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  President Trump Meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron  CSPAN  June 7, 2019 2:11am-2:28am EDT

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government. following the d-day anniversary ceremony in normandy, president trump and french president emmanuel macron met and spoke to reporters. president answered a few questions about brexit, iran's nuclear program, and on whether he will impose extra tariffs on china. portions of this event are in french. >> [speaking in french]
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>> i will say a few words and i will repeat them. thank you, president trump, for your presence here in this place . thanks to your country and your nation, and your veterans. this morning, we pay tribute to that courage, and i think it was a great moment to celebrate and celebrate this evening. and i think your presence here and their presence, is the best evidence of this unbreakable
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link between our two nations. from the very beginning of the american nation and over the different centuries, our main tribute is to protect freedom id democracy, and this is why am always happy to discuss with you in washington, paris, or everywhere, because we are close together. in iraq, syria. each time, freedom and democracy, we work closely together. thanks for the friendship. thankful for what your country did for my country. and thankful what we will do together, for both of us and the rest of the world. pres. trump: thank you very much, emmanuel. pres. macron: thank you, donald. pres. trump: thank you very
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much. i will say we had great success working together, too. whether it is the caliphate or it was a couple of other things we did militarily, and you know what i am talking about. the military is excellent. my people report back. absolutely is excellent. they work very well together. this was a very special day and i want to thank you for inviting me. this was something that was -- we read about it all of our lives. normandy. and there were those who say it was the most important ever, not just at that time, but ever. and to be a part of it, and to 75 years was5 -- very, very special. i very much appreciate it. i met some great people today, some tremendous people, from very brave people. and i look forward to coming back. hopefully over the years, we will be coming back, but it is a
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very special place. it is an amazing place. it is somewhere when you think of those places of great importance. this is certainly one of the top. in the eyes of some, it is the top because of what it meant in terms of the turnaround in a very, very bad situation. that was the big turn. so i really enjoyed it. seeing it first hand was something. we're going to be now discussing, first of all, this beautiful place where we ended up. i hope everyone can appreciate -- i would love you to maybe tell some of the folks in the media just quick, like you did me, how it started. it is a very interesting place we are in. as you know, france has many interesting places. we will be discussing trade and military, and all sorts of things, so we will spend a little time together. and i will be going back
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probably tomorrow morning or afternoon. we pretty much finished up. we had a pretty hectic schedule. most of you have been with us from the beginning. but it has been a very beautiful special. got to know the queen. the queen is a great woman, as you know. we had a very, very good talk with the united kingdom, and a lot of good talks on trade. you know what is going on over is a complex subject because of brexit .nobody knows where it ends up , but i know it will end up very well. we came here, and a lot of people are anxious to see what we are going to be doing together. because as you know, we're doing a lot together. and the relationship between you and i, and also france and the united states, has been outstanding. i don't think it has ever been -- maybe it's good. it's been but sometimes, and sometimes it has not been, but right now, it is outstanding.
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the relationship we have had together have been really terrific, and i appreciate it very much. thank you, mr. president. pres. macron: thank you. >> [indiscernible] we wereump: i just -- talking about the depth and the number of people killed. we had -- they called them the guides. they were guiding us.they were telling us what happened and when . and they talked about the first wave came in, and 92% of the people in the first way were killed. and in the second wave came in, an 80% were killed. and then the third wave and fourth wave, and then i guess they said the sixth ways, they broke through -- wave, they broke through, like a dam. and it was so incredible and so fascinating. and then you talk about bravery. 92% of theou think, people were killed in the first wave, so it kept going down, down, down, and then they would
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break through. it was a lot of courage and a lot of heartbreak. but an incredible victory. one of the most important victories, wouldn't you say? you might want to respond to that. pres. macron: you're right. all the scenes were described. i think what is very important, especially for the young generation, having share this world with these heroes, these veterans, is that a lot of things we take for granted. we are protected by the guys. and a lot of these veterans -- i mean, i think you told it during a speech -- came back for the very first time after the war, and they came here. risk fortheir lives at our countries and for liberty. and i think, for the young generation in the u.s. and france, it is important to see these veterans as heroes.
