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  Presidents White House Departure Remarks  CSPAN  July 5, 2019 3:18pm-3:50pm EDT

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a recipe for hope? >> sunday from nantes to 2:00 p.m. eastern on . professor paul kangaroo will be our guest and we examined the rise in violence committed by young man around the world in his book, "why young man? >> when we talk about other forms of violence like when a attacks aemacist mosque, often the narrative goes back to rhetoric. we have these politicians saying this and this and that is why someone hates immigrants and muslims and that is why he attacked a mosque and i do think rhetoric is important. if that is the case can't -- than a billion dollar industry is built on young black men talking about guns. is that not relevant to the homicide rate in this country? >> watch book tv all weekend on c-span2. >> the and implement rate went
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3.7%.june from 3.6 to the labor department says it is due to people looking for work and not due to a lack of jobs. employers added 222,000 jobs and hourly wages are up 3% from a year ago. >> president trump and the first lady are spending the weekend at their country club in bedminster, new jersey. the president talked about his speech last night. on theizenship question census and other issues. this is 30 minutes.
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president trump: that was a great crowd of people and we had
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a phenomenal crowd last night and it was a fantastic evening for our country. you have a lot of people being recruited. we will have a lot of people joining our military and we needed that. our job numbers are so good that the military has a hard time and you will see a big spike, i have heard it, a lot of people calling in. no place like our military, i think we showed that last night. we had great numbers this morning, it was 224,000 jobs. we are -- those are unexpectedly good and our country continues to do really well. really, really well. we're happy about it. we are going to be breaking lowers, if we had interest rates we would be like a rocket ship. [inaudible] we don't have enough that knows
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what it is doing so it is one of those little things. if you had lower rates, we would have a rocket ship. obama paid close to zero interest and our economy is better than it has ever been. from election day over 50% increase and we made trillions of dollars. we are doing very well but last night was spectacular. >> [inaudible] president trump: we are working on it and i would love to have that democrats come back and talk about drug pricing. we are announcing something shortly. [inaudible] for years, other nations paid less for drugs than we do.
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sometimes by 60% or 70%. we're going to be and we are working on it right now. we are working on [inaudible] nations pay the lowest prices. other nations like canada. why should other nations paled much less than us? they are taking advantage of the system for a long time, pharma. clause soing on a that whatever the lowest nation is in the world [inaudible] or company, what happens is we will pay that amount [indiscernible] we will do it in the form of an executive order. you going to do a executive order on the senses? president trump: it is one of the ways we are thinking about doing it.
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he wrote something out, the judge did not like it. back -- he did say come back. and we see what happens will do an addendum after we get a positive decision. we are working on a lot of things including an executive order. >> [inaudible] president trump: i do not think i am a lee at all. i don't like being taken advantage by other countries, vice -- by pharmaceutical companies. you look at what joe biden has done with china. china is dying to make a deal. ofare thinking billions dollars of tariffs are coming in and china is paying for it, not our people. if you look at what we have done
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and look [inaudible] mess, it the obama-biden we are straightening it out whether it is north korea, you will end up in a war with north you're standing there and the relationship is a good relationship. we will see what happens. as sure as you are there you will end up in a war with north korea. >> [inaudible] they came ini said illegally and we are bringing them out legally. --se are people who got the or the court system, they will be starting fairly soon. i do not call them rates. all these people over the years that have come in illegally, we are removing them and bringing them back to their country. >> [inaudible] >> are you sending any messages
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with the military celebration yesterday? pres. trump: i don't think of it in terms of that, we are submitting our country. there is no one who has a military close to ours and we spent $700 billion. when i took over the military it was depleted. we had old planes and old jets, just, it was tired. we have the finest jets in the world, the f-35, the f-18, the new one. we have a military the likes of which we have never had, building submarines, building aircraft carriers, all made in the u.s. i am all about jobs, we have great job numbers but when it comes to the military, it is not about jobs, we have the greatest in the world. there is no one that comes close and our military now is just at it is the area best it has ever been. there is no one who comes close
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to the power we have in our military. what we have if you look our nuclear -- our nuclear is in great shape. we have renovated, we never want to use it. but we have to be in a position that we have to -- our nuclear is in great shape. our military now is in great shape. >> [inaudible] pres. trump: everyone of them loved it, the people in front of the white house. i would give some appreciation. the media love to the evening. we had a lot of rain, i stood in the rain. >> [inaudible] pres. trump: right in the middle of that it went out. that is not a good feeling.
