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  Presidential Medal of Freedom Ceremony  CSPAN  June 19, 2019 7:36pm-8:01pm EDT

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greatest counterpuncher in american political history. >> watch book tv all weekend on c-span 2. >> president trump presented the presidential medical of freedom o arthur laffer. mr. laffer was economic adviser trump's 2016 presidential campaign. [applause] president trump it was a big day. very important for a very important subject. today it's my privilege to award our nation's highest civilian honor to the father of
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supply-side economics, dr. arthur laffer. [applause] president trump: i know he has been to the oval office many times but this is a special time for you. this is a tremendous award. you have the congressional medal of honor on the military side and the presidential medal -- i just want to congratulate you. thank you very much. joining us for this moment us ceremony are our six children. thank you very much. congratulations. and we are grateful to be joined by vice president mike pence who just got back from florida. big night in orlando, mike,
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right? secretary steve my new hampshire and our top economic adviser and great friend, i hear that voice, money, mup, money, larry kudlow. thank you, larry. few people in history have revolutionized economic thought and poll. he shaped economic reforms and helped turn the recession into an economic boom. and raised government revenue was to adopt strong and innovate create jobs and create greater opportunity and he has proved it over and over depean. t went on to earn his pfed
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from stanford university. and younger professor at stanford university. he is very deceiving. he looks like he is in his 40's. a little older than that. don't talk about that. in 1970, art severed as the first chief economist at the office of management and budget and economic model to forecast tax revenue and predict economic growth. university of the chicago. we remember in 1974, two million americans joined the unemployment hipes and inflation hit 11%. right now we have inflation at
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almost nothing. i like that better, don't you? [applause] good to read this and we realize how good. the consensus in washington on both sides of the aisle the government could tax, and regulate its way to prosperity, but art had a different idea. if you told it. in 1974 he came to dinner with the white house chief of staff, don rumsfeld and dick cheney who has been a tremendous supporter and wall street reporter. the dinner has become legendary in many minds. he drew on his napkins a curve
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that changed history with the ffer curve, still a very highlyy respective curve, he showed if it is too high, people stop spending and investing. the result is lowest tax deproth. and at the certain point, spur investment and raise government revenue. i think steve forbes agrees with that. i heard you for a long time. rominent academics called this totally wacky and completely off the wall. ith optimism, confidence and intellect, he proved them wrong on a number of occasions. in 1978, california governor jerry brown asked art to help him implement proposition 13
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which the people wanted to reduce the state's property tax and i think they should do it immediately. the results were so successful that job creation grew within two years, 4 states adopted similar reforms. art aadvised ronald reagan and helped shape his agenda. art served on the president's economic policy advisory board and played a vital role in the 1981 and 198 of 6 tax rates cuts which lowered the tax rate from 0% to 28%, that's not bad. the reagan economy soared and shrinking poverty and increasing
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revenue. sounds very, very familiar. our economy has never ever been stronger than it is today. [applause] president trump: his policies expanded opportunities but spurred economies and lifted untold against poverty. depret er march thatcher. and we passed laws. and unemployment has reached its lowest level in 51 years with fast-growing wages and real g.d.p. and this is g.d.p. growth than anybody thought.
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first quarter was 3.2 and everybody said the first quarter isn't going to be so good. it was not only good but doubled and tripled what people saw. we will see surprises when the trade deals are coming along. in tax cuts created zones distressed communities. and in 1999, "time" magazine named him one of the greatest minds of the 20th century. one reporter said in studying public finance there is nothing more important than the laffer curve. i studied it for many years at the wharton school of finance. very important.
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dr. laffer helped implement economic reforms that recognize the power of human freedom to grow our economy and lift families out of poverty and into a really bright future. today our nature is stronger and our world a much better place because of the brill answer because of the brill answer of dr. arthur laffer. come the military aide to orward to present him with the presidential medal of freedom. [applause] >> arthur b. laffer, the
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supply-side of economics. his renowned for his laffer curve which has effects of lower tax rates, spur tax rates and economic growth and tax compliance. among other accomplishments, dr. laffer was the first chief onomist of the office of management and budget. we recognize for his budget service and his contributions to prosperity for our nation.
