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  President Trump on Trade Farmers  CSPAN  May 23, 2019 3:40pm-4:28pm EDT

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disaster relief. it's a $19 billion package that is supposed to be passed by the senate in the chamber this afternoon. this is disaster relief for the midwest, southeast, california, and puerto rico. it's supposed to be passed in the senate this afternoon. that's over on c-span2. and the house taking it up tomorrow, and the president entering the room. live coverage here on c-span.
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[indiscernible] president trump: you're going to be happy, mike. mr. conaway: thank you. president trump: how are you? nice to see you. ice to see you, my friend. >> thank you. >> from georgia. peanut farmer. president trump: good. i like that. president trump: thank you, everybody. ok. well, thank you very much. great honor to be here with some of the most incredible people in our country, people that have been with me from the beginning and i've been with them from the absolute beginning. the relationship has been very good. so we're here with the vital action support for the american farmers, people that we love, people that have been going on
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for a long time and they have been doing well. you have ups and downs and it's a child business and you wouldn't have it another way. i know that, 100%. we're glad to be joined by secretary of agriculture, sonny perdue. sonny, thank you very much. sonny, great job. thanks, also, to representatives g.t. thompson. thank you. thank you very much. lloyd smucker and mike conaway, thank you, fellows. appreciate it very much. been very helpful. along with missouri agriculture director chris chen. thank you, chris. good job. also with us today are several of our nation's greatest farmers, including american farm bureau president zippy duval. zippy has been so good to me. thank you, zippy. i appreciate it very much. along with members of the farm groups representing produces of
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corn, soybeans, wheat and pork. for years, our politicians have allowed other countries to steal our jobs, punish our workers, and target american industry and american agriculture. i can't say this is just the democrats, but in particular, the democrats have done absolutely nothing about this. from the year 2001 when china joined the world trade organization, which was, by the way, a disaster, until the year 2016, the united states lost more than 60,000 factories and millions and millions of jobs. china imposed massive barriers to american farm products. you people know that very well, right? very well. and engaged in theft of trade secrets from american agribusiness. we racked up nearly $4 trillion in trade deficits in goods with
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china during those years, and the numbers are absolutely astounding what's been happening over the last 10 years, in particular. but you go back 30 years and you wouldn't even believe it. this is a massive transfer of wealth from the united states to china. financing china's infrastructure, commerce, technology, and military. and you heard me say it many, many times before, we helped rebuild china. you've also heard me say, i don't blame the chinese. i blame the people that were standing right here before me and their representatives to allow that to happen, to allow china to get along and be able to do that and they did it like nobody else has ever done it before. and you know, the united states has been taken advantage of for many years by many countries, but nobody's done it like china. to end these chronic trading abuses, my administration took
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necessary and very lawful action to protect america's economy, security, and farms. we're taking swift action to remedy all of the injustice that's been done over the years . in particular, you could say with our farmers, they're patriots. they stood up and are with me. they didn't say, oh, you shouldn't this because we are going to have a bad year. they had 20 years of bad years. you take a look at the charts, longer than that. it's just been a steady spiral down. so we will ensure that our farmers get the relief they need and very, very quickly. it's a good time to be a farmer. we're going to make sure of that. so today, i'm announcing that i have directed secretary perdue to provide $16 billion in assistance to america's farmers and ranchers. it all comes from china. we'll be taking in over a period of time hundreds of billions of dollars in tariffs
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and charges to china and our farmers will be greatly helped. we want to get it back to the point where they would have if they had a good year. this support for farmers will be paid for by the billions of dollars our treasury takes in. we'll be taking in, depending what period of time we're talking, many billions of dollars. far more than the $16 billion that we're talking about. but the $16 billion in funds will help keep our cherished farms thriving and make clear that no country has veto on america's economic and national security. can't let that happen ever. and if you remember, not so long ago during the time of our negotiation, and china broke the deal with us -- and that's ok. that's fine. but during that time of negotiation, if everyone remembers, we had periods where
