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tv   Road to the White House 2020 Joe Jill Biden in Iowa  CSPAN  July 5, 2019 4:27am-5:55am EDT

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and shutdown the special prosecutor's office now before this thing grows into a monster. i didn't know it at the time but othersad called in the and entertain the idea, that he should burn the tapes. they said it would be obstruction of justice. i didn't recommend burning subpoenaed tapes. second, there has property, it was executive privilege and everyone knew it. if you just set in effect, impeachment be dammed, i think he would've moved through it. president nixon said in his memoirs if he had burned the do,s, as i had urged him to he would have survived. i think that is right. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. >> next, joe biden speaks to voters and supporters in marshalltown, iowa.
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introducing him was his wife and marshalltown mayor. >> what a great cloud -- crowd. as many of you may know, the bidens are a military family. my father was in world war ii. our son served in iraq as a member of the delaware army national guard. i know you have a lot of national guard families here. how many national guard are in here? how many military are in here today? [applause] : today when we celebrate the birth of our
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country, i often think about the people who defend our liberty with their lives. it is not just those who served in the armed forces. it is their families as well. even though they don't wear a uniform, they also serve. today, i just got to tour the iowa veterans. [applause] the commandant and his team are really doing a great job creating a community that recognizes the personal specific needs of each veteran in the veterans home. i was grateful to -- i also met mark smith who joined me -- is he in the back? i see a hand back there. [applause] the commandant called the veterans home the jewel of iowa. i thought that was really a nice way to phrase it.
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that's why i wanted to put that in my speech. i thought that was appropriate because it was such a special place. joe says we only have one sacred obligation and that is to be families who have served in the military. here in marshalltown, you are setting an example that we should model around the country at the iowa veterans home. after the last presidential election, so many people kept coming up to me, at events, the airport, the grocery store, and they said the same thing. we miss joe. tell him to run. [laughter] people said they missed his deep experience with working with our allies around the world. it is not just that they miss the kind of leader that he is. they miss his decisive
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character. his kindness. his experience and ability to unite us. the way he inspires us to keep believing that our best days are ahead of us, not behind us. after charlottesville, there was a new urgency to the words i kept hearing. we need him, joe has to run. when we hear on the news today, we are told that we have never been so divided. we are told that our differences are irreconcilable and that there is a war between them and us. we have certainly seen how hatred and bigotry have taken to the streets, torches in hand, children are being taken away from their families at the border. our progress is slipping away.
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women's rights, civil rights, our environment. so much is at stake. and yet, i believe that those who want to focus on division are wrong. when i travel across this nation, i see hope. i see people who care, like all of you. i see people in communities who come together to stand beside each other to lift up one another. that is the america that joe biden is fighting for. [applause] just by your being here, i know that that is how you care about america also. in just a few years, so many of n ourve lost faith i
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institutions and in our politicians. today, we must choose a path forward. one of division or one of decency. one of optimism or one of fear. the consequences of these choices are enormous. they could change the path we choose for years to come. and yet, it is the little miracles that restore my faith. last weekend, i met community organizers who decided to run for office. young people believing in a better tomorrow who moved to iowa to work on the caucuses. teachers, and i'm a teacher -- [applause] giving five dollars a month to make a difference. volunteers giving their precious time to organize their precincts
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and people who outright reject the cynicism and complacency that is so tempting at times. people like my husband, joe biden. joe's faith in god, and our communities, in the boundless potential of the american ideal is unshakable. his faith is that we will never stop working to be greater. that our courage and convictions win out in the end if we are all unified. joe believes that together, there is nothing that we can't do. that is why we must elect joe biden to be president of the united states. [applause]
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i want to end today by saying thank you. thank you for showing up on your holiday. thank you for caring. thank you for your faith in believing in this idea that is bigger than all of us. that we can build a better nation together. thank you again for being here on our fourth of july and i hope joe and i get the opportunity to one of yound every and thank you for being here today. now, it is my privilege to introduce our next guest to the stage. he has done a fantastic job leading the town as mayor of marshalltown. i have also heard he has been busy outside of work as well.
