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tv   Road to the White House 2020 SC Democratic Party Convention - Sen....  CSPAN  June 24, 2019 9:59pm-10:25pm EDT

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[applause] ♪ >> hello south carolina democrats. my name is kirsten gillibrand and i am the u.s. senator from new york and i am running to be
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your next president. i want to tell you a little story that starts about my first opportunity on fox news. not very polite. that's what the fox news host called me during a nationally televised town hall. why you ask? because i walked on to the stage and i started to hold fox news accountable for hours of lies they told about women's reproductive freedom. hours of lies they told about w important our civil rights are, our human rights are and i called them out right on the stage of thain own network. not very polite. you better believe i'm not very polite. i'm never going to be polite when the republican party is attacking our constitutional
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rights, our human rights, our civil rights to decide when and how many children we're having, under what circumstances. those are our rights. i wasn't very polite when i went down to georgia and i stood up and said we're standing up to legislators cross the country. i wasn't very polite when i ran for congress in 2006 in a 2-1 republican district against a four-term incumbent and won twice. i wasn't very polite when both parties were throwing billions at the banks, when the financial collapse happened around the united states, i voted even as a new york member of congress against a bank bailout twice. i wasn't very polite when i
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have taken on polluters and fossil fuel companies to guarantee our clean air and clean water, problems you're having right here in south carolina. and i certainly wasn't very olite when i took on betsy devoss, who doesn't understand public education. you in south carolina know how important our public schools are and when they are crumbling before our eyes and class sizes are too big and not enough money for education, what happens to our kids? so i have taken on the fight that other people won't and i will continue to do that as your president. as your president, i will start where it matters. fighting to pass clean elections. you point to any so-called unsolveable problem in america and i will point to the greed, the corruption, the lies and the special interests that stand in our way, whether it is
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gun crime, whether it is prescription drug prices, whether it is climate change, there is a special interest, a moneyed interest that is distorting the facts and the truth and changing our voices and overspeaking us by spending unlimited money in these campaigns. once we change whose voices are heard in washington, we can start solving the problems that are still holding so many families back. as president, i will pass medicare for all, because i know we need guaranteed healthcare as a human right. i will fight to strengthen our public schools and ensure that no matter where you live, no matter what block you grew up on, that you will get a good public school education. i will put our teachers first, support higher wages, fully fund special ed, making sure we have community-based scooling
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and making sure students and parents are receive all of the support they need within our communities and finally, let's put the term minimally adequate on the garbage heap of history. as president, i will take on institutional racism directly. i will look into every issue that plagues this country and pervades every corner of our society from education to healthcare to housing. i will combat these injustices directly and start with making to fight s reform maternal mortality. it is not right in this day and age if you are a black woman in this country, you are four imes more likely to die in child because of racism in our healthcare system. i will make sure we have an
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economy that actually works for everyone. making sure we can end the wealth cap between white americans and black americans and that starts with postal banking, making sure everyone can have a bank account, a savings account, a checking account and a mortgage. i will empower black business owners and make sure we eliminate the barriers that hold back black entrepreneurs. i will use the f.d.a. to get funds for our black businesses and our women-owned and minority-owned businesses immediately. i will taken to criminal justice system. i will end cash bail on the first day. i will decriminal lies marijuana and mallly legalize it and make sure that the investments are made in the black and brown communities that are harmed by our unfair criminal justice systems. i will no longer fund for profit prisons and make sure we
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invest in communities, not lock them up. i have a long history in the senate of fighting the battles that nobody else will take on. i have a long history of fighting the battles no one will take on and winning. i have passed major legislation like don't ask, don't tell repeal. like the 9-11 health bill. there is only one way to beat a bully and that is standing up and doing what is right. e know from our leaders, our forebearers, our forefathers like martin luther king jr. that the time is always right to do what's right. each one of us is being called today to fight these battles. the bible tells us we are called to be the light of the world, for all to see, which means taking on the dark powers, putting on the armor of
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god, putting on the belt of truth, the shield of risheseness. that is how we defeat president trump and it is how we defeat what is wrong in our democracy and how we restore the power to you, the people. glod bless america. -- god bless se america. ♪ applause brks ♪ thank you. thank you, i should have let that music go a little bit longer. we could have gotten some rhythm going. hello, south carolina. thank you so much. it is a privilege and an honor to be here to address you. as most of you know, i'm not a career politician. i'm an entrepreneur and problem
