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tv   Commencement Speeches President Trump Air Force Academy  CSPAN  May 30, 2019 1:17pm-3:41pm EDT

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doing it. you look at saudi arabia and they don't give their women any freedom there and we give them billions of dollars in arms because they kind of support us. host: what would you like our guest to address? caller: how is it that this agency keeps running considering how our government hates whistleblowers and doesn't like it when they get exposed for doing stupid things like throwing billions of dollars into wasteful projects and then get caught? asked that glad you question. it is something that you should be proud of and we should all be proud of as americans. i am an inspector general. i am an independent inspector general. i may be more independent than others and that is because -- ♪
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[applause] >> we are proud of our outstanding faculty who marched in today. please join us in recognizing them. [applause] >> weighing, -- wing, ten hut.
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ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the arrival of the official party. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the secretary of the air force, the honorable heather wilson, the chief of staff of the air force, and the superintendent of the unit states air force academy. [applause]
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>> wing, present arms. gentlemen, the president of the united states, donald j. trump.
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[cheering] pres. trump: thank you very much. >> wing, order arms. [cheering]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the graduating class of 2019. [cheering] ♪
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>> graduates, halt. face -- left face. wing. present, arms. duringremain standing the national anthem and the indication. ♪ anthem ♪l
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[applause] >> wing, order, arms. addie's. -- at ease. gentlemen, chaplin
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suter, united states air force academy command chaplain. please join me in prayer according to your practice or tradition. gracious god, what a fantastic day to fly, and an even more glorious day to graduate. you overlord have created the land, sea, sky, and beyond. you formal people in your image. we thank you for the rich diversity of the 61st graduating class of the united states air force academy. our cadets represent all of the states and territories of america, as well as our allied nations from around the world. of solidarityple and perseverance, through the challenges of their academy experience, remind us all of the rich rewards gained from loving our neighbors near and far. and encourage us to afford dignity and respect to all.
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we are proud of our rich military heritage, and the heroes and heroines who have led the way. 2019eil armstrong class of has lived up to their exemplar, as well as the gold standard of their class colors and the challenge of their motto, conquer mind, conquer all. we give thanks for all who have supported their accomplishments, family, friends, benefactors, academy staff, faculties, professors, supervisors and peers. bless and give them your love, mercy, and wisdom always. we are grateful to the members of the legacy class of 1969, and the many sponsors who inspired our cadets along the way. this day culminates a well-deserved return on extraordinary efforts expended. individual goals have been exceeded. and the future of the long blue
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line blazes bright, because these graduates have done and given their best. bless the leaders of our land that we may be at peace among ourselves and a blessing to other nations. bless especially our keynote speaker, and the president of these, our united states. president donald trump. that his words will motivate us to renewed commitment to our country and our neighbors around the globe. as our graduates stood on the rank of second lieutenant, they go off to the wild blue younger -- yonder. we remind that hard -- we remember that hardship and sacrifice will remain there are -- their constant shadow. make them effective instruments of your peace in the defense of the skies that canopy free nations. finally, embolden our graduates in the pursuit of freedom and justice, from which there can be
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no graduation. these in all things we ask in your holy name. amen. [applause] >> graduates, take seats. ladies and gentlemen, please be seated. wing, take seats. ladies and gentlemen, lieutenant jay silva area, the superintendent of the united states air force academy. [applause] did colorado come through with a wonderful day or what? [cheering] a greatmorning, what
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day for the air force academy, a great day for the air force and for our nation. welcome ladies and gentlemen and distinguished guests. but for the families and friends on the graduate seated in front of me, it is especially great to say welcome to the graduation for the class of 2019. [cheering] >> to expand for our guests, each graduating cast selects -- class x -- selects an exemplar, to identify with a hero whose qualities they hope to emulate their own careers. this year's graduating class chose neil armstrong, an american icon who perhaps needs no introduction, but whose incredible accomplishments were matched only by his admirable humility. aside from being the first person to step on the moon, he was a naval aviator, a korean
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war veteran, a test pilot, and aerospace engineer. his achievements are example to our cadets of the limitless potential of human innovation and the strength of the american spirit. we are proud to honor his legacy of courage and excellence. today, when you hear class of stron!] [ ng!] the members will chant what you just heard, strong. the 45th president of the united states, president john object -- donald j. trump is joining us today. [cheering] >> that he is here today is our commitment speaker is an honor for our academy and our graduates, and reflect the vision of our founders, that
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they had more than six decades and more than 50,000 graduates ago, that this institution would be an asset of national importance. an indispensable value to the strength of our military. mr. president, thank you for joining us and welcome to the united states air force academy. [cheering] today we are also honored by the presence of our 24th theetary of the air force, honorable heather wilson from our 21st of 1982 staff fromhief of 1983 as well. and -- and the chief master sergeant of the air force as well.