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since not one but two of his daughters are getting married this summer and fall. please help me to congratulate and welcome mayor joe greer. [applause] mayor greer: i am accustomed to doing this with a legal plat, that let me see if i can fire up the iron phone -- i found. -- fire up the iphone. please have a seat. i have been told to keep this brief and that's difficult for a trial lawyer to do. there is some interesting background similar between joe biden and me. we both grew up in irish catholic families. we both had asthma as children
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and we both played football, wide receiver and halfback. we both graduated with a medical science degree. we both went to law school. we both worked on the city council. his family and hours have been affected by cancer. oh, man. i have done this a lot. time inout half the interviews and press conferences. i'm sorry about that. it started with the tornado and it hasn't stopped. we believe in two things. one is to have a balanced judiciary. we need a president that balances out what has happened in the last few years. [applause] mayor greer: finally, the
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affordable care act. i went to washington 15 years in a row to lobby with the cancer society to get more funding. with joe biden and barack obama, we got that done. our family has people who have pre-existing conditions. they would not have insurance if we did not have that. bless them for that. [applause] mayor greer: i am pleased to be here to introduce you to our past vice president and maybe next president of the united states, joe biden. [applause] sen. biden: how are you? thank you. please, have a seat. if you have a seat, sit down.
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thank you. you sound like my sister. mr. mayor, thank you very much. how many of you have lost someone to cancer or are fighting it now? that is why you all know, it never fundamentally goes away. that is why i think for jill and me, and for the mayor himself, when you start talking about it, you relive it immediately. you know what we are making , enormous progress. prayer, i will do everything i possibly can as president of the united states to see to it that we and cancer as we know it and we can do that. [applause]
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mr. mayor, we have a lot in common and our backgrounds except i only had one daughter get married at one time. daughters,o whoa. jeannie, the county democratic chair said inside that it's the most important thankless job in american politics but thank you for doing it. i also want to thank jim, the president of the uaw. we have an expression in delaware that is the uaw is the one that brought me to the dance. in the early days, we had the highest percentage of uaw
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workers of any state including michigan. it is such a small population, but it is such a large percentage of our workers in such a small state. where the largest gm plant outside of detroit and the second largest chrysler plant, and they are all gone now. the first outfit to endorse this 29-year-old kid when i ran. i also want to thank the ufc w. they have been with me, roger is the president and they did a couple great months lately. particularly in massachusetts. stick with them, we are coming back. i make no apologies, i may union -- i am a union guy. [applause] i think people are beginning to
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realize and my wife will be mad at me for going off -- off what america workers are beginning to realize is there's no such thing as a 40 hour week, so we owe you. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, this sounds trite, but it is great to be back in iowa celebrating independence day. such an incredible promise for america's future. it was over 200 years ago where a group of rebels got together andpledged their lives
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fortunes and their sacred honor to a revolutionary idea. that sounds corny, but that's what they did. we hold these truths to be self-evident. we learn all that in school. ever since then, presidents and patriots have gathered to reflect on what the greater meeting at this american experiment was. just a couple decades after the revolution, john quincy adams claimed america's glory is not dominion, but liberty. her march is a march of the mind. in 1861, abraham lincoln voted for the declaration of independence to make the case for the civil war, reminding
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congress there will be struggled to maintain the world whose meaning is to elevate the condition of all men. to lift artificial weight from the shoulders of everyone and to clear paths. i know it is high sounding words you learn in school, but that is who we are supposed to be. 1962, in the grip of the cold war i was getting out of high school and john quincy declared, this nation conceived by liberty and maturing independence as no intention of advocating its leadership to any society committed to systematic human oppression. three different presidents in vastly different times were united in the faith and the
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idea, our idea, unlike any other in the world, constant dedication to pursue humankind's highest ideal which is liberty. and i wonder, what would donald trump say this evening? when he speaks to the nation in an event designed to stroke his ego more than america's ideals. will he offer a defense to robust democratic values to strengthen the times in crisis? we'll know the answer to that. incapable ofis celebrating what makes america great because i don't think he gets it. [applause] let me explain why.
