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  President Trumps White House Departure Remarks  CSPAN  June 26, 2019 9:22pm-9:34pm EDT

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announcer 1: on thursday, the faith and freedom coalition will hold the two of its conference in washington with remarks from senators, including mitch mcconnell. watch that live at 3:00 p.m. eastern on c-span three, online at or listen live on the free c-span radio app. before leaving for the g 20 in japan, president trump spoke briefly to reporters outside the white house. he was asked about a photograph of a father and daughter who'd drowned in the rio grande river. his upcoming meetings with foreign leaders at the g20 and his former special counsel robert mueller's planned testimony at a congressional hearing next month.
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>> mr. president -- [indiscernible] >> i just spoke with nancy pelosi and we had a good conversation having to do with the humanitarian aid at the border for the children mostly. we are moving along with the bipartisan bill in the senate. i spoke with mitch, spoke to a lot of people. we are doing very well. it is very far along and i believe the house is going to be getting together with the senate. hopefully, they can get something done and humanitarian aid is very important and i think a lot of people are starting to realize that i was right when i said we have a crisis at the border. everyone is saying now we have a crisis at the border.
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it wasn't manufactured at all. we have a crisis at the border. we can solve the problem if they would change some of the rules asylum,lations, change change so many different things, the loopholes in particular could be done very quickly and you wouldn't have this problem. i have been saying it for a year and a half. i have been saying you have to change the loopholes. you wouldn't have this problem. on is aid,re working humanitarian aid for the children. senate --hat the nancy wants to get something done and the senate and house will get together. i think they will be able to do something very good. japan, osaka.o we are going to be meeting with lots of different countries, many of whom have been taking advantage of the united states, but not so much anymore.
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appreciate. any questions. >> [inaudible] >> the mueller thing never stops. there was no collusion, no obstruction, no nothing. how many times do we have to hear it? it just keeps going on. i have been going through this for two years. the criminal activity was on the others. all of the other things -- all of that. .ith the insurance policy this is a disgraceful thing. i heard about it last night. i just said, does it ever end? at what point does it end? it is a disgrace. no obstruction, no collusion. the democrats want a do over so they had a do over and it didn't work.
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there are no do overs. time workingng with mueller. i gave him all the witnesses he wanted. i gave him lawyers. i gave him people. , 2500erviewed 500 people subpoenas. they had everything they could possibly had. nobody has ever had more. nobody has ever been more transparent. this is just a hoax. i call this the witchhunt, but it is really a hoax. it is the greatest hoax in the history of our country and the worst political scandal on the other side. aret of things right now coming out that are very bad what they did. this continues on. two point five years, it continues. >> [inaudible] gotta --ot -- you >> [inaudible] >> that is like i have been
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saying. if they fix the walls, you wouldn't have that. people are running through the rio grande. it can be a very rough river at times. grande isss the rio very dangerous, depending on the time of year and the conditions and the rapidity of the water. we know that. we have many guards there. people go through the guards. if we had the right laws that the democrats are not letting us have, those people wouldn't be coming up. they wouldn't be trying. we are building the wall. it is under construction. it is a lot of it is under construction. over 400 miles next year by the end of the year. it is very important. they can change it very easily so people don't come up and people won't get killed. women are being raped on the journey up. you have these caravans. one of the terrible things, children are actually being brought in to slavedom.
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if you look at what is happening, the cartels and coyotes are getting rich, because the democrats refused to change the loopholes. they refuse to change the asylum. in one hour, we could have it done. they want to have open borders and open borders mean crime and open borders mean people drowning in the rivers and it is very dangerous. >> how do you feel about the picture -- >> i hate it and it would change if the democrats change the laws. they have to change the law and then that father who was probably a wonderful guy with his daughter, things like that wouldn't happen, because that journey across that river, that journey across that river, a very dangerous journey, that is a very dangerous journey and we don't think -- by the way, just so you understand, many other things happen.
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you have seen it. women being raped. inen -- women being raped numbers that nobody believes in the caravans coming up. i want to thank mexico. they put 6000 people at the border. policy of the democrats is responsible, because they will not change the asylum policy, but not for the first time, they are starting to talk about it. >> [inaudible] >> i don't know anything. i just heard. my only response to mueller is does it ever stop? after all of these years and times and people, does it ever stop? the democrats use it to divert from what they have, because what they have done -- if you look and you see and it is just my opinion, tremendous criminal activity on their side and they
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know it and this is a diversion, but i ask you this, does it ever stop? >> i will have a very good conversation with him. there is a possibility. i am meeting with russia, china, many countries. we are meeting with many countries. we have been ripped off by everybody. they are not ripping us off anymore. we are meeting with china read just so you know. usna has been paying billions and billions of dollars. until i got here, they never paid to this country $.10. we will see what happens with china, russia, japan, many countries. iran can do whatever they want. it is just fine. they have a country that is an
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economic distrust. it is a disaster. or 10an solve it quickly years from now. whatever they want is fine with me. i have all the time and the they have strong sanctions. they have to live with those sanctions. iran should do the right thing. sure their leaders care for their people. if they do, they will make a deal. if they do not, they are thinking about themselves. they are selfish and they are stupid. i will be meeting with a lot of other people. i may be speaking to him in a different form. i will be going to south korea. we will be there for about a day. we have a lot of meetings planned with a lot of different
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countries. we are a country that is respected again. these countries respect us. they did not respect us 3, 4, 5 years ago. thank you very much. >> robert mueller is scheduled to appear before the house judiciary and intelligence committees. the former special counsel was issued a subpoena to testify in open session about his role in the russian elections. watch live coverage on c-span3. or listen on the radio app. washington journal come alive every day, with news and policy issues that impact you. up, getting reaction to the first democratic
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presidential debate. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal come alive at 7:00 p.m. eastern. join the discussion. >> the office of special counsel recently recommended president fire kellyanne conway for hatch act violations. id limit certain political activities by executive branch employees. members considered a subpoena for ms. conway, who refused to testify. questions were directed that henry kerner, who heads the office of special counsel.