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Kevin McCarthy
  House Minority Leader Kevin Mc Carthy News Conference  CSPAN  May 23, 2019 2:09pm-2:25pm EDT

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talk about partial birth abortion, sex selection, people get a gender test and get an abortion. and talk about the hyde amendment and joe biden said he won't be. it's a little weird. [inaudible question] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit >> house republican leader kevin mccarthy spoke about -- at his weekly briefing. this is what he had to say. mr. mccarthy: good morning or afternoon? >> morning. mr. mccarthy: good morning. many of you may have plans across america. there will be cookouts and barbecues but spend a moment and think about what memorial day is about.
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it's about men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice. ronald reagan said freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. we didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. it must be fought for and protected. the benefit of this country from generation to generation of those who would wear the uniform to defend us to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. those who are out celebrating the freedoms, let's take a moment to remember those to make sure they will never be forgotten. i just watched part of the speaker's press conference. i first believe we should not be leaving. we should be staying in congress and finish the supplemental disaster relief. it's something we have been working on for quite some time. i applaud leader mcconnell saying he will not let the
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senate leave. when i look to the majority of this house, i can't point to one problem that we have solved. and the idea that we would leave while others are going through disasters and just last night, we watched and my thoughts and prayers go out to those in missouri and the devastating tornado, i think the one thing that should not be partisan, we should make this government is there for them in their time of need and continue to work need. i have a real concern with what transpired on the floor this week. same thing that happened last week. there are moments in time that i believe all america becomes proud of this house, those moments and those committees where we find every republican and democrat to find common grouped. we watched that in energy and commerce that we looked to ways to lower drug prices. we found three bills that would give america more options, lower the actual cost of prescription drugs and passed the committee
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unanimously. before it got to committee, this democrat majority leadership put a poison pill in it, which will never become law. today we witnessed something very similar. ways and means committee worked together to find common ground. every republican and democrat voted for it. but the special interests won out. they changed the bill before it came to the floor. we are familiar with 529 accounts that allows us to save money for our kids' college, but it allows even more, pay for the books and pay for the college exams in the new version. it would help if you have a child with disabilities. but the special interests decided that was wrong. the special interests decided that should be removed from the bill. i'm not sure why the speaker would treat the chairman of ways and means that way or the whole committee itself. and found a moment of time when
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they could come together. as i said before, this is not the same democratic party we have found in the past. this is a new socialist democratic party. there are three things that i learned to remove the idea that you could not help your own children being able to save for education. the democrats want institutions, not individuals, be the focus of their education funding. they want partisan interests and not parents decide how children learn and want the federal government, not families to have control over their money. when i watched the leadership of this new socialist democratic party, some things really concern me. if we are serious about solving problems, i think the actions of the speaker were irresponsible. you had on schedule for a number of weeks to have a follow-up meeting with the president to talk about infrastructure, to actually come to a solution. but what do you do right before the meeting?
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you schedule a special conference of the majority to talk about impeachment. you walk out to the microphones before and you claim the president is covering something up. in that same day, the speaker questioned all republicans' oath to the constitution. this is irresponsible. this is not a way to govern. the speaker and i will disagree fill some ofically, but i would never question her oath. the idea that how long and how many years we have gone through the investigation, it's time to put that aside. but even something as easy that units republicans and democrats at helping parents direct their children's education, don't we believe education is the great equalizer regardless of where you come from and they chose special interests overall the members in the committee who agreed. to me, that was irresponsible as
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well. we can do better and first action we should take, we should call the house back in. we should here, finish the supplemental disaster and show the american public that we can govern. -- we shouldn't be leaving this weekend. reporter: using the actions of the president the way he purported himself, was that presidential? mr. mccarthy: the actions of the speaker to call a special meeting -- they did not have a conference that day, not scheduled that day, she put out a notice to all members to notify them to come to talk about impeachment. she walked before the microphones and claimed something that we just spent years showing that it's not true. does she have information that mueller did not have? that all the f.b.i. agents did not find from the hundreds of
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witnesses they went through? this is the same action that we found adam schiff lying to the american public for two years. the idea as the speaker of the united states congress would walk out and claim something that was not true, right before she walks to meet with the president, to me that's irresponsible. reporter: even if her comments did get under her skin, shouldn't he comport himself better and get agreement on important issues like infrastructure? mr. mccarthy: he just had a meeting with all the democrats. he said yes, let's do an infrastructure bill. he said come back and let's have that other meeting. he did nothing different except exactly what he said he would do, he would meet and come to a solution. it was the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, who called a special meeting of the entire majority of her party to meet just about impeachment.