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seated behind me today are members of kennett squadron squadron seven. this year's outstanding squadron. the distinction is awarded to the squadron that achieved excellence and superior performance in all areas of study including academics, military training, and athletics area congratulations and well done. [applause] >> also seated behind me as a representation of our academy's leadership, an outstanding team of individuals who have played vital roles in the leadership development of this class. our vice superintendent, are command chief master sergeant, the headquarters staff, the dean of faculty, our vice commandant of cadets, the 10 their base wing commander, the preparatory school commander, the 30 six line training group commander, the director of our center for character and leadership development, and our four active
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-- academic division chairs, and are four cadet aoc's. we cannot do what we do without you. thank you very much. [applause] seated representing the indispensable roles that are family members play in the lives isur cadets and airmen my wife, virginia, and our spouses. we will never be able to thank you enough for the unique sacrifices you make as military families. [applause] i would also like to recognize an incredible faculty and staff, who arrived in our professional and are seated on the -- in our processional and are seated on the south side of stadium. they make days like today possible with their passion for education and discovery. and with their skill in developing some of our nation's most promising young people into
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the next generation of innovative minded leaders. we are truly privileged to have such a talented faculty and staff, ensuring that officers that we are educating, training, and inspiring, will go to our air force and make it their own. shape it into a more capable and powerful force. thank you all for what you do to make this happen. [applause] >> the united states air force academy could not accomplish its mission without the unwavering dedication of many partners. and the support of the wonderful colorado springs and front range region is vital to that support. seated on the north side are some of our most outstanding supporters. representatives from our supporting organizations such as the association of graduates, the asaph endowment, the falcon foundation, the air force academy foundation, friends of
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the air force academy library, air force academy athletic andoration and the research development institute. let me also add a special welcome to one of our greatest supporters, mayor's others. thank you for being here. southers, thank you for being here. and also joining us our commanders through the force, including general o'shaughnessy and general raymond, along with many other distinguished gas, alumni, community leaders, and friends of the academy. thank you for your contributions. thank you. [applause] and to everyone here supporting these young leaders this morning. know that we are a much stronger force because of your indispensable role in our air force family. everyone in attendance today represents the ears of
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development, encouragement, coaching, teaching, correcting, supporting, and loving this class to get them here today. thank you for coming. we are honored that you have joined us to recognize the culmination of one formative journey and the beginning of another. today, 991 exceptional young leaders of the 61st graduating class of the united states air force academy start their careers as officers. i'm confident that tomorrow our air force will be a stronger force because of them. [applause] they are joining a long blue line, and they are joining a heritage of military service and none other represents them more clock, soon toph be the second lieutenant joseph clock. he was commissioned yesterday by major walter clock, his grandfather, who is 101 years
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old, world war ii veteran and is seated here today. [applause] major, we are honored by your presence. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, it is my distinct pleasure to introduce the 21st chief of staff of the goldstein isneral a 1983 graduate, the 60th to serve as the chief of staff of the air force, a distinguished career has demonstrated the qualities of leadership and we our new graduates emulate them. he has more than 1200 hours in aircraft, including the f-16 and f-117. and joint airmen
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warriors in crucial missions all over the world. thank you for the example you have set in your career of selfless service and for inspiring these graduates to see what is possible in this proud profession. and for your enduring dedication to the alma mater. our academy is proud to welcome you back. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome not just the chief of staff, but one of the best friends of the air force academy, general david l goldstein. [applause] [applause] i've been waiting a long time to do that. well, you've made it. moms and [applause]
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-- 2019 >> strong! >> let me take you back to the day after he arrived in your first formation. for the very first time as a class, you stood side-by-side and shoulder to shoulder in your new uniforms and took a solid oath -- solemn oath. the same you took yesterday and your commissioning ceremony. to support and defend the constitution of the united ,tates against all enemies foreign and domestic. standing together as wingman, you committed to bear true faith and allegiance. today, you stand here together, for the last time as a formation . four years later.