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china would target our farms. right? they would actually target. they took an ad in a newspaper from iowa, big ad, saying lots of bad things about the administration, about the fact we're negotiating too tough, we're not going to make a deal. but they steal intellectual property by the billions. somebody estimated $300 billion. nobody knows how you estimate it but somebody does. they said $300 billion a year in theft, intellectual property theft. so we can't let that happen. our economy is booming. our nation is prospering. and now is the time to insist on fair and reciprocal trade for our workers and for our farmers. i remain hopeful that at some point we'll probably get together with china. if it happens, great. it doesn't happen, it's fine. it's absolutely fine. and i look forward -- i'll be
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seeing president xi at the g-20 very shortly. many of you are going to be there. many of the media present, you'll be at the meeting, and in ook forward to that, but the meantime and maybe for a long time, i appreciate the incredible bipartisan support that my administration has had on trade and trade policy. especially as it pertains to placing very massive tariffs on china. and just so you understand, these tariffs are paid for largely by china. a lot of people like to say by us. in fact, larry kudlow was quoted but they didn't have the second part of his quote which was a very good quote. china subsidizes a lot of businesses, and china came out and in subsidizing the business, they pay for a big portion of that tax. but right now a lot of companies are moving out of china because of the tax. hey're moving to nontariffed
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countries. it's a bad thing for china. we don't want that but that's the way it works out. but we're taking in tremendous amounts of tariffs and you don't have to pay, by the way, tariffs for companies when you move to the united states. you move to the united states, it's a very simple thing. there are no tariffs to pay. many companies are planning to move back to the united states or to move to the united states for the first time so they don't have to pay the 25% tariff. they're moving to vietnam. they're moving to other places but we'll get plenty of them. our country must maintain a united front to achieve maximum results for our people. very simple. for years, farm income has declined. and we're talking about many years. this year, however -- and i was a little surprised to see this because i know that there's been really a trade attack on our great farmers. net farm income, because our economy is doing so well, is
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forecast to be nearly $8 billion higher than in 2016. did you know that? you're doing better than you were doing in 2016. nobody told me that. but that's because our economy has been so strong. our economy is about as good as it's ever been. maybe better than it's ever been. and the agricultural exports are expected to be $10 billion more than it was in 2016. that's not bad. you've done a good job. we both have. we all have. the farmers have. so we're fixing broken trade deals to open up markets for american exports, including with the brand new u.s.-mexico-canada agreement. an agreement that the democrats in congress, many are supporting, i must say. they told us they're supporting it. regardless of leadership. i don't think nancy pelosi understands the deal. it's too complicated. but it's not a complicated deal. it's actually not a complicated deal. it's a deal that's going to be many, many times better than
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nafta. i consider nafta to be one of the worst trade deals ever made in the history of our country. i think the world trade organization, larry kudlow, may be even worse. may be even worse because what it's done with respect to trade and international trade and trade with china, what it's done for china and how much money our country has been losing to china every year. so world trade organization has been really bad, but the nafta has been one of the worst deals ever made in trade. just last week, we reached an agreement with canada and mexico to lift major tariffs on american agriculture and we opened up the beef exports with japan. did you know that? right? that's a big deal. so we opened it up with japan. first time ever. so beef is now going to be starting to flow to japan. our folks that do beef, they are very much happy. they were shocked to see that one. it's happening.
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it's happening fast. i think things probably are going to happen with china fast, because i can't imagine they will be thrilled with thousands of companies leaving their shores for other places. we're saving our farmers and ranchers from ridiculous regulations, also, and we're, as of next week, we're starting some additional avoiding of some dumb regulations, sonny, that will make farming a lot easier, a lot better. and one of the regulations we did, waters of the united states rule. it sounds beautiful, but once you open the document it's a total catastrophe. you know that better than anybody. i got rid of it. i terminated it. it's got a beautiful title. everything inside is a disaster for our farmers and actually for our country. we're ensuring that ethanol remains a vital part of america's energy future and we increased it to e-15, and that's tremendous for, in particular, for the most part, our corn farmers.