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cheers and applause] >> my gosh. [laughter] >> when your staff said keep it short, i didn't know that's what they meant. just joking. thank you very much. let me, sincerity and breffity einhand in hand and in that v i thank you from the top, middle
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and bottom of my heart. good exick policy is a team effort and goodness knows my teammate are the best ever. moore.udlow, steve where >> you? steve forbes. he canceled his trip to be here. players, in, team stephen, there you are. you don't get a better team than that. this is the team of all teams. i just want to reflect for a second on my past colleagues and working with other administrations. , bob leagues included bob bartly of the wall street jourm, june, the wild revolutionary, godfather, an, my
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george schultz, my metropolitanor who hired me four times and and jack kemp. and my classmate at yale, dick cheney, just wonderful to have lot of hom deserves a prays. b, milton, justin, george, jack and dick all received the presidential medal of freedom. isn't that amazing? i'm awed by that. but to get the ball over the goal line, committed lip is known for this and we had president kennedy, president reagan, prime minister margaret
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thatcher and you president trump, to make it all happen. [applause] >> all i can say is wow! president kennedy established the current presidential medal of freedom. and my business partner is here and friends and the fellow dream catchers, a number of whom are here today have allowed all of this to happen today and i'm a ternly grateful. they lived the libes that we talk about. they actually do it. and it is for them that we do what we do. they do keep ap will keep america prosperous. and my final shout out.
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all six of my children are here today and mike, mike. i'm missing my 13 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren which the white house is eternally grateful. my family gives me very proud to get up and get to work. thank you. [applause]
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>> toll sell the product. the only difference with television you are selling a product. and selling an yield. >> sunday on q and a on his career on cartoons. >> i have to say the clintons are my favorite political family. i one my first pull itser. when you take the somebody and changing the dynamics of their features, not only to make them into cartoon but show the dynamics of the permit. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span qunch a eastern a.
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>> we heard testimony. texas representative sheila jackson lee sponsored a bill for a commission to stud. we will hear her. hear from former nfl player explaining why he doesn't believer in this. >> i'm go to go take a different task. we are at this point not plaque and white, blue collar, we are fighting for the heart of our nation. we have a very, very special country, and allowed every single generation and has not ended. until now. until now, there is something different, they don't have the
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opportunities that we had. and we talk about the ideologies and talk about them, people change. and different history and the misery that that party brought to my race. when i talk about these ideologies, they don't change. people do. we are fighting the heart and soul of our nation, marksism and evil that is brought to us. it mmp arch rmpexmp said best. nti-semite and blatant racist. he said it. and rewriting our history. you steal our history ap our vision for our future and every zi is now experiencing that
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loss. real quick history. 'm blessed to be a great-great-grandfather of a slave ship in south carolina to the burgess plantation and evil, vil man that drove migrate-great-grandmother, she disappeared. and at the age of eight was pleased to be surrounded by men who pleeved in freedom and they escaped and went to the underground railroad. texas and ended being a successful sbrour. started the first black ell
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membership temporary school 18 kids, christian, republican. a a omega, an example when culture is giveen hope, tune and freedom. it didn't end there. has been stolen from us for decades, washington, 1882, depan the tuesday could gee university. self-made had more black billions. 1950's and 190, led our country committed to marriage and in the terms we are 3.8%. men going from college.
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we have more men in college. my degree in biology. and that, i learned a long time ago that it is not a gene. it's our actions and attitude and belief. i do not belief republic arration, it points to the other race, my race as one that is not only becomes racist but beggars. i do believe in restitution. let's point to the party that was part of slavery. jim crow. illed 20% of our plaque bobes. state of california, 70% of our boys, a democratic state. let's play restitution.
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how about a democratic party playing ress fusion and those after we learn our history to decide to stay there. republican or democratic, feel guilty, you should pony up also. and this country has given us debateness. look at this panel. and we have become successful rike no other because of this great opportunity to lib the american dream. thank you. . i conclude by these words black people in america are descendants of americans kidnapped and exported to the united states and every arm of the united states law making and
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law enforcement infrastructure. dehow manizing. but mandated by federal law that were ensliped in the constitution. the role of the government is to discrimination against plaques that must be addressed. i'm not here in anger orange ir. i'm not in any way to seek inre are diverse opinions this room, and i respected, i admire it, and love it. i am clearly a child that has walked this path. i will say that those that are the wealth of this nation, for cotton was king. there was no other crop. and so, i ask my fellow
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that this is simply a constructive discussion that will lead to the practical response. c-span,r: coming up on house speaker nancy pelosi discusses the legislative agenda with reporters at a christian science monitor breakfast in washington. then, u.s. trade representative in testimonyizer to the house ways and means committee. after that, jerome powell are ounces that interest rates will remain unchanged at a press conference in washington dc. interest ratesat will remain unchanged at a press conference in washington dc. c-span opened the doors to washington policymaking for all to see, bringing you unfiltered content from congress and beyond. a lot has changed, but t