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or maybe five or six for a few of you. trust me, i can relate. over 50,000 the graduates who have gone before you. the long blue line. today you enter in air force engaged in active combat operations in faraway places like afghanistan and syria, as we deliver global vigilance and global reach and power for america. and like your legacy class of 1969, several of whom are here will face the you ultimate test in combat. as together we defend this great .xperiment called democracy and as officers, you will be entrusted with the greatest treasure in our nation's arsenal
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. .oung airmen who volunteered to serve a nation at war. and to deserve to be led and inspired by leaders of character . sacred duty. and what you have been preparing for since the day you first raise your right hand in front of the class wall. as your chief i could not be prouder to welcome each of you into our ranks. ladies and gentlemen, the long blue line is strengthened, today, by the class of 2019. >> strong! [applause] >> over 40 years ago, dr. heather wilson and i took our oath together, standing in the fieldhouse, as members of the class of 1982.
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like you, as classmates, standing side-by-side and shoulder to shoulder. after graduation our careers took different paths, my mostly operational. dr. wilson took a completely different path, graduating with honors as a rhodes scholar, attaining her phd in international relations at oxford university. she served on the national security council for president george w. bush during the fall of the berlin wall -- george h w bush, during the fall of the berlin wall and the start of the operation desert storm. she was a congresswoman for 10 years and a powerful advocate for us on the hill. she's a private pilot, an aircraft owner, and before becoming our secretary she served as president of the south dakota school of flying.
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neither of us could have ever imagined 40 years ago when we took our oath's as new cadets that we would rejoin all these years later to lead the institution we love, side-by-side, and shoulder to shoulder. allpresident, on behalf of airmen, past, present, future, thank you for nominating dr. heather wilson to become the 24th secretary of the air force, and recommending another incredible and gifted leader, ambassador barbara barrett to become our 25th secretary. next to our commander-in-chief, today's airmen and their families have no better friend. and the nation has no stronger advocate for air and space power than dr. heather wilson. and how appropriate that her last official act as our secretary is here, where it all
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ago,ed, over four decades at our beloved academy. , she graduating one year ahead of me. [laughter] graduates, parents, family and friends, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, it's my honor and privilege to introduce of thethe 24th secretary air force, dr. heather wilson. [applause] >> thank you chief. and thank you for everything you have done for our air force. i could not of asked for a better wingman. ,or the parents in the stands these graduates are some of the
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best young men and women in themca because you raised to be that way. them you, for entrusting to our care. give them theill training and the equipment they need to be able to fight and win and come home again. [applause] >> to our graduates and the class of 2019. >> strong! >> there is a nation outside of this stadium depending on you. wrote in 1748 that neither the wisest constitution .r laws will secure our liberty
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they must be defended by those who value freedom. have decided to prepare yourself to take a solemn obligation today. thank you, for choosing to be airmen. [applause] 41 years ago, dave goldstein and i had full ride scholarships and one-way tickets from sea level to 7258 feet, far above and annapolis and west point. [applause] >> we each got off the bus with a single suitcase at the base of what was then the wrigley med
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ramp. [laughter] >> and began a journey that brought us back to this place by different routes. the general grew up as a joint , and ihter, a leader veered into public policy, congress, and higher education. not eliot wrote we shall cease from exploration, and the end of all of our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. honor to have been the first graduate of this theitution to have become secretary of the united states air force. [applause]
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>> mr. president, thank you for that honor. this graduation will be my last official event as your secretary . and it has been my honor to serve with all of you. it is also now my pleasure to introduce the 45th president of the united states. [applause] >> from the day he stepped into office, the president began reversing more than a decade of military decline. [applause] >> over the past three years, his budget has proposed significant increases for our air and space forces, which we have used to restore the readiness of the force in any
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fight, any time. peopleuit and train new and to buy modern equipment for the airmen who will be commissioned here today. [applause] number one priority has been the safety and security of the american people and the country we love. we are privileged to have him , ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. donald trump. [applause]
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>> thank you very much. you just like those brand-new beautiful airplanes that we are buying. hello air force academy. it's been a long time since i've been here, what a place. what a place it is. at ease everybody. i'm thrilled to be here with all of you as we celebrate the incredible class of 2019. >> strong!