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for corn and the people in iowa and lots of other places are very happy. i just did it recently, and i made a promise during the campaign i was going to do it. and i don't know if it had an impact but i won iowa by a lot. perhaps it did, perhaps it didn't. i don't really care. it's the right thing to do. you will be at e-15, which is something i think you've been waiting for for a long time. and we're going to also make that available year round. they had it for a period of eight months. now we're going to make it year round. that was a ridiculous rule. we're fighting for rural broadband, improving rural health care, and bringing new prosperity to distressed rural communities through opportunity zones. opportunity zones, tim scott and i and others have worked so hard on opportunity zones. they're really working. far greater than anyone thought, including me. people are coming in. they're investing larger amounts of money in places they never would have invested before. inner city locations and others and it's been incredible.
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it's one of the reasons why our african-american unemployment is the lowest ever. hispanic, asian, the lowest ever. we have the lowest unemployment rates ever, and we have today, literally today, i just saw another report -- it's been this way for a while -- the most people working in our country happens today. mike, you look at that, that's pretty good news, right? so our nation will always be proud of the unmatched grit and faith and skill of the american farmer. it's my honor to do what we did. i want to thank sonny perdue and all of the people that worked so hard on getting this done. it's been implemented right now. billions of dollars is already flowing into our treasury that we never saw before. we never saw 10 cents from china. china didn't give us anything. now they're giving us billions, and some of that money's going to go to the farmers to help them out during a period where
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trade has been unfair to them. so i'm very honored to have done this for you. i don't consider it a gift at all. it's not a gift. you know, one of the meetings i talked about -- i've never seen anything like it. about six months ago i was with the american farmer. i had about 25 of them in the cabinet room and i said, maybe what we can do during the trade -- this was in the midst of a big portion of trade with china. in the meantime, china agreed to buy tremendous amount of soybeans, but this was before that. and they were really going and they were, as i said, they were advertising and doing a lot of negative things to our farmers. and i said, you know what we'll do, we'll do a subsidy program, we're going to help you. one of the farmers said, we don't want subsidies, sir. i said, what are you talking about you don't want subsidies? everybody is asking me about subsidies. everybody, sonny, is asking for money. they don't want money. they didn't want money. he said, just give us a flat table. just give us a level playing
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field. he said, we don't want any handouts. we don't want subsidies. we don't want anything, sir. just give us a level playing field. i said, i can't believe you're saying it. literally? i've been with so many different groups and if i said i will give you a subsidy or give you money, they jump. there are' so happy. your people did -- they're so happy. your people did not want it. you, the potato man. right? they don't want it because nobody can compete with us. nobody has the equipment we have. nobody has the skill we have. i would say nobody has the soil and land we have. wouldn't you say that? so we're giving them a level playing field. and we're helping out a little bit during a time of trade. i don't want to say war because i don't think it's a war. it's a war -- if it's a war we're winning it very big, but we're taking in a lot of money. we'll help out our farmers and we're giving them that level playing field that's so important. so i want to thank all of the farmers for being with us and i want to thank our great
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congressmen and senators that have been so fantastic. god bless america's farms. god bless our country. and, again, thank you, sonny and larry and all of the people that worked so hard on getting this done. we're in a very strong position. our economy has never been better. ok. thank you, all, very much. >> you mentioned -- ndiscernible] why wouldn't your administration send it to peleds and force her hand and start the clock? president trump: they're being nice to her. she's a mess. let's face it, she doesn't understand it. they sort of feel she's disintegrated before us. she doesn't understand it. they want to have her understand it before we -- it's finished. it's signed. as you know mexico has approved the deal. canada has approved the deal. and they're waiting to get a signal from her. now, i would say this, the farmers should start talking to
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the democrats in the house. the senate's ready to approve it. the republican senate. but the democrat house is not. pelosi does not understand the bill. she doesn't understand it. even though unions are in favor of it, farmers, manufacturers. everybody, just about, is in favor of it. it's a replacement for, as i said, the worst trade deal ever made. so she's got to get you have to snuff, learn the bill, and, by the way, i think she wants to approve it. i think. bob lighthizer, if you can speak to him if you want, he's waiting to get the ok from her to send it in. we're at a point that we have to send it in. reporter: how long will you wait, sir? president trump: she said she would like to have two weeks to get to know the bill. i think that's a long time. i think it's a do-nothing congress. the democrats have done nothing in the house. they've done absolutely nothing. they don't get -- i mean, other than investigate. they want to -- let's investigate. after the mueller report came out, no collusion, no obstruction, no nothing.
