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  President Trump Signs Affordable Housing Executive Order  CSPAN  June 25, 2019 5:25pm-5:53pm EDT

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recommendation that president trump fire white house counselor kellyanne conway for numerous alleged violations of the hatch act, a federal law that limits certain political activities by certain executive branch employees. the hearing will be held live at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span3. later, the annual congressional baseball game between republicans and democrat. the event raises money each year for washington, d.c., area charities. our coverage begins before the first pitch on c span 2, watch online at or listen to the live play-by-play on the -span radio app. >> the house will be in order. >> for 40 years, c-span has been providing america unfiltered coverage of the house, the supreme court, the
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white house, and washington, d.c. so you can make up your own mind. created by cable in 1979, c-span is brought to you by your local cable or satellite provider. c-span, your unfiltered view of government. >> earlier today, president trump signed an executive order aimed at reducing barriers to affordable housing. he also took questions on the humanitarian conditions at the u.s. southern border and the announcement that stephanie grisham, the first lady's communications director, would be taking over from sara sanders as the new white house press secretary. this is 25 minutes. president trump: i'd like to take a few moments to talk about what we're doing on several fronts. today we begin a bold new initiative to bring down the
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cost of housing for american families. in a few moments i'll sign an executive order beginning the white house counsel on affordable housing. i'm grateful to be joined by the secretary of the new council, ben carson. we're also pleased to have tim scott and martha mcsally and ollide holland, greg, bonnie robertsberg, pastor daryl scott, and you're not a congressman yet but you could be if you wanted to? would you like to run for congress? yud win, easily. but thank you for being here, pastor. all the people who really care so much about affordable house what it means, how important it is for our country. overregulation of housing and the housing market is a primary case cause of the rising housing costs across our country. nationwide, it's estimated that the regulations account for
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more than 25% of the cost of a new home. think of that. so regulation and unnecessary regulation is 25% of the cost of a new home. as a result, the supply of affordable housing cannot keep up with demand today. over 37 million american households have to spend more than 3% of their income on housing. so what i'd like to do is ask ben carson who has devoted a lot of time and effort to this tremendous overregulation problem. i'd like to have ben carson, secretary, say a few words. ben? mr. carson: thank you, mr. president. thank you for your continued commitment to the people of america. today i'm privileged to be here for the creation of a white house council on eliminating barriers to affordable housing which i have the great honor to chair. the council which consists of members across eight federal agencies, will lead federal efforts to engage with state, local, and tribal leaders across the country to remove
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obstacles that impede production of more affordable homes. namely, the enormous price tag of burdensome government regulation. the president has given us a mission to breng down barriers and to clear the path for the millions of americans to pursue their american dream. it's a mission we proudly and enthusiastically accept. as the president just said, more than 25% of the cost of a new home is a direct result of federal, state, and local regulations and sometimes the price tag is much higher than that president trump's decades of experience as a world renounced builder and developer give this is administration's leadership a unique set of insights when confronting the challenges of develop manager housing. today's announcement recognizes the need for federal policies to serve americans of all income levels including working class americans like teachers and nurses and auto mechanics, construction workers,
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policemen, firemen, whose struggles are sometimes forgotten. i would also like to thank president trump and the leadership of this administrationmark of whom are here today, for once again fulfilling that great promise that the forgotten men and women of america will be forgotten no longer. i look forward to working alongside my fellow councilmembers in the months ahead as we use these efforts pillars of prosperity to support the men and women of this country for their quest of that portion of the american dream that includes a home. the home is the found eags of the community which is the foundation of the nation. we can do this if we all work ogether. president trump: how about tim scott? do you want to say a few words? mr. scott: there's no dut that a regulatory reset that is responsible will help more americans that are credit worthy to achieve their goal,
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their aspiration, of having a part, a share in this nation. the american dream so often is seen through the police. of home ownership. this executive order will accelerate the path to responsible home ownership and it is proof positive that your conscientious, compassionate, conservative leadership is undeniably focused on the most vulnerable folk of our economic chain. resident trump: very good. >> thank you for this executive order. the first 90 days as a senator in arizona, i vied all of our counties. we are a diverse state and growing but a top theme is affordable housing. there are many barriers to that. so this group coming together to provide more opportunities at lower cost so everybody can meet their full potential is
