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tv   Road to the White House 2020 Gov. Steve Bullock Press Conference  CSPAN  May 15, 2019 4:03am-4:20am EDT

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>> [indiscernible] governor steve bullock met with reporters talk about his campaign strategy and views on gun rights and climate change.
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>> welcome to advanced biology. [laughter] [inaudible question] >> i said that i was sort of a b or b+ student but i did okay. [inaudible question] >> no, i think that we will have great candidates in 2020. even before the last election,
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16, i was not going to run for senate. in part, i think it is the role of an executive. that is what i've always done. that is where i think i've actually can add more. you see a lot of frustration as a governor i have been frustrated with an action of congress. and you see so many congresspeople, frustrated. that is all we have record retirements. folks saying that it doesn't work. i think i can be more effective in helping at work here. [inaudible question] >> i hope what the message will be is, i was the only person to actually win in a state where donald trump won. and we need to win some of those places back. i've also been able to bridge a lot of the divide and actually make government work. i do not know the whole field of 37 or whatever it is. great respect for a lot of the
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senators i do believe washington d.c. has become a place where talking about things and giving speeches is a substitute for doing. he can talk about that from campaign finance. work that we've done here, net neutrality, the work we have done here. so i will run on my experience both getting elected but also, getting things to work. and ultimately, it is up to voters. >> we hear you list the democratic -- we have seen a number of democrats rolling out pretty dramatic plans on gun control. when you ran for governor talked about expanding second amendment rights in the state are you out of touch with your party on the issue?>> i don't think so. i have signed gun related bills and i have vetoed gun related bills over my time as governor.
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i think if we could ever actually start to look at this public health approach, not a political issue but public health. how do we keep kids in the school safe? gun owners and those that do not, fundamentally believe universal background checks are something we ought to be able to do. go to red flag laws. another thing that could make a meaningful difference. and you know, i'm a gun owner, i am a hunter. but i also recognize that i have lowered the flags under the president before. 53 times in total i think. that includes veteran's day and others. over 1/4 of them have been for mass shootings. i think we need to take decisive action. >> what action would you be willing to take? you've kind of flipped on the issue of the background checks. >> you know, i have done -- take a step back, think about post-las vegas.
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even the president initially said let's get rid of bump stock. even though no one knew what they were. outside dollars from the nra made it so it was a year and and a half for us to get there. i would push universal background checks. i would push making it so that you can no longer purchase assault weapons. i mean as a hunter, for people that, for self-defense, when walmart and dix and other places are sayingthat we no longer need these . it is probably time we start having a conversation. 40 percent of households in america have a firearm in them. every firearm owner that i know wants to make sure that no one gets injured and the guns do not actually roll into the wrong hands. that is a lot of common ground we can actually work with. if we can and some of the
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politicization and the outside influences and make it so it's impossible. >> would you support armed guards -- >> i just vetoed another one of those bills. i have vetoed several of those bills in my time as governor. >> because? >> because -- well first, two different things. one of which i think the language we are using now is problematic. and i said that to the president a year ago, we talk about hardening schools. there's no reason my sixth-grader in his first week of school, he said we do know where to go in case of an active shooter. no kidneys to know that. there is a peace officer here, i want to make sure that if somebody brings a gun into the
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school, it is trained law enforcement.i don't think gun to school others or school marshals or any way to keep our kids safe. [inaudible question] >> a question for you on another issue. -- [inaudible question] >> yeah, well -- i think first we have to address climate change. you can look in montana, in a time that i've been here, solar power, 400 percent increase. we would do that much better if we could ever -- if we could ever, because we have some of the best wind in the country if we could ever get beyond the states borders. i think coal for the foreseeable future, is going to have a place in our country but
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let's actually, if we can put someone on the moon, why can't we invest in technology from the perspective of enhanced recovery in montana. we piped the co2 up from wyoming. not here. we need to fundamentally address climate change. i had the second worst fire season in state history paid 1.3 million acres burned. while you're here visit glacier park. if you wait for five more years it will not be gracious. we can do in a way, we are already seeing more coal plant closures. because even the market dictates could mean to invest in technology, efficiency, we need to reclaim the u.s. role in this. we emit half of the carbon that china does.
