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  President Trump White House Departure  CSPAN  May 14, 2019 2:10pm-2:21pm EDT

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yemen. signed, sincerely, donald j. trump, the white house, may 13, 2019. the speaker pro tempore: referred to the committee on foreign affairs and ordered printed. pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house in recess until approximately 3:00 p.m. today.
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and should have been handled a long time ago and we'll handle it now. i think it's going to turn it
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out extremely well. we are in a strong position. we are the piggy bank that everyone likes to take advantage of. we have been losing in years, $300 million to $500 million in trade with china. we captain let that happen. the relationship i have with president xi is extraordinary. it really is very good. he's for china and i'm for the u.s.a. and it's very simple. we are in a very, very strong position. they want to make a deal, it could absolutely happen. but in the meantime, a lot of money is being made by the united states and a lot of strength is being shown. this has never happened to china before. our economy is fantastic. theirs is not so good. we have gone up trillions and trillions of dollars since the election.
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they have gone way down since my election. so that's the way it is. that's the way it stands. e are going to do very well. [indiscernible] president trump: we are doing very well. we have the greatest economy we have ever had. employment numbers came out as you know. there are record levels in every category. african-americans, the best in history. you take a look. hispanic americans, the best in history. yesterday, asian-american numbers came in, they are the lowest in the history of our country. women, i think in 61 years and soon that will be historic, too. and as far as employment numbers, wife the most people working today in the united states that we have ever had before, almost 160 million people. so it's really good. [indiscernible question] president trump: you got a
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machine over there. we have a very good dialogue and dialogue going. it will always continue. but we made a deal with china. it was a very good deal. and had to be a good deal otherwise we aren't making it. we have been down so low in trade and other presidents should have done it a long time ago. we can't just make a good deal. we had a deal that was very close and then they broke it. they really did, more than we negotiated. they really broke it. we can't have that happen. [indiscernible question] president trump: no, i didn't ask him to do it. i didn't know it. but it's a great thing he did it. i saw it last night and want to look at that hole hoax got started. it was a hoax. even mueller, not a friend of mine, even bob mueller came out no collusion. and he had 18 people that didn't
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like donald trump, they were hillary clinton fans and contributed to hillary clinton. they came out. it was the debatest hoax ever perpetrated on the people of this country. you know what? i am so proud of our attorney general that he is looking into it. i think it's great. i did not know about it, no. [indiscernible question] president trump: no. no. no. i wasn't surprised. million and they buy $100 million. small factor for us and we have a much bigger. since my election, we have a bigger economy than china. 600 f you take a look, $ million versus $100 million. it's a different world.
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[indiscernible question] president trump: we are looking at that very strongly. $325 million. david. [indiscernible question] president trump: i read that probably fake news. don't know anything about it. [indiscernible question] president trump: it is a tough situation. because my son spent, i guess over 20 hours testifying about something that mueller said was 100% ok. and now they want him to testify again. i don't know why. i have no idea why. but it seems very unfair to me. [indiscernible question] president trump: i think it's fake news, ok? would i do that? absolutely. but we have not planned for that. hopefully not plan for that. and if we do that, we will send
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a hell of a lot more troops. where was that story? in the "new york times"? the "new york times" is fake news. go ahead. [indiscernible question] president trump: yeah. so, you have no tariffs to pay whatsoever if you are in business. all you have to do is build or make your products in the united states. there is no tariffs. that worked out very well. [indiscernible question] president trump: i think we are winning it. we will be collecting over $100 billion in tariffs. they can buy someplace else other than china. the ideal is make their product in the the u.s.a. you know what? you want to know something? you want to know something? we always win. we always win.
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[indiscernible question] president trump: i don't understand his answer because i thought the attorney germ answered it properly. i didn't understandings that answer. [indiscernible question] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit >> also earlier today, the senate judiciary committee held and ing on 5g technology
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protecting intellectual property. we will show it at 10:00 p.m. oorn. and watch online at or listen on the crmp span radio app. this week our online video library marks a milestone, quarter million hours of kept. all crmp span programs since 1987 are available in our online library and view them all for ree at >> the c-span bus is stopping at middle and high schools across the country. we were in colorado springs, colorado, with our cable partner comcast where we met with first j. e winners from william
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palmer high school. >> it didn't take long in our research to find the disparities in voting rights, especially native-americans. that was a shock to me considering we have been in co-existence for a long time and they struggle with voting rights and gerrymandering is an outdated exists and still exists and there are problems and those are things we wanted to focus on. >> to watch all the entries, go to >> our guest is karen mill. inise topic of small business. fintech, small business and the american dream -- karen, thank you for being with us.