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>> and you make america proud, you make all of us proud, great job. really great job. [applause] thank secretary wilson for the introduction and for her two years of service as the first graduate of the academy should be the very important secretary of the air force. at a time when we have really andnded out the air force bought equipment like you've never seen before. congratulations. thank. beautiful job. [applause] otherant to thank three truly remarkable former cadets, your superintendent, lieutenant class ofy silvaria, 1985, i thought you were a little younger than that. goldstein, class
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of 1983. thank you general. great job. a great job respected by everybody. generalcom commander, o'shaughnessy, class of 1986. thank you. thank you. [applause] thank you general. we are also grateful to be joinedul to be joined by commander of u.s. strategic command,enheighten. thank you. we spent a lot of time together talking about things. and commander of air force, space command, general jay raymond. thank you. space command. and to all of the distinguished faculty, coaches, and staff, thank you for forging and refining a new generation of american warriors.
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we are also joined by many distinguished air force veterans and academy graduates. we applaud and salute you all. thank you very much. thank you for being here. [applause] into the thousands of moms, dads, grandparents, family members beaming with joy, that's what they are doing, beaming raising, thank you for rock, ripped, american patriots. [applause] amerco stronger thanks to your love and support -- america is stronger thanks to your love and support for these incredible people, these incredible graduates. payingou, join me in tribute to your amazing air force families. go ahead. [applause]
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that's beautiful. that's beautiful. without them, you would not be here. that's the way it is. that's the way it is. most of all, to the nearly 1000 cadets who i have agreed to shake every single hand. [applause] they gave me a choice. they said sir, you don't have to shake any hands. some people do that. those are the smart ones, they are out of here. you can shake one hand, to the one person, top of the class. 50, 100, and you could also stay
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for thousand. and i'm staying for a thousand. [applause] and i know we are all going to make it. no doubt about it. right? there's no doubt about it. to the nearly 1000 cadets who will soon become second lieutenants, in the u.s. air force. you could have chosen any school, but you chose a harder path, and a higher calling, to protect and defend the united states of america. i know what you have been through. and it's tougher. but in the end it's better. you will see. you will see. you will see. places,ou take your officers, in the most powerful air force in the history of our easily, ind frankly, the history of the world. [applause]
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america commends the integrity, devotion, and commitment of the 2019 class -- class at 119. -- class of 2019. >> strong! >> you choose to break boundaries, unlock new frontiers, and live life on the cutting edge. the first air combat happened one century ago. you are the ones who will invent and define the next generation their warfare and you are ones who will secure american victory to dominate the future. skys.a must rule the [applause] what your time at this grade academy has been all about . preparing you to do whatever it toes to learn, to adapt, and
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win, win so much you're going to get tired of winning, but not really. [applause] not really. we never get tired of winning. do we? now. that'se past four years, just what you have done. ,ou have worked, persevered excelled, done so many things that nobody else can do. and in the end you have come out on top. it took years, focus, discipline to get here. beast.g long before right? you know it beast is, right? just being admitted to the academy is a monumental achievement, only one out of every 10 applicants makes the cut. out of those 10 applicants there are hundreds that think about it , but they know they don't have
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a chance. so remember that. [applause] actually true. for those who are accepted, another 20% don't make it to graduation. only the best survive to the very end, and here under the majestic rockies you have written to -- risen to every challenge, overcome every single obstacle and proven yourselves bars that will soon adorn your uniform. [applause] bct, made it to recognition and earned your prop and wings. inclines, piloted aircraft, and launch satellites that are now orbiting way, way above us, looking down on us. you have performed advanced