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realy important for my constituents so i'm grateful for this. president trump: thank you, great job. pastor scott? mr. scott: you stated you would implement national policy to revitalize the urban communities of this great country and all the communities. i think this is just the part that dove tails on the opportunity zones and the things that are being done in those designated areas and this makes it -- makes the revitalization process that much more important. we thank you for it. president trump: tim scott had so much to do with that and it's far beyond our expectations, it's different than what we're talking about today, but when you bring up the term, the beautiful term, tim scott came to see me a little while ago, toward the beginning but not that long ago. and tim, i don't mind if you say a couple of things about what's happening. the opportunity zones have just
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taken off in this country. mr. scott: yes, sir, mr. president, because of your leadership, we have seen incredible growth in the opportunity zones. here's a couple of examples. it's important for us to remember that in opportunity zone the average person is living in a place where the poverty rate is at 31%. -- nally our poverty rate we've seen an 8% increase in opportunity zones. over 50% of the folks in the zones own their property. that means we're seeing net worth increase because of the tuns of the legislation. from the treasury perspective, we can see upwards of more than $50 billion in these zones creating opportunities and work
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force housing we're talking about today and that is an important part of the equation. that is brought to us by your leadership and your willingness to have the conversation about moving people in distressed communities forward. thank you for saying yes. [applause] >> we've been struggling to produce apartments and the most affordable housing in america. we can't thank you enough for this help. president trump: thank you very much, preesh it. >> thank you for this. i would like to thank the rest of the leadership as well. coming from the inner city, from urban america, living within the confines of what it takes on a day-to-day, we don't , it's good e cost
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we have these barriers removed. when you're a kid living in urban americaing you dent care who your president is, who your govepbor is, who your mayor is. you care about the things that are practical for you. the things that are practical is where am i going to lay my head at tonight and what am i going to eat when i get there? these things help more people in urban america get access to housing that is so needed. we thank you tremendously. president trump: thank you. >> i want to say from the national association of realtors and as a realtor i thank you very, very much. the american dream is home ownership. we have the lowest percentage of home ownership that we've had in many, many years. i think this will go a long way to increase that. president trump: thank you very much. >> on behalf of the home builders, mr. president, we are strongly behind this effort. the regulatory framework throughout the country needs to be focused on. it will help us with work force
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development as well. i think this is tremendous. we thank you for this. president trump: thank you very much, appreciate it. >> the arch net worth of a renter is $5,000. the arch net worth of a home owner is $200,000. that's a 40-fold different. and we talk so much about the income gap, the wealth gap in the country. a lot of it has to do with home ownership. that's why this is so important. it has to be done the right way. it wasn't done the right way a decade or more ago. it led to a crisis. so we have to learn from those situations, d it the right way, and it's really about recognizing that our people are our most important resource and we need to develop them and the best place to develop those resources is a solid home environment. [applause] >> one quick thing, mr.
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president, when you combine this with your justice reform effort, with the lowest unemployment, the fight for school choice for children to have an education, to ivanka and the work force and pledge to american workers, all those combined lifts everyone but it lifts those at the bottom of the ladder. president trump: thank you for bringing up criminal justice reform. we got it passed, no one else could have gotten it passed. a lot of -- a lot of people worked hard on that i see it's a big part of the debates. now they're saying, it got passed, it got passed by a republican named trump. we did criminal justice reform, very comprehensive also. there are a lot of people, and the incredible thing about it was we had conservatives, very, very condition servetive and very, very liberal people supporting it. we had everybody. we had a great bipartisan group. and we had some people opposed to it too but we had for the
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most part tremendous support. thank you very much. larry, do you want to give a moment about how well our economy is doing? looks like june could be one of the best months in the history of the stock market for june, for that month. >> it's most extraordinary. a terrific sign about the future economy, a really good sign. we had a correction in the spring, now we've gotten it become and then some. numbers coming out, production way up in may. consumer spend, retail sales way up in may. swreel a better q-2 than people thought. i think we're on track for 3% economic growth or better. low tax rates, deregulation, opening up energy, trade reform, initiatives like this from secretary bennett and others, this is what it takes. we're opening doors. every nook and cranny of this economy is coming alive.
