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tv   Anti- Defamation League Leadership Summit Part 3  CSPAN  June 4, 2019 3:50am-4:10am EDT

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if there is one book you read this year, let alone start reading tonight -- tomorrow, you fly home. it is this book. short, it is elegant, and it is so powerful and inspiring. i think it is really a treasure, so thank you. [applause] thank you very much. >> the u.s. government's main point person for finding anti-semitism abroad and a champion for the rule of law and
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vulnerable jewish communities around the world. please welcome to the stage special envoy for monitoring and combating anti-semitism, elon carr. >> what an amazing room. i am so pleased and honored to be with you today. my most important message to you is a thank you. ioa debt of gratitude to you personally and the united states government owes you a debt of gratitude because in my work, monitoring and fighting this ancient relentless sickness that is anti-semitism, i have no more important address than the adl. there are many fine jewish
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organizations out there but there is one organization that is synonymous with a fight against anti-semitism and with the fight against ethnic and religious hatred and intolerance, and that his adl. -- is adl. to jonathan green rad, ken jacobs and who has been with the adl forever and got an award last night. ken, you are amazing. we are so grateful to you. special shout out to cliff schechter of your national leadership team. you adl is the go to address, that is not just a line . i want to give you a very recent example. i just got back from eastern and central europe. my first trip that involved bilateral meetings with foreign
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governments was a trip to eastern and central europe and for every country i visited, i relied heavily on adl's work product. the briefings i received from adl were a key part of my preparation in addition to all of our government resource, a key part of my preparation in going to those countries and having specific strategies and specific asks for ways we can improve upon the situation in those countries. so i cannot thank you enough and your work products and your impact was felt literally in the last few weeks. to thoseose visits countries in central and eastern europe, i want to tell you what else i did. four weeks ago, four and-a-half , i had a great privilege to participate in the
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first-ever official united states government delegation to march of the living. [applause] elon: that's right. ,ix united states ambassador's ambassadors to poland, israel, germany, the vatican, switzerland, spain, and i marched arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder on that terrible walk from our schlitz beer cannot -- from auschwitz. we did that with activists, faith leaders, students who came to bear witness. who came to be accounted for, and who came to say "never again." then, hours later, we boarded a plane and we flew to
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israel. the very next day after being in that abyss of death next to the gas chambers and crematorium, we were again arm in arm and shoulder to shoulder but this dancing and celebrating shabbat. it was friday night and celebrating together with idf soldiers and students and visitors. reveling in a celebration of life and at that moment, the message was driven home. that in celebrating the state of israel we are celebrating not only a country and not only the birthday of the founding, but we are celebrating humanity's greatest response to history's greatest evil. of 6uilding out of the ash
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that is decentry and just and democratic and free, and a beacon of innovation for the world. that is what the state of israel represents, and do you know what else is a great human answer to injustice? the adl. 1913, as anti-summit was rising in europe after the conviction of leo frank, this organization answered in -- that trend by building an organization that not only dedicated to fighting against anti-semitism but how wonderful it is that the organization was dedicated to fighting intolerance and injustice and hatred of all kinds and of all stripes. and that brings me to today.
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in central and in eastern europe, i confronted the anti-semitic threat of those far right ethnics of premises to movements that are on the rise in parts of europe. we hadronted it, specific requests of those governments, and i am happy to isort that every effort being made to answer the specific requests put forth. what i want to talk to you about today is the fastest-growing kind of anti-semitism and that is the anti-semitism that clothes itself in the language of anti-zionism and israel hatred. this is the anti-semitism of the west european street, intellectual circles, and the u.s. college campuses. it is no less dangerous than the other flavors and other forms of
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anti-semitism. in my line of work, jew hatred is jew hatred, whether it comes from one side or the other. we are going to fight it and confront it. [applause] elan: this kind of anti-semitism is often called "the new anti-semitism." but i am here to tell you that there is nothing new about it. because everything it does and every manifestation that comes out of it is the same old anti-semitism from years past rebranded and repackaged. medieval -- blood libels leveled against the jewish people. they are against the jewish state, accusing israel of postures crimes of genocide and apartheid. of about de-legitimization
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jewish people in so many ben-gurion -- diaspora communities. same thing. its very existence question, its right to exist undermined. how about terminology? the same old terminology. a european jewish leader was just recently called a "dirty zionist" as though the substitution of a term might confuse us as to what is really meant. how about the pathological hatred that we have again seen in the traditional anti-semitism over so many centuries? it is the same. a kid in university, a prestigious university in the united states gave me a math answer sheet -- that's right, a math answer sheet. i have it in my possession.