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research, developed new techniques, you have honed your skills as cyber operators and jumped out of planes thousands of feet above the earth. not easy. airmen, this guys never ever the limit. that being said, even the best cadet can sometimes get a little bit carried away. silvariat general are still on restriction for pranks, and other fairly bad mischief. you know what i'm talking about. and you all know who you are. tradition, and azure commander-in-chief, i hear cadetslving pardon all serving restrictions and
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confinements. and that you have earned. you have earned it. even footing, on is that nice? this class has racked up a list of truly extraordinary achievers. two graduating cadets recently received one of the most prestigious awards in all of academia. rhodes scholarships. please join me in congratulating james brom and madison tung, please stand up. [applause] wow. thank you. it's a big fat congratulations from me. that's a tremendous job you've done. thank you. great job. on the analytic field, the air
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force has run 15 -- 115 conference championships over the last four years. earnedletes have all-american honors. stand up. stand up. all americans. stand up. wow. [applause] wow. it's fantastic. congratulations. including an award backer and spencer cap, who helped the falcons when the air national title and beat the other service academies to bring home the president'. please stand up. [applause] it's fantastic.
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enjoy beatingt those other academies. not too much. became the first person from any service academy to win the college homerun derby . wow. that's a big deal. with a record-breaking 55 home runs. nick, where are you? stand up. [applause] come here. come here. get up here. come here. come here. [applause] au know they gave him such lousy seat all the way back in the corner. come on up. baseball, homerun derby. that something -- that is something. and all of college baseball. wow, i want to feel this guys muscles.
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[applause] [laughter] it's real. that's real. that's great. thank you very much. that's a big deal. that's a big deal. the members of this class come from every background, every state of the union, and even from our allies overseas. through trial, training, and tradition you have become one family. that's what's happened. and like one family you have all been pulling for one of your classmates who is -- who has bravely fought his battle with cancer. today parker hamman graduates as a munitions and missiles officer.
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along with the class that has stood with him every step of the way. come on parker. get up here. parker. come here. come here. [applause] love you. why do you like him so much? job. [applause] lot good looking people in the school, have to say.
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this class personifies the spirit of confidence, courage, and unwavering commitment that has always defined the long blue line. it's true. it goes all the way back to the very beginning, to the first cadet in the air force history. day, you are greeted at the base of a ramp by the statue of the -- by a statue. val grew up in a lou call her family in massachusetts. during his senior year in high school he was recruited to play for the pittsburgh pirates. another baseball player. instead he made the same choice as all of you, the choice of life of service. that's what he wanted. he joined the u.s. air force academy. he showed up in 1955 and would
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be the first air force cadet in history to take the oath of allegiance. proved an arduous challenge for him. it was not easy. said, he waste hanging on by a thread academically. nobody was tested more than he was, but he was at the very top in his character and in honor. that's what his roommate said. after he finally made it to where you are sitting today. he volunteers to go to vietnam. and he proved to be one of the best pilots america had. he was amazing. he was incredible. after nearly a year, of intense action, he was scheduled to return home. he was very excited. one moreked to lead mission. on that day, his plane was struck by enemy fire.
