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  President Trump Holds Briefing on Fentanyl  CSPAN  June 26, 2019 5:09am-5:20am EDT

5:09 am, or listen on the app.c-span radio >> president trump received a briefing yesterday on his administration's efforts to lower deaths in the united states from imported fentanyl. pres. trump: thank you very much. we are going to be giving out the congressional medal of honor, our country's highest honor, along with the presidential medal of freedom. we will be giving a congressional medal in about 20 minutes. perhaps he will be there. we have had a meeting and a meeting onave sentinel, a very important subject to me and the people in this room. kellyanne, perhaps you could sit where we are and how we are doing. >> thank you, mr. president. under your leadership, drug overdoses are setting to decline for the first time in many years in states like ohio, new hampshire.
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but fentanyl account for a 100% increase in deaths, even as opioid debts over all our declining, fentanyl deaths are increasing. you secured a commitment from chinese president xi jinping to take action. we are now looking for signs of life in terms of enforcement actions so we have some tactile action, specific examples of the enforcing. but it is a big step for them to have made good on the commitment to you ahead of your g20. we wanted to brief you on the status of the fentanyl in this country, and also what you may be a what to carry forward as you meet with president xi at the >> mr. president, as kellyanne just said, the g20 last year, what we're seeing is that they are not the table. trying to figure out how they
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themselves can do this. >> it is a big thing. >> it is a big thing, something that has never happened before. so i'm planning to go in september. one of the conditions for me to go is to see the enforcement actions of the promised you and the american people. we have been working with them and we will see a difference. trump: how is the fentanyl affecting the workforce? you have 10 million jobs coming in, are you finding a lot of companies are having a problem with both oklahoma and the drugs and drug addiction? >> because of the strength of the economy, there are a record number of jobs in the country today. in 44 states across the nation, the number of job availability exceeds the number of unemployed americans. on other things you are really focused on is helping those who have been on the sidelines of the economy, come back into the economy and secure work, and that includes people who have addiction issues, who are undergoing treatment, who have
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been out of the workforce. they are not getting a second chance to experience employment. you've got across the nation who are investing in their treatment even while on the job, understanding that this is an epidemic that is impacting all communities. so there is a high correlation with law enforcement participation rates -- labor force her to sufficient rates. pres. trump: other companies coming in and thus the companies coming into the united states, are they working on the programs? >> one of the programs and have get domestic companies and foreign companies increasingly investing in the united states because of just the roaring economy, law regulation, and an environment that is prime for growth and they are committed to your pledge. we have gotten over 200
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companies to commit to over 10 million opportunities for the workers who need to learn a new skill, young workers looking for a job out of school. so it is an amazing all-of-government effort that is really relying on the private sector to deliver. pres. trump: thank you. we have 70 hospital associations here today in the white house. i popped out of the meeting to come over and meet with you. what they are doing is provided for mission back to us about what is happening in their seeing.s, what they are what they are reporting back is that for the first time, stigma is getting better, more people feel better to come forward to their employers, to their families. the first lady has been so this.ed in would have more people seeking to enter into the field of addiction medicine than ever before. we have people who want to become addiction specialists because of what they have seen the last two years.
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at lunch with one association and they are just learning right now in dental school, don't start prescribing opioids as pain management or pain medication, especially for youth. the number one reason kids under 16 are using opioids is for dental work. that is not necessary for many of them. on the fentanyl, mr. president, the stop act, which was part of which you sent to law last october, it has really helped for our own social services to start interdicting packages of foreign origin, many of which contain these drugs. such a small amount is lethal. we are able to look at these packages. they have to say, sender, recipient, just they were that our third-party carriers have been doing for years. our postal service is helping to keep these drugs out of our
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communities. obviously, border security has well.ey in this as we know that heroine is flowing over the southern border, but increasingly, fentanyl is as well. you have chinese chemists coming to mexico to work in many cases. pres. trump: what percentage is made in china? >> is very high percentage, we believe. we call a chinese front of the >> it is either chinese made or chinese precursor chemicals starting in china been going to mexico and coming to the u.s.. the unclassified map here shows the map of mexico and the entire northern half of mexico, they have discovered fentanyl in mexico. we know it is there and that is where we need a strong southwest quarter. trump: and we're going to have it. thank you very much. thank you. reporter: are you concerned about your fbi director, do you have any confidence in him? pres. trump: yes. >> you declared a national
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emergency to get funding for the wall, or have you not considered the conditions of migrant children as a similar emergency. >> hopefully they will be passing the bill, it is a humane bill. it is about humanity, about helping children. what has happened is so sad because if the democrats approve the loopholes, where we changed asylum, the whole border would be fixed. meantime, mexico is doing much more for us than frankly, the democrats in congress. it is a real simple thing to do, and they refuse to do it. i think we will be successful with the humanitarian aid. i think it will have a big impact. just remember, we are treating them entering a much better job than the obama administration. the one difficulty we have is because the countries doing so well economically, probably the best that has ever done in the history of our country, people are coming up. you've never seen anything like it. they all want a piece of the action. and they have to come in and legally.
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so we have been very strong on the border. thank you all very much. >> thank you all. [reporters children questions simultaneously] pres. thank you very much. announcer: on c-span, the house is back at him :00 a.m. eastern for general speeches with p.m..ative is at 12:00 members will continue to work on the 2020 spending package that covers the treasury department and judiciary and executive branches. on c-span2, the senate returns at 10:00 a.m. eastern on a bill that sets 2020 defense policy and programs. eastern,:45 p.m. coverage of the annual congressional baseball game begins with first pitch set for 7:05. on c-span3, the house oversight hearing regarding the office of special counsel's recommendation, that president
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presidents or wherever books are sold. trump is stored the medal of honor on the iraq war's first living recipient, army a.teran david bellavi he was honored for his actions in a battle known as the second battle of fallujah in 2004. ♪ >> the lord is my light and my salvation, in whom shall i fear. the lord is the stronghold of my life and in whom shall i be afraid. wretches, just and loving god, to david gathered to honor the spirit