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tv   Sen. David Perdue at Faith Freedom Coalition Luncheon  CSPAN  July 2, 2019 11:37am-11:55am EDT

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congress and the house intelligence committee wednesday, july 17. he will testify in open session about russian interference in the 2016 election. listen with the free c-span radio app. remarks now, a freedom coalition luncheon in washington. ted cruz stressed -- adjust the gathering. taking place at noon eastern today. [applause] good afternoon. what i beautiful crowds. i love you. you are awesome. today i have the pleasure of introducing one of my senators from the state of georgia.
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senator david purdue is a worker. up working on his family farm. he worked his way through georgia tech. how many students working away through college? yeah. and he is working in washington for all of us but that would not be strong enough because we are the fire and he is fighting for us in washington. he is going to -- history has proven it. sex is the cause of
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that is the cause of suction is him. our senator from georgia, david purdue. senator purdue: thank you. i bring you tidings from the president. i understand he was here for 1.5 hours. he sent me after a talk longer than 1.5 hours. we are going to have fun this afternoon. it is an honor and all seriousness for me to be here today. i want to thank the whole team for all the good work that faith and freedom does not al gore stated georgia. we have jordan is at the end of --r, don't we
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should all agree today we are an ideological war for the future of our way of life in america. [applause] >> democrats want to convert america as a socialist state. churchill once said the problem with capitalism is the imperfect distribution of asperity. the problem with socialism is it is the perfect distribution of misery. however, this socialism did not to start with bernie sanders. ,f the past for -- 400 years america has been on a slight towards socialism. we have had political majorities, all democrats. deal.gave us the new
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the irony is these sweeping federal appropriate's have haved -- the democrats claimed champion. the poverty rate today is it is saying it was in 1965 when the world poverty was initiative -- initiated. in 1975, before the department of education was treated, our 14-year-olds were number the world in math, science and reading. decades later after spending , weeans of dollars on this could do than that. obamacare has collapsed under
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its own weight and has failed. this is a security just fun goes in 15 years. take it to his set up. any party. bring it is an embarrassment for you. let's be clear though. the democrats have had the opportunity to prove what they believe then, this top-down control will work. they failed every time. one of these programs has been a whopping success. great news in fact. is -- trump's president of the united states of america. [applause]
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he is an outsider like i am. this guy is focused on getting results. after eight years as the lowest economic growth in u.s. history john warren obama, was to grow the economy. i was honored to be at his own business in my house. energy and focus on guess what? the president won the war and made it happen. the president thought the first -- the first or use under president trump's leadership we were under 2000 regulation. we were american energy potential and became the world's largest provider of natural gas in the world.
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[applause] it made a smart competitive. thes freedom to help country come back to the united states. we repeal the most -- part of over $2 trillion. banksalize we lost 17,000 .ince president obama the economy is going twice the rated it under barack obama. we created 5 million in -- new jobs. [applause] proud of hisam wages are moving in after a decade. we have the highest income in history. the more coolness this year. the low was african america.
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if you met -- you were not told that. president trump is an outsider to. -- outsider. the most important thing is to keep his promises to him. he had a list. he is meeting his promises and doing exactly what he said he would do. [applause] >> is redoing the military after eight years. how long did it take for an american president to stand up? president trump is fighting for a level playing field with all of our partners, including the people of the republic of china. [applause]
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>> president trump has made it clear america comes first. america first does not mean america alone. he is rebuilding all of our ally relationships. he is getting our map -- nato allies to pay their fair share for their own defense. obamacare is an individual mandate. guys, i am proud of this. in 1991, covers had a law on the books that required a president. -- he moved the united states embassy from tel aviv to israel. [applause]
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>> he said he would drain the swamp. remember that? guess what? 4300 people have been removed but not during a job. 4000, 300 people. they were not done. we are going to hire agencies to do the same thing. i am a business guy but if you ran the rest of the world are washington is now, we would not be where we are today. the thing that has most impact be kids and kids kids. with president trump, we can judges and the scope supreme court judges, including morris part and greg kavanaugh -- brett kavanaugh.
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i have seen -- change the direction of the country. get it done. promises made and kept. now the focus is on trade and infrastructure. early in the morning. he calls later tonight. i spent time at the white house. works and he cares about america. isn't it great to have somebody in the white house who focuses on getting it done? most proud he will never articulated this way.
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what we believe in actually works. had 100crats have years. they failed every time. we have done it in two years. we are proving that what we believe in works. he is returning to the principles that made america great and made this economic miracle in history and economic opportunity for everybody. personal responsibility, limited government. individual liberty, something we cannot take for granted. look at the national news. the democrats are on a mission. this is obstructionism on a historic level. look at last night. i have never seen 20 people, 10 people, more out of touch with reality in my life.
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we have to wake up to this. i never thought i would stand here, but a have to say this. our way of life is in jeopardy. i never thought i would talk about capitalism versus socialism. i did not ask for this fight but i am up for it. if we do not do it now, when will we do it? radical democrats are telling the world, i read your book. they believe socialism is better than capitalism. they are talking about is bad. they believe in the single party system. they believe in "are's. they -- open borders. they believe in infanticide. have you ever heard of a party condone that? they have a right to vote. wage tot to give a
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anyone unwilling to work. they want socialized medicine that has spared -- failed everywhere in the world, including bernie sanders states. they want the green new deal. these are not minor changes. these are radical proposals that would bring socialism to the united states. why? they cannot talk about the results. they cannot talk about the big programs. they have to talk about a new way. we have got a good way. it has been proven if you would pay attention. if the democrats win the white -- to a onewill political system. they are saying they would and the united states senate that would allow them to do things. they want at things to the supreme court.
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make -- this is what they are saying. democrats will do all this so they can cram their social agenda down the throats of the american people. [applause] they want a single party system in america just like russia did in 1917 and venezuela and the 20th century. how did that work? really? each of these events were state-controlled. i cannot let this radical left take that road down to socialism. the only thing standing in our way is you and me. i am thankful you come to things like this because that is how we
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stand up. this is bigger than me. this is about the future of our country in the future of our children and our children's children. [applause] [applause] >> remember the price of socialism is freedom. the price of socialism is freedom. you have to make sure our kids and kids kids and everybody we know, the price of socialism is freedom. listen to what ronald reagan said. freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. has got to be protected and passed on so they can do the same thing monday. once like in america
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when women and men were free. that cannot happen. what i have to insert socialism never comes to america. god bless you. thank you for being here. god bless america. thank you. [applause] >> please welcome from the freedom coalition, dr. hart smith. >> are you ready for a great day? fantastic.y was we enjoyed it and are looking forward to today. let me take one moment.


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