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they allowed our country to be free. >> in 2004 -- [indiscernible] would you say that? pres. trump: sure. i would. >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: i would certainly recommend that, definitely. look, this was a great, unifying situation. there has probably been seldom in history has there been anything like it. but especially when you heard about the waves of people coming in, knowing they were going to be killed, most of them, it is just an incredible thing. and then the result was, as many people died, and the result was so important. because we have what we have today because of things like that. and it is very sad, but i would
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absolutely be right there. i would be right there. we have a very good partnership. we really have a partnership, i guess maybe it's the best word, to talk about allies, many different words you can use. we have a great partnership, france and the u.s. >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: additional tariffs on china? you mean when am i going to put the extra $325 billion worth of tariffs? i will make that decision, i would say over the next two weeks, probably after the g20. one way or the other, i will make that decision after the g20. i will be meeting with presidency, and we will -- and we will see what happens. probably planning it sometime after g20. thank you. >> [speaking in french]
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>> [indiscernible] that is really going to be between the u.k. and the european union. and they are working very hard. i know they are working very hard together. it doesn't seem to be working out, but at some point, something will happen one way or the other. it will all work out, but i am interested to find out how it happens also. very big will be who will be your new prime minister over in the u.k. that is happening now. i think if you can think in terms of brexit for the next few weeks, you will have to find out
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what happens, who is going to be the new leader, and that is a very interesting situation taking place. i found it to be a very, sort of an amazing period of time, especially having spent so much time with the queen, who i think is an incredible lady. i spent so much time. there's a lot of question marks as to who will be leading. and it was very interesting talking with her, being with her for so many hours, actually. i feel i know her so well and she certainly knows me very well right now. but we have a very good relationship also with the united kingdom. but it will all work out. >> [indiscernible] i do not think we have differences over iran. i don't think the president wants to see nuclear weapons and neither do i, and that is what it is all about. he does not want to see them having nuclear weapons, and i do
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not want to see them having nuclear weapons, and they will not have nuclear weapons. with that being said, let's see what happens with iran. when i became president, hard to believe, 2.5 years ago now, iran was a true state of terror. they still are, but they were undisputed champions of terror. and that is a bad thing. we have 14 different locations where they were fighting between yemen and syria, but many other locations and many other battle sites, and it was all about iran. they were behind everyone of them. they are not doing that anymore. they are doing very poorly as a nation. they are failing as a nation. i do not want them to fail as a nation. we can turn that around very quickly, but the sanctions have been extraordinary, how powerful they have been. and other things. i understand they want to talk, and if they want to talk, that is fine. we will talk.
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but the one thing they cannot have is they cannot have nuclear weapons. and i think the president of france will agree with that very strongly. i think he would agree they cannot have nuclear weapons. pr. trump: i think we do share some objectives on iran. what do we want to do? i think we don: share some objectives on iran. what we wanted to? we had an instrument in 2025. we want to go farther. second, weant -- want to reduce terroristic activity. the two objectives are important. peace in the region. we have to deliver together these objectives. >> [indiscernible] pres. macron: this is the point. this is the point. all the other debates are about technicalities. in order to build that, you need to start a negotiation. it is very
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important. we need to open negotiations. getrder to build and to these objectives. thank you. >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. pres. macron: thank you. live, friday, in the morning, on c-span, attorney general william barr, speaking at the fbi national academy graduation ceremony at 10:00 a.m. eastern. rights ink at human china from the heritage foundation at 10:30. at 9:00 p.m., senator bernie sanders in iowa, joining the political party live podcast yet on c-span2, we will hear from senator mazie hirono at an event
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on supreme court reform. i c-span3, the congressional black caucus will old an event on mental health and reducing youth suicide at 9:30 a.m. eastern. >> we want to hear from you on phone lines, for those in the eastern or central time zones. (202) 748-8000. good morning. caller: good morning. what a beautiful ceremony this morning. . had an uncle i never got to know him. he was a medic in the 329th infantry regiment.