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let's start it all over again. they weren't too happy. they want to just keep it going. and what that does, it takes up tremendous time and energy. and they've done absolutely -- i mean, it's just been a -- it's been very bad. so if they don't get the usmca, that would be very bad. jeff. reporter: speaker pelosi hopes your family would [indiscernible] what's your reaction to that? president trump: i saw her read it perfectly just the way she said it. it's very -- sort of a nasty type statement. i will say this. she said i walked into the room right next door yesterday and walked in and started screaming and yelling. just the opposite. just the opposite. because i know that they will always say that, even if it didn't happen -- because this happened once before. i walked out. i was so calm. you all saw me minutes later. i was at a news conference. i was extremely calm. i was probably even more so in that room. so i walked into the cabinet room. you had the group, crying
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chuck, crazy nancy. i have been watching her. i have been watching her for a long period of time. she's not the same person. she's lost it. now, as far as the group is concerned, where is sarah, kellyann, where are you? come here. you were in the room. kellyanne, you were i just want to let you know, every time i go into a room, if there aren't cameras, they come out and say, he was yell, he was screaming. what was my temperament? >> very calm no temper tantrum. i told the crowd that that's just a lie. you were very calm. president trump: good. >> at sat at the end they have table. president trump: peter count want to hear this, by the way. he's fake news.
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>> you didn't raise your voice. you said when you're done, come back and we'll talk about infratruckture. you made that very clear. you made it very clear to them. president trump: i don't know what she's going to do with usmca, it's going to be one of the great trade deals of all time. frankly if we didn't have tariffs we'd never have deals like this. when canada, when mexico said they're not going to bring certain thin point we said we're going to tariff your nation. it's a great deal. your friends on the other side of the border, they started striking and picketing. so that's usually not a good sign for the other side, right? we made a great deal. whether or not pelosi understands it or -- i don't think she's capable right now of understanding it. i think she's got a lot of problem. mercedes, you were in the room. i walked in and i was say in this voice, i said not right what you did in calling a meeting like this wasn't right. i said so i'm going to postpone
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it or call it off but you can focus on one thing, you shouldn't go down two tracks at the same time. they can't. they're so -- the whole democrat party is very messed up. they have never recovered from the great election of 2016, an election that i think you folks liked very much, right? nancy pelosi was not happy about it. she is a mess. let me ask you this. mercedes, you're always straight talker. you were in that room yesterday. what was my attitude when i walked? >> you were very calm and very direct. and very firm about this to the speaker and the democrats. it's very discouraging to see hat the speaker chose, an hour before coming to the white house, to make the comments that there's a coverup and go to the white house and expect there to be any meeting. we have these issues of
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infrastructure, we want to solve these issues of usmca. with we have tried time and time again to work with them on issues like border security which they call a manufactured crisis. and it's time for them to wake up and to stop waging this political war, these endless investigations and start to really find cohesion that the american people are looking for. that our farmers are looking for. president trump: right. i think it's going to be hard for nancy pelosi to stop that now. they're a do-nothing group of people. the democrats have done nothing other than obstruct -- they're obstructing this company but they are obstructing. and it'll be very interesting to see whether or not they approve the usmca which we need. is sara there? could you come here, you're not afraid to tell them. done more live television, maybe regis has you by a little bit, not by much. you were at the meeting,
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yesterday, right? they have a narrative they want to put up. i saw crying chuck yesterday, he said, he was stompinging he was this, he was there. you were there. many people were there. we could get you 20 other people to say this. hat was my attitude yesterday? >> mercedes is right, kellyanne is right. you laid out the case. had a lot of numbers what you contributed in terms of paperwork. witnesses. so forth. while you were there they didn't say anything, speaker didn't say nything. you made the case. president trump: i would say calm like i was at the news conference minutes later. >> the 2 democrats here in the first meeting they went and addressed the crows. -- crowd. i think you should pay speaker
