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  President Trumps Rose Garden Remarks on Mueller Investigation  CSPAN  May 22, 2019 6:28pm-6:42pm EDT

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president trump: thank you very much. good morning. so, i came here to do a meeting on infrastructure, with democrats, not really thinking they wanted to dodo infrastructure, other than investigate. and i just saw that nancy pelosi, just before our meeting, said, we pleeven the president of the united states is engaged in a corup. it turns out, as i think most of you would agree. i'm the most transparent president probably in the history of this country. we have given on a witch hunt, a hoax, the whole thing with russia was a hoax as it relates to the trump administration and myself. it was a total, horrible thing that happened to our country and hurt us in so many ways. we are setting records with the economy, with jobs,, most people
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employed today than we ever had in the history of our country. best unemployment numbers we have ever had. 51 years but germly in the history of our couountry. companies are moving back in. things are going well. let'have the meeting on infrastructure. that's one of the easy ones. instead of walking happily into a meeting, i walk into, people who just said, i was doing a coverups. i don't coverups. you people know that better than everybody. i was looking at the things, we did 2,500 subpoenas qualified for and i let everybody talk. i let the white house counsel speak for 30 hours, 30 hours.
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i have 19 special counsel lawyers, 40 f.b.i. agents. i said open it you will up. let them have what they want. nearly 500 search warrants. have you ever seen a search warrant before? neither did i. of the 19 people that were heading up this investigation or whatever you want to call it, with bob mueller, they were contributors to the democrat party to hillary clinton. they hated president trump, they hated him with a passion. they went to her big party after the election. it was a wake. and they were very angry. these are the people that after $35years and $40 million or million, will end up being more than that by the time the bills
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are paid, this is what happens. no collusion, no obstruction, no nothing. they issued 50 orders authorizing use of pen registers -- registers. think of that, 500 witnesses. and then i have nancyay that th of the united states engaged in a coverup. now we have had a house investigation. we have had senate investigations. we have investigations like knobs' everybody had before. they would have loved to have said we col lewded. these people were out to get us. the republican party and president trump. they were out to get us. this was a one-sided horrible thing. the bottom line, they said, no
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collusion, no collusion with russia. you heard so much talk about phone calls that my son made to me from this meeting that was set up by gps fusion was the other side. and for a year, i heard about phone calls that went to a special number, unauthorized and ould have been my son don, who is a good, young man who has gone through hell. and must have been calls made by him, three calls after the meeting, after massive sdy and they found who made the calls. one was a friend of ours, a real tate developer, great guy. nice guy. loves our country. and the other one was head of nascar. of the three calls that were so
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horrible that he had a c call a had a meeting after and made two more calls and they were written ababout like this little lines, couple of lines, nobody wanted to admit it. even lasast night, we had a gre election. i went there on monday. we had a -- an election for fred keller, who is the 50-50 shot and won in a landslide. we went and did a rally. hardly mentioned today. and yet, the loss would have en the biggest story, even bigger than this witch hunt. so here's the bottom line. there was no collusion, there was no obstruction. and we have been doing this since i have been president. the crime was committed on the
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other side. i hope it turns out well. i know a lot of you agree with me, the crime was committed on the other side. this whole thing was a takedown attempt at the president of the united states. and honestly, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves for the way you reported so dishonestly. not all of you, but many of you, the way you reported it. so i have said right from the beginning that you probably can't go down two tracks. you can go down the investigation track and you can go down the investment track or the track of let's get things done for the american people. i love the american people. drug prices are coming down, first time in 51 years because of my administration. we can get it down lower working
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with the democrats. we can solve the problem on the border in 15 minutes if if the democrats give us votes. i just wanted to let you know, that i walked into the room and i told senator schumer, speaker pelosi, i want to do infrastructure. i want to do it more than you want to do it. i would be really good at it. that's what i do. you know what? you can't do it under these circumstances. so get these phony investigations overwith. the "wall street journal" just wrote today, just a little while ago, i saw it, mr. mueller wasn't obstructed. "wall street journal" editorial today, mr. mueller wasn't obstructed in any way. his copious reports, 434 pages, now they want to interview all
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of the same people again. they want to interview jerry adler, he was been my enemy. i have had great success against him. he was representing and he would fight me. he failed. i congresswoman to washington, i combk president and i said i have nadler again? so, wall street jourm, mr. mueller wasn't obstructed in any way. his reports was released for all to see and there was no collusion. this is the "wall street journal" and no collusion between russia and the trump campaign. that's it. but they want to make this a big deal. whether they want to carry out the big i do. there is a danger here.
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if someday a democrat becomes president and you have a republican house, they can impeach him for any reason, or her. we can't allow that to happen. we can't allow it to happen. when you look at all i have done and i will tell you my lawyers said, you could use presidential privilege. you don't have to let your lawyers and all of your staff testify. you can use presidential privilege. would you recommend it? well, you could be transparent or being tight. if you have done nothing wrong, being transparent is better. i have done nothing wrong. let's be transparent. look at that. all of these things, 500 witnesses that i allowed to testify. it's a disgrace. so when they get everything done
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i'm all set to let's get infrastructure, let's get drug prices. in the meantime we are doing tremendous work without them and doing tremendous executive orders and a lot of work. most successful economy perhaps in our country's hisistory. we have cut regulations. the laest tax cut in the history of the country and doing a lot of work. steve. question]ible president trump: this will meeting was set up at 11:00 and i hear they are going to talk abou i-word. the i-word. can you imagine. i don't speak to russians about
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campaign when i went to wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania, i don't say let's call russia. it's a hoax. the greatest hoax in history. >> thank you, mr. president, do co-equal ongress as a branch of government? president trump: i respect the courts, congress and i respect where we are standing. but what they have done is abuse. this is investigation number four and the same thing. probably five. and it really started, i think, pretty much from the time we came down the escalator in trump tour. so i say to you, where they get everything done, we ar getting done a lot without them. let them play games. let them finish up and we'll be all set.
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thank you everybody. indiscernible chatter] >> have you read the mueller eport? [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit >> house and senate democratic leaders called their own news conference to respond to president trump cancelling their white house meeting on infrastructure and the president's comments into the ueller report. ms. pelosi: good morning.