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reat news. president trump: china and various parts of the world, asia, other places, we're beating everybody, we're going to keep it that way. i'm going to sign that. congratulations. you have been working on this for a long time. [applause] >> i like signing one letter at a time. >> are you personally concerned -- mr. president. are you personally concerned about the conditions at the border facilities? president trump: i am very concerned. they're much better than they
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were under president obama, by far. we tried to get the democrats to agree to really give us some humanitarian aid, humanitarian money and that is a very fair question. i appreciate that question. but i am very concerned, it's in much better shape than it ever was. a lot of young children come from places that you don't even want to know about, the way they've lived, the way they've been, the poverty they grew up in. but with that, if we can get this bill signed we'll be able to do it. the democrats don't want to sign anything and now i think they're going to probably sign this, from what i understand. i call it humanitarian aid. this isn't even about the border. at the same time you see the numbers are way, way down. mexico has been helping us a lot. they have strong immigration laws. they are moving 15,000 people or 16,000 people to our southern border and they moved 16,000 troops to their southern border which is pretty incredible. and a lot of signs are coming
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out where the cartels and all the bad folk the coyotes as they call them and all the bad people bringing young children, taking advantage, horribly, it's a form of slavery, it's horrible what they're doing to young children, youness, you've reported on it. a lot of that is stopping now because of what you're doing, because of what's happening on the border. i want to thank mexico. they've done a great job. we appreciate what they're doing. hopefully they can keep it up. it's very important. mexico is very, very powerful immigration laws. they can do things, our laws are so bad. what we would like to do, i'll do it right now fish officially is ask the democrats to give us help on asylum. help on all the loophole the horrible loopholes over a period of yores that don't allow us to d what we should be able to do. we need the votes of democrats. i think very importantly, because our economy, you heard larry kudlow, because our
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economy is so strong, could be the strongest in the history of our country, people want to flow up to the united states but you just can't do it that way. you have to do it legally. you have these massive numbers of people trying to get into the united states because of the economy. because we've done so good. but that's one of the problems, we're doing well. everybody wants to come in. 10 years ago, phi years, four years ago, they didn't want to come in. today they want to come. in we can't let that happen. we're doing very, very strong, and as far as the wall is concerned, the wall is heavily under construction. the army corps of engineers is doing a great job. we're doing a lot of wall right now. we expect to have 400 miles built by the end of next year. that's a lot. we're building them in the right places. we're picking areas where we need it the most. it's having a tremendous effect. >> did you ask the head of border protection john sanders to resign? do you know why leaving? president trump: i knew there'd be a change there.
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we are moving people around to different locations. the game has changed a lot because of what mexico is doing, we're able to do things that we weren't able to do before. the problem with our border patrol who are the knoll in a -- phenomenal people. with catch and release and all the different things including chain migration, the visa lottery, the laws are so bad and the asylum rules are so bad that our border patrol people who are so incredible aren't allowed to do their job. because mexico is now for the first time in 50 years helping us and we really appreciate it, we're able to make certain changes that we wouldn't have been able to make before. >> back and forth with the leader of iran this morning by tweet, what message did you want to send to him with your tweet? president trump: there is no message. the message is, when they're ready, they have to let us know. when they're ready, they'll let us know. very simple. ready to do whatever. doesn't make a difference. whatever they want to do i'm ready.
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k? >> in bahrain right now -- [inaudible] without the israelis or palestinians attending. what's the strategy going forward when there's no buy-in. president trump: we need economic support. the palestinians don't have money. we have to help the palestinians with some money because they don't have it. and one of the groups that you get are some of those countries in the middle east that do have money. they'll play a role in the peace plan and we'll see what happens. we had a little bit of set wak with the election in israel as you know i guess the result is somewhat mixed, now they're going to do it again. that's another do-over unfortunately. but we'll see what happens. we'll see what happens with that election. but it's an early process. but we expect other people to help out. because again, there's no money. some people don't have money. if they don't have money it's going to be very hard. we want people to be able to ive and live well.