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he has trouble distinguishing between our enemies and our allies because he doesn't grasp greater understanding, the pursuit of fulfillment. if donald trump has eight years in the white house he will fundamentally alter the nation. we can't let that happen. [applause] whether or not i'm your nominee, i'm going to work to see that doesn't happen. when is the last time you can recall someone in history who embraces dictators and strong fundamentallys to everything our founders wrote about.
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kim jong-un putin, mohammad bin , salman. that is what i call the death of liberty, last week vladimir putin gave an interview where he said, the western ideal has become obsolete, but here is trump's response. according to the press, donald trump thought he was talking about democrats in california. not a joke. our president doesn't understand the difference between liberals as opposed to conservatives in a political context. i'm here to tell vladimir putin, donald trump-- and
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doesn't want to hear it. but the liberal idea is an american ideal. we will never let it be obsolete. not as long we have patriots committed to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. that is what we should be talking about on the fourth of july. the liberal ideal is what drives entrepreneurship and innovation. it inspires art, exploration, human curiosity. that is what we mean by the liberal ideal and critically, it is what built the free world. the free world an american it world.d we created -- created it to hold in check abuses of power by anyone
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nation, a firm a collective defense, open economies, human rights. that is why there is nato must so no single nation could step out and abuse power. the free world drove the march of democracy. it allowed unprecedented economic growth the world had never seen. advanced basic human rights and everyental freedom in corner in the world. ours is a community of values. it stands in opposition to all who seek to profit on the oppression of other people. that is why putin wants to destroy it. that is what he is about. that is why he actively seeks to tear apart our democracy. ladies and gentlemen, america is the heart of the free world. that is not a hyperbole.
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we are the heart of the free world. we have to keep that heart beating strongly and defend it. that is how the fourth of july is best honored, remembering our declaration is the first and foremost call to arms in the defense agreement. jfk put it best when he said ours is not an individual liberty of one, it is indivisible liberty of all. [applause] god don't believe donald trump get either one of those concepts. my liberty depends on yours. our liberty rests on our ability to ensure equal opportunity not just for our own children, but all children. our children are the kite keep our ambitions
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aloft. we all benefit when all of her children have access. we have to take on the equities of our system that are causing too many today to question their faith and their democracy to deliver for them. it is a not enough to be for political equality. we have to be for political fairness. it is not enough to be against the way donald trump conducts his self. everybodyknow -- knows who he is. the way he insults women, poor people, we have to be against his policies that are creating division. [applause] quite frankly, those policies are rigging the system against the middle-class and working-class. the bottom is falling out. the majority of america no longer believe their children will have the life that they had
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-- a life as well as the one they had. that too is an attack on our democracy when that happens. i know they call me middle-class joe, and it is not meant as a compliment, but i know who built this country. it was the middle class. [applause] that is the message i have been carrying across the country everywhere and it is clear today on a day we celebrate independence. our country was not built by wall street ceos, hedge fund managers, it was built by all of you. by americans like the neighborhoods i come from. think about this.
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it sounds like rhetoric, but americans that have been given half a chance have never let their country down, not one time in history in war or peace. that is the history of america, giving real people real chances. my dad used to have an expression. he came from scranton, and there were no jobs. the fact of the matter is my dad, every time we moved back to delaware, he said joey, the job is a lot more than a paycheck. it is about your dignity, respect, it's about your place in the community, being able to
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say it your child and will be ok and mean it. today, so many people cannot do that. that is my north star. i think we have to rebuild the middle class and bring everybody along, no matter their race, religion, who they love. for me it is about restoring the dignity of work, people being able to provide security and joy for their families. how can a person maintain dignity if they cannot afford to care for their sick child or family member? i'm not joking. think about it. how can you sustain your dignity if your child has a pre-existing condition, and there's nothing you can do to pay for the insurance to take care of them. or how can you maintain your dignity when your child is
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suffering from a terminal disease, and the insurance company comes along and says you have outrun your coverage. i can't imagine coming back from iraq with a diagnosis of terminal cancer. i cannot fathom what it was like looking at our wife and two grandkids if they had said time's up, the last four months , you are on your own, i really mean it. think about it. so many people have been through that. how can a parent maintain their dignity if their child has an opportunity to go beyond high school, trade school, college, but you can't afford to get them there. my dad had a good job. i guess we were middle-class.