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and he made the ultimate sacrifice for his country. he now rests on these precious grounds, and his fighting spirit lives in each and every one of you. great fighting spirit. [applause] the heroes and legends of any cash of every generation have always had to confront new parol's and defeat new dangers. no one can foresee all of the challenges this class will face. but we do know that with absolute certainty, you are going to be ready to serve. you are going to be ready to lead. aiming ating to be the absolute highest point. and you are ready to fly, fight, and win. always win. always. [applause]
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exemplify the great, guts, and grace that make america's air force, by far, the best in the world. and in the words of your class motto. mind, conquer each of you has the sharp intellect, character, inner strength, and the courage to vanquish any menace that dares to threaten our country or our people. [applause] we are always ready, right general? always ready. he is ready. be forr how that will you, tomorrow, in the press. you can imagine. that's ok, let them think whatever they want to think.
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[applause] more than half of you will soon had to pilot training, where you are prepared to unleash american thunder, anywhere we need. another 45 will join our remotely piloted aircraft program, record number of you will become space operators. he will specialize in combat rescues, intelligence, missile maintenance, weather, air traffic control, engineering, and much more. each of you is graduating at a two really -- truly incredible time for our country. our country is doing well. our country is respected again. [applause] we are respected again.
2:21 pm
are we're -- reawakening american pride, confidence, and greatness. you know that. these gentlemen know it. i tell you right now. thank you. thank you. that's very nice. restoring the fundamental principles that our first obligation and highest loyalty is to the american citizens. no longer will we sacrifice america's interests to foreign powers. we don't do that anymore. in all things and ways, we are putting america first. and it's about time. [applause] our economy is booming. our people are thriving. and our military is stronger,
2:22 pm
mightier, and more powerful with all of that new aircraft than ever before. i'm committed to keeping our military the best trained, best equipped, and most technologically advanced fighting force anywhere under the sun. [applause] year, against some strong opposition, which i will always billion tocured $700 support our war fighters, billion,by another 716 , $716 billion this year. that means we're delivering 56 new air force f-35's, brand-new.
2:23 pm
i sass someone on the other side, what you think of that plan, they had a problem, they can't see it. that's always good, when they can't see you. 24 new reaper remotely piloted aircraft. pegasus, aerial refueling aircraft, 10 new combat rescue helicopters, and a well-earned payraise for every soldier, guardsmen,man, coast and marine in the united states. [applause] up if anybody wants to give your raise, it's ok, we will accept that. don't do it. we are also asking congress to invest more in hypersonic weapons. we have things under development, the likes of which
2:24 pm
you have never seen and which you can't even conceive. intelligence, nuclear weapons and modernization, and space superiority. we are soonnow, having something i started. and it started a little slow and now everyone has embraced it. space force. general, i want to thank you for helping us. it's been great, working with you has been great. it's a whole new force. today, many of the future leaders who will develop the doctorate of strategy and technology to restore america's legacy of leadership in space. as you know, their nations are moving aggressively to weaponize technologies that can disrupt vital communications and blind satellites that are
2:25 pm
critical to our battlefield operations. it is time for america to reclaim the ultimate high ground, and prepare our young warriors of today for victory on the battlefield tomorrow. it's a very different type of warfare, and we are so advanced. when you see what's coming you won't even believe it. and hopefully, you know what, hopefully, we never have to use it. peace through strength. peace through strength. [applause] your commander-in-chief, wants you to know, that we will pursue and maintain the overwhelming strength that we aggressor, andny thrash any foe. for that reason i'm committed to building the air force we need with the full strength of 386
2:26 pm
squadrons. we are getting it done. it's happening rapidly. because nothing will ever strike more fear into the hearts of our enemies or inspire more confidence in our friends than the roaring engines of american fighter jets, flown by the greatest pilots on the planet earth, by far. you. [applause] the sound of america's war machines as the sound of american justice. today receive a legacy of service and valor handed down through generations, tradition built through legends like rick -- builtr, do litter through legends. great people. great people.