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>> you did not ask sanders to resign? president trump: i haven't spoken to him. i don't think i've ever spoken to him actually. we have some good people running it. i hear he's a good man, a good person. i don't know him, i don't think i've ever spoken to him. >> what about the decision to choose chef steve grisham as your new press secretary. president trump: she's been with me from the begin, over the last couple of years she's worked for the first lady, done a fantastic job, first lady loves her. thinks she's been incredible. i asked so many people who co-you like? a lot of people wanned the job. a lot of people wanted to do it. i'd ask people who do you like? so many people said stephanie. and she's here. she knows everybody. she gets along with the media very well as you know. a lot of the folks in the media like her very much. i think she's going to be fan it's a ex. i think she'll do a great job. i offered her the job this
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morning and she accepted. and the first lady is very happy for her. big job, very big job. but we think she'll do a great job. hogan will be with her. he recommended her very strongly. i said hogan, who do you think? he said stephanie grisham. >> with iran if war does break out -- do you have an exit strategy for iran if war does break out? president trump: not going to need an exit strategy. i don't need exit strategies. >> tell us about your letter to chairman kim? >> president trump: he wrote me a beautiful let own my birthday, i thought it was very nice. two friendly letters. we get along very well. >> no mention of another meeting? president trump: maybe there was. we -- at some point we'll do that getting along very well. he's not doing nuclear testing. when i took over, as you know, i became president, there were
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testing, previous to that they were testing so much, they were doing ballistic tests and nuclear tests and we didn't have our prisoners back. we had a whole lot of things going wrong. now we have our hostages back. our prisoners back. they came back. we've had, as you know, the remains of the heroes, our great heros from many years ago coming back and coming back as they find them an as they find the graves they're sending them back. the relationship is a far different registrationship than it was during the obama years where you were going to end up with a war. you were going to end up with a war in north korea, that i can tell you. i tell that to timm scott, maybe you haven't heard that. you can end up in a war in north korea. if it kept going the way it was going. if you had that group continuing onward. as far as iran is concerned this edeal was a horrible deal. it was no good. it was no good. it ended in a very short period
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of time. we're dealing with countries, it ended in a very short period of time. they would have had a clear path to a nuclear weapon. we're not going to allow that to happen. can't do it. i'm all for iran. i have so many people, iranian friends. i come from new york. i have tremendous numbers of iranian friends, great people. they're from iran. they're wonderful people. it's too bad this is happening. they're living badly right now. their country is not doing well economically at all. that can be changed very quickly, very easilyle but they have to get rid to have the hostility from the leadership. the leadership, i hope they stay, i hope they do a great job. they should talk to us decently. we're all for them. we want it to be done properly. but the deal that was done by president obama, $150 billion for nothing. he used the money for terrorists, they gave he the money to terrorists. john kerry that asked him, do you know this money will be used if terror he said yes. essentially he said at least
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some of it will be used. he knew about it he said that some of the money may be used for terrorists. what kind of deal is that? they gave them $1.8 billion in cash. cash. plane loads of cash. what kind of deal is that? and the biggest problem is they have bad testing, you aren't able to see many of the sites, you saw that, tim, couldn't go into the most important sites to test, to see. there were probably making the stuff for long time. but with $150 billion going to them, they were doing very well. $1. billion in cash. and you had no real right of test, couldn't test properly. most importantly, the agreement ends in a very short period of time. they had a path to nuclear ep weapons. we can in the allow iran to have a path to nuclear weapons. by the way, we have tremendous support, tremendous support. people were very happy with what i did the other day by not doing something, ok. but we have tremendous and we
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have tremendous support. nobody wants to see iran have nuclear weapons. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> do you think they understood the message you were sending, you decided not to strike. president trump: think shot down an unmanned drone. >> do you think they take you seriously now? president trump: i think everybody does. i think you do too. ood-bye. >> thank you, guys. >> the u.s. house returning in about 10 minutes with a border security bill on tap. earlier they passed a $383
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billion five-bill package of federal spending for 2020. they've also been working this afternoon on another measure which funds the -- includes a pay increase for federal civilian employees of 3.1%. when they return they'll begin debate on a measure that provides $4.5 billion in emergency spending for the border for humanitarian aid and security at the u.s. southern border. they're currently in recess. should be back in about -- at about 6:00 eastern. house rules committee has met and according to our capitol hill producer, craig kaplan, approved a rule for debate tonight. an hour of general debate equally divided between the appropriations chair and ranking member. we'll see rule debate first, general debate will follow. all of that is ahead on the house floor in about 10 minutes as we mentioned. until then, part of today's washington journal. we welcome r the first time, virginia democratic congresswoman abigail
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spanberger. you previously served as cia officers. can you talk about the work you did with the cia and how that job affects this job? guest: i was a case officer so i wasrecruiting -- i recruiting people to provide us with information that would allow our diplomats, military and president to make informed decisions. i think the way my experience as a case officer prepared me for my time in congress is my whole thing is trying to figure out what is missing to fully understand and i think as a legislator in order to make the policy, we have to make really probing questions to recognize what could be the potential outcome of the policy ideas and whether or not those outcomes are going to