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pe he see's comments that day, she made clear it was move toward infrastructure, some said how will you investigate him and work on infrastructure? she said we're not here to talk about investigations, we're here to talk about infrastructure that changed yesterday. president trump: hi, sarah, we were talking about the meeting. does everybody know sarah? we were talking about the meeting yesterday. the narrative was i was screaming and ranting and raving and it was terrible and i watched nancy and she was all crazy yesterday. the hands and everything. she reminded me of bay tow. she reminded me of beto. maybe a little worse. but just out of curiosity, you were there. what was my tone yesterday at the meeting? >> very calm. i've seen both and this was definitely not ranting. very calm. straightforward. clear that we have to actually
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get to work and do good things for the american people. it's going to be impble to do that if we're spending all our time fighting. president trump: i then respectfully said sorry to inconvenience you, and i left the room. i then went directly to the press conference, right. the reason i asked them to -- this happened to me once before with the same group. crying chuck. i don't want to say crazy nancy, if i say that you're going to say it's a copy of crazy bernie, that's no good, bernie is definitely crazy. but i did it because we had this instance at least once before where i was verying very calm. on another occasion. and they walked out to the sticks and they said it was horrible. he was ranting, he was raving, he was pounding the table. the reason i didn't do that is because i didn't want them to say i would do that they said it anywayful i thought they may say it again. i'm glad that you all saw --
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were you there? >> that accusation that you pouned your fist and i'll be honest you have every right to do that. we have a crisis on our southern border and they've done nothing. they have not worked with you. all they've done is mocked and deride yud -- derided you, calling us lie yars, calling you a liar for calling out what's happening at the southern border you laid out the case for them, they refused to work with you then, they refuse to work with you now. president trump: we have a lot of bad people. people stay deep state, i don't say deep state. we have a lot of bad people. i think they're being found out. comey is blaming this one, brennan is blaming another one. they're going against each other. clapper i think yesterday maybe is blaming president obama. oh, is surprised to see that happening. got a lot of bad people. got a lot of bad people. it's a shame. but i said to everybody before i walked in, i'm going to be very calm. because i don't want them going
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out to the press and saying that i was anything but calm. i was extremely calm. very much like i am right now. and it was sad when i watched nancy all moving, the movement and the hands and the craziness. and i watched that, by the way that's a prnt person that has some problems. when i watched that this morning, went over to arlington national cemetery for a beautiful moment with the first lady, but i watched that this morning. it's just the narrative they want to put out. i think it's sad when they have to play that kind of narrative. i think it's a sad thing for our country. pete her reporter: can i ask you about the disaster aid, and john walker lindh, and can you confirm details about nancy pelosi. she says you want to be impeached. do you want to be impeached? president trump: i don't think anybody wants to be impeached. but we went through two years of bob mueller, with 18 people that hated donald trump, many of them contributed to hillary clinton's campaign. one of them in particular,
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wiseman, 18 prosecutors. f.b.i. agents all over the place. 500 interviews. 1,400 pages of documents. that i gave. i didn't use presidential prerogatives or anything having to do with the pows of the presidency. i let everybody go up and speak including the counsel, white house counsel, i let them speak for 0 hours as they tell me, 30, 32 hours. i never once said, i could have stopped them, i could have said i don't want white house counsel to speak. i don't want sarah huckabee to speak, who went up there also, i believe. everybody. i didn't have to let any of them go. maybe i would have lost in court, i doubt it. everyone tells me i had the total power to have that stopped. with all of that, after two year -- after two year no collusion, and findings that strongly led a great attorney general to be able to rule no obstruction. ok. now, i thought it was over.