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with -- it was a happy place. i look back at it now and understand why mom would never move in with me. but i remember how my father felt when i could get in the college and we didn't have enough money. he said i went to the bank and try to borrow the money, but they would not lend it to me. i will never forget what he said. he said i'm so ashamed. i'll never forget the look in his face. how many of you are having a discussion today with what is going on in china. how many are you going to say you can't go back next semester because you don't have the money.
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who is going to say anything? today dorate culture not care about your dignity or economic fairness. they are squeezing the life out of workers and making it harder and harder for you personally, not just for unions, but do you realize that 40% of workers in the united states have to sign a noncompete agreement. these agreements have one per mess -- purpose to hold down , wages. jimmy john's,a and like all fast food folks you , have to sign you can't compete. you could not go across town to get $.20 more working at
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mcdonald's or anyone else. what does that have to do with anything other than suppressing wages and increasing profits for corporations? why did they classify so many workers as management? for simple reason. so they don't have to pay overtime. it cost more than 4 million hourly workers $1.2 billion. 4 million workers who are reclassified or had to sign noncompete agreements. $1.2 billion less going to them. highest profit rates they ever had. none of it went to the workers. it used to be a basic bargain. toyou contributed, you got share in the benefits. tell me how that happened.
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speaking of overtime, it is long past time to be a $15 federal minimum wage. [applause] it is time we start to reward work over wealth in the country. the stock market is roaring. how has it affected your lives? are you guys really up, really moving? how about the big tax cut? do you feel it? you will feel it if we do not win. it increased deficit by almost $2 trillion. what is the excuse? now we have to cut medicare or medicaid, social security not a , joke. when they control the house,
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that is the budget they put forward. folks, it is a sham. they have already said it. we can't let it happen, so we need the revenue that trump has put in the wrong hands to fall back into the communities that don't need help. as i say to wealthy people in the room, the last people who need a tax cut are people making $10 million or more per year. they do not need it. if any of you are neat -- in that space, you don't need the cuts. [applause] secondly, we need to get rid of the capital gains loopholes. a just economy, one that advances fairness for all is not the one that -- because of the
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way they deal with capital gains for the super wealthy, they pay a lower tax rate. making $200 million and pay a lower tax rate than someone teaching in the public school system. also, an important lesson we learned earlier in this country. ben franklin supposedly said this at the signing of philadelphia, he said we must all hang together for most assuredly we will all hang separately. that is my message to the democratic party and people want to see a change. we need to unify the country and overcome the status quo. that is the way we will get things done. [applause] we really have to. i know some democrats say no compromise. we can compromise without compromising our principles.
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marshalltown knows that. what you have to way, the way you dealt with this tornado, you came together, and there's much more that has to be done but , working together, you are well on your way, but this is the place that the federal government should also be more deeply engaged. when you were working with folks, it did not matter whether they were democrats or republicans, all that mattered is getting marshalltown back on its feet. it goes very slow, but all that stands in the way is a broken political system. for all our problems, i'm more optimistic today then when i ran and got elected as a kid. i was a local county councilman. that was when i was 27 years old. i do not to run, but i promised that i would help.
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i was assured i would never win and i did. republican saw something in me that i didn't. they reapportioned my district republican, and so i decided to get in or get out. this is why i think i am so optimistic, and i was labeled then about a young optimist. i'm more optimistic about the position today than i have ever been in my life. folks, remember who we are. we have the strongest military, no one is close. our military is bigger than the next seven. we have led not only by the example of our power, but the example of our power.
