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tv   Sen. Ted Cruz at Faith Freedom Coalition Luncheon  CSPAN  June 30, 2019 7:31pm-7:47pm EDT

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announcer: for our special counsel, robert mueller at the judiciary committees on wednesday, july 17 at 9:00 a.m. during to testify in open session on his report into russian interference in the 2016 election. watch live coverage on c-span3, live on listen for free on the c-span radio app.
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earlier this week, members of congress spoke at the faith and freedom coalition luncheon. featuresinute portion senator ted cruz from texas. >> please welcome dr. mark smith. [applause] >> are you ready for a great day? we enjoyed it and we are looking forward to today. maybe take one moment? from columbia international university, there are 64 students out there. will you wave at us? i love it. thank you for being here.
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thank you to the liberty jerryts, my great friend falwell. we are honored to have a man who has spoken for our religious liberty, and man who stood for faith and family values for years. man who we lifted -- a was reelected last year. senator ted cruz is with us today. [applause] senator ted cruz stood against obamacare. lee welcome ted cruz today? [applause] ♪
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[applause] god bless the united states of america. is to be withg it you today. what a blessing to be with men and women, committed to defending our nation. committed to defending our constitution. committed to defending the principles upon which the u.s. was founded. a time of consequence. the time where the fate of the nation is being debated. speaking of debates, how many of you watched the democratic debate last night? [laughter] i thought i had turned on comedy central.
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there is actually a medical term for what is happening to the democratic party right now. is called stark, raving nuts. twoi want to commend you simple words. defend freedom. [applause] let's talk about freedom. let's talk about economic freedom. the last 2.5 years, we saw a historic tax cut and what is happening in the economy. we have the lowest unemployment in 50 years. we have the lowest african-american unemployment ever recorded. [applause] we have the lowest hispanic unemployment ever recorded.
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and the lowest youth unemployment 70 years. it is for a very simple reason. freedom works. if you want jobs, if you want higher wages and small businesses growing, expanding and hiring -- what was the democratic solution last night? higher taxes? 70% is their new proposed tax rate. 70%. tied 10% tells us to 10% to god and 70% to uncle sam. we saw last night and embrace of socialism. democratst night saying that they want to cancel,
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to make it illegal, every --vate health intern insurance plan in america. how many of you remember a few years ago, barack obama saying that if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. remember they labeled that the lie of the year. i will give the democrats credit. now they are not pretending. if you like your plan, it does not matter because we are taking them all. what could possibly go wrong? defend not just economic freedom. our liberties.nd we have seen in the last 2.5 years, the president nominating and the senate confirming 123
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new federal judges. [applause] every one of our rights in the bill of rights, we depend on the judiciary to safeguard those rights. when it comes to religious liberty, we are seeing threats and abuses proliferate. i'll give you one example. yale law school announced a new policy. that they will deny financial aid to bible believing christians who believe in traditional sexual values. let me give you the back story. the alliance defending freedom, something that we are all very familiar with. wonderful law firm that defends religious liberty cases.
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that argued the colorado baker case and won a historic case. they had one of their lawyers speaking at the law school. , namedt group at yale outlaws -- i admit it is a clever name. do. did what leftists they protested, how dare an heartution of learning from lawyers who won a case in the supreme court? protect our fragile years -- ears. they said they would deny acceptance -- i will tell you, when i saw that
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, i launched an investigation of yell's termination against religious faith. [applause] yale receives hundreds of millions of dollars in federal taxpayer dollars. under existing federal civil lights -- civil rights law, it is illegal for them to discriminate east on religious faith. based on religious faith. we will hold them to account. [applause] defend freedom. need to defend freedom of speech. chaired months ago, a -- i chaired a meeting on political censorship.
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the effort of social media companies to silence the men and women in this room. know, we had witnesses from facebook and twitter there. i asked the witness from twitter -- i put up a tweet that had been sent out by this is a b anthony list. it had a picture of mother teresa and it had a quote from her that said abortion is -- twitter censored that tweet. i asked the representative from twitter. teresa hateother speech? the first answer from twitter was, well, it depends on what the context is. said, context is 140 characters or less. you are looking at the whole
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tweet. they refused to answer. of bigseeing a pattern tech stifling conservative views, pro-life views, pro-israel views. let me say, that is dangerous. i can tell you. in the senate, i am going to continue shining a light to defend our free speech. teche not going to let big silence the men and women in this room. and so, i want to close by exhorting you. the men and women in this room know how to pray and stand and speak. in 2020, our country will face an assault. we will see the biggest turn out on the far left this country has ever seen.
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that means we need to awaken the church. we need to awaken young people. every singleaken lever of liberty in america because if we do not stand up and defend freedom, it will be taken from us. i am convinced that together, standing up for this country, we are going to defend freedom in the united states of america. [applause] ♪ >> i am a white male and i am prejudiced.
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the reason is, it is not something i was taught but something that i learned. i do not like to use force to like people. i like to be led to like people through example. to be a i do to change, better american? >> that was a remarkable moment. i did not realize. there were more calls after that. we had to keep rolling. it was powerful. there was something in his voice that touched me and you could hear it. so authentic as he searched for the words to say something to a national audience that many of us will not admit in our homes. i am prejudiced. announcer: tonight, heather mcgee was a guest on c-span's washington journal in august when he 16. -- in 2016. >> part of the reason, you have to remember this was august. we had this racially charged
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summer with donald trump's campaign and black lives matter. all ingic events, dallas. when peopley a time felt like all they were seeing on tv about race was bad news. admittingwhite man that he was prejudiced. all juste of color, we said, finally. former special counsel robert mueller at the house intelligence and judiciary 9:00ttee on july 17 at a.m. eastern to testify in open session about his report into russian interference in the 2016 election. watch live coverage and online at or listen on the free c-span radio app.
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early this morning, president trump became the first u.s. president to step into north korea. leader kimh korean jong-un shook hands at the demilitarized zone and spent a few moments posing for photographs. president trump invited the north korean leader to the white house. the two met privately for almost an hour and agreed to form working groups. here is the president walking out to the line separating north and south korea.


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