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now jerry nadler, who i fought for a long period of my life because he's from manhattan he's a manhattan congressman and before that something else. i fought him and won. fought him very successfully. as i said yesterday, lo and behold, i come down to washington as president and who do i have again? jerry nadler, i know him well. i've had great success against jerry and i will again. it's very unfair when you go through the house and then the house again and then you go through the senate and then you go through f.b.i., you have foreign country, it sounds like, involved. with all this, no collusion, no obstruction. and i thought it was over. we can focus on the usmca for the farmers. and instead they want all the same papers that have just been gone over. i would imagine that mueller went over my financials he spent $40 million, i imagine they went over my taxesing, my financials,
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my everything. but now we have to go over it again. i've been doing this for 2 1/2 years. they started in my opinion, we'll find out because i think people, a lot of people want to find out, i think it started moments after i came down that beautiful escalator in trump tower, is i've been under investigation, a phony investigation, based on no facts, based on an overthrow of the president. i'm proud of the way we have come out. very proud. but now peter, we have to go through it again. the american public is not standing for it. i saw some poll this is morning. 60%, 65% against and that's with a lot of democrats. so i think it's a bad thing for our country. but i thought it was over with four or five weeks ago when you had no collusion. now all of a sudden we continue to go down this path. i don't think people are going to stand for it. reporter: and the release of so-called american taliban john walker lindh, what's your reaction?
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president trump: don't like it all. he got some time off, about two weeks ago i went to the best lawyers in our country that work for government, i said what can we do about this? i heard about this two weeks ago. i got a beautiful letter from the daughter of the first man they say killed in afghanistan from the c.i.a. and i went and checked. and he said from a legal standpoint there is nothing we're allowed to do because if there was i would have done it instantly. but we'll be watching him. we'll be watching him closely. what bothers me more than anything else is that here's a n who has not given up his proclamation of terror. and we have to let him out. am i happy about it? not even a little bit. the lawyers have gone through it with a fine tooth comb. if there was a way to break that, i would have broken it in two seconds. i knew about it very well. reporter: do you support the disaster relief bill that includes no immigration item? president trump: we'll get the
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emigration money later, according to everybody. i have to take care of my farmers with the disaster relief. if i didn't d that, we -- really it's a long time in coming. this way our farmers from not only georgia, alabama, different places, some in florida, but if you look at what happened in nebraska and iowa and a lot of different places, they got wiped out. they got hurt badly. i didn't want to hold that up any longer. i totally support. i'd like to see it happen. we'll take care of the immigration later. the wall is being built. we just left the army corps of engineers. we have -- we will soon have hundreds of miles under condition instruction and we'll have way over 400 miles completed by the end of next year. reporter: why should importers' money going to -- go to american farmers? president trump: the american farmers have been used as a vehicle for china to try to hurt our country. they've been very brave, in particular the farmer. thative been very brave, very
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patriotic. but china openly stated they're going to use the farmer. the reason is because i got the farmers' votes. you lock at a map it's all red, republican, meaning trump in the middle state a little blue here, a little blue there. so farmers -- if you look at, i guess china is probably -- they're definitely a smart player. they went out and said we're going to attack the farmers and they did. the farmers said you know what? we're with the president. i never heard even on some of the networks and cable channels that are negative i've never heard any of the farmers speak badly. they said you know, you told me that, mike. the president has -- he's doing the right thing. they've been unfair to this country. and they're not talking about farms. they're talking about everything. china has been unfair to this country for many, many years. finally we have somebody that's fighting back and by the way, successfully fighting back. we're talking about hundreds of billions of dollars. but i've never had a farmer come out and say you know, i'm not
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doing that well. they say just go and do it. you're going to end up better, much better, in the end. if you look, go back 20 years, the farms have come down, the prices have been coming down for many, many years. long before i ever thought about doing this. so we're going to be very successful. but in the meantime, they have been attacked, the farmers have been atacked by china. all i'm doing is helping them get that beautiful flat nice level playing field, right? k. reporter: sending troops to the middle east to counter iran as was reported. president trump: i don't think we're going to need them, i really don't, but i have a meeting on it in about an hour. i would send troops if we need them. iran has been a dangerous player, very bad player. they're a nation of terror. and we won't put up with it. the deal signed by president obama was a horror show. terrible deal. the minute i collapse that deal and terminated it, iran went in a very bad direction.