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we have the most productive workers in the world. they are three times more productive than the workers in asia. we are energy independent. we have more great research in the united states here in iowa and all throughout the country than the rest of the world combined and every major fundamental breakthrough that has changed the lives of people have come out of those universities monetized by businesses. no other nation can match if we remember who we are and invest in our people. the only thing that can tear america apart is america itself. and that is what is trying to be done right now to maintain power, separate us based on race, natural origin, based on religion. the only thing that makes the liberal idea obsolete business
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if we walked away from our ideals in the first place. everyone knows who donald trump is. but we have to show them who we are. on july the fourth, let them see who we are. this is the united states of america, a nation that willed ourselves in existence with nothing but faith in ourselves and the power of an idea. there is not a single solitary thing we can't do. nothing, not a joke. there's nothing we set our mind to as a nation that we have not been able to do. if we do it together. had to learn, all and were happy to learn, the speech from president kennedy about going to the moon. i think today they teach it in schools. from thei remember
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time that i was a kid to when i was in high school to today, the one that got me the most was the phrase he used, he was asked why do you do this and he said i refuse to postpone anymore, leading this country the direction that we can move to change the nation and the world. get up, america. remember who we are. may god bless you and may god protect our troops. thank you. we can do this. i promise you. [applause]
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♪ [inaudible conversations] ♪
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[inaudible conversations] sen. biden: thank you. thank you for coming.
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sen. biden: thank you. >> i appreciate you running. [inaudible conversations]
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biden: where are you from? >> lincoln, nebraska. thank you. [inaudible conversations] sen. biden: thank you. [inaudible conversations]
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biden: thank you. [inaudible conversations]
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♪ sen. biden: hello. let's do a picture. how are you? what is your name? >> sally.
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i'm from ames, iowa. [inaudible conversations] if you notice, the people we appointed, elena kagan, they have to -- i don't want to change the constitution. there will be nobody on the court -- [inaudible conversations]
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>> i have one request. make america great again, stop trump. [laughter] >> [inaudible] >> thank you.
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>> what is your name? >> luanne. my husband is in the corner. right there. >> ok. >> you met him in independence. [laughter] >> thank you very much. >> thank you. here we go. sure.
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♪ >> i am available to be your vice president. i am here to -- i am here for you. sen. biden: thank you. what is your name? [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible] >> thank you. >> take too some much for your time and all your work. thank you so much for your
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time and all of your great work. sen. biden: what is your name? >> joey. sen. biden: great name. [inaudible conversations] ♪
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oh m sen. biden: oh my god. how are you doing? that's wonderful. [inaudible]
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>> you are the right man for the right time. amen. biden: thank you. thank you. let me take a picture of us. ready? thank you. thank you.
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[inaudible conversations] sen. biden: what i would do is make sure no one gets on the court, but here is the deal [inaudible conversations]
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sen. biden: what is your name? jonah, how are you? thank you for your service. do you want to do a picture?
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>> hi, joe. i hope you are the nominee. biden: thank you. oh my god, how are you? you got great friends. >> mr. biden, would you please autograph this for me? sen. biden: sure.
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[inaudible conversations] >> my name is jason. thank you very much for speaking about academic freedom. i am a professor, and i really appreciate it. sen. biden: by the way, to tell you how things are changing "inaudible -- [inaudible] sen. biden: what do you teach?
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>> spanish. sen. biden: god bless you. i can barely speak english. [laughter] thank you. [an audible] [inaudible] ♪
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>> hi, i'm a republican and i'm fighting for you. sen. biden: what is your name? >> jackie. sen. biden: jackie, good to meet you. [inaudible conversations]
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♪ >> hey, when you are at the next debate, don't be such a gentleman. think you so much. thank you so much.
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[inaudible conversations] thank you for being here. [inaudible]
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>> how are you? good to see you. do you want a picture with my dad? mr. biden: i'd love a picture with your dad. thank you, ma'am. appreciate it. [indiscernible] mr. biden: hi, how are you? >> i'm good. i've been a fan of you for 30 or 40 years. mr. biden: are you together? >> yes, we are a family. mr. biden: how old are you? 19, my lord. do you go to school? where?
5:31 am
i spoke there, at the debate with paul ryan. that's right. how are you? good to see you. [indiscernible] >> thank you. >> i have a friend whose daughter is working on your national campaign. [indiscernible] mr. biden: thank you. >> this is my daughter. she's two. my name is donna. mr. biden: donna, how are you?
5:32 am
just want to let you know i have some real concerns about her future right now. mr. biden: i am, too. [indiscernible] if we lose, we are in real trouble. >> how do you feel about expansion of the supreme court's? mr. biden: we tried that once before. whoever is in power is abusing the power. we can change the lower courts now. [indiscernible]
5:33 am
mr. biden: i guarantee it. i think we got it. >> we got it. thank you. [indiscernible] you.iden: thank how are you? >> i'm great, how are you? >> fine. [laughter] mr. biden: hey, man. [indiscernible] >> hi, joe. i'm elma.
