doing really well and all the democrats want to do is find any way they can to stop it.
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they are putting their own personal goals ahead of the country and cannot do that. you just cannot do that. we have a wonderful attorney general who has done a very good job. and i am sure it will work out. >> did you commit to not using any information on your campaign -- any information stolen from form adversaries? pres. trump: that is what the report was all about, they said no collusion and i would certainly agree to that. all i need is the opponents i am looking at and i am liking what i see. >> are you concerned about the attacks? pres. trump: we will see what happens. it will be a bad problem for iran if something happens. they are not going to be happy people. k? you can figure it out for yourself, they know what i mean by it. does anybody else have a
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question other than these two? any questions for the prime minister? [laughter] >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: yes, the french did a great job. they did a great job and we appreciate it very much and i communicated that feeling already. we worked with them on intelligence and we were able to get that person back and we thank the french very much. great job. i do not want to tell you that right now. >> the former aid package for the $15 billion, can you elaborate what that looks like? pres. trump: it is being devised. it has taken place over the years. and if you want to speak to sonny perdue in the department of agriculture, we love our farmers and we take care of our farmers. they have been incredible. no country can get in the way of our farmers. they are great patriots and they have done a fantastic job. so the farmers will be well taken care of. thank you all very much. talking over each other]
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indiscernible] > thank you. >> live now on the campus of howard university for a rally on climate change and the green new deal. we expect to hear remarks from w york congresswoman alexandria ocause yow cortez and senator markey. they're seeing a video and live coverage begins now on c-span.