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they broke barrier after barrier, they innovated, and adopted to push america further, faster, and onto total victory. it's the same spirit embodied by neilclass exemplar, armstrong, who started out flying jets over korea. and 50 years ago this summer planted our great american flag on the face of the moon. just like all of the aces of our past, and the heroes of our history. they were ready to lead when america needed than the most. and so is every cadet who graduates today. is that correct? i think so. you are the patriots whose names will go down in air force history. youill redefine warfare --
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will redefine warfare at a critical time in our country's history. andill win great battles bring our enemies to crushing defeat. you will explore the boundaries of space that keep america forever proud and free. controls.ou take the you are going to push it up and chart your course across the sky . keep the wings level and true. because your country is sending you with a vital mission, to defend america, protect our people, and pursue our nations great and glorious destiny. nothing will stop you from victory. nothing will stop the u.s. air force. and with your help, nothing, ever, ever, will stop the united states of america. [applause]
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so i want to conclude by giving a very special congratulations to a very special group of amazing cadets and people. the class of 2019. >> strong! godn behalf of our nation, bless you, god bless the air force, and god bless america. this is a great honor being with you. thank you and congratulations everyone. and q. -- thank you. [applause] [applause] thank you.: thank you.
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>> we love you, trump. [cheering and applause] >> four more years! >> ladies and gentlemen, the cadet class president for 2019, thet first class, jacob, summer cadet first class, and the spring cadet wing werender, erica barnett, present the class gift to the president. present the class gift to the president.
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[applause] >> president donald trump, for your dedicated service to our nation, to the united states air force and the united states air force academy, it a great pride in today's graduating class designates you an honorary member of the air force academy class of 2019. >> strong! [cheering and applause] >> as tangible evidence of the offer, we ask that you accept this painting by rick broome, and we also present you with our class coined as a token of our appreciation. [applause]
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[applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, mr. david, president of the air force academy foundation, will present the distinguished american award. >> mr. president, on behalf of
2:33 pm
the air force academy foundation and all of the charitable organizations that support the air force academy, i am pleased to present to you the distinguished american award. thank you for being here today to recognize and honor the next generation of american heroes, their families, and friends. pres. trump: thank you david. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, take seats. , the dean gentlemen of faculty. [cheering and applause]
2:34 pm
>> president trump, before presenting the entire graduating class to you, i would like to single out some individuals for special recognition. attentionall to your 102 this thing with graduate who are listed at the top of your program. , by their overall performance, have placed in the top 10% of their class, and i've demonstrated true excellence in accomplishing the academic, military, and athletic requirements for graduation. if we observe the custom of academic honors, each would be graduating either summa, loud eight, magna cum laude, or can cum lither summa aude, magna cum laude, or cum
2:35 pm
laude. at this time, with the distinguished graduates of the neil armstrong class please rise and be recognized. [cheering and applause] >> great, thank you. please be seated. those identified in your program with an x beside their name are cadets graduating with the academy scholar distinction, having completed successfully a challenging academic enrichment path through the four year curriculum. we would also like to recognize those cadets who placed in the top 10% of her academic, military, and athletic programs. identified in your program with are cadetsheir name graduating with academic
2:36 pm
distinctions. those identified in the program with a wreath beside their names are military distinguished. aose identified with lightning bolt beside their names are cadets graduating with athletic distinction. and those exceptional nine graduating with all three distinctions are identified in the program with a star, within a wreath, resting on two lightning bolts. please stand when i call your name. tray arnold. kyle leland. david. [speaking names]
2:37 pm
great -- congratulations to all. we are also happy to have graduates represent and the nations of cause -- --ons -- cause kazakhsta, the republic of romania, rwanda, sri
2:38 pm
taiwan, thailand, the singapore, and .inally tunisia of our international students please stand and be recognized one last time. [applause] thank you, please be seated.
2:39 pm
of 990lusion, a total one air force academy cadets in completeds class have all graduation requirements. i gives me great pleasure to present to you, president trump, the united states air force academy neil armstrong class of 2019, and i recommend each as worthy of the bachelor of science degree. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, director of admissions and associate dean for academic affairs and academy registrar will now present at the diplomas to the graduating class of 2019.
2:40 pm
[indiscernible] >> ladies and gentlemen, donald j. trump, president of the on stageates, joins us to congratulate each of the graduates of the class of 2019. -- wills is the distinguished graduates please rise and come forward to receive diplomas. [cheering]
2:41 pm
numberclass of 2019's one cadet and overall performance, trey landon arnold.
