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  President Trump Russian President Meeting  CSPAN  June 28, 2019 6:14pm-6:19pm EDT

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>> world leaders are gathered in osaka, japan, for the g 20 summit. later today, president trump will be meeting with president xi jinping of china. on saturday, he will meet with turkish president erdogan for a bilateral meeting. earlier today, president trump met with russian president vladimir putin.
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[indiscernible] [indistinct chattering] pres. trump: thank you, very much, everybody. it is a great honor to be with president putin. we have many things to discuss, including trade, and looting some disarmament -- and including some disarmament, protectionism, perhaps.
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we will discuss a lot of different things. we have had great meetings. we have a very, very good relationship, and we look forward to spending some very good time together. a lot of very positive things will come out of the relationship. vladimir, thank you very much. [speaking foreign language] >> [indiscernible] all the talk is happening all the time.
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we have been together working, and it gives us a great opportunity. thank you very much. thank you for your time. pres. trump: thank you very much. >> mr. president -- [indistinct chattering] pres. trump: don't metal. -- don't meddle. [indistinct chattering] >> thank you, guys. >> thank you, press.
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after the g20 summit wraps up this weekend in japan, president trump will hold a news conference before heading to south korea. we will have live coverage saturday at 2:25 eastern on c-span. you can follow our coverage online also at the and listen with the free c-span radio app. >> it is our spotlight on magazine segments here on "washington journal." gopal ratnam, senior staff writer with cq "roll call." he has a visa in the june edition of the cq weekly. as artificial intelligence takes hold, the government struggles for the upper hand. in this substantive piece of yours, you have a description of what is ai, but let's start there. when we talk about artificial intelligence, what are we talking about?