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tv   House Judiciary Committee Hearing on Mueller Report  CSPAN  June 10, 2019 11:25pm-11:43pm EDT

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finished. >> you've been watching events concerning attorney general william bar. allowing the committee to sue the attorney general and former white house attorney. we'll have more coverage here on c-span. a name plate placed in front of an empty chair as they read prepared statements.
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>> without objection allowing recesses at any time. we welcome everyone to today's hearing on oversight of the u.s. department of justice report by special counsel robert mueller iii into investigation of russian interference in 2016 presidential election and related matters. i will recognize myself for opening statement. attorney general bar inl formed us he will not appear today. he worked and the objection to the prospect of answering questions by staff counsel and possibility we may go into executive session is discussed certain sensitive topics. given the attorney general's lack of candor i believe my colleagues and i were right to expect extended questioning.
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not even the ranking member was opposed to the idea of moving into opposed session necessary. and we must come together to protect the integrity of the chamber, administration by mai not dictate the terms of a hearing in this room. the challenge bigger than a single witness. the department of justice wrote they've made no meaningful attempt in accommodating that subpoena. rev yensing the letter to 12 members of congress out of 435 to look behind some, but not all of the redactions. provided we agree not to discuss what we see and is urgent we can
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see documents we've subpoenaed. i can in the agree to conditions that prevent me from every peb of the committee, democrat, republican should understand consequences with the executive branch telling us they'll ignore a local subpoena from congress. with that unchecked it makes it more difficult to enact legislation to curve that kind of misconduct or any kind of misconduct no matter which party holds this chamber or white house in a given moment. if all we knew about trump were
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in the pour corners of the report there could be questions forfeitness. but that is not where the story ends. president trump told congress he plans to fight all of our subpoenas. the average person is not preto ignore a congressional subpoena nor is the president. his promise to obstruct our work goods far beyond obstruction of justice and prevents us from obtaining information about voting rights, aca litigation and cruel family separation policy among other matters. the challenge we face is also not limited to this committee. administration witnesses have failed to show to noticed depositions. secretary of treasury continues to iing thoer these obligations to present president's tax returns. the private attorneys sued
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chairman cummifns in an attempt to block the release of certain financial documents. ladies and gentlemen, challenge is that the president wants to prevent congress from row vieding checks from his decisions, trying to render congress inert f we don't stand up here together we risk losing powers to stand up to any president in the future. the system of not having a president as a dictator is at stake. the attorney general of the united states has an obligation to warn the president of the
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damage and liability and he has failed to protect the investigation from unfair political attacks. he has himself attacked other council investigation and failed men and women of the department of justice yes we'll continue to access for another couple days. we'll have no choice to act quickly and the attorney general must make a choice. everyone of us must make the
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game choice. we can let this moment pass us by. we've seen what happens when this we allow moments to pass by. i do not know what attorney general bar will choose or what my republican colleague will choose. and that does not ininclude a reckoning. history will judge us and we'll be held accountable in one way or another. i recognize the ranking member
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of the judiciary committee. >> thank you. let's beery clear. there is only one reason we're not being able to pull fill our role of oversight. we can are a hearing today and this standing for questions discussed between me and the chairman yesterday we claimed he wants staff because of a five member that is not enough. we spend approved emotion yesterday that we can do an
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hour. he can give them 30 minutes and they could have questioned the attorney general hi way they wanted to. we go back to a political stunt to say we want it to look like an impeachment hearing. the reason is because democrats decided they didn't want him here today. that is the reason he's not hear. you could have done anything else you wanted. what is amazing is that he said
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democrats wanted to ask more questions and we're not getting that opportunity today. the stunt continues today. and except for optics they wanted to have a staff member before that question to ask. none for congress. find a committee. you know, i can continue on and on about issues we have here and whatever you want to have in saying he's wlak mailing this committee and terrified. yesterday he proved he he's not
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terrified. you can atree with the attorney general or disagree and the largest tragedy was yesterday. what happened yesterday on this dime was a travesty. when you do not recognize members for valid motions, and when you question motives i have sat on this committee six years and have sat through hours and
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hours. why do you let it continue? the question i have here is not what bill bar is scared of. what are the democrats scared of sth they have the report and don't like what is in it. amazing he won't go read it. this problem perfect yesterday is not over. if the majority wants to run a committee in which minority lives do not matter apartmentry procedure does not matter. we saw it on we'll exercise
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which is the minority rights just like we got to spend hours and let you do it. that is not how this committee works. if you don't believe me, send someone three times. three times. was chairman of the committee and laid it out clearly.
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that is just wrong. it should have been everybody on this side thchl is wrong. what really bothers me today it's a travesty of what happened and there are is not one member of the democrat that's can look me in the face and say you're not treated much better by a chairman who followed rules. >> thank you, mr. collins. i would introduce the witness normally. we'll concrude these proceedings. we didn't say not to have mr. bar come. he chose. we cannot permit him anybody in
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administration to dictate the manner in which we function. nor conclude -- >> i seek recognition. legislative responsibilities. we'll defend the congress and defend the rights of the american people to know what is going on and defend constitutional scheme of equal branchs of government and we'll make sure that no rez becomes a monarch. >> there is not going to be a
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recognition of members who seek legitimate inquiry into the
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procedures. >> an agreement reached monday between justice department and house judiciary committee but the house plan tz take up a resolution tomorrow to allow access over materials. we'll return to another event on


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