2:42 pm
[applause] the class of 2019's number one cadet in academic performance, kyle andrew leland. [applause] [speaking names] >> [reading names of graduates]
2:43 pm
great -- speaking graduates names]
2:44 pm
2:45 pm
names]ng graduates
2:46 pm
[reading graduates names]
2:47 pm
[reading graduates names]
2:48 pm
[reading graduates names]
2:49 pm
2:50 pm
[reading graduates names]
2:51 pm
[applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, joining president trump on stage, to your left, the honorable heather wilson, secretary of the air force, and to your right, general david goldstein, chief of staff of the air force. also joining them on stage, lieutenant general,
2:52 pm
superintendent of the united states air force academy, and on your right, general scott campbell, commander. will the remainder of the graduates of 2019 please rise and come forward by squadron to receive your diplomas. [cheering and applause]
2:53 pm
[reading graduates names]
2:54 pm
[reading graduates names]
2:55 pm
[reading graduates names]
2:56 pm
[reading graduates names] 2019's numberf one cadet and athletic
2:57 pm
performance. [reading graduates names]
2:58 pm
[reading graduates names] >> cadet squadron for. [reading graduates names]
2:59 pm
[reading graduates names]
3:00 pm
>> cadet squadron five. [reading graduates names]
3:01 pm
[reading graduates names] cadet squadron six. [reading graduates names]
3:02 pm
[reading graduates names]
3:03 pm
7.cadet squadron [reading graduates names]
3:04 pm
>> cadet squadron 8. [reading graduates names]
3:05 pm
[reading graduates names]
3:06 pm
>> cadet squadron 9. [reading graduates names]
3:07 pm
[reading graduates names]
3:08 pm
>> cadet squadron 10. [reading graduates names]
3:09 pm
[reading graduates names]
3:10 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, joining president trump on stage, to your left, brigadier general,
3:11 pm
dean of the faculty. right, director of athletics. cadet squadron 11. [reading graduates names]
3:12 pm
[reading graduates names] >> cadet squadron 12. [reading graduates names]
3:13 pm
3:14 pm
>> cadet squadron 13. [reading graduates names]
3:15 pm
[reading graduates names] >> cadet squadron 14. [reading graduates names]
3:16 pm
3:17 pm
[reading graduates names] 15.adet squadron [reading graduates names]
3:18 pm
[reading graduates names] >> cadet squadron 16.
3:19 pm
[reading graduates names]
3:20 pm
[reading graduates names] >> cadet squadron 17. [reading graduates names]
3:21 pm
[reading graduates names]
3:22 pm
>> cadet squadron 18. [reading graduates names]
3:23 pm
[reading graduates names] >> cadet squadron 19.
3:24 pm
[reading graduates names]
3:25 pm
[reading graduates names] >> cadet squadron 20. [reading graduates names]
3:26 pm
[reading graduates names]
3:27 pm
3:28 pm
[cheering and applause] >> cadet squadron 21. [reading graduates names]
3:29 pm
3:30 pm
3:31 pm
>> cadet squadron 23.
3:32 pm
>>ading graduates names]
3:33 pm
cadet squadron 24. [reading graduates names]
3:34 pm
3:35 pm
>> cadet squadron 25. [reading graduates names]
3:36 pm
3:37 pm
>> cadet squadron 26. [reading graduates names]
3:38 pm
3:39 pm
announcer 1: we apologize, we have lost our signal from the u.s. air force academy. president trump there congratulating the graduates of the 61st graduating class of the air force academy.
3:40 pm
we do want to remind you that we will show you all the president's remarks this evening , beginning our commencement speeches tonight. in the meantime, we are trying to get the signal back from colorado springs. announcer 2: in the 40 years since, the landscape has clearly changed. monolithic media, broadcasting has given way to narrowcasting, youtube stars are a thing. c-span's big idea is more relevant today than ever. no government money supports c-span. it's nonpartisan coverage is funded as a public service. online, c-spannd
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