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when you're standing in front of onlions of people television, i don't know what the final count was but that went to the washington monument. the rain knocked out the teleprompter. well so i speech very was able to do it without a teleprompter. it prompter did go out and was hard to look at anyway because there was rain all over it. despite the rain that was a fantastic evening. i think people had it and a lot of people, it was a recruitment situation. a lot of people are going to be joining our army, navy, air force, marines. >> [inaudible] i never knew her, i never met her, i don't know who she is. the whole campaign was that and that is illegal, you are not
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allowed to do that. she knew nothing about me. she campaigned, i am going to get trump. we have 100 clips and so do you. our system is not about that. our system is not about but see if we can find something. you can do that but her campaign was i am going to get trump, i am going to get him. you can do that. >> [inaudible] pres. trump: it is very interesting. witnesses, 2500 subpoenas, [inaudible] what,g and i tell you even -- none of you could have withstood that, they would have found something. if there was a comma or period in the wrong place, they would have grabbed it. no collusion. it is after the -- after that, it is amazing. you know what it does, it shows
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i am a very honest guy. >> [inaudible] [inaudible] they are talking to us, they want to make a deal that we had a deal and they broke it. they broke the deal. they should not have broken it. if they had it to do again, we put great big tariffs on, we have a lot more to put on if we want. china broker-deal, we are talking to them, we will see what happens. see what happens with iran. iran has to be very careful. >> [inaudible] >> [inaudible] know inump: you will two weeks. a very interesting problems they had in new hampshire. i cannot tell you about it. there was a problem up there. go into what the problem
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was. you will see it in a week or two. >> [inaudible] borderrump: the southern is being policed very well by mexico. mexico is doing far more than the democrats, we all know it because of tariffs but they have been great. it was 6000 people, they have many of them on the southern border. on our southern order is the main border you think of. they are going to have anywhere between 16000 and 21,000 troops. it has had a big effect area to have been there for a week where they had the troops but it had a tremendous effect and do will see the numbers starting to come in very well. guatemala is going to be signing a agreement, we are talking to mexico. mexico is doing a good job. >> here's the thing. when people come -- come in
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illegally and then it is crowded and i have seen some of those places and they are run beautifully. they are clean, they are good, doing a great job. they do a great job. they are proud because the democrats would not give us any relief from these loopholes. we have loopholes that are so bad, we have asylum that is so bad. these places are, many of them, not many of them but all of them, they're really well run. i said it yesterday, border berol is not training to doctors and nurses and janitors. that is not what they are trained to do. patrolained to be border and that is what they are doing and they are doing a phenomenal wellecause we are doing so as a country, we have never done this well area and two days ago, we had the highest stock market number we have ever had in the history of our country, our
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country is doing great, unemployment is low, we came out with 224,000 new jobs, the numbers are unbelievable. that is bringing people up like they have never come up. border patrol and ice have done a great job. people are being removed from the country, we are removing them. we are starting with the ms 13, we have taken out thousands of ms 13. we have never had an onslaught. they, because the country is doing well, they want jobs. >> [inaudible] the facilities are overcrowded, they are dirty. [inaudible] do a trump: i think they great job with those facilities. do you know how it could be taking care of? tell them not could -- not to come because it is legal. for seven are waiting or eight years, they studied and they know their country in the
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history and then a person walks in and all of a sudden they become a citizen or allowed to stay? beusands of people will legally removed and that process started and we have been doing that for a long time. >> [inaudible] pres. trump: that i don't know because i don't run it. it seems to be from what i understand a way that people [inaudible] but we ended whatever they did. we have a strict rule and those rules are strict and every problem practically in the u.s. has to [inaudible] >> but it has your name on it. >> [inaudible] pres. trump: i have not seen it. i think the border patrol has been treated badly by certain
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members of congress, very badly. they are respected by congress for the most part but certain members of congress say very bad things and lie and exaggerate and border patrol people are tough people, they are not happy about it. >> [inaudible] question,citizenship what route are they taking [inaudible] pres. trump: i spoke with the attorney general, we have different avenues, they are aending 15 to $20 billion on census. we are doing everything, we are finding out everything about everybody. to $20f it, $15 billion billion and you're not allowed to ask them are you a citizen? and you look at the history of our country, it is almost always been asked so we are fighting very hard against the system, it is a great system but we make a decision, the attorney general
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is [inaudible] >> what is the reason for trying to get the citizenship? you needed for a million reasons, you need a for congress, for districting, unit for appropriations, where the funds going, how many people are there, are they citizens, are they not? you need it for many reasons. >> [inaudible] [indiscernible] ivanka was amazing at the g20. foreign leaders love her, she is very smart and she has done a great job. she sacrificed a lot. ivanka and jared worked very hard as they sacrificed a lot to do this but they want to do it. almost 10 worked for million jobs training and going to companies and getting them to hire people. the foreign leaders like her a lot.