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solver and i'm here with you all to help solve the problem of our time and the problems speak to this question. how did donald trump win the election of 2016? now there are a bunch of reasons that have been bandied around on cable news and other outlets but i believe the fundamental reason why donald trump is our president today is this. that we send away manufacturing jobs in south carolina, michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin, missouri, iowa, all of the swing states he needed o win and did win. my friends in silicon valley believe that we what we did to the four million manufacturing jobs that define many communities and a way of life, do onen and on through
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the do to retail jobs, call center jobs, fast food jobs, truck driving jobs and economy. how many of you have noticed stores close wrg you live in south carolina? i was at this mall and that mall has seen better days. you can see where the sears used to be. where the other mall used to be. it is not just here in south carolina. 30% of american malls are closing in the next four years. and why is that? amazon. that's right. it is a one-word answer. amazon is soaking up delr 20 billion in business and driving 30% of your malls and main street stores to close. how much did amazon pay in taxes last year? that's right. they soak up delr 20 billion out of your communities and you get back zero. what is the number one job in your communities? working in retail at one of these stores that is now closing. the average retail worker is a 39-year-old woman making 9 and dollar 10
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an hour. you pound zero, zero, human, human until you get someone on the line, right? you like that. i do the same thing. i'm pounding zero too. but in two or so years, the software is going to be so good, it is going to sound like this. it is going to say hey, andrew. how are you doing? what can i do for you? you might not even know it is software. what then are the 2.5 million americans who work at call centers going to o do? average call center worker is aking delr 12-delr 14 an hour. my friends in silicon valley are working on trucks that can drive themselves. what is that going to mean for those 3.5 million truckers or
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seven million americans that work at truck stops and hotels? we're in the third inning of the greatest economic and tech logical transformation of our nation's history. donald trump unfortunately is a symptom. what are we going to do about it? if you heard anything about me and my campaign, you heard this. there is an asian man running for president who wants to give everyone delr 1,000 a month pment have you heard that, south carolina? and the first time you heard that, it sounds like a gimmick. it sounds too good to be true, but then you dig into our country's history and you find this is an american idea that is as old as the country itself thomas payne called it a citizen's dividend. martin lirte king jr. was fighting for it in 1967. he called it the guaranteed
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minimum income. it is what he was fighting for on the day he was assassinated in 1968. it was so mainstream that 1,000 economists signed a study saying this would be tremendous for the country and it passed the house of representatives twice in 1971 under richard nixon and then 11 years later one state actually passed the dividend where everyone in that state gets between delr 1,000 and delr 2,000 a year no questions asked. what state was that? how do they fund it and what is the oil of the 21st century? technology. that's right. what they are doing with oil money in alaska, we can do for everyone here in south carolina and everyone around the country with technology money. again, amazon, trillion dollar tech company paying less in federal taxes than anyone in this room. that equation is not going to work for the people of south carolina. we have to change that. we have to build a trickle up for our people, our families
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and our communities up. as parent myself, i know what 1,000 a month would mean to the college kid struggling with tuition and room and board bills. i know what it would mean to a single mom stuck in a cramped apartment trying to figure out how the create a better path for their kids. for the delerl south carolina ian. this dividend is how we change the game and start recognizing people like my wife who is at moment with our two young boys, one of whom is autistic. what is her worth in g.d.p. now? we know that is nonsense. we know her work is among the most challenging and vital work that is done in our society today. the democratic party talks about empowering women and i'm going to suggest to you all that the best way to help that
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waitress getting harassed by her boss or the single mom stuck in an abuse incomplete pass relationship, the best way to empower those women is to put delr 1,000 in their hands. we can talk about empowering women or do something about it. i say we do something about it. so thises a vision of an economy that we must take to the rest of the country as fast as possible. we do not have that much time. this rests on you all. the democrats why all of the candidates are here today is we know you will choose the next president. we have to make this happen as fast as possible. my friend jermaine johnson said the motto of this state is while i breathe i hope. and if you are all here today, i know you're more about fighting than breathing. well, we fight, we hope. we have to fight for a brighter
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future for the people here in south carolina. we have to fight for a brighter future for the people of this country in 2020. i'm thrilled to join you in this fight. let's take the country forward in 2020. thank you all very much, south carolina. ♪ thank you so much. thank you. you're beautiful. thank you. >> greetings. greetings. my name is jay inslee. i hereby declare the jim