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5 billion tons a year. if we decide well, were not going to play anymore, by withdrawing from paris. we are never going to meet the targets. a great country and a great world for the next generation. >>. [inaudible question] >> yeah, first of all like, i literally signed my last bill yesterday. so, i know i'm not one of the first to have a job to do. as a result, 100,000 montanans have healthcare to medicaid expansion. we passed one of the most progressive laws when it comes actually banning foreign dollars in our elections. i mean we froze college tuition. that is what i needed to take care of first. as long as you will put steve
4:13 am in all of your stories, i am sure i will hit the donor numbers, for sure! and also, a number of polls either way i'll be talking to folks about what we been able to do here, how we can give everybody a fair shot and how we can make washington d.c. work. >> either way you're seeing -- >> i hope that i make it to that stage. i think everybody does. and i think that generally the debate stage will be lacking a bit if they did not have somebody that actually got reelected in a state where donald trump won or it would be lacking if we do not have somebody that, a bridge that divides in a state with georgia republican legislature to get things done.
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or taking to read even beyond and things from net neutrality to campaign-finance. you know, beyond even what we have done in montana. i think the debate stage would be lacking. i will do the best i can to get there. >> what are you nervous about now? >> what am i nervous about now? >> what are you nervous about now? >> and running or in life? [laughter] i mean -- [laughter] you know, 45 minutes driving with my 14-year-old daughter last night as she is getting her learners permit. that makes somebody nervous at times! so i'm not nervous about running, i am excited about it. i think i have a voice that first, from my perspective, the most important things that we wake up in november 2020 and donald trump is not president. but even more than that, we have got to figure a way the next generation to make things work. i am excited about that.
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i know will be a long haul, i know my family is ready for it and i am sure ready for it. [inaudible question] >> can ask a question about iowa? you are making iowa -- [inaudible question] >> well, i -- look, even a field of 37 or 22 or whatever it is, the early stage as always, i think they take it seriously. they take that role seriously. always whittling down the field. i do think that i need to do well in iowa. i think everyone in the field needs to do well in iowa. you look at what is happening to producers in iowa through some of these tariffs.
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i've got farmers and ranchers here that are feeling the same thing. you look at the concerns about water quality. i have much of the same. you look at communities where it is that much harder to keep businesses. at times we have that here as well. i look forward to actually now that my legislature is done, live medicare expansion, to spend more time in iowa.>> why do you think 23 are running? >> i mean, i would leave that to you all. i think there is incredible energy and excitement and the knowledge that you know, when i say that we are at a dangerous place in 243 year -- i really believe that. i imagine many of them also believe the same and that we have got to do something to get the country that we will hand off in a better place.
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thank you very much for being here. >> democrats are planning a longer reading of the molar work in a committee -- the robert mueller report in a committee setting. chemically to of be a u.s. ninth circuit court of appeals judge. on c-span3, house transportation subcommittee hearing on the grounding of the boeing 737 max airline after two fatal crashes. philadelphiais in this saturday at 1 p.m. eastern
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to officially kick off his candidacy for the democratic presidential nomination. watch live coverage on c-span. we have covered the campaigns of 20 democratic candidates who have entered the race. watch anytime at our website, the c-span bus is stopping in schools across the country to meet and award the winners of our studio video camera competitions. we were recently and colorado springs -- in colorado springs with comcast where we met with students. >> it didn't take long in our research to find the disparities in voting rights, especially with native americans living on reservations. that was a shock to me. we have been coexisting for a long time and they still
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struggle with voting rights. gerrymandering seems outdated but it still exists and it is still a problem. those are things we wanted to focus on. >> to watch the winning entries from this year's contest, go to >> therefore secretary heather wilson and army secretary mark esper spoke about modernizing the military. they spoke recently in washington. heather wilson will resign her office at the end of the month to become president of the university of texas at el paso. this is just under one hour.


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