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it says the integral of so-and-so and such and such, the derivative that such and such and so and so and then it says, another day in the occupied palestinian territories occupation forces the kid who gave me this, you know what he told me? he said to me with a voice of class, in, in math cannot get away from this stuff? in math class. same obsessive hatred. how about justification? anti-semitism over the centuries always found justification. things we supposedly did, things we supposedly are doing. even justified by the assassination of a german diplomat by a jew. true. was not aw he really response to one thing one jew did. it came out of german anti-semitism. this new anti-semitism is always
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premised upon and grasps at justification. one thing or another that the state of israel actually did or is said to have done, but we all know it is not really about israeli policy. it is the same old hatred, obsessive hatred that is seeking justification in israeli policy. finally, economic isolation. yuden boycotts. bundestag just voted that the boycott divestment movement is anti-semitism. i pure and simple. thank you, germany. they also said in this legislation, and they ought to know, that the vdf movement
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reminds everybody of the juden boycott of the 1930's. that is what this so-called new anti-semitism is. why is it so important that we unite to fight it? to fight it with every bit of vigor and every bit of dedication that we need to exhibit in the other fights against and anti-semitism. this kind of anti-semitism is working. a recent poll done of american jewish college students shows that jewish students on college campuses today are less supportive of israel than ever. more inclined to blame israel for problems in the world than ever before. it is because of the climate on u.s. college campuses. i recently spoke of the israel festival in los angeles and after i spoke, an evangelical kid -- a whole group of christian evangelicals has
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volunteers. he came up to me and said i love israel. i asked him, let me ask you a question, is it true young evangelicals are less supportive of israel than ever before? he said absolutely. i said why is it? he said because we also go to college. we also hear what is being set. we are also in the same context, the same indoctrination. friends, a moment of decision for us. what we see in europe and what we see in the united states is a combustible cauldron of anti-semitism from the athletic supremacist rights, from the vicious anti-zionist left, and radical islam. they operate together, they borrow each other's language, and they paint each other's symbols on jewish institutions.
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and, we have to decide that room, today there is no for this unity in the jewish world. times are too urgent, the crisis too great. if we are serious about fighting all anti-semitism, now is the time for us to come together. one voice. we are in the final week, the final week of the counting of the orbiter. what is it about? it is the process of transition from the liberation of slaves physically out of egypt to the emotional liberation of the jewish people at mount sinai. 49 days. we cap those days to mark increasing levels of spiritual elevation, but what is the message? two what end did the jewish people progress and those 49 days until they got to mount sinai?
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torah tells us it was a journey of unity and that the prerequisite for the jewish people at mount sinai, the greatest moment in the history of our people, was that the jewish people united as never before. it is said that the jewish people stood at the foot of mount sinai, one body with one heart. one beating heart. that is what it took. no less than that is what it took. yearsday, as we mark 75 -- only 75 years since the crematoria stopped operating. they have barely cooled. we see our survival threatened again. in europe of all places. and in latin america and in the middle east and now in the united states. of the jewishk
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world and especially of you, the definesation that th the fight, that we stand together. we don't weaponized anti-semitism, that we don't politicize anti-semitism. and we decide that jew hatred is jew hatred and we will fight it everywhere and anywhere it rears its ugly head. if we decide that, my friend, and if we act that way, we will buildbuild -- and we will that better future that our children, our grandchildren so richly deserve. thank you so much. god bless you. thank you for everything you do. [applause]
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♪ >> here's a look at the live coverage tuesday. on c-span, the house returns at 10 a.m. eastern for general speeches, legislative business at noon. on the agenda, resolution marking the 30th anniversary of the tiananmen square protests in china. president trump and british prime minister theresa may hold a joint news conference in the morning. returnsm., the senate and votes on executive nominations, including andrew salt at social security. house intel committee chair adam schiff talks about national security at the council on foreign relations. a couple house hearings later in the day. one on facial recognition technology. another with fbi and homeland security officials on combating white supremacy. that is live at 2 p.m. eastern.
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q&a, daryl davis talks about his book plantation befriendsips where he ku klux klan members. military wearing camouflage fatigues with the emblem right here and the initials kkk on his chest. ofoss his beret were knights the ku klux klan. on his hips, he had a semiautomatic handgun and a holster. he was followed right behind him by mr. kelly, the grand dragon in a suit and tie. when he saw me, he just froze. mr. kelly bumped into his back. the guy stopped short. they stumbled and regained their balance looking around the room. i knew what they were thinking.
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they were thinking either the desk clerk gave them the wrong room number or this was an ambush. i went like this to display my hands, nothing in them. i stood up and i approached him. i said, hi, mr. kelly, my name is darrell davis. come on in. on c-span.n q&a >> president trump is in the united kingdom this week for his three-day state visit that includes a meeting with british prime minister theresa may and a ceremony marking the 75th that overstreet of d-day. the first stop was a visit to buckingham palace where he and the first lady were greeted by prince charles and his wife camilla. they were later escorted to a welcoming ceremony that included queen elizabeth. [inaudible]


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