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clyburn fish fry in the united states of america. just wanted to let you know where i'm coming from on this. i i had a little bit of a long trip to get here but it has been worthwhile. not just for the fish but for the people. i have met some people that inspired me. i met harold mitchell who showed me his low-income housing he brought on top of a super fund site. that is inspirational for me so i wanted to bring something from my state to share with you. and i thought i could share with you some news that maybe you can share with governor mcmaster. here is a few things that you can share with him. you might share with him some news and that is the fact is trickle down economics doesn't work. that when you embrace -- when you embrace a middle out
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economic development plan like we have in washington state, you know what you get? the best economy in the united states. with democratic progressive principles. that's what builds your economy. let me just share with you this. trump says if you give people a raise, nobody will have a business. guess what? we have the highest minimum wage in the united states and the biggest job growth in the united states of america. that's what you get. at's why we need delr 15 minimum wage. we think when you work, you ought to be able to have a family at the same time. we have adopted not just any old family medical leave. we have the best family medical leave in america and the best business -- and we have been named the best place to do business. we have been named best place to do business and best blaise to work because we respect families in my state and it is
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time to do that in the united states of america. that's what i believe. republicans tell you if you ive anybody a raise, it will crater your economy. i'm a son of a biology teacher. all of the things i've been able to achieve, i fought for and won this. teachers in age in the united states. we need to do this across the county. my friend jim clyburn, we were elected to congress together in 1992. went through some things together i want to share. we went together this effort to ban assault weapons in 1994. at that time i represented a very republican agricultural area. i knew if i voted to ban assault weapons, it might end my congressional career. i was not daunted by that.
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i voted to ban assault weapons. i did lose my seat. i will tell you this. i have never regretted that vote, not for one second. not for one second and i want to thank -- now by the way, by the way, we have now since i've been governor passed three of safety legislation in the united states. i'm going to keep them on the run across the united states of america. that's what we're going to do in the united states. i want to thank james clyburn, i want to thank jim clyburn for what he has done. you know when the war drums were beating, when bush was trying to beat the drums of war to start a war in iraq, i stood with jim clyburn for common sense against war in iraq and now we have to insist on common sense, not chaos so trump does not stumble into an unnecessary war in iran. we have to make that clear. we have to make that clear as
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democrats. we're the party that can save this nation. i want to thank jim's efforts on criminal justice reform. we know we got a beautiful country, but it is marred by racial disparity in our criminal justice system. it is a stain on our beautiful nation. and all of us have to buckle down to figure out how to bring a little more justice to the justice system. i just want to do it in the state of washington. we not only pushed back against drug war by legalizing marijuana, thousands of people have been caught up in the drug war. we can reduce racial disparity and we need to do the same thing on national level. we know that the death penalty has not been racially neutral in this state and i'm glad that we got rid of the death penalty in my state.
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we're going to keep working on this. we have to end racial disparity in this effort. now if you heard anything about , and i hope you have, you might know that i'm the guy who is unique among our fine candidates. we have a lot of great candidates in this race. great talent. great talent. i've already identified 18 potential vice presidents. it is awesome. but i got one thing that i'm unique on. i want you to think about it for a moment. south carolina is under attack. iowa is under attack. california is under attack. washington is under attack. it is under attack by the existential threat of the climate crisis. we are -- we are the first generation -- we are the first generation to feel the sting of climate change and we are the last generation who can do
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something about it. so i am unique amongst all of this field saying this. if you elect me president of the united states, i will make defeating the climate crisis the number one priority of the united states of america. and it needs to be the number one priority so that we can get this job done. and when we do this, when we defeat climate crisis, we're going to put eight million people to work in good union jobs. u.a.w. members making electric cars. i.b.w. members wiring wind turbines. sheet metal workers making biofuel refineries. we know donald trump is wrong. wind turbines don't cause cancer. they cause jobs. that's the way we're going to build the united states of america. we'll see you later. have some fun. eat some fish. take care of jim clyburn. thank you very much.
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take care. thank you. >> thank you all so much. it is great to be here. thank you very much. thank you all for being here. thank you for your hard work. it is great to be back here in south carolina. your state has a very special place in my heart. i remember it like it was just
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yesterday when i had my first trip here. it was about 16 years ago. got off the plane in the middle of a hot summer. had fresh new boots on my feet. i was a newly enlisted private headeded to fort jackson for my basic combat training. my introduction to your kind southern hospitality. i deployed to iraq just one year later where i experienced firsthand the high human cost of war and i had the great privilege of serving alongside so many great americans who sacrificed so much. and who truly embody what it means to put service above elf. the founders of our nation had a great vision for us. that our government should be of the people, by the people and for the people.


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