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they're now suffering massive problems financially. they have inflation that's about the highest in the world. their people and -- they are great people, i know many iranians are great people -- but the country is in very bad shape. when i first came here that was a country of terror. i've told this story but i've been at many different meetings where every single problem caused in the middle east and maybe beyond but in the middle by iran.caused we had 14 different attacks at one point and they were behind every single attack. i don't think we'll need it but if we need it, we'll be there in whatever number we need. reporter: do you think it's going too far? president trump: i don't think we ever should have been there, ok. i inherited this mess. should we have been there? no. we shouldn't have been. should we have begun to iraq? should we have attacked iraq
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which did not knock down the world trade center? we had a place that was not conducive to terrorists, ok, the terrorists were killed instantly in iraq. and now it's a sufficient sitch -- a tough situation. we should not have been in the middle east. but we've done a great job. i took over the isis fight, we knocked out 100% of the caliphate that doesn't mean they're not going to blow up a store, they're totally crazy. but we knocked out 100% of the caliphate and i did it quickly when i came in. president obama had totally lost control. he had lost control of the military he had lost control of the fighting. and our military was societyly depreeted -- depleted and in very bad shape. these folks know that better than anybody. they were in bad shape. we will soon have the strongest military we have ever had by far and nobody is going to mess with us. ok. reporter: can you talk about the deal with japan?
4:18 pm
president trump: i'm going to japan on friday. many of you will be coming with us. it's a very big thing going on with the emperor. it's something that hasn't happened in over 200 years. i am the guest, meaning the nited states is the guest, but prime minister abe said to me specifically, you're the guest of honor. there's only one guest of honor. i represent the country. with all the countries of the world i'm the guest of honor at the biggest event they've had in over 200 years. that's a great thing. we get along very well with japan. i get along very well with the prime minister. we're going to be spending two days over there. reporter: mr. president, is there anything you're willing to work with democrats on now? president trump: they have to go down their track. let them get rid of the nonsense and when that's done it'll go very quickly. infrastructure is easy. but you can't go down two tracks
4:19 pm
at the same time. it doesn't work that way. their whole focus, let me explain. their whole focus son 2020 and trying to demean the republican party and demean the president of the united states as much as possible so that either we get his poll numbers down to a point where he can't win except strange things happening, my numbers are going up. someday you'll explain that to me, kelly. but my numbers are going up. but it's very interesting. so they either want to -- want it to mean so much or they want to try to get him out of office any way we can. you had one gentleman, green, congressman green, he sounds like a real beauty he said the only way we're going to beat him is to impeach him. how about that? he the only way, did you see that statement? the only way we'll beat him is to impeach him. that is a terrible thing for this country. reporter: if they're still investigating will you raise the debt limit? will you sign a budget? president trump: i'm a very
4:20 pm
capable person. we'll see what happens. i can tell you this. let them get this anket out of their belt and what it is, we can do things so quick your head will spin. one thing they can do is approve the usmca so we have our farmers taken care of. and by the way it's not only the farmers. it's every industry. every industry. but they can approve the usmca to take care of our farmers, our industries, our auto industry. one of the beautiful things -- [applause] president trump: one of the beautiful things about the usmca and to me the most important part, i used to talk about this 20, 25 years ago as a private person and for whatever reason, you'll explain this to me, i always got a lot of publicity. so even as a private builder or whatever i was doing at the time, i would get a lot of publicity and without a lot of trying. i was against certain things. but if you look and take a look back you'll see all the things that you're talking about and
4:21 pm