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on a ground we cannot find and to walk to a microphone and claim something that is not true by a speaker of the united states congress, that's irresponsible. reporter: do you agree that the president will be working on infrastructure and other bipartisan bills while democrats are investigating him? mr. mccarthy: i know what the president wants to do is get usmca. think the criteria of the people to vote for the ump smca. he negotiated with canada and mexico. he met with both sides of the house. there were ideas of what people said they needed done. they laid out what was impossible. they asked mexico change their own labor law, something the president doesn't have the ability to do and you know what happened? that took place. they requested that the president take away the steel tariffs on canada and mexico.
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those milestones have been set. so i think the president has done a lot. let's make the economy stronger. we are in an economy which is the strongest in the last 50 years. reporter: do you think congress is broken if they can't get a disaster aid bill done? mr. mccarthy: i have concerns about this new democrat socialist party. they change bills after they come out of committee unanimously, name me one problem they have solved? name me one item that they have focused on. one item they focused on is impeachment of the president, even when the facts aren't there. and it comes down to the fact if you watch chairman nadler, when he was running to become chairman, you know what was in his campaign platform, that he would be the best chairman for impeachment. that's what he put and september to all the democratic members of
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why they should vote for him for chairman. you know what? we are beyond that. the mueller report answered that question and we should move on. the majority is broken. eporter: [inaudible question] mr. mccarthy: i haven't read any of those talking points. i think i have been clear in my position. my position happens to be the same as ronald reagan and president trump. i'm pro-life. i think the most precious god gives us is life. that's what i have been voting on and fighting for. i'm concerned about what i see on the other side.
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the idea that a child survives an abortion, what would the democrats want to have happen? that that child die. the idea that new york -- the governor of virginia has said that. we have a discharge petition sitting in the house. that is the one mechanism that if you get 218 signatures, you could have a vote on the floor to stop that. i wouldn't think in this country today we have to have that vote. we do. today makes the 50th day that we asked for unanimous consent to bring that bill up to protect that child that they survived an abortion, that they can still live. that to me is concerning. reporter: house judiciary has o bills and going to vote in june. do you expect the conference to vote one way or another?
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mr. mccarthy: i haven't seen the bills and will look at them. we believe we have a very big crisis. all of america understands we have a crisis on the border. "new york times" wrote an editorial on the border. the only individuals in this country who do not believe we have a crisis are the democrats serving in congress. maybe one of the parts of the hangup is getting a disaster bill is making sure the funding for what is happening along this border today. the "new york times" said funding should come forward. but again, the democrats have withheld the ability to make that happen. reporter: protecting dreamers -- mr. mccarthy: our overall immigration system is broken and last congress, we brought two different immigration bills to the floor and not one democrat voted for it. this is a problem. we have to secure our border and solve the challenge and make sure this land is a land of
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immigrants and continues to be that and i think it will be an overall reform that we can get it done. reporter: you know the president. the president wants to be impeached. is that your view or is that the president's goal? mr. mccarthy: that's irresponsible for the speaker to say. remember what office she has and the position she is in the line to become president, to have that kind of conversation is irresponsible. she knows better than that. she knows the president does not want that. she knows the president wanted to work on an infrastructure bill and make this economy to continue to be strong. the president didn't have a meeting of a bunch of members of congress to talk about impeachment, the speaker did. the president didn't go to a microphone and claim that speaker pelosi was covering something up. the speaker did.
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so for the idea to continue to say that to the american public is irresponsible. reporter: have there been support for an infrastructure package? has that moved forward on your side of the aisle? keff cove there is a desire to do infrastructure. i just continue to be amazed at this new socialist democratic party that even when you have both sides agree in committee unanimously, the leadership makes sure that is not the bill that hits the floor. just like prescription drugs, where the prices would come down and the options would be greater, they put a poison pill in it. in ways and means, that every parent could save money even if you have a disabled child to lp them along with their education. they removed the bill. they removed that portion of the bill. i question if this leadership
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ever even wants to solve a problem. i wish you all a very good memorial day and please remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit >> house speaker nancy pelosi spoke ideas conference and president trump's reaction to house investigations and added the president's efforts to thwart may be an impeefble and discussed democratic agenda, women's rights and health care. [applause]