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>> [inaudible] pres. trump: [inaudible] parent, doesn't that make you want to do something? pres. trump: i do know president obama had separations, president obama [inaudible] they were built by president obama. he had separation. the one thing he did not have is a good economy so he did not have the onslaught we are having. we have a tremendous onslaught of people. who can blame them? they want to commend, they want to take advantage of the economy but they have to come in legally. border patrol has done an incredible job and mexico has done an incredible job. wilbur is a good man. [inaudible] i did not see the answer yet. they thought it was fine. it can be expanded simply. there are many reasons that you
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do it. we were surprised by that decision. citizenship has been on that thing most of the time for many years. it is very shocking that after spending $15 billion is not on. >> [inaudible] pres. trump: nato has taken them, we weree of paying for a all of nato, protecting countries, those countries have to protect them selves whether this, they have to make a contribution. i raised over $100 billion from those countries. biden did not know what he was doing and neither did president obama. they were taken advantage of, now they are paying. they still owe us a lot of money. biden does not know about that, he thinks stupidly we do. they know it is fine but they have to pay their way. the u.s. is not going to get
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[inaudible] which is changing [inaudible] and we we defend europe lose a tremendous amount of money so we lose on trade and the military. president obama and vice president biden, they did not have a clue. they got taken advantage of by china, by nato, by every country they did business with. >> [inaudible] >> are you watching the world cup on sunday? pres. trump: i don't know i will be able to. i don't know, i hope they win. >> why did you say that? [inaudible] pres. trump: on numerous occasions, president obama wanted to meet with kim jong-il and and kim jong-un said no. no [inaudible] i we have a nice relationship. we have done a lot and we have gotten our hostages back. we are getting the remains back,
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a lot of good things are happening and there has been no nuclear testing. president -- during president obama, there was nuclear testing, they were sending missiles. it right now everything is nice. -- right now, everything is nice. [inaudible]
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>> congress is in recess for the july 4 holiday but both chambers return next week. the house returns to consider a $730 billion defense program policy bill for 2020. after the senate passed its own version last week and the senate similarto begin work on judicial and executive nominations including a second -- assistant secretaries for the education and labor departments. follow the house live and the senate live on c-span two. >> several democratic presidential candidates went before the national education association to talk about issues impacting students, educators, and it could public schools. you can watch that tonight starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. >> sunday on c-span's q&a. after nexen's last press conference, 10 years later he was in a 49 state landslide.
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, it all came apart. >> columnist and political commentator pat buchanan who served as a advisory and speechwriter to president nexen, discusses his book. i am -- you ought to, you have to keep the dean tapes, the five conversations of conversations with dean, i did not think they would be that damaging. keep the stuff you need. you should keep. take that list out and burn it. and shut down the special prosecutor's office now before this thing grows into a monster. and i did not know it at the called inixon had haig and someone else and
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considered this. it would be obstruction of justice, they were not subpoenaed, they were his property, executive privilege existed, everyone need it, that's everyone knew it. and beaid in page dammed, he would have moved through it. president nixon said if he had burned the tapes, as i had urged him to do, he would have survived and i think that is right. a.m. --y night at 8:00 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's "q&a." >> the has been discussion about an appearance before congress. any testimony would not go beyond our report. it contains our findings and analysis and the reasons for the decisions we made we chose those words carefully and the work speaks for itself. testimony.ort is my
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i would not provide information beyond that which is already public in any appearance before congress. >> former special counsel robert mueller is set to appear to committees of congress on wednesday, july 17 at 9:00 a.m. eastern. he gives testimony to the house judiciary committee and later he will take questions from the house intelligence committee, both open sessions. his report into russian interference in the 2016 election will air live on c-span doug -- or listen with the free c-span radio app. >> the house education and labor education andn workforce investment held a hearing on the role of community colleges, historically black colleges and universities and tribal colleges and universities and what responsibility they have. this is