all the things you're asking about, i was against at that time. and i'm still against. haven't changed very much. i've been very consistent. i'm an extremely stable genius. reporter: mr. president, you over tradehe tension and huawei, what likelihood is there that there will be a trade deal is -- trade dreel diehl? president trump: i don't know how china can do this, we're getting hundreds of billions of there ares brought into our country. we've never gotten 10 cents. we're getting hundreds of billions of dollars coming into our country and i'm helping farmers. that help is a very temporary help. they'll pay it back 100 times over. they will with what they do. with the importance of what they do. but huawei is something that's very dangerous. you look at what they done from a security standpoint from a military standpoint, it's very dangerous. it's possible that huawei even
4:22 pm
would be included in some kind of trade deal if we made a deal i could imagine huawei being possibly included in some form of -- or some part of trade deal. reporter: how would that look? resident trump: wow howe -- it would look good for us. we're just concerned about huawei from a security standpoint. reporter: you've accused your adversaries of treason. who are you accusing of treason? president trump: i think a number of people. i think what you look is that they have unsuccessfully tried to take down the wrong person. you look at comey, if you look at mccabe, if you look at probably people higher than that. if you look at strzok, if you look at his lover lyric is a paige, his wonderful lover, the two lovers they talked openly, you know, they didn't use their private server because they didn't want to get caught. so they used the government server. that was not a good move. he talked about the insurance
4:23 pm
policy just in case crooked hillary loses. and that didn't work out too well for them. so you look at them. they wanted an insurance policy so should she, for any reason, lose, remember, 100 million to one, maybe he said 100 million to nothing. but should she lose we'll have an insurance policy and we'll get this guy out of office. that's what they said and that's what they meant. that's treason. that's treason. they couldn't win the election, and that's what happened. that's what's happening right now. because without the treason word, i guess, but that's what's happening now. they don't feel they can win the election so they're trying to do the thousand stabs. keep stabbing. let's have a financial. let's have -- if you look, for $40 million i would think seriously that bob mueller and his group of 18 killers have gone over my taxes, they've gone over my financial statements, to a level that nobody has gone over them before. and they were not discussed
4:24 pm
even. they weren't even discussed or brought up. i have great statements. what else? reporter: dual track, you want usmca. president trump: usmca is easy, not even negotiating, this is a great deal for our country. this is a great deal for our farmers, for our manufacturers. one of the things that was vital to me is that our companies, car companies in particular, don't leave our country, go to mexico, build a car, sell it into our country, with no tax whatsoever and all of our workers are fired and all of those plants are empty. like happened to michigan and ohio and pennsylvania. and north carolina. and kentucky. an lots of other places. guess what? our car industry now thriving. under the usmca it's prohibitive to do that financially. it's prohibitive. it will be a tremendous price.
4:25 pm
nobody will do it. if you look, since i've been president, the mass exodus, they have almost 30% of our business in mexico, car business, it's ridiculous, it's all stopped. it's all stopped. nobody is doing it. and now as you saw in ohio, great state, unbelievable state, the only thing i had was general motors closed lourdestown plant. mary, i said sell it or open it. she didn't like the way i talked to her. i said you either sell that plant or open that plant. she sold it, to a good company that i think will d a great job making electric trucks. thank you all very much. appreciate it. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019]
4:26 pm
[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> i think we'll go to the oval office, we'll go take a picture. let's go take a picture. >> the house oversight and reform committee held a hearing this week on the use of facial recognition technology. and its impact on civil rights. you can see that hearing tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span.
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rolling thunder holds its last memorial day ride to washington, d.c. this weekend. the motorcycle procession known as the ride for freedom has been a holiday tradition for 31 years. thousands of motorcyclists roll from the pentagon to the lincoln memorial to honor fallen veterans. this year's rally features veterans affairs secretary robert wilke. our live coverage begins sunday at noon eastern here on c-span. you can also watch online at or listen on the flee c-span radio app. >> what does it mean to be american? middle and high school students answered the question for this year's student cam competition. watch all the winning videos saturday at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> 2020 presidential candidate and south bend, indiana, mayor pete