5:34 am
this is my husband mel. mr. biden: god love you. >> thank you. mr. biden: good to see you. [indiscernible] mr. biden: i like it. [laughter] i want to tell you i was in tapingt the morning show -- [indiscernible] you are familiar with the groom smashing glass? i custom embroidered and gave to to thehen we prayed spirit of abraham lincoln to
5:35 am
heal us. mr. biden: i'm not abraham, but i'm going to try. you know what that is? a jewish wedding. that's how it works. i know because my daughter had the only catholic wedding with a rabbi officiating at the altar. not a joke. [indiscernible] mr. biden: you're kidding me. [indiscernible] mr. biden: your son or daughter
5:36 am
or whoever can tell you that agriculture -- [indiscernible] mr. biden: holy mackerel. fourth of july, right? hello. i love it. >> you know what that stands for? [indiscernible] mr. biden: god love you. the whole foundation my son set --before he died >> we put a guy behind bars. [indiscernible]
5:37 am
mr. biden: you ready, john? come on. do you know how to work that thing? >> i do. mr. biden: all right. [indiscernible] mr. biden: how are you? alex, how are you doing? >> you went to denver in 2008.
5:38 am
mr. biden: do you want to get in? [indiscernible] >> ok, here we go. how do we do this? mr. biden: thank you. >> thank you. [indiscernible] this is my husband ron. mr. biden: hi ron, how are you? [indiscernible]
5:39 am
>> then we probably need one with him in there. oh, he's getting a selfie. mr. biden: here we go. >> there we go. perfect. mr. biden: thank you. god love you. >> thanks, man. appreciate it. mr. biden:. thanks for the help. . thank you. how are you? want me to hold your bottle? oh my goodness.
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>> and your granddaughter. mr. biden: yes, right. [indiscernible] >> welcome to marshalltown. i'm jerry. mr. biden: how are you? good to see you. everyone should marry a woman with sisters. i married one with five. you know why? one of them will always love you.
5:41 am
[indiscernible] mr. biden: thank you. >> thank you. [indiscernible] mr. biden: that never really goes away. [indiscernible] mr. biden: a lot of people say, what do i do? [indiscernible] >> it's an honor to meet you. i'm from north carolina. mr. biden: were you doing up here? >> i am from around here.
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i'm looking forward to campaigning for you. [indiscernible] mr. biden: hi, how are you? how old are you, michael? do you know this guy? >> yeah. [laughter] mr. biden: michael, thank you for being here. i appreciate it. >> and i'm grandma. mr. biden: grandma, god love you. [laughter] mr. biden: you know the expression? grandkids are better than kids. you know what i mean? >> you can send them home, right? [laughter] >> thank you, joe. mr. biden: thank you very much.
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>> thanks for coming to see everybody today. my name is sarah, and i just want to talk about the courts. i know others talked about this, but i am a survivor of sexual assault, and i was at the brett kavanaugh hearing. and to see someone so unfit in this court is devastating, and i am concerned, with everything talked about today, immigration, ts, everything -- [indiscernible] >> and i don't think that's the only option we have. i'm concerned that if we don't have a plan to address what's going on -- mr. biden: i have a plan, but i'm not going to pack the courts. you need a constitutional amendment to do that to begin with. two, no one is going to get put in the lower courts or
5:44 am
the circuit court that doesn't understand that you are held accountable for your actions. >> and i understand that, but i just want to know what the plan is. mr. biden: the plan is to appoint the right people. that's the plan. there's a lot of vacancies on the court still. [indiscernible] >> ok. all right, well thank you for your answer. mr. biden: are you doing ok? justthink i am, but it's that it does bring it back. i am very concerned. it is not just donald trump. it is this decade-long strategy on the part of mitch mcconnell and the gop to pack the courts with people like kavanaugh. mr. biden: i promise you know when like that will get on the court. -- promise you no one like that will get on the courts. [indiscernible]
5:45 am
mr. biden: all right, man. >> can we get a picture? mr. biden: thank you. >> thank you. >> health care. i've been in health care all my life. [indiscernible] >> thank you. mr. biden: i'm not joking. i mean it from the bottom of my heart. >> i know you do.
5:46 am
[indiscernible] mr. biden: by the way, we got 300these him -- we've got ,000 veterans coming back from iraq and afghanistan with ptsd. we are short nurses for mental health. that's why we can't undo the affordable care act.
5:47 am
i promise we will get it back. thank you. i appreciate your time. >> we talked to anthony and stan about this already i think, but immigration. [indiscernible] forsing these people nothing more than a political photo op. we have a refugee problem. problem is in honduras and nicaragua. what?den: guess bipartisan bill passed to change the circumstances and put it out. the last two years, immigration slowed in our administration. people are leaving because they
5:48 am
can't turn on the light switch. there's no lights. we can change that. >> guatemala did a great program , and they kicked them out. mr. biden: and by the way, when they did, the loss the money. i made short -- they lost the money. i made sure they kept them. >> the president of honduras is illegitimately elected. [indiscernible] -- my nephews and nieces, we know the disaster down there. way, with and by the columbia, we went in and assisted. we cleaned it up. that was a plan i wrote. but we've got to stick with it. >> appreciate it. mr. biden: i'm serious. most people don't understand it.
5:49 am
>> hi. mr. biden: how are you? >> good. mr. biden: what's your name? >> tommy. that's my dad. mr. biden: that your dad? >> yeah. mr. biden: good to see you. there's so much we can do, and there's so much potential everywhere, everywhere. how old are you? >> 27. mr. biden: god love you. you take care of dad and mom, right? >> yeah. >> i went to washington, got to spend three days on the hill. mr. biden: my son's foundation has joined up with the special olympics, and they are doing a whole thing on it together. >> it's a wonderful organization. struggling, but he's still
5:50 am
there. three years of chemo, never missed a single practice. mr. biden: you're amazing. i'm serious. >> he's a good guy. mr. biden: thank you. >> we need your picture. mr. biden: oh, ok. [laughter] >> thank you. >> i just want to shake your hand. i don't want to take a bunch of your time, but thank you and good luck. mr. biden: thank you so much. >> you're welcome. mr. biden: hi. >> i met you many years ago, when you introduced jimmy carter. mr. biden: oh my lord. >> i figure that was 1975. mr. biden: it was. >> isn't that crazy? mr. biden: i still talk to him once in a while, and god love him, he's doing well. >> i think i had a poster, which
5:51 am
i eventually gave the democratic party. i don't know if they sold it. mr. biden: well let's get a you and me. got it? thank you. >> thank you. >> can i get one for my parents? >> thank you. mr. biden: thank you so much. >> good luck. mr. biden: all right, think you guys. >> i can't believe this. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] announcer: c-span's washington journal come alive every day with news and policy issues that -- c-span's "washington every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up friday morning, we talk with michael cannon about the state of health care in the u.s., including proposals by
5:52 am
democratic presidential candidate, and the trump administration's related measures. then rob richie of fair vote discusses the recent supreme decision about gerrymandering and efforts to push for nationwide right choice voting. watch c-span's "washington journal" live at 7:00 eastern friday morning. join the discussion. >> tomorrow, the national education association hosts a forum with several democratic presidential candidates. it focuses on issues that impact students, educators, and neighborhood public schools. the forum takes place in houston. see it at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. announcer: this holiday weekend on "american history tv," saturday at 10 a talk p.m. on "r -- at 10:00 p.m. on reel ame rica, the documentary "honor america day."
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monday, remarks from president mike pence, secretary of state mike pompeo, and national security advisor john bolton at the christians united for israel summit in washington. we will also hear from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, who will speak via satellite. see it live at 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span2. ono monday, a discussion sanctions against north korea, hosted by u.s. institute of peace. it starts at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. then panelists examine the findings of a report on authoritarian governments and national security threats held by the american enterprise institute at 3:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. presidentrks from trump at a july 4 celebration at the lincoln memorial. heke


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