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  President Trump White House Departure  CSPAN  May 24, 2019 1:57pm-2:11pm EDT

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>> finishing up a live coverage of this washington institute event looking at u.s. policy on iran. if you missed any coverage it will be available online shortly as type washington institute in the
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video search box. departed earlier on his way to japan for meetings there on his way to stop to talk with reporters where he announced the deployment of 1500 u.s. troops to the middle east. here's what the president had to say. >> [inaudible] declassifiedi everything, everything they want, i put it under the auspices of the attorney general. he will be in charge of it. he is a great gentleman and a highly -- highly respected man. so everything they needed declassified and they will be able to see how this hoax or which had started and why it
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started. it was an attempted coup in attempted takedown of the president of the united states. it should never, ever happen to anyone else so it is important. people have been asking me to declassified for a long have decided to do it and you will learn a lot. i hope it will be nice but perhaps it won't be. time, i we want to have protection, we are sending a small number of troops mostly protective. and some talented people are going to the middle east right now and we will see how that's what happens. it will be about 1500 people. >> [inaudible] pres. trump: that's possible but down toieve you can go
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tracks. if you look at what is going on all the talk about is the [indiscernible] i would like to talk about lowering drug prices which have done better than any president ever. we had a year where drug prices went down first time in 51 years. i would like to talk about because with congress, i can get prices down 40% and 50% but i can't do that when all they do is want to try and do a redo of the mueller report. then we are very unhappy with the mueller report. they want to do a redo of the mueller report. it is over, there is no redo. they lost. there was note collusion, there was no extraction so there is no redo. [inaudible] we will see. badly -- i feel badly.
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she worked for a hard, very strong. she decided to do something that at, people were surprised some people were not, it is for the good of the country. i will be seeing her. consideringou pardoning war criminals? at a trump: we are looking lot of different pardons were a lot of different people. some of these soldiers are people that have fought hard, long grade we teach them how to be great fighters and then when they fight, sometimes they get unfairly so we are going to take a look at it. i haven't done anything yet, i have not made any decisions. there are two or three of them right now. it is a little bit controversial . it is possible i will let the trails go on and make my decision after the trial. i was some a lot of luck.
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-- wish them a lot of luck. >> [inaudible] pres. trump: i may very well talk to her about that. there is word and rumor that the fbi and others were involved, cia were involved, the u.k. having to do with the russian hoax and i may well talk to her about that. >> [inaudible] altered viewse that are being disseminated, is that going too far? pres. trump: i don't know about the video. the our country is doing well. we have the best economy we probably have ever had, we have the best of numbers we have ever had, the best unemployment numbers we've ever had. with all the things happening, that is what i am all about. i don't think you can go down to tracks, i want to get drug prices down, i want to get things like if you look at
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afrastructure, i want to get lot of things done. i don't think they are capable down to tracks. let them finish the one. what i don't think is right as they want a redo. they were very unhappy with the mueller report. down to tracks. no collusion, no extraction, nothing. they are angry about it. they have to get over their anger. wait a minute. they have to go -- get over their anger in they have to get into infrastructure, drug prices, and things like that. because they want to do a redo, like even the fact they are asking bob mueller to come and testify. he just gave them a 434 page report which says no collusion, which leads to absolutely no obstruction. he just gave that report. why does he have to testify, it is ridiculous. they ought to get onto drug
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prices, lowering them. alsone thing i am proud of on drug prices, i brought it down first time in 51 years at drug prices went down to read if i could work with congress we could cut 50% and more. i do work with the speaker. i can absolutely work with her. do you hope to call bush with your personal attack on the speaker? pres. trump: this shows how fake you in the news are. did you hear what she said about me long before i went after her, did you hear? she made horrible statements. she knows they are not true. she said terrible things so i just responded in kind. same ask nancy is the she was? she is not. maybe we could all say that. i think frankly, i think right we are, i am only speaking
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for myself to my want to do what is good for the country. i think nancy pelosi is not helping this country. i think the democrats are obstructionist area they are hurting our country very deadly. we can pass so many different bills right now but all they want to do is investigate the cause they failed with robert mueller and the mueller report. they want to try and get a do over of the mueller report. it doesn't work that way. just so you know, i was the most transparent and gas transparent and am the most transparent president history. testifyd attorneys to in front of bob mueller. pages,bpoenas, 1,400,000 i did not have to give any of them. then we get a great result and they say, this is terrible, let's do it over again. our country does not have that kind of time.
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what if the investigation does not turn out the way you think it will? pres. trump: we will see. i declassifiedi nt to be transp. everybody wanted me to be -- one in me to declassify, i have done it. is intorney general charge, let's see what he finds. now that iuments have declassified for the purpose of the attorney general. he can then show them to the public. but you have to get down to what happened. what happened is a tremendous blight on our country. investigation,he they tried to do a takedown and you can't do that. let me just tell you this should never, ever happen to another presidente.
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[inaudible] who are families concerned about sending some to the middle east? pres. trump: i think it will be very good in the middle east. state terrorsored all of the world. when i first got here there were 14 different locations cited. i don't think iran wants to fight. i don't think they want to fight with us. but they cannot have nuclear weapons and under the obamai d't horrible agreement, they would have had nuclear weapons within five or six years. they can't have nuclear weapons and they understand that. >> [inaudible] even robert mueller spoke about the way that barr handled the final -- findings. me just explain
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to you something. the attorney general is one of the most respected people in this country and he has been for a long time. he is going to look at a lot of documents, some he might find , some notg interesting. for over a year people have asked me to declassify. i declassified everything. i hope he looks some not interesting. for over a year people have asked me to declassify. at australia and i hope you looks at ukraine, i hope he looks at everything. there was a hoax that was perpetrated on our country. excuse me.t hoax -- it is the greatest hoax probably of our countryat and someone has to get to the bottom of it. we will see. for a long time, they wanted me to declassify. >> [inaudible] it is about finding
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out what happens. i won an election, i won it 3062 223. i won it is late. this is all about what happened and when did it happen? downwas an attempted take of the president of the united states and we have to find out, why did someone write a text wesage that if she loses have an insurance policy and the insurance policy to take down the president? we will find a what happened and why. happened and why. i think it is important for our country to find out what happened. of our country you [inaudible]> are from hurting your election chances? pres. trump: i don't know, my poll numbers are good. we had a 48 today, we we had a
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51. i have to tell you if you people would give straight news i wgivu give fake news. i am so winning the election. serious good newstif you gave the way you're supposed to i probably would be at 70 or 75 based on the economy alone. >> on iran. [inaudible] i just spoke to prime minister modi and i gave him my warmest regards. [inaudible] to prime minister modi and conveyed congratulations. he had a great election, he is a friend of mine, we have a very good relationship.
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>> [inaudible] pres. trump: i want someone to [inaudible] and william barr is one of the most respected men doing what he does in the country. i want it to be fair. i don't want him to be for me or anybody else, i want him -- to be fair and that is what he is. we will find out what is the deal. melassifying, people wanted to do it for a long time. it is important to do and what are we doing, we are exposing everything. we are being a word that you like, transparent. that is what it is about. this should